Where To Eat This Weekend: Soup, Dumplings and Soup Dumplings


So this week, we lost both Sbraga and the Fat Ham. And while that was a blow, certainly, Philly’s restaurant bench is deep. We’ve got more restaurants than we know what to do with in a lot of places, but if you’re looking to head out this weekend and eat, we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

Starting with something that doesn’t actually open until Monday.

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Good King Tavern Is Hosting Their First Ever Cider Dinner

goodking.jpgMore and more, it seems like cider is going to be the next serious wave in the brewing industry. We’ve got bars dedicated to it, beverage managers giving over taps to it, and a whole bunch of local producers putting out some excellent product.

And now, there’s also this: On Wednesday, February 1, the crew at the Good King Tavern will be hosting their first cider pairing event. A “Cider Supper,” they’re calling it, and with it will also be the debut of the newest local cidery, Hale & True.

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Here’s What You’ll Be Eating When Rooster Soup Company Opens Next Week


So here’s the deal. We’ve been waiting on good news from Rooster Soup Company for a LONG time. The first serious mention of it on Foobooz came all the way back in June of 2014 when we announced the launch of the Kickstarter that was used to fund the start-up of Rooster (and which ultimately raised over $150,000). And we’ve been keeping an eye on things ever since.

But now things are finally getting real. Rooster Soup has an opening date, a mission plan and, most important (to us, anyway), a menu.

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OK, Who Told the Cops That the Tamale Truck Was Selling Marijuana Tamales?

Jennifer Zavala hands over some delicious marijuana-free tamales to a customer just moments before the cops showed up. Photo by Mike Whiter.

Jennifer Zavala hands over some delicious marijuana-free tamales to a customer just moments before the cops showed up. Photo by Mike Whiter.

Given all the publicity that Jennifer Zavala’s illegal tamale truck received last week, we pretty much assumed that at least one branch of city government would take issue with her new enterprise, which debuted on Sunday in South Philadelphia. But what we didn’t expect was for the cops to show up looking for drugs. Read more »

Want To Celebrate Chinese New Year With The Crew From Bing Bing?


Sure, you might be able to find a better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with a multi-course menu put together by Ben Puchowitz and his crew from Bing Bing Dim Sum. But do you really want to risk it? On this most dumpling-est of holidays?

So for safety’s sake, let me just inform you that reservations are currently being taken for their party, happening on January 30th. There’s a limited number available. They’re gonna go fast. And if you’re looking to plan ahead? Well, you know what to do.

We’ve got the menu below if you need convincing.

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Center City Restaurant Group Moving On Brewerytown



Between Crime & Punishment’s brewing operation, the new Flying Fish Craft House (with Bar Rescue‘s Brian Duffy as a partner) and SpOt Burger’s first brick and mortar location on West Girard Avenue, Brewerytown is going through a bit of a food and beer resurgence.

And now, with the announcement that Center City’s Tavern Group (Tavern On Camac, UBar, the Tavern Restaurant) is moving into the neighborhood with a restaurant and taproom, things there are only getting hotter. They’re taking over a space at 1216 North 29th Street that was once home to Sarah’s Place and, before that, Sara’s Place (no “h,” get it?). The deal was made with MSC Retail and MM Partners, who turned Sara’s Place into Sarah’s Place a couple years back when Brewerytown was first starting to turn around, then operated it until it closed.

Got all that?

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First Look: Inside The New Friday Saturday Sunday


In 2004, I lived in an apartment across the street from Friday Saturday Sunday. It was one of those too-good-to-be-true Rittenhouse rentals and my roommates and I, fresh out of college and high on some Sex and the City imaginings of what our life in downtown Philadelphia would be like, were too naive to know better than to sign the lease. There was exposed wiring, a bathroom floor that sank noticeably when you stepped onto the tile, and for more than a month that winter, the absence of heat. What it had was location, and that’s something difficult to argue against.

Across the street, Friday Saturday Sunday. The upstairs glowed blue in the light from the fish tank illuminated bar. Downstairs, a steady trickle of neighborhood regulars for whom the place was an institution, tucking into bowls of mushroom soup. Frankly, I never quite understood the appeal, but I learned a lot that year—especially about tenant’s rights—and I understood the restaurant as a beloved institution in Philadelphia’s dining scene.

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