Blame the Chicken Cheesesteak?


Personally, I like to blame the cheesesteak for most of Philadelphia’s image problems (long live the roast pork!), but could a chicken cheesesteak be responsible for the Eagles’ crushing loss on Sunday? On Friday, Dan Gross reported that Donovan McNabb ate his ‘lucky sandwich’ before heading west:

Donovan McNabb showed up at Talk of the Town (3020 S. Broad) to pick up his lucky chicken cheesesteak hoagie with American cheese, mayo, ketchup, lettuce and tomato. While D-Mac insists on picking up his own sandwich, the shop delivered a few more steaks to the Nova Care Complex for kicker David Akers and a few other Iggles, who have since departed for Arizona.

I don’t know much about football, but perhaps a new sandwich is in order? Anyone have any recommendations for what might be a luckier lucky meal for the Eagles quarterback?

Donovan didn’t leave town without his lucky sandwich. [PhillyGossip]

  • Ben

    A chicken cheesesteak hoagie is a pussy sandwich order, let’s be honest. However, Gross also reported that Akers just started ordering his own “lucky” sandwich… a provolone (unsure if its wit or witout). A perfectly respectable order… but it didn’t turn out well for him, either.

    I personally think Talk of the Talk bet against the Eagles and essentially threw the game.

  • Ben

    Akers’ order is a provolone steak, I meant.