How Much For One Rib?


Philadelphia Fish & Co. is making way for Q BBQ & Tequila and Meal Ticket has the menu, complete with the price for one rib. 


We’re also intrigued to try the street food tacos, BIGASS Burger and even a couple of the tasty sounding vegetarian choices.

Menu for Old City’s Q Barbecue & Tequila [Meal Ticket]
Q BBQ & Tequila [Official Site]

  • Marty B.

    Is it just me or do other think the Meekers and Tom Stewart walked into El Camino Real and thought, “we can do better than this, and add burgers”?

  • Missy

    I was instantly turned off by their initial “help wanted” ad on Craigslist. It requested “head shots” & “full body shots” in addition to a resume. Ok, I get the head shot thing, but a full body photo just seemed really obnoxious.