Smoke ‘Em

Smokin' Betty's Board

Smokin’ Betty’s, the barbecue and comfort food restaurant at 11th and Sansom finally opens today at 11. We hear there’s a turducken burger on the menu. Oh my!

The Beer Lass has the opening draft list including the house beer, Smokin Betty’s Blonde.

Smokin Betty’s open for business [Beer Lass]

Update: Meal Ticket has a first look at the inside of Smokin’ Betty’s and some scans of the menus.

  • Andrew

    How could you make a durducken burger? You can’t fit a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey in a burger, can you? Or is it a 25 pound burger?

  • Brian

    ground turkey, ground duck, ground chicken?

  • felicia

    Duck rillettes on top of a chicken-turkey burger!

  • Yuppie Eats Philly

    A turducken burger?!? Genius! Can’t wait to try it!