Varga Bar Wants You to Have Five for the Road

The soon-to-be-open Varga at 10th and Spruce, from R. Evan Turney of Valanni and Mercato (read more about the opening on Foobooz), is adding growlers to their international concept. The vessels — glass with a porcelain top and carrying the Varga logo — will sell for around $25 each, plus $20 each time you get one filled. But since these half-gallon babies hold about five beers and the bar plans to offer 22 taps, it seems like a worthy investment — you’ll just have to drink fast so the brew doesn’t go warm and flat. (Lederhosen optional.)

  • RyLeigh

    The staff is equally as pretentious as the management and as the menu attempts to be. “American comfort food”? Nice try. It’s pretty uncomfortable. Good thing there’s good beer.

  • NotSoRyLeigh

    Sounds like RyLeigh must be from one of those “gee, I thought my place would be sooooooo hip” blinks down in Olde City with the for rent sign. He is right about the beer though.