Watch This Bride Help Pull Off a Proposal at Her Own Wedding

Apparently the new thing in weddings is proposals!

Now, as we mentioned the last time something like this happened a few weeks ago, even if the bride is in on it, a proposal at someone else’s wedding still feels a little risky to us, just in case the bride woke up on her wedding day and felt regret (inside of excitement) at having given her blessing for such a thing—but we have to say, this story is just so incredibly sweet that we’re starting to relent!

Newlyweds Chelsea and Tyler opted to share their special day with Chelsea’s cousin, who got the surprise of a lifetime during the bride’s bouquet toss. Watch what happened:

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PW Reader Ring: Crystal & Christopher!

Crystal's ring!

Crystal’s ring!

The couple: Crystal Hayes and Christopher Casazza, Philadelphia.

The ring: I wish I could take any measure of credit for my ring, but it was all my fiance! He has a classic and slightly vintage style that is definitely reflected in my ring, which is more than I could have ever dreamed up myself.

The center diamond is Old European cut, which is very hard to find these days, so he traveled back to Michigan (where he’s originally from) to find the perfect stone with an estate jeweler, Joseph DuMouchelle. He then went to D’Antionio & Klein (on Jewelers Row in Philly) to have the setting custom made. The stone is beautifully set in a split shank with a diamond halo made of white gold. As a nod to the Art Deco era that I love, he also had hand engraving done on the top and underneath of the setting, so I see a lovely etched pattern whenever I look at my hand.

Of course, I wondered how he was able to create such a unique piece of jewelry that I swoon over on a daily basis without ever discussing the topic with me … Turns out he enlisted the help of my best friend and co-worker months in advance to consult on the process!

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WATCH: This Guy Proposed to His Longtime Girlfriend While Filming a Music Video in Philly

Sam Maccarone has been in love with Jessica Burzichelli since 5th grade, so when it came time to pop the question last year, he knew the moment had to be spectacular. To pull off the perfect proposal, Sam enlisted his filmmaker friend and musician cousin to help stage a music video (à la this action movie proposal) in which he and Jessica would star.

The result: an adorable video—which was shot locally in LOVE Park and Nino Gervasi’s Italian Restaurant in Paulsboro—that captures the entire day leading up to Sam getting down on one knee.

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PW Reader Ring: Megan & Kyle!

Megan's ring!

Megan’s ring!

The couple: Megan Whitmore and Kyle Bachmann, Northeast Philly.

The ring: My beautiful engagement ring is a white-gold radiant cut diamond in a halo setting. To me the ring is a classic look with a twist, since it’s neither a round-cut diamond nor a princess-cut diamond with a halo. Radiant cuts are a combo of the brilliance of the round cut but with a square shape.

Kyle did have an idea of the kind of ring I wanted, because I always hinted that I wanted a halo in my setting—but as far as the center stone shape, that was all him! (Unless he had been peeking at my Pinterest board.)

Kyle did his homework before buying. He shopped and talked with many jewelers in the Philadelphia suburbs and in Center City. He finally decided on purchasing the ring from Barsky on Jewelers’ Row.

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PW Reader Ring: Alyssa & Tom!

Alyssa's ring!

Alyssa’s ring!

The couple: Alyssa Koscelansky and Tom Mahoney from Collegeville.

The ring: My ring is a beautiful cushion-cut diamond with a halo on a white-gold band with smaller cushion-cut diamonds down the sides. My fiancé picked it all by himself at Steven Singer Jewelers; he was so in love with it from the moment he saw it he knew it would be perfect for me.

We never once went ring shopping before because I knew that he wanted to surprise me when the time came, and even though I kind of hinted to him some different designs, I knew that whatever he would choose would be perfect. And I’m so happy that he did pick it out all my himself, because it makes it that much more special to me. It’s so sparkly and perfect for me.

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PW Reader Ring: Kristina & Joe!

Kristina's ring!

Kristina’s ring!

The couple: Kristina Herb and Joe Rahusen, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is rose gold, with a princess-cut diamond (or a “damn near perfect” cut, as my fiancé puts it!). He definitely did his homework before deciding on a ring, and ended up getting it from a wholesale jeweler in New York.

He never once asked me what kind of ring I would want, but got a lot of help from my wonderful sister, who did know exactly what type of ring I wanted.

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PW Reader Ring: Laura & Christopher!

Laura's ring!

Laura’s ring!

The couple: Laura Fitzpatrick and Christopher Houck from Bridgeport.

The ring: My ring has three square-shaped diamonds set in white gold. I had always envisioned a heart-shaped diamond for my engagement ring. Chris knew this, only because naturally, I had made hints over the years.

But when Chris was ready to take the step into picking out my ring, he didn’t feel that a heart shaped was “me.” He chose my ring strictly because he knew it would look great on my finger, and he was right! He even offered to take me back and exchange it for a different ring in case he had gotten it wrong, and of course, I said no way! The fact that he chose something that he loved made me love it more!

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Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: Please Do Not Propose at Someone Else’s Wedding

Image via Imgur.

Image via Imgur.

Maybe it’s just us—you know, because we work in the wedding industry—but we thought it was pretty common knowledge that the absolute worst place for someone to pop the question is at someone else’s wedding. Stealing the thunder away from a bride and groom on their Big Day is never a smart move, and upstaging them with a proposal (and therefore making the day about another couple entirely) is the ultimate no-no. (But you knew that already, right? Right?)

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WATCH: This So-Fun “Pitch Perfect”-Inspired Proposal is Spot On

Well, this is sure to brighten your rainy morning: One Pitch Perfect fan got the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend popped the question after he and his friends elaborately reenacted the Treblemakers’s finale performance from the hit movie.

Both Lindsay Versage and Max Podell (and most of their friends) love Pitch Perfect and its soundtrack, so it made perfect sense for Podell to incorporate the movie into his surprise proposal. Take a look for yourself:

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