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  • Everyones a critic

    I love the analysis. Love the site. I want you guys to monetize it (you deserve it) , but whomever is working on the layout needs to tinker a little bit more. It’s still a little disruptive.

  • anon

    Rapid fire posting I like it.

  • ian

    One great thing Kelly said when he was back in Oregon was that he doesnt draw up plays thinking they may not work. The play is designed and in use because it does work. So just because a defender got off the block and stopped the run for no gain does not mean he could do that a second or even third time in a row.

    This philosophy especially once you add options to the same play is one of the ways you move to Green tempo. The players know the same play will be run say 2 times in a row. So they can immediately move to their positions without even looking at the sideline for the call, further reducing the time between plays. Also, the tackle for example now knows the move that the defender was able to use to get off the block and say tackle Shady for no gain. So if run again he may shift his feet to the outside ensuring that lane is free this time. The defense may feel confident it just say this look and blasts the hole to stop the run and bam you throw the screen.

    Football players are creatures of habit and train to react not think so when you make them think, they are a step slower and you can beat them. You throw them dummys so they react to what they think they know and you can beat them with the options built-into the play.

    Looking forward to Sunday!

  • Token

    Hall fined 20k for the horse collar tackle on Jackson. That play could have really turned out badly.

    • knighn

      They should fine him an extra $200K for general douche-baggery.

      • All In Eagles

        Ha! Love it.

  • EagleDuck

    I just realized something significant… No fumbles on the read option exchange. Thats pretty impressive considering its the first game this group has run read option together. It shows Vick is doing well with his decision making during the read, indecision is the killer and hes not waffling.

    • OregonDucker

      Both penalties and mistakes were very low relative to a first game Duck team. The Eagles players were very focused and efficient. This was a real joy to see in a first game of the season.

  • Awesome job!!! These type of article are making us smarter. yeah buddy!!!

  • UKEagle99

    Great article Sheil. The article sponsor is also not lost on me, are you after a new Civic ;-)

  • Mike Flick

    Here is the surprising part: This is long time veteran LB London Fletcher. Can you imagine a rookie LB having to deal with making those decisions? Or someone like Ernie Simms? The shark would be out of the water.

    Good stuff.

    • anon

      Yeah i think that’s an underappreciated point. They were crushing a perennial pro-bowler / veteran. Would love to see it against a team with less defensive leadership. The scheme really tests whether your D can communicate and operate on the fly.

      On the defensive side you’ve heard a lot of people talk about operating within the scheme. If freelancing is why Curry is benched i think it’s a good benching. I think this offense shows the importance of operating in the scheme, one person not doing their job can lead to a touchown.

  • Soybot

    Great work as always Sheil. You started doing these break downs a couple of years ago and now I see alot of other Eagles bloggers imitating your work. But you’re still the best at it.

    • #7

      Yep they sure have lol. Shiel does it the best and is the easiest to understand

  • Johnny_P

    It’s seriously like: Pick your poison. I for one don’t see defenses ‘catching up’ to this scheme anytime soon. Plus when that moment happens, Chip has a very high IQ and it would not surprise me if he is already drafting another freaking playbook that sprinkles elements of his current offense sprinkled into more of a traditional playbook.

    • Explorer51

      This is exactly the point; some of the analysts and naysayers keep saying that NFL DCs will catch up to this offense, as if the playbook was a finished, never to be changed, document. Though all of us only have the briefest glimpse of CK and his madness, it is already pretty obvious that he has variations on top of variations; as he, himself, gains more NFL experience, I would bet that he will win more of the mind games (and with more talent the real games) than he will lose. And isn’t that refreshing after the stubbornness of the last decade?

      • Johnny_P

        It’s a beautiful thing. I look at these other hires around the league: Chudz, Trestman, McCoy, and dare I say, Gus Bus Bradley and I’m just like Meh, same ol same ol.

  • jabostick

    One of the things I love about this play (and other similar ones) is that, at first glance, you’d think the best option for the defense (to avoid giving up a big play) is to cover the pass first and deal with the run second. When McCoy is the RB, though, the big play is just as possible with him.
    I know it’s not going to always confuse defenses as much as it did with the Redskins at times, but you could see how defenders could get up in their own head

    • Rick Lindquist

      It’s an open secret that the keys to shutting down a run first zone read is to have a better D line than the O line and to have LBs who can play at the edge of the box and shut down the run, forcing the O into the pass game. The deal is, the D line really has to be better, and the LBs need to be superior in both run and pass coverage. OK, who would that be? Which teams have those superior O line and DBs? It’s easy for pundits to say the D will catch up, and they will get better, no mistake, but it still will take having the right athletes in place and not many teams have that so far.
      Go Birds!

  • JW

    At Oregon, it was said that scouting the last 2-3 games was meaningless. Chip will pull stuff frm last month, last year or last decade. Remember, that was w/20 hours of practice per week w/college players. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!