Luke Wilson In Manayunk

This might turn into a daily feature here at Foobooz. Luke Wilson was spotted drinking Blue Moons last night at Kildare’s in Manayunk. [Ed. Note: EEEEK! SQUEAL!] Blue Moons? Doesn’t Luke know Philadelphia is America’s Beer City?

Someone get this man to Monk’s.

  • smackdown

    true, he needs the inside scoop about philly beer scene, but in his defense, can you imagine what the beer list at kildare’s looks like? so maybe blue moon was the best of the worst. although either way, he was still out throwing ‘em back in the ‘yunk…and i was also told, not nearly as exciting to look at in person.

  • Buckethead

    Definitely a step down from Xochitl and Amada, but if you gotta toss back a beer at Kildare’s, you could do worse than Blue Moon.

  • Bryan

    Someone get him to a real bar in this city.

  • andrew

    i saw him in us hotel on main st. he was eating dinner, then went to kildares.