Best of Philly 2009 Bartender: Casey Parker

So many bartenders seem to find it difficult just to simultaneously smile and pour your drink. But this co-owner and weekend bartender at Jose Pistola’s (you used to drink there when it was Copa) gets you good and drunk while keeping you thoroughly entertained via bar tricks, adult humor, current-event commentary, astute sports analysis (he goes to EVERY Eagles home game), and, if you’re really lucky, the occasional song.

BONUS: He’s also the lead singer in hilarious ’80s glam rock tribute band Welcome to My Face, playing a free concert tonight in Rittenhouse Square.

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    This guy is a clown. I’ve known him for way too many years and I cant take a guy seriously who became an eagles fan only after T.O arrived in 2004- good choice philly mag. They have to get you drunk @ pistolas to make you think the tacos are 1/2 way decent.

    And how can you attend every eagles home game when you’re a weekend bartender, or when you’re playing a free concert tonight and the preseason opener is happening?