Center City to Get Taste of Honest Tom’s


Honest Tom’s, the West Philadelphia food truck known for its tacos and Stumptown coffee will be at 18th and the Parkway today from 11am to sundown cooking up fish tacos.

Honest Tom’s tweeted that they are considering coming to Center City every Friday if us “Center City freaks” behave. Honest Tom is also looking for location suggestions.

We’re going to Logan Square tomorrow [Facebook]
@HonestToms [Twitter]

  • mazza3

    i am so annoyed by this. i work near his usual weekday spot and heard he was doing fish tacos today only to learn that he’ll be in center city. DAMN YOU HONEST TOM!

  • peetah

    For anyone lost and confused where the truck was parked – they were actually closer to 18th and Vine

  • brian

    i can’t get over that taco picture you tweeted…i so need to try honest tom’s soon.