News for People Who Like Bad News: Mice & Fights

Fresh Grocer at 40th and Walnut was closed Wednesday afternoon until Thursday due to a court order following multiple failed health inspections. The violations found included mouse infestation and improper storage. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

The Philadelphia Inquirer looks at Old City at 2am when drinkers become fighters. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

  • a

    fresh grosser

  • Christian

    The link to the Inquirer article is linking to the Daily Penn article.

    • Foobooz

      Link updated.

  • JD

    I knew it!!!! grosser

  • Juan

    Wow, I do not want to eat there. The health inspector could have at least offered some pest control after shutting them down. He could give them one of those Victor Multi-Kill mouse death traps.