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Curiosity and hunger leads David McDuff to Cooper’s Brick Oven Wine Bar. [McDuff's Food & Wine Trail]

Foodzings really likes the lattes at Chapterhouse, on 9th below South. [Foodzings]

Mac & Cheese checks out the vegetarian offerings at IKEA’s cafeteria.[Mac & Cheese]

And wouldn’t you know it, Foodzings is at IKEA too, but they’re eating the Swedish meatballs. [Foodzings]

Is this the economy? CE Phood is writing up Under the C at the Comcast Center food court. Best of all, 50% off prepared foods at the end of the day. [CE Phood]

Turkey sausage pizza at Home Slice Pizza. [Fries with that Shake?]

  • http://mithras Mithras

    We’ve been meaning to try Home Slice, and this post prompted us to get a pizza there. Other than the crust, sauce, cheese and toppings, it was good. Okay, seriously, we hated it. A waste of $13.50. I would say: Order a slice there and see what you think before buying a whole pie. Better yet, skip it and order from Marra’s.