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Foobooz Top 50 Bars

Our Top 50 Bars list certainly has created a lot of conversation, mainly focusing on who we left off. The comments are still going strong and several other sites, including contributers to the list have followed up with their own analysis.

Joe Sixpack gives his list with comments and highlights some of the deserving bars that didn’t make our list. Lew Bryson also provides some good talking points, even if he doesn’t reveal his list. And the Top 50 even gets a thread on Beer Advocate where it is decried by some as being “hipster-centric.”

Top 50 Philadelphia Bars [f8b8z]

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  • felicia

    I am so sick of all things being condemned as “hipster”. I looked at that list, and guess what, there isn’t a hipster on it.

    This word really needs to go to the graveyard. It’s been verboten at CP for at least three years.

  • greg

    As long as “hipsters” er, I mean “cool kids” condemn everything they dont like, or feel intimidated by, as “douchey”, “fratty”, etc. Hipster is here to stay- you cant have it both ways.

    P.O.P.E not hipster? Count the # of fixies outside on a given night. Who’s riding them?

  • gaetano X

    That list looks to have been compiled by the Art Club @ Suburban High, Class of 02.

    Where is Johnny Bears 1512 Lounge? WTF?

  • felicia

    Greg, what the hell are you talking about? I meant there aren’t any hipsters on the list of contributors.

    And I intend to have things all ways.

  • least important person

    felicia – Your vitriol comment regarding the word “hipster” is puzzling
    It doesn’t describe you or your friends. why would you be bothered by it?
    I thing the adjective “douchy” is silly but I can’t control its usage or existence
    A lot of Hippies didn’t like that term even though it meant ” from the hip”. What else would you call them?
    When a phrase describes something quickly and easily it is used, even though it eventually gets overused
    Yes hipster is used a lot, but when you hear it you know exactly what it defines
    I could say ” I went to a bar and saw a bunch of hipsters they were nice”
    ” I went to a bar and saw a bunch of young counterculture PBR drinking people with questionable hygiene and beards that mostly ride bikes and wore secondhand clothes, they were nice”
    Im being over the top and stereotypical of course, but you get the point
    Why describe something at length when there is a phrase that everyone understands??
    I don’t get the angst. Did a hispter break you heart?

  • rory

    i’ve got to tell my girlfriend i just got called a hipster…it’ll make her day.

    the problem with the hipster pejorative (which i’ve used as recently as earlier today) is that it’s too vague–a lot of things hipsters like are really, really, really good (not pbr). but if hipsters like it, that’s marked as a bad thing to many of us.

    Plus, it’s not like hipsters are actually diametrically opposed to non-hipsters. For example, there are nights of mine (followed by bad, bad mornings) that started at tria and ended at bob and barbara’s. was that a hipster night? not a hipster night?

  • Foobooz

    I was once asked if I was a hipster. I said no but did admit I had hipster tendencies.

    We can all picture a stereotypical hipster in tight jeans with his fixed-gear locked up outside, stroking his beard and wearing a vintage t-shirt with an ironic slogan. And that hipster sits at the same bar we do, drinking that same Grand Cru, eating that same burger and listening to the same jukebox as us.

    Does that make us hipsters? Maybe, maybe not, but you have to admit, those are some hipster tendencies.

    So looking from the outside, we’re all hipsters, even if our jeans aren’t that tight.

  • gaetano X

    Standard Tap is #1…. Wait that’s the spot where they made Joe B take down his Nite Lights posters because Mgt felt they were KKK related. I can’t get past that kind of feeble phoniness.

    Plus it smells like donkey in the dining room.

  • rory

    if we’re all hipsters, and on my other side at that bar is the prototypical kade-esque douche, does that make us all hipster-douches?

    now i want to cry.

    as to the nite light: holding a grudge from 2001? oh, and management’s move was 100% correct as long as they did indeed offer a second gig date. without context, that poster was really messed up. I know if I had seen it randomly, i’d have made sure to never enter the standard tap in my life. (is that my douche side or my hipster side coming out?)

  • felicia

    Least Important Person, your vitriol meter is broken. When I start to spit venom, you’ll know.

    I guess “hipster” bothers me because, like any label, it’s too easy. It lets the user too-quickly write off an entire population based on a few obvious characteristics.

    I ride a bike ’cause it’s cheap and practical. I wear tight jeans ’cause they look good on me and they never get tangled in the chain. I haven’t drunk shitty beer since college, and I don’t have any vinyl, or a beard to contemplatively stroke while I read the Pynchon I don’t own.

    I reject your labels either way. While we’re on the subject, “foodie” should be permanently banned from discussion.

  • gaetano X


    Art Club, Suburban High, Class of 02?

  • rory


    are you trying to provoke a flame war on foobooz? stay classy!

    (and no. not art club, i don’t know what you’ve got against the ‘burbs, and much earlier than ’02. projecting much?)

  • Bri Guy

    I have friends who speak negatively about hipsters… and when they are reaaaally drunk they admit they wish they were one.
    haha, I certainly will never be confused with a hipster, but surely others agree with me that hipsters/artists/counterculture/creativetypes are predominately a positive presence for this city, or for any other city that they reside?

  • Drew Lazor

    Complaining about hipsters is like complaining about airline food. We know, we know. Let’s find something new and interesting to complain about.

  • e

    what’s wrong with ‘foodie’? i like it. and what’s wrong with ‘hipster’? they’re funny. while the label may bother some, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. it’s not racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, etc (i ran out of anti words).

    i agree that they are good for the city, for the most part. they are active consumers, live and drink in sketchy parts of town (thus making them less sketchy), and serve good brunch food. they can act as snooty as they want about fixies and ‘counterculture’. they’ve got a uniform as strict as any catholic school. so much for individualism. can’t we just all get along? as foodies(!) and boozies (play on the title of this site)?

  • Arch

    What’s with all the “hipster” chatter, I thought we’re here to discuss great bars? Race Street Cafe gets my vote. Great beers on tap that change all the time and good food. Oh, and some hipsters as well!

  • Tom

    Ladies & Gentelman,

    Respectfully, half of these places I wouldn’t consider bars but that’s your call on how you organize things. I would wholheartedly vote for the often overlooked O’neals. Because it’s near South st it gets overlooked, but its been open for like 30 years. First BAR on South St to have Belgians, local beers, DJ’s etc. What’s great is you cant label O’neals a hipster bar or anything else….on any given night you will see many diverse groups of people all welcome and all enjoying themselves. You guys fell for the hype and that’s okay. Just dont forget about the BARS that paved the way. Before all these other so called bars do what they do there was O’neals and after they are done and gone there will be O’neals.