The New Rival Bros. Coffee Bar is Tall, Dark and Handsome

At 6 a.m. this morning, Damien Pileggi and Jonathan Adams opened up their second Rival Bros. coffee bar inside the Touraine (1528 Spruce Street) and it’s straight-up stunning.

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Who is Pizza Gutt and Why Is He All Over Your Instagram Feed?


Philly’s pizza culture might be as important as its cheesesteak one — arguably more, if you consider how rooted it is to the city’s Italian-American heritage. Yet, on the national stage, it plays second fiddle to every other iconic junk food we have in our arsenal. New York, Chicago (for reasons I detest), and Connecticut are the champions of American pizza, their metropolitan identities virtually synonymous with their styles of pie.

We come close, we have the right bloodline, unique-to-Philly toppings (see: pizzazz), even our own brand of Sicilian squares (tomato pie, anyone?). But in the face of all that, “Philly style” became a bagel before it became a pizza.

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Marigold Kitchen’s New Restaurant Has a Name


Last week, we had the news that Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza from West Philly’s Marigold Kitchen were going to be opening a new restaurant together. Kochan is the owner. Lanza is going to be his executive chef. And this is big news because, together, the two of them have already been running one of the best, most creative restaurants in the city. And now they’re going to be moving in on one of the most booming mini-neighborhoods in the entire city–that odd little stretch of Walnut Street on the edge of Rittenhouse that is already home to Vernick (which took the top spot on our newest 50 Best Restaurants list a few months back), Jose Garces’s 24 (reviewed a couple weeks ago) and Res Ipsa (which I just reviewed this morning).

Now we have a few more details. The first thing we know? The name. It’s going to be called TALK (yeah, all caps)–as an acronym for Tim Andrew Lanza Kochan.

But that’s not all we know

Next Big Thing: Res Ipsa Reviewed

Res Ipsa/Facebook

Res Ipsa/Facebook

“So, how was dinner?”

I get this a lot. Obviously. Life that I live, things that I do, people I know, it’s the most common question I hear. Or second most, maybe, behind You want another drink? or What’s that stain on your shirt?

“So, how was dinner?” From friends, colleagues, editors, 10,000 servers, my mom. Always the same. And seeing as how it’s my actual job to answer precisely that question all the time, you’d think it would be easy. That I’d always have a fast and ready answer.

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Vote for Best of Philly: What’s Your Favorite Restaurant in the ‘Burbs?


Opening a restaurant in the suburbs is an entirely different ballgame. Keep it cheffy, stick to the trends, but you better be family friendly, too. Finding that perfect balance can be tough, especially when our city’s chefs raise the bar so high. But some restaurants, those hoppin’ places on the Main Line, over in Delco, across Montgomery County and New Jersey, they do it well, and despite what some may think, it’s okay to leave the city limits to eat once in a while. There’s quality out there, you just have to sift through the junk to find it.

Every year, we choose one the suburbs’ best restaurant for our Best of Philly issue. But this year, it’s in your hands.

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Seven Women Say They Were Drugged at Popular South Philly Bar

Philadelphia restaurant owner Heather DeRussy-Collazo is one of the 7 women who claim they were drugged at the Dolphin in South Philadelphia. (Photo by Claire Hoffman)

Philadelphia restaurant owner Heather DeRussy-Collazo is one of the 7 women who claim they were drugged at the Dolphin in South Philadelphia. (Photo by Claire Hoffman)

Heather DeRussy is a married mother of five who owns two bar-restaurants in Philadelphia. She enjoys a drink or two after a busy day at work. But on one recent night when she stopped off at the Dolphin in South Philadelphia to relax, things didn’t go as planned. Read more »

Here’s What You’ll Be Eating When Harp & Crown Launches Weekend Brunch

There are two big changes coming to Michael Schulson’s Harp & Crown in the next couple weeks. First, the restaurant will no longer be serving lunch following Friday, March 31st’s service. From then on, there’ll be happy hour on weekdays starting at 4pm, and then things will just roll right on into dinner. But hey, if you’re in the neighborhood and looking for something to eat before 4pm, Double Knot just a couple doors down (and also a Schulson restaurant) does a great lunch–rice and noodle bowls with some truly dangerous punch to drink–so just go there.

Anyway, that’s the first change. But the far bigger news is that the next day, Saturday, April 1st, Harp & Crown will start offering weekend brunches.

Want to know what they’re going to be offering? Of course you do. Check out the menu and details after the jump.

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El Merkury Will Fill Philly’s Central American Street Food Chasm


El Merkury/Facebook

In Central America, the street food scene is huge. In Philly, it is not. We’re a city of brick and mortars and, if not, food trucks (licensing and meddling bureaucracy are nemeses to a healthy street food scene). But even with Philly’s Central American restaurants, only a small few exist, most of them on the outskirts of the city or even the ‘burbs. You might stumble upon some Central American foods in South Philly (pupusas, taquitos, etc.), but they’re so often muddled into taqueria menus — lost to Philly’s familiarity with Mexican tacos and quesadillas.

Soon-to-be restaurant owner Sofia Deleon of El Merkury took notice.

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Pizzeria Vetri Square Pie Is Closing, Will Re-Open As A Normal Pizzeria Vetri

Marc Vetri‘s experiment in square pizzas–thick-crust, Roman-style pizza al taglio–lasted about six months. Opening in October in conjunction with the Urban Outfitters (who owns the brand now) at King of Prussia Mall, the KOP pizza shop offered quick-serve pies and a whole menu of the popular rotolo (plus salads and desserts), but people just never seemed to get excited about the place. A lot of them, actually, seemed just plain mystified as to why this suburban location was so much different than the other two Pizzeria Vetri locations–the ones with the regular old round pizzas.

Well, guess what? Pizzeria Vetri Square Pie is closed now. And it’s going to stay that way until the beginning of April when it will re-open under the non-square Pizzeria Vetri brand.

People are already pretty happy about that. Here’s what Vetri himself had to say.

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