Quick Bites

We have an ongoing debate, what’s worse, to be a tool or a douche? Whatever side the debate you fall on we have the feeling there will be a lot of both at these two openings this weekend. Strongbox reopens Friday with the decidedly not-douchey/tooly DJ Jazzy Jeff scheduled to make an appearance. And Saturday sees the unveiling of Recess Lounge in Old City. [Grub Street]

We told you about JL Sullivan’s turning into Tavern on Broad last week. Now comes word that former Union Trust chef Terry White will be working the kitchen. [Meal Ticket]

Famous 4th Street Deli has opened on 19th Street. The Bainbridge Street institution is bringing their same menu to the Center City West location. [Meal Ticket]

Drexel gets Chick-fil-A. The student body voted for the fast food chicken spot over 8 other possibilities. [The Triangle]

  • e

    douche. but i agree with your sentiments. it’ll be just like goin down da shore! think they’ve stocked up on their redbull?

  • Heather

    When I think of a tool I think jerk, a-hole along those lines. Even the biggest tool can have some redeaming qualities.
    When I think of a douche I think of nasty to the extreme that there are no possible redeeming qualities.
    My 2 cents for what its worth.