Messy & Picky Are Getting Married

Food bloggers Messy and Picky are getting married and we’d like to congratulate them for that. And we’d also like to help them with where.

Here are their requirements, any suggestions?

  • Restaurant lunch or dinner for immediate family (25 people)
  • Delicious food
  • Not expensive
  • Philadelphia is home but Connecticut or New York could work too
  • Friday or Saturday are preferred
  • Local and or organic
  • Vegetarian friendly

Messy and Picky are getting married — help us figure out where! [Messy and Picky]

  • peter

    Messy and Picky should give me a call at Bistrot La Minette. I would treat them well.


  • Jackie D.

    The Little Owl in the West Village.

  • Bluehensfan

    If they can hold on until Valentine’s Day, they should get married in Reading Terminal. Fair Foods would supply the food (of course) and they could have the reception in La Cucina or the area behind Miller’s Twist. Hey, it would be appropriate don’t you think???

  • Felicia D’Ambrosio

    My best friend and her husband had their rehearsal dinner at Cafe Estelle. The food there is local/organic, vegetarian friendly, and since the restaurant is normally closed in the evening there was no exorbitant fee to use the space. It’s also BYO and that saves big dollars. Call ‘em.