Smart Home Technology for Any Budget

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Comcast Xfinity Home uses smart home technology to allow you to control your home any time, any place.

Comcast Xfinity Home uses smart home technology to allow you to control your home any time, any place.

Smart home technology can work for you

Fifty years after The Jetsons first hit the airwaves, “smart home” technology has finally become available and affordable for the typical household. Futuristic technology that allows homeowners to control alarm systems, lighting, appliances, video cameras and temperature with a computer, smartphone or tablet, has quickly moved from concept to the mainstream.

One such service is offered by a well-known and trusted brand. Comcast’s Xfinity Home turns a house into a “smart home” with next-generation remote home control and energy management features. Customers can remotely set the alarm, adjust digital thermostats, turn lights on or off, check water sensors and watch secure, live-streaming video of the home, inside or out—all from a touchpad, smartphone or computer. Optional home security offers police and fire protection backed by 24/7 professional monitoring.

The service comes with a tablet-like touch screen that can be mounted on the wall or carried around the house. The color display streams camera footage, controls the alarm, thermostat, lights and other electronics, and also provides a menu of widgets with the latest weather, news, traffic and sports scores.

Wireless cameras are not monitored by Xfinity and are accessible only to the customer with thecorrect password, so privacy is not an issue. Footage is encrypted and will not record unless accessed live or when set to capture an event, like someone entering a room during certain hours. Motion sensors are pet-friendly for animals up to 85 pounds.

Hand holding smart phone with blank screen on white backgroundXfinity Home also offers the ability to create personalized settings (or rules) to receive e-mail ortext messages when certain things happen—or don’t happen.  For example, if a child should have arrived home by 5 p.m., the system can be set to send an alert if the door doesn’t open between 4:45 and 5:15. Customers with flooding issues can have water sensors installed and not have to wonder if their basement is filling with water every time a storm hits.

A land line phone connection is not needed for Xfinity Home, and battery and cellular backup ensure customers remain fully protected even in the event of a power outage. Immediate text and e-mail alerts when the alarm is triggered cut down on false calls to authorities, and smartphone apps allow customers one-touch control of their homes anytime, anyplace.

Recent enhancements to the service include a camera with night vision, a carbon-monoxide sensor, and an EcoFactor-enabled thermostat that “learns” the heating and cooling patterns of a home and makes automatic and incremental adjustments based on real-time weather data, the thermal characteristics of the house and the temperature preferences of the occupants. This “smart home” solution can ultimately help lower energy use and generate potential savings on a customer’s energy bill.

Xfinity Home offers four packages in the region starting at just $9.95 per month for Control or $39.95 per month for Secure. Customers may also be eligible to receive up to a 20 percent discount on their homeowners’ insurance.

Visit or call 888-223-5723 for more information on pricing, equipment and additional features.