Where To Eat This Weekend: Pizza When You Least Expect It

Jack N’ S’mores shake at Frankford Hall | Photo by Claudia Gavin

Congratulations! You’ve survived another week. And if yours has been anything like mine, you need a pizza, a milkshake and a stiff drink–though maybe not in that order.

But have no fear. We’re here to help you make the best of this weekend. And we’re going to start with something that’s just so perfectly bizarre that I can’t stop telling people about it.

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9 Cold Treats In Philly That Are Better Than Water Ice

It’s summer and it is hot. The easiest thing for any of us ink-stained food monkeys to do in such a situation is to throw together yet another list of the “Best Wooder Ice In BlahBlahBlah.”

But come on. You wanna know how to find the best water ice wherever you are in Philly? Do this. Figure out where you are. Are you in Fishtown? In Center City? In South Philly? Okay, now turn around in a full circle. Did you see a place thats serves water ice? Boom. Best in your area. If you didn’t see one, walk fifty feet and try again.

But we can do better than that. If water ice is everywhere and the best water ice is almost always whatever water ice is closest to you, then maybe we can look beyond that and find some things that are more interesting than water ice. Maybe even (gasp!) better than water ice. Because Philly is full of really interesting things made by people bringing recipes from other places that also get really hot for part of the year. So the next time frozen water isn’t quite the thing you want, maybe you could try…

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Joe Beddia Talks Yelp, Fishtown, and His Pizza Nazi Reputation

Joe Beddia with a copy of the new Best of Philly issue inside his Fishtown pizzeria.

Behind the Line is Foobooz’s weekly interview series with the people who make up Philadelphia’s dynamic bar and restaurant scene. Click the links to read the previous Behind the Line interviews with Marc Vetri and Michael Solomonov or click here for the full archive.

The 2017 edition of Best of Philly is now out, so we thought we’d pay a visit to the guy whose pizza graces the cover: Fishtown pizza guru Joe Beddia. We caught up with him on Thursday morning inside his perpetually sweltering Girard Avenue shop. Read more »

This West Philly Artist Will Bring You a Surprise Pizza

Photo by Alex Jones

Wanna crush some ‘za but don’t feel like going outside? You’ve got several options for delivery, from schmancy chef-driven pizza through Caviar to your neighborhood pizza joint. With luck, you’ll be eating an ok-to-pretty-good (depending on your location and desired price point), still-hot pizza within an hour.

But where’s the fun in that?

Instead, you could let West Philly-based theater artist and performer Donna Oblongata bring you a pizza…sometime. Somewhere, at a location you’re likely to be (a little social media sleuthing might be involved). And there’s no telling what she’ll put on it.

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Bartenders at Pink Show in A.C. Believe Thousands in Tips Went Missing

The crowd at last week’s Pink concert on the beach in Atlantic City. (Photo courtesy atlanticcitydesign.com)

Last week, tens of thousands of Pink fans crammed onto the Atlantic City beach for a concert by the Grammy-winning singer. With tickets priced at $72 for general admission and way higher for VIP access, Pink and the concert producers no doubt walked away with a ton of money. But the bartenders who worked the concert say they didn’t make out quite so well. Read more »

Meet South Philly’s Old-Timey Ice Cream Man

D’Emilio’s Old World Ice Treats/Yelp

What’s your dream job?

Chris D’Emilio asked himself that question a few years ago. And by any standard, he’s made his dream a reality in record time.

But it didn’t exactly happen overnight.

“I was a casino dealer at SugarHouse for six years,” says D’Emilio. Three years in, at the end of a particularly bad night, he sat at the bar, considering his options. “I was thinking, what’s a job that’s a not-job? And for some reason, ice cream man popped into my head.”

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David Ansill Teams Up with Saint Benjamin for Jamaican Jerkfest

Photo courtesy of Saint Benjamin Brewing Company

Chef David Ansill is popping up all over the place lately: soon, he’ll be at Amis, serving up long lost favorites from his fondly remembered French spot Pif.

And next week, the chef — who spent time in Jamaica a few years back — is joining Kensington’s Saint Benjamin Brewing Company for a night of island cuisine next Wednesday.

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