Sonic Boom


Philadelphia is getting its first Sonic Drive-in on Monday, November 16th. We have never been to a Sonic and have been puzzled for years on why they insist on advertising nationally if they aren’t a national company. Twitter buzz has been decidedly mixed.

Foobooz readers, what do you think? Yay, or nay on Sonic Drive-in coming to Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond.

Philly gets its first Sonic [The Insider]
Sonic Drive-In [Official Site]

  • miss bee

    ooooh, yes, watermelon slushies and tater tots!

  • Marty B.

    Went to one in North Carolina once. Good shakes, everything else was decent.

  • Michaelangelo

    I’ve been a huge Sonic fan for years. I used to make road trips to the closest location until it wasn’t a road trip at all w/ the Bensalem location.

    If that opening was any indication – you’ll probably want to avoid this Sonic for at least 6 months because it will be a hot mess of traffic, confusion and an overwhelmed staff.

  • MartyR

    I’ll take those O-rings for sport!

  • j

    I think it’s less expensive for them to advertise nationally then just in select markets. Plus it makes us all crave what we can’t have.

  • Chunk

    What’s there to be negative about? Are people in NE Philly worried that their favorite McDonald’s will have more competition?

  • Nicole

    Its just regular fast food. The drinks are tasty but not worth a hassle. Also, my biggest gripe is that there really isn’t anything vegetarian on the menu except for the side orders and the kids grilled cheese. Which I ordered in Louisiana once and hated.

  • ChefBethy

    Blows Mickey’s Burger King and Wendy’s away.

    You can identify it’s burger meat as beef and it’s chicken as chicken.

    By far the best fast food around.

  • Handsome Pete

    I can’t wait for this.

    First it was drives to Reading. They to Royersford. Then Bensalem. Now I only have to take a trip to Fast Food Corridor.

    The Frito wraps are killer.

  • Scoats

    For fast food, the food was fine.

    My question is why do so many people want to eat in their cars? Seems uncomfortable and messy.

  • BJ

    Sonic’s food is terrible, but the drinks are good. Went to 2 different sonics to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Wendys destroys them in the burger department.