Late Night At David’s

David's Mai Lah Wah

A favorite of hospitality pros and late-night revelers, the Daily News’ Lari Robling calls David’s Mai Lai Wah the “best restaurant in town open at 2 in the morning.”

David’s is more retro than current. The first time I entered the brightly lit red dining room gleaming with mirrors and chrome, I was back in the ’60s with my parents. They sipped classic cocktails such as the mai tai, Singapore Sling and Zombie while my brother and I sucked down Shirley Temples adorned with paper umbrellas.

2 1/2 Stars

Chinatown mainstay still delivers tasty fare [Philadelphia Daily News]

  • Roland

    MLW finally getting the recognition it deserves! (Who goes and drink at MLW? They must’ve been there before 2am…)

  • acmestyled

    Went to this place once, and found it to be incredibly dirty and the food mediocre at best.

  • daytime drinker

    yes im talking about you Mr. Evil
    also the worst dumplings in chinatown. about 1/4 inch thick wrapper. Gross

  • A.B

    this place is good…after a night of drinking. the food is so overrated. people only think it’s so good because it’s one of the only places that’s still open after 2am. only thing i like from there is the salt and pepper squid. their peking duck is horrible. i prefer the pancake wrapper as opposed to the buns they give you which tastes stale sometimes.

  • Roland

    A.B. got it right. Who goes there before 2am? Rising Tide is just as good. And yes the salt pepper squid is actually legit (even sober).

  • Steve

    The only time I come to this place is after a night of drinking. Good food and good atmosphere. You really need to know what to order though. Their salt and pepper chicken wings are off the chain! I prefer Rising Tide over David’s. It’s much cleaner, they have bubble tea and other fruit drinks at 2 in the morning. It’s located directly across the street from david’s