PW Reader Ring: Tamara & Thaddeus!

Tamara's ring!

Tamara’s ring!

The couple: Tamara Bashenko Thaddeus (TC) Felsberg.

The ring: My ring is white gold with a twist band and a cushion-cut diamond with a diamond halo.

About a year and a half ago, we went to Sydney Rosen along Jewelers’ Row in Philly, and TC ended up picking out this gorgeous ring for me to look at. He kicked me out of the store so he could talk to the owner, but in the end, he said that he wasn’t purchasing the first ring we found, and that we should keep looking.

A year and a few months later, when he proposed to me, I opened the box to the same beautiful, breathtaking ring that we found all that time ago. He secretly bought it that day we were in there. I was speechless.

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PW Reader Ring: Tricia & Don!

Tricia's ring!

Tricia’s ring!

The couple: Tricia Quirk and Don Schexnayder, from Havertown.

The ring: My ring is a solitaire round diamond on a split shank band with diamonds. Don and I went shopping together to pick out my engagement ring, which is very nontraditional—however, it was the best decision we’ve made.

It was a great experience: I liked hearing his thoughts on rings and styles, and he was relieved to not be on his own to pick out a ring. I completely changed my mind from what I originally wanted, but when I tried on my ring, I said, “This is Mrs. Schexnayder!”

When we were picking out the center stone, we saw stone with a small black dot in it, and Don said, “It’s like a dimple in your diamond!” My nickname for Don years ago was Donny Dimples, so I knew that was our stone. Rachel from Benari Jewelers in Newtown Square was fabulous and we couldn’t be happier with what she put together for us.

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PW Reader Ring: Gina & Michael! 

Gina's ring!

Gina’s ring!

The couple: Gina Osborne and Michael Kapusta from Quakertown.

The ring: Michael designed the ring completely on his own. After seeing my love for designer Anna Sheffield‘s work, he wanted to one-up it and create something all his own—a pear-shaped center diamond, with two smaller pears on the sides, set in subtle rose gold to go with my skin tone. He went to the same jeweler his family has been going to for years, Koehler’s in Lansdale. He didn’t even realize while he was designing it that my mother also has a pear-shaped diamond—which makes it so sentimental to me!

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Andi Dorfman Got Engaged on The Bachelorette Last Night and Her Enormous Diamond Ring Is To Die For

It’s the proposal heard round the world—The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman has finally found love with former professional baseball player Josh Murray. It all went down on last night’s finale of the show, and while a happy ending is all well and good, frankly we’re much more focused on the humongous rock that now rests on the bride-to-be’s finger.

Take a look for yourself.

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The Ring Cam Makes It Easier Than Ever For Your Proposal To Go Viral

Rarely does a day go by where we don’t receive at least a couple of eager texts/emails/etc. alerting us to the latest viral proposal to hit the Interwebs. We’ve covered quite a few of them here on the blog—some have made us cry while others just made us mad—and it seems like the trend is only growing in popularity.

And now, thanks to four college students from Michigan, it’s easier than ever to capture your proposal without a camera crew in tow. Behold, The Ring Cam.

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PW Reader Ring: Lindsay & Jeff

PW-reader lindsayThe couple: Lindsay Grindrod and Jeff Showmaker, Horsham

The ring: I am completely in love with my ring! While Jeff and I had talked a lot about getting engaged and what I liked (we’ve been dating for over six years, since I was 17), he completely took me by surprise.

The ring is a platinum setting with a princess cut center stone and a platinum border directly around the stone. It sits low in a cushion cut halo of diamonds and the band is curved with diamonds as well.

Jeff chose the ring himself with no help from friends, brothers, or even our moms. I didn’t expect something so intricate and detailed, it’s very art deco—the perfect mix of modern and vintage. He said he was inspired by the British romance novels I love to read.

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PW Reader Ring: Deirdre & John

Deirdre's ring!

Deirdre’s ring!

The couple: Deirdre McCarthy & John O’Kane, Philadelphia.

The ring: This is a vintage platinum ring with a round European-cut diamond with two baguettes on either side, and smaller round diamonds on the ends of those. It’s has the original setting and baguettes—the only thing it got was a good cleaning.

This ring belonged to my paternal grandmother and was then passed on to my dad, who used it to propose to my mom. After 25 years, she decided to keep it safe and they bought her another ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Ann Marie & Sean!

Ann Marie's ring!

Ann Marie’s ring!

The couple: Ann Marie Kavanaugh and Sean Carlin

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut center diamond surrounded by a diamond pavé halo set on a white-gold split-shank diamond band.

Sean and I never went ring shopping in the five years we’ve been together, so the ring (and the proposal) was a complete surprise! He chose to custom design my engagement ring with Benari Jewelers.

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PHOTOS: Our 10 Favorite Non-Diamond Engagement Rings From Etsy

Maybe he'll pop the question with this stunner.

Maybe he’ll pop the question with this Aquamarine stunner.

If you thought Pinterest was dangerous, well, we’re here to remind you about Etsy.

After all, the e-commerce site, known for its plethora of handmade and vintage goods, is an equally enticing rabbit hole, oftentimes sucking you in so deep that you completely lose track of time—and since here, you can actually load up your cart with the pretty things you see, how much money you’ve managed to drain from your bank account. It’s addicting, people, so we take full responsibility if the rest of your day after reading this post is spent shopping the site.

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VIDEO: Dude Proposes to Girlfriend Mid-Skydive; Acts Like He Dropped the Ring

One time, there was a proposal in which the guy, who was flying a private plane just before popping the question, acted as if the plane was going down as a nice little prelude to asking his girlfriend to spend the rest of her life with him. It was horrible, and watching it still makes us mad for her.

This is not that bad, for sure—but this guy would probably find the jokester pilot pretty funny. This guy, who decided to propose mid-skydive with his girlfriend, acted like he dropped the ring about a second after pulling it out as they hurtled towards the earth. Besides the fact that she probably felt like she was going to barf for the rest of her time in the air, though, we think this one’s kinda funny. And sweet, since no diamonds were actually harmed in the making of this proposal—and since she said yes.

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