• Alexis

    So, I’ve been extremely depressed lately. I go to work, come home and hang out at my South St. apartment with my 3 cats. You can call me a typical cat lady. Anyway, on my way home a couple of weeks back, I saw workers doing some construction on Phileo Yogurt. I thought it seemed cool, but didnt really think anything of it…until last night. My roommate and walked over and treated ourselves to a delicious frozen yogurt. She chose the banana tart yogurt and decided to doctor it up with fresh bananas, caramel and coconut. I, on the other hand, am very indecisive, so I chose a mixture of chocolate and peanut brittle and topped it with oreos, bananas, reece’s peanut butter crumbles, coconut, and chocolate syrup. It was chaotic, yet delectibe. I am depressed no more. Phileo has filled the void. Thank you.

  • Jenny

    You could hang out w me! Im the same way! except i just moved from NYC to philly!!