PW Reader Ring: Jaclyn & Greg!

Jaclyn's ring!

Jaclyn’s ring!

The couple: Jaclyn Rosenberg and Greg Rubin from Elkins Park.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut center diamond with a diamond halo, set in a white-gold band with diamonds. It’s everything I could want and more!

My sister and I went ring shopping a few months before I got engaged, and I absolutely fell in love with this ring at Steven Singer Jeweler. Little did I know that my fiancé was going back there with my sister a few days later to get a ring—but he upgraded it with a bigger center stone than the one I originally saw! While I never left him hints, my sister knew exactly what I wanted and he was smart enough to use that when he decided to shop for a ring.

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WMMR’s Preston & Steve and Steven Singer Jewelers Want to Help Two Philly Couples Get Engaged! 



Well it’s a good thing I happened to be listening to Preston & Steve (WMMR’s morning show featuring some of the city’s most beloved radio personalities; is it weird I truly cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t listen to them?) during the right block this morning, because I heard them talking about a contest they have going on right now that some of you lovely readers who have joined us before actually becoming engaged (we see you!) just might want to know about: It’s a proposal contest!

The guys are in cahoots with the peeps at Steven Singer Jewelers down near Philly’s iconic Jewelers’ Row, and here are the deets:

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And Here Is a Public Proposal In Which the Girl Says No (and the Guy Is Out $82K)

Photo via Weibo

Photo via Weibo

No word on which of these five reasons this chick had for saying thanks but no thanks to her boyfriend’s proposal, but say no she did when he asked her to marry him—and in front of a crowd of friends and onlookers, no less. (Which: Haven’t you always wondered if the girl ever says no with these grand, public proposals? You know you have. Also: poor guy. Oof.)

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PW Reader Ring: Christine & Dustin!

Christine's ring!

Christine’s ring!

The couple: Christine Sweeney and Dustin Steerman, from Manayunk.

The ring: My ring is a Henri Daussi Signature cushion-cut with a diamond halo on a diamond band from Benari in Newtown Square.

When my fiance and I looked at rings together, and this one was by far my favorite and stood out from all the others I tried on! About a month later, Dustin went back and purchased the ring to surprise me with during his proposal.

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Here Are the Top 5 Reasons That Marriage Proposals Get Rejected



You may have said yes, dear reader (or, you know, popped the question to someone who said yes or are hoping to someday soon say yes, or what have you), but as we know, not everyone who finds someone before them on bended knee, diamond ring in hand, does. And today we have a little insight—weird, eyebrow-raising insight—as to why some answer with a “Thanks, but no thanks.”

VoucherCloud recently conducted a survey in which they polled 2,144 over the age of 21 who had a proposal rejection in their personal history and asked them why they said no. This is what they found out (cue the Whaaa?):

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PW Reader Ring: Michelle & Michael!

Michelle's ring!

Michelle’s ring!

The couple: Michelle DiIorio and Michael Hennessey from Manayunk.

The ring: My ring is a princess-cut diamond solitaire in a cathedral setting.  The band is white gold and has diamonds across it, making the solitaire diamond pop even more! The ring is exactly how I described it to him: my dream ring!

Mike is a teacher and has the summers off. So one summer day, he traveled back to his hometown during to go to his family jeweler, Murphy Jewelers in Hamburg, and I had no idea he even went, because he travelled there and back before I even returned from work!

Although he knew exactly what I wanted, his parents met him at the jeweler each time he went and helped him choose the perfect ring. It too him two different trips to pick it out!

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WATCH (With Tissues): No Wonder This Epic Proposal Took 17 Months to Plan 

Although I had seen this proposal flying around the Interwebs, I hadn’t gotten a chance yet to watch it when PW’s trusty assistant editor Alexandra sent it to me, saying, by way of an intro, “I could die.” So I watched, and quite frankly, I am EXHAUSTED.

Let me clarify: This is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve seen and my exhaustion is purely emotional—I’ll pause while you watch it, and then we can discuss:

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PW Reader Ring: Kathleen & Greg!

Kathleen's ring!

Kathleen’s ring!

The couple: Kathleen Tower and Greg Celano from Voorhees.

The ring: My ring is a diamond solitaire set in a platinum band with five smaller diamonds on each side—it looks like it came straight off my Pinterest board.

My dad’s best friend is a jeweler—Terrone Jewelers in Brick, NJ—so from the moment Greg and I first discussed getting married, he knew he had to go there for the ring. It made the most sense to me for him to go to someone we can trust—neither of us knew anything about diamonds! Greg secretly drove up to Terrone Jewelers and spent several hours learning about diamonds and picking out the perfect one to create my ring.

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VIDEO: There Was a Proposal At Chestnut Hill’s Harry Potter Festival! 

So this past weekend, there was a Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill (which, how did I miss that?), and one festival-attending groom-to-be thought it would be the perfect spot to propose to his new bride-to-be!

Evan Yeatts and Abbey Waltmire met the week before both of their first semesters as grad students at Penn—Abbey, who was just starting the school’s Social Policy program, accidentally crashed Evan’s Engineering School-only event at a bar near campus. Soon after that, they attended last year’s Harry Potter Festival and had a great time, so he figured it’d be the perfect place to pop the question this time around.

He got her during the Sorting Hat demonstration. (Clever!) Take a look.

Congrats to Evan and Abbey!

To read about—and watch!—more proposals we love, go here.

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PW Reader Ring: Stephanie & Steven!

Stephanie's beautiful ring!

Stephanie’s beautiful ring!

The couple: Stephanie Ubele and Steven Krawulski, from Northern Liberties

The ring: My pear-shaped ring with an invisible setting is from Barsky Diamonds—Nate Barsky definitely worked his tail off to make my ring just right. I’ve always wanted a pear and was so happy that my fiancé listened!

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