Vegan Death Metal Pizza


See that? That’s a lovely picture of the interior of Miss Rachel’s Pantry, the vegetarian and vegan-friendly market and restaurant on Chadwick Street, just off Passyunk Avenue. It’s a cute spot. The kind of place where they love vegetables, gentle kittens, casseroles and farmhouse decor.

And also, apparently, Death Metal.

Check out the Pantry’s latest Instagram post after the jump. I promise you it will be the best food thing you see all day.

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Night Market Unveils Its Summer Plans

A Night Market in Chinatown is one thing. A nightclub's quite another.

A Night Market in Chinatown

Every summer since 2010, Night Market has given Philadelphians a reason to get outside and hang out with one another, many times in neighborhoods not their own. It’s a once-a-month food truck festival hosted by the Food Trust showcasing — through food trucks, live music, twinkly lights, and beer — our diversity as a city-of-neighborhoods, encouraging South Philadelphians to eat in Roxborough, and ‘Yunkers to stroll through Old City. It’s a neat thing they do, and every year, we’re excited to see what’s up for the summer.

And 2017 begins in the Northeast — Burholme to be exact.

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What We Need Right Now: Veda Reviewed


It started with the naan. With that crisp bite and barely risen chew, its weirdly rustic Rorschach shapes and delicate, lacy swirls of golden-brown clarified butter. The naan— that’s what won me over.

Admittedly, I already liked Veda a lot. From the minute I sat down, the minute I smelled it. But that naan? That’s what cemented it. So simple, so utilitarian and so right. I want it every day.

But caring so much about naan is pointless, I know. Naan is everywhere in Indian food. There isn’t an Indian restaurant anywhere that doesn’t offer one or two or 12 varieties, sometimes good, sometimes not. To go bonkers over naan is like going bonkers over the hamburger buns at McDonald’s.

And yet still.

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For the First Time Ever, Tria Gets Into the Cocktail Game



Tria is the type of restaurant where consistency matters above all else, consistency is its bread and butter. Service is always top. Wine and beer, too.

In fact, service, wine and beer is — and has always been — the foundation of the Tria concept at large. They’ve kept it simple like that, tinkering with it only a little by adding a beer-focused taproom in 2013 (which now pours some outstanding wine), and at the Fitler Square location, wine markets and wine cocoa.

But look at that, Tria Taproom is entering into an entirely new world. Cocktails.

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New Happy Hour Menus at Suga



I did not love Suga when I reviewed it last year. It was confusing, inconsistent, and it didn’t seem to know exactly what kind of restaurant it wanted to be.

But you know what? I’ve never stopped thinking about the place. While a lot of restaurants I go to pass immediately into my rearview the minute I’m done reviewing them (because it’s always time to move onto the next and the next and the next), Suga did not. I was weirdly fascinated by the dishes (grilled asparagus with broccoli mousse, Shanxi pasta with lamb ragu, maitake mushroom ravioli) being done by Susanna Foo, her son Gabriel and the crew in their kitchen, and have never stopped wondering what they were going to try next.

Speaking of which…

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Honeygrow Launches Their Spring Menu and a New Juice Line


At this point, I think we have to accept that the cold and snow are pretty much done. And with today’s weather (even after yesterday’s rain), it certainly feels like spring might actually be arriving for real.

Which is why all Honeygrow locations will be rolling out their new spring menus next week (on April 4 officially). And why they’ve already decided to launch their new line of juices.

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The Dutch Is Celebrating Its First Birthday With a Fancy Dinner Party

The Dutch's Dutch Baby | Emily Teel

The Dutch’s Dutch Baby | Emily Teel

It all started with drunken omelettes. As the story goes, after a night of heavy drinking, Noord’s Joncarl Lachman and Fond’s Lee Styer had a serious case of the munchies, so they went into Fond’s kitchen and fried up some eggs together. As it turns out, they’re pretty damn good at that sort of thing. Like Best of Philly-good.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s been one full year of omelettes, uitsmijters, and Lebanon bologna at The Dutch. The crew is planning to celebrate its birthday on April 17th, not with brunch, but a fancy dinner party instead. Read more »

Local Roastery and Brewery Setting Up Shop Together in Lansdale


After five years on the Lansdale scene, Round Guys Brewing Company has decided to expand, but only just a little. Same with Backyard Beans Coffee Company, the tiny Lansdale roastery by Matt and Laura Adams. After five years roasting, first, out of a garage, then, eventually, a commercial facility, the two have chosen to grow their company, just a little, to a separate, full-service cafe.

Round Guys and Backyard Beans will expand together, hand-in-hand, into 408 West Main Street in Lansdale, PA.

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We All Want To Eat Chocolate For Dinner

You know you’ve done it. Made a dinner out of things that your mom would never let you consider a meal. Like that time you ate ten slices of individually-wrapped cheese and two slices of bread and called it “grilled cheese”? Or that lunch you made out of an entire bag of Skittles because Skittles are made with some infinitesimal amount of actual fruit juice, so if you eat enough of them its like eating actual fruit because math?

But now, on Monday, April 24, you can go and have an entire dinner based solely around the growing stages of the cacao plant because the crew from Fork in Old City are getting together with chocolatier Chris Curtain of Eclat to offer a 7-course chocolate dinner.

Take that, mom.

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Save Animals and Drink Awesome Beer at ITV

Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi opens ITV next to his Laurel on East Passyunk.


If you’re a lover of animals and beer, then you should hit up ITV, Nick Elmi’s East Passyunk Avenue bar, on April 14th and 15th. I mean, you should go there that weekend because it’s just a fantastic place to eat and drink, but also because they’re hosting some friends from North Carolina, Sanctuary Brewing Company, brewers of some pretty fantastic craft beer.

So what’s a N.C. brewery doing popping up in Philly anyway?

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