Create the Perfect Cheese Plate

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creating the perfect cheese plate

Cheese Plate Perfection

One of the most popular items at any get-together is the cheese plate. Still, putting the perfect one together can be intimidating for some home entertainers.  No need to worry, the experts at DiBruno Bros. [] are here to help. Here are some suggestions from chessemonger Hunter Fike.

How much cheese do I need for my cheese plate?
Generally speaking, one ounce of each cheese for each guest is appropriate.  If cheese will be just a small part of a larger assortment, we still suggest the same amount.  You do not want the cheese course to look skimpy (and there are worse things than leftover cheese).

How many varieties should I have?
It is scientifically proven that odd numbers are best, so three or five are generally suggested.  (Nothing wrong with seven or nine, though.)

OK, which ones should I get?
Assuming you are serving a crowd, and you are unsure of their tastes, it is wise to have at least one easy-going cheese that’s approachable, but unique. Try to represent as many families as possible.  Cow, Goat, Sheep.  Soft, Semi-soft, Hard.  Washed Rind, Blue.

Here are some specific cheese plate suggestions:
Monger favorites: Ossau Iraty, L’Amuse Gouda, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
Goat: Humboldt Fog, Montenebro, Queso Leonora, Selles sur Cher.
Cow: Maxx 365, Asiago Stravecchio, Remeker, Lincolnshire Poacher
Sheep: Pecorino Grand Old Man, Ewephoria, Testun di Pecora, Abbaye de Bellocq
Washed Rind: Ardrahan, Hudson Red, Epoisses, Tobasi
Blue: Carles Roquefort, Stilton, Stichelton, Rogue River Blue

What should I serve alongside them?
For specific pairings, best to ask your monger, and don’t be afraid to have them push the envelope.  Some of our more versatile condiments include: white truffle honey, fig and acacia jam, marcona almonds, black lava cashews, cinnful cocoa cecans and gourmet mustards.

Don’t forget the meat!  Prosciutto di Parma, assorted salumi and any one of our various charcuterie items compliment a cheese board beautifully.

For more suggestions on the perfect cheese plate, contact the experts at Di Bruno Bros or call 888-322-4337.