Buddakan Turns 10

Stephen Starr’s Buddakan turns 10 this month and Eater has the email Starr sent friends and staff.

“Ten years ago I opened Buddakan in Philadelphia I was 700 thousand dollars over budget and had not a single dollar left”— and ends in triumph: “Buddakan is recognized throughout the world. We plan to expand this brand to Las Vegas Miami London and Dubai. I am blessed to have had incredibly talented and committed people working for me…”

EaterWire: Whole Piglet Roast at Solace, Buddakan’s Anniversary, and Psilakis Goes Shopping [Eater]

  • .a.

    i could understand if there was a star chef behind this place, but what is so great about it other than really ‘cool’ and good looking people are there all the time? I guess thats enough on its own to take it to Dubai

  • Ashley

    This email is bogus. I heard it doesn’t exist. Eater needs to stop spreading rumors and start fact-checking. SO do you.

  • Dave

    Plus, after all, this is only Buddakan. They serve family style and the same calamari salad Starr has at some of his other restaurants. Just another average, overpriced Starr establishment.