This week, City Paper’s Elisa Ludwig spends some time at Time finding that only about half the time that things arein sync.

Sometimes, though, the dishes are less a clever “take” on a cliché and more of an inspired improvement. Crabcakes, golden, crisp-shelled patties filled with fluffy seafood mousse, are ingeniously paired with pickled jalapeño slices, acidity cutting the richness. Veal cheeks are braised in IPA until fork-shreddingly soft, slathered with a syrupy bourbon fig confit and served with browned fava beans and cippoline onions. Both are worthy matches for the well-chosen beverages here.

Stopped Clock [City Paper]
Time [Official Site]

  • Ludwigs

    Yet people wonder why the place is up for sale AGAIN!

  • kaye

    It can’t be for sale – they haven’t been open long enough to throw in the towel….