Keep An Eye On University City’s Newest Hotel Restaurant


It used to be hard to get excited about a hotel restaurant. They’ve always opened not for us, the city’s impassioned diners, but for the transient throngs passing through with no sense of adventure. We ended up with places like Ruth’s Chris Steak House or Aqimero, our most recent 0-star loser of a restaurant that distracts visitors, caters to expense accounts, and really, wastes prime restaurant real estate inside the Ritz-Carlton.  

But now it’s 2017, and things are getting a little easier. For every hotel restaurant that makes us yawn, there’s an Urban Farmer to keep us satisfied, or an, or a Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, or someday soon, a big-deal restaurant backed by a Michelin-starred team. Hotel restaurants in Philly are better than they’ve ever been, making real efforts to tune in to our world by dipping into our local talent.

Take, for example, CO-OP, University City’s brand new restaurant on the ground floor of its new, high-end hotel, The Study.

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Philly Craft Beer Festival Coming Back To The Navy Yard


Okay beer nerds. Time to mark your calendars. The Philly Craft Beer Festival is coming back again to the Navy Yard on Saturday, March 4. Tickets are on sale right now, and the organizers are guessing its going to sell out. Why? Because it sells out every year. So if you’re interested in hanging out with several hundred of your closest friends, drinking beer under the tents at the Navy Yard, it’s time to act.

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There’s A Wine Happy Hour at Wm. Mulherin’s Sons Tonight

MulherinsWineWe get it. You don’t really need an excuse to go to Wm. Mulherin’s Sons. The Fishtown restaurant was one of last year’s most impressive openings–the kind of place where you go once and then start scouting the real estate listings looking to buy in the neighborhood just so you never have to be too far away.

But in case you do need some convincing, how about a happy hour full of Calabrian wine and getting to hang out with the guy who makes them?

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John Kruk Likes Mayo On His Cheesesteaks

Left: The logo for Kruk's Philly Steaks. Right: Kruk with the Phillies in 1992. (Photo via Missouri State Archives/Wikimedia Commons)

Left: The logo for Kruk’s Philly Steaks. Right: Kruk with the Phillies in 1992. (Photo via Missouri State Archives/Wikimedia Commons)

Former Phillies star John Kruk is a man full of surprises. Even though he built a real tough guy reputation while playing for the Phils, Kruk has never been on a motorcycle, he refuses to get a tattoo, and his preferred drink these days is water. And now we’ve learned that Kruk eats his cheesesteaks with mayonnaise, an admission that might have some hardcore cheesesteak purists crying foul. Read more »

Learning Bartending From The Pros


I know you think you’re a pretty good at-home bartender. Maybe you know a few tricks. Maybe you got a couple good recipes up your sleeve. But the pros out there will still school any amateur when it comes to knocking out the classics because you know what’s a better foundational education than making a few dozen martinis for a cocktail party with friends? Making a thousand of them for strangers.

So if you’re serious about learning something, you have to go to a professional. And lucky you, the crew at the Ranstead Room is there to help.

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Philly’s Fanciest Italian Restaurant Kicks Off Weekly Lunch Service Next Month



Last year, Marc Vetri decided to open up the Vetri books to the city’s lunch clique. Initially, it was a three-month stint — a first for the then-18-year-old restaurant — and it would happen on the first Friday of each month for $85 a person. Of course, it sold out immediately.

So for the past nine months, he made lunch a monthly event, but, still, the people wanted more. So, starting next month, lunch at 1312 Spruce Street will become a weekly affair.

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Eating Bagel Dogs For A Good Cause

Philly Style Bagels | Photo via Instagram

Philly Style Bagels | Photo via Instagram

These are not bagel dogs. These are the regular kind of bagels they do every day at Philly Style Bagels in Fishtown.

But this weekend, the Philly Style crew is doing something special. Can you guess what it is?

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Here’s What VIP+ Status Gets You at This Year’s Brewer’s Plate

Brewer's Plate/Facebook

Brewer’s Plate/Facebook

The Brewer’s Plate, Philly’s favorite festival dedicated to beer and food, is upon us. March 5th is coming fast, and for those of you into the idea of pairing food by some of the city’s biggest chefs with beer by some of the region’s best breweries, without any lines or crowds, VIP+ tickets may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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University City’s CoZara Decides it Wants to Test Your Liquor Tolerance

Photo by Kyle Born

Photo by Kyle Born

Adding the words “all you can drink” to a University City restaurant menu is a bold move, but CoZara is, if nothing else, a bold endeavor for chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka, who opened what was essentially the city’s first modern izakaya between two college campuses.

But yes, “all you can drink” are words that exist on CoZara’s menu now, and the deal is actually pretty solid.

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