Philly’s Poverty Rate Is the Highest Among U.S. Big Cities

Pew Charitable Trusts’ Philadelphia Research Initiative released the findings of a new report on Wednesday that examined, in detail, our city’s poor. At 25.7 percent, […]


How Social Media Makes You Buy Things You Never Knew You Needed

It’s not news that online shopping is on the rise, but what’s really mind boggling is just how many people shop online after seeing a […]


Venture Capitalists Made Fewer Bets on Philly in 2017

If you talk to almost any entrepreneur in Philadelphia about what the region’s innovation ecosystem lacks, chances are the word “capital” will be among their […]

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How to Cut Back on the One Thing You’re Definitely Eating Too Much Of

Lately, nutritionists and dietitians have been telling us that we’re eating too much sugar — but what about the salty stuff? It’s not breaking news that we’re consuming too […]


Drexel Study: Why Philly Should Use Rainwater to Flush Toilets

Purified water is wasted in toilet bowls, but flushing is the single largest source of water consumption in the U.S. Some researchers at Drexel University […]


Center City Housing Market Still Strong, But…

Though the pace has slowed a bit from the torrid level of 2013, new housing continues to be produced in Greater Center City at a […]

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MONDAY KICKSTARTER: Same-Sex Marriage Movements in New Mexico, Fox Fires Anchor for Anti-Gay Remarks and More

PROGRESS REPORT: Virginia National Guard extends benefits to same-sex couples despite state’s marriage ban Califormia legislature passes trans birth certificate bill Private law firm focusing […]

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PA University Ranks No. 1 In Least LGBT-Friendly Colleges List

Grove City College, a Christian liberal arts school north of Pittsburgh topped Princeton Review‘s just-released list of the country’s least LGBT-friendly colleges. According to the […]

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Turns Out Semen Doesn’t Have As Much Protein As Everyone Thought

You’ve heard all the jokes about how high in protein semen is, but it turns out that was just a clever rouse your boyfriend used […]

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What Grindr Men Really Think: Service Surveys Users on Relationships

Grindr: It’s like Gallup, but with a polling sample of horny gay men. Anyone who uses Grindr (guilty as charged!) probably took notice of several survey pop-up […]

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Pew Releases Results of First-Ever Survey of America’s LGBT population

Just in time for the Supreme Court’s imminent ruling on same-sex marriage, the Pew Research Center (PRC) has released its first-ever survey of America’s LGBT […]

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Study: Gay Men Are Scratching Fewer Notches On Their Bedposts

If you’re finding that hookups are harder to come by these days, don’t take it personally. A new study from the National Surveys of Family […]

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Poll Shows Gay Marriage Support from Two Unlikely Places

Two polls released this week show that support for gay marriage is sprouting in two of the most unlikely of places. In a survey of […]

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Study Says Kids of LGBTQ Parents are Thriving, Gay Dads Are Exceptional

The U.K. government is urging more gay parents to foster and adopt following a study by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering that concludes gay parents […]

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Straight Men Who Watch Porn are More Likely to Vote For Gay Marriage

Ladies, if you’re worried your man may be watching too much porn behind your back, please believe the LGBTQ community when we say: It’s totally […]