Quick Bites

Matt Levin’s upcoming restaurant has a name, Adsum. It’s Latin for “I am Here.” Look for it to open in May or June. [Meal Ticket]

Pub & Kitchen’s crew is opening a BYOB in Avalon this Summer. The Diving Horse will be a seafood focused farm to table concept and will open around Memorial Day. [The Insider]

Wishing Well will be opening April 5th. [Meal Ticket]

Now there are two Vic Sushi locations albeit with different owners. The original at 2035 Sansom has been sold to its employees and Qi-Yang “Vic” Shi has opened a new Vic Sushi in Spring House. [The Insider]

Surprise, Neil Stein likes the Rouge inspired burgers from 500º. [Philadelphia Daily News]

Old City’s Snow White Restaurant will be closing on Easter Sunday. It will be reconfigured as a two-story Italian American Diner. Perhaps with the name Revolution. [The Insider]

The promising sounding Good Food Market in Chestnut Hill will close April 3rd as they have faced odd neighbor opposition. [Good Food Market]

  • http://www.phoodie.info CEF

    I love the Snow White. Man, they’re gonna mess with it? The split pea soup was a perfect pick me up in the winter. And they would always ‘give it wheels’ and hand it to me in a bigass large styrofoam cup to go. And the waitresses still called you ‘hon’ or ‘dear’. And of course, the scrapple.

  • Barry G

    There’s still the Snow White on Chestnut near 17th or thereabouts.