Trans Worker Says Coffee Shop Fired Them After They Reported Harassment

A former employee at South Philly’s Function Coffee Labs says they were terminated after making complaints about harassment on the job from a “transphobic” customer who frequented the shop.

The former employee, who identifies as transgender and prefers they/them pronouns, spoke with Philly Mag exclusively about their experience and requested anonymity because “it is often difficult for transgender people to find employment.” Read more »

Get High (Gravity) at The Sidecar

The Sidecar Bar & Grille/Facebook

The Sidecar Bar & Grille’s quarterly celebration of heavy-hitting and hard-to-find beers is back. And at tonight’s High-Gravity Beer Bonanza, they’re pouring some seriously boozy brews.

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Need a Restaurant Job? Foobooz Is Here To Help

Photo via Pinterest

Philly’s restaurant industry is booming. Weirdly, one of the most common complaints I hear when I’m out talking to chefs and restaurateurs is about the lack of available talent in Philly to staff all the positions in all the great restaurants that keep opening. There are simply more jobs than there are able bodies to fill them.

So we decided to try to do something to help.

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A Peruvian Food Revolution Is Afoot in Philadelphia

Wikimedia Commons

Apart from the very few Peruvian restaurants that exist exclusively on the fringes of this city (the El Balconcitos in the Northeast and Inka Wall in Upper Darby), Philadelphia doesn’t have much input in the Peruvian restaurant revolution happening across the globe.

But when the El Balconcito crew opens their Old City outpost later this year, and when Giovanni Delfino, Francisco Acevedo and Carmen Silva open Chalaco’s in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia will finally have the bolstered Peruvian scene it deserves.
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Tria Fitler Square Announces Its Last Day

Monday, August 28. That’s going to be the final night of business for Tria Fitler Square.

But rather than making it a sad occasion, owner Jon Myerow is turning it into a party, with going-away pricing on sparkling wine, select cheeses and draft beer. Plus, they’re donating 20% of the night’s proceeds to good causes — the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League.

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The Philly Craft Spirits Week Preview Party Is Happening This Thursday

This week, 9 of the the region’s best craft distillers are getting together for a party at Philadelphia Distilling’s new Fishtown headquarters. Samples of all their best products will be poured. Food is being provided by MilkBoy’s Chris Beyer and the crew from Twisted Tail (two restaurants that know a thing or two about pairing food and booze). There will be basket auctions from each of the distilleries, and one big one for those of you looking to build a kick-ass home bar full of local spirits.

And the best news? Tickets will only run you $30.

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Here’s How Beer Can Boost Your Creativity

Photograph by Dan Saelinger; styling by Dominique Baynes

So here we are. Yet another Monday morning. And if you’ve found your way here, it’s probably because you want to see why everyone is talking about “sheet caking,” how beer can make you smarter, or what the 10 best new restaurants in America are (according to Bon Appetit).

Or maybe you’re just here to see how Millennials have saved us from the scourge of Hooters and Applebees with nothing but the power of their disdain. Yeah, let’s start with that.

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