Eating Bagel Dogs For A Good Cause

Philly Style Bagels | Photo via Instagram

Philly Style Bagels | Photo via Instagram

These are not bagel dogs. These are the regular kind of bagels they do every day at Philly Style Bagels in Fishtown.

But this weekend, the Philly Style crew is doing something special. Can you guess what it is?

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Here’s What VIP+ Status Gets You at This Year’s Brewer’s Plate

Brewer's Plate/Facebook

Brewer’s Plate/Facebook

The Brewer’s Plate, Philly’s favorite festival dedicated to beer and food, is upon us. March 5th is coming fast, and for those of you into the idea of pairing food by some of the city’s biggest chefs with beer by some of the region’s best breweries, without any lines or crowds, VIP+ tickets may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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University City’s CoZara Decides it Wants to Test Your Liquor Tolerance

Photo by Kyle Born

Photo by Kyle Born

Adding the words “all you can drink” to a University City restaurant menu is a bold move, but CoZara is, if nothing else, a bold endeavor for chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka, who opened what was essentially the city’s first modern izakaya between two college campuses.

But yes, “all you can drink” are words that exist on CoZara’s menu now, and the deal is actually pretty solid.

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Another Brewpub Joins the South Philly Ranks


Newbold is full of good beer, and the neighborhood owes it all to John Longacre, the man behind South Philadelphia Tap Room, American Sardine Bar, and Brew, the bottle shop that shares the same space with Ultimo. But for the pocket of Philly so crafty with its beer lists, for too long it had not a brewpub of its own to speak of — Fishtown and Kensington have owned that market for quite some time as our unofficial home-base for local brewers and distillers.

But then Brewery ARS opened, and all eyes were, for the first time, on South Philly.

And tonight at 5 p.m., Second District Brewing Co. (1939 S. Bancroft Street) will make its grand entrance on the city’s — and specifically South Philly’s — flourishing brewpub scene.

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Today is Un Dia Sin Inmigrante


This post has been updated: Last update: 4:05pm

As we discussed a couple days ago, today is Un Dia Sin Inmigrante–a day without immigrants. Today, Thursday, February 16, many of Philadelphia’s immigrant residents–both undocumented and naturalized–will not be going to work. They’re not going to open their businesses. Students aren’t going to classes. They won’t be buying any gas. They’re not going to participate in the economy at all. In reaction to all of the recent anti-immigrant actions being taken on both a local and national level (including, close to home, the recent passage by the Pennsylvania Senate of Senate Bill 10, also called the Municipal Sanctuary and Federal Enforcement Act, which would “bar municipalities from adopting so-called “sanctuary” policies that refer to the refusal to comply with federal detention orders issued by Immigrations and Custom Enforcement”), they’re sending a message of their own: that without the contributions of the immigrants that are being targeted by these actions, the American economy would be paralyzed.

Restaurants, obviously, are going to be particularly affected by this action. So today, we’re going to be keeping track of how our industry is responding. Below, you’ll find a running tally of closed kitchens, scaled-back services and benefit events happening all across the region.

And of course, if you’re out there and you see something let us know. If you’re a restaurateur, reach out and tell how Un Dia Sin Immigrantes is affecting your business and how you are responding. Contact information for Foobooz editors will be at the bottom of this post.

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Plenty Cafe Will Bring California Vibes to Philly This Weekend

When Anthony and Damon Mascieri chose to get into the bar game, their plan was to bring gran café-stylings to Philadelphia. Their two Plenty locations went from coffee-and-sandwich shops to all-day cafes with rockstar wine and beer lists, and just a few months ago, they opened a third location in Queen Village. It’s a larger venue with plenty of seating, including outdoor seating, which will be in full-use this weekend when it’s 65 degrees and sunny. And to make it even nicer, they’ve teamed up with Lo Fi Aperitifs for a Sunday brunch takeover at all three locations.

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