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Arcam rCube_Portable iPod Speaker System
The rCube is a hi-fi audio system that combines flexibility, portability and compatibility with the very latest audio sources in a single, beautiful package. 
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Integra DTR 80.3__Receiver
The top of the line in Integra.s DTR .3 Series, which starts as low as $600 in the DTR 20.3.
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Meridian Sooloos_Digital Media System
The world's most advanced digital media system that can store all of your music while maintaining the best possible sound quality.
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Panasonic TCP65VT30__Plasma TV
The successor to the CNET.s 2010 TV of the year, comes this year.s improved model, the TCP65VT30.
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Paradigm Signature S8 Floorstanding Speakers
From the renowned manufacturer, Paradigm, comes their top of the line speaker, the Signature S8. Paradigm carries some of the world.s best loudspeakers at a huge variety of prices.
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Peachtree Audio iNova_Integrated Amplifier & iPod Dock
The iNova is a part of Peachtree.s line that features a class A tube preamp, high resolution digital-to-analog converter, Digital iPod dock, and much more packed into a beautiful exterior.
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Seura Enhanced Lumination Mirror TV
One of the many products from Seura that can hide a TV behind a mirror, in every size and shape imaginable.
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Sonance_LS67PKG Landscape Series Speaker Package
Sonance.s Landscape Series Package allows your music to follow you outside while keeping your speakers completely hidden.
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Sony BDPS1700 ES_Bluray Player
Sony.s Bluray players are renowned for their picture quality and the 1700ES is no exception.
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