A local blog recently wrote about their experience at a local bar and it just doesn’t quite jive with how we would describe it

Check out the terms used to describe the place and see if you can guess what bar it is.

  • misleadingly shabby exterior
  • realm cut directly from a Pink Floyd album cover
  • The atmosphere? Psychedelic. The color? Purple Haze.
  • don’t let the trippy atmosphere fool you.
  • hippie haven
  • bar screams “cool” as fiercely as a Bob Dylan record.
  • sure to please the flower child in all of us.
  • it vaguely resembles the background from the original Whose Line is it Anyway? set.

Answer after the jump. 

The bar being described is G-Ho’s Grace Tavern. 

A Little Bit of Saving Grace [Philadelphia Exbeeriment]

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  • Rebecca

    lolololol. i had no idea what they were talking about. still don’t. i always thought grace tavern looked like…well…a tavern.

  • Drew Lazor

    If Grace Tavern truly was a “hippie haven” I would’ve burned it to the ground long ago. Thank God it’s not!

  • Eric Cartman

    Goddamn hippies!

  • Adam

    Maybe if “addictive blackened green beans” were one of the terms, I woulda guessed Grace. Vintage and vaguely ominous? Yes. Psychadelic? I don’t think so.

  • LadyAdmin

    I would have recognized it as Grace Tavern immediately if the phrase “unwelcoming surly waitress” had been used. Not so much with the Pink Floyd references.

  • Marty B.

    Maybe the word choice was more indicative of the mental states of the “reviewers” than the venues. In other words, what were they smoking before they got there?

  • daytimedrinker

    I had the coolest bartender take care of me at Grace
    Guy with the hat and tatoos. He likes weird music too
    Great food great prices great place .
    Its funny that people always complain about rude servers.
    More importantly what about dirty places? I expect dive bars to be dirty but what about Monk’s? I love the place but it hasn’t seen a cleaning product since it opened
    At Monk’s I expect rude service with a great beer. the staff always delivers surliness!!! I still tip 20%

  • Nicole

    Loosing views for your website? I sense a little jealousy here…..>.> In my opinion, I think that phillyexbeeriment’s blogs are pretty awesome, and I find it very low that you are quoting them, and trashing their blog. When I had first looked at this site, I was actually impressed with its quality, but when I read this blog, I was quite annoyed.I like exbeeriment’s blogs. I think that they add a little bit of color to their writing, and by pointing out the small little details of decorations in a place like this tavern, it makes it seem a little different then just any old tavern….but that’s just my opinion….. Here’s some good advice: next time, try writing a blog that’s decent and actually interesting, and come up with your own ideas, sound good?

  • jonathan

    jesus, what a bizarre review of grace tavern. the reviewer clearly has no understanding of the philly beer bar scene/beer culture, and somehow has an odd confusion between ‘hippie’ and ‘hipster’. either that, or they never stepped foot in the place. who knows.

  • Dan

    Ummm…Just a thought, but maybe by “hippie haven” they didn’t literally mean that hippies hang there. They could have just been using a figure of speech to describe the atmosphere of the place. Or at least that’s how it reads to me when I looked at the actual blog in context.

    But god forbid someone actually tries to think out a little of the box in this town.

  • Vicki C.

    I thought Philadelphia Exbeeriment’s blog was a fun read. They bring to the table what’s out there and leave it up to the reader to go see for themselves. They are describing Grace Tavern and not so much the crowd there. It only takes the fun police to rain on your parade, but Exbeeriment rocks as far as I’m concerned.

  • Marty B.

    Dan and Vicki, there’s “thinking outside of the box” and just being “off the mark.” Sure, there’s creativity involved in describing something, but when creativity also has a documentary responsibility, it is possible to be “just wrong.” The writers described Grace’s Tavern as some sort of psychedelic mindfreak experience. The language just isn’t grounded in the physical reality of the actual bar.

    Maybe they were trying to give the reader the feeling of finding the holy grail of bars, but to people who regularly go to Grace’s, it left the impression “where the heck were they?”

    If you want to defend their language choice, tell us, how is Grace’s “psychedelic”? It seems like Exbeeriment’s defenders are stuck on “it’s a fun read” but no one has been able to assert any “truthiness” to their description.

    Does Grace’s even carry Purple Haze?

  • Vicki C.

    Marty B.
    Opinions aren’t wrong. So sorry your so opinionated.

  • Marty B.

    Vicki, “Opinions aren’t wrong.”

    Seriously? You walk around in _this_ world with _that_ precept? Good luck with that.

    Taste, so to speak, can be debated without a doubt. Key to that sort of exchange though is an agreement on basic aspects of reality. Since your “enjoyment” of Exbeeriment seems incapable of showing me how Exbeeriment’s description of an actual place matches up to said actual place in any way, well let’s just say I’d rather be “opinionated” than incapable of elementary reason and rationale discourse.

  • Robert

    I don’t know, if they think its psychedelic, then that’s what they think. Why does it matter to the point where you have to quote them and make fun of em’? Dude, that’s just wrong, and well, plain retarded if you ask me. Seriously, for adults, you guys are acting pretty childish. And as far as elementary reason goes, I don’t think that Exbeeriment lacks that at all, the writers actually seem smarter than you.

  • Sock Puppet, Anyone

    Exbeeriment = the “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job” of the Philadelphia beer scene.