Here’s How to Announce Your Engagement With Philadelphia Wedding (and Show Us Your Ring!)

Gina & Michael

Gina & Michael

We’ve been inviting you for quite a while now, dear readers, to share a shot of your engagement ring and your proposal story with us so we can feature it on the blog for our Monday-morning installments of PW Reader Ring (which, please still do! We love seeing your bling and hearing your stories!)—but we also wanted to be sure and direct your attention to another celebratory piece of our website: Engagement announcements!

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PW Reader Ring: Angela & Rob!

Angela's ring!

Angela’s ring!

The couple: Angela Sciumbata and Rob Cairns, from Reading.

The ring: My ring is 14-karat white gold with a center stone of Morganite, with diamonds going down either side of the band and two of them directly underneath the center stone.

It was custom-designed by Rob with the help of Belden’s Jewelers—I only helped select my center stone! I knew Morganite was the stone I wanted because of its rarity and beauty, and because the meaning behind the stone is love.

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This Guy Threw a Fake Wedding to Propose to His Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Ok, so I am going to explain what’s going on here to the best of my ability, but I also have a lot of questions.

This guy, Jack, is a wedding planner. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a rather elaborate way, so he put together an actual wedding—albeit not a real one—complete with a couple, a bridal party, a cake, flowers, music, dinner tables, and a first dance. (He “hired” past clients of his and various people from his life to pose in these various roles—including about 80 guests.)

During the wedding, he led his girlfriend Sophia to the dance floor, where he proposed:

So, my questions. I mean, I think this is very sweet and I smiled sappily at my screen just like usual when watching a proposal video—but I just don’t get a lot of this, logistically speaking, and it’s distracting me from the lovely moment that eventually happens.

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PW Reader Ring: Alyssa & Zachary!

Alyssa's ring!

Alyssa’s ring!

The couple: Alyssa D’Angelo and Zachary Beerger, from Roxborough.

The ring: My ring is 14-karat white gold with a matte finish, with six smaller diamonds on each side of the main stone and two “secret” diamonds along the side of the band. Zach got it made by Bendi Jewelers in Manayunk. He worked with the Sammi, the owner, to create it and kept it a secret from me for five months!

It was a total surprise. We had never gone ring shopping, and I had never shown him an example of a ring I would like. One night, we were watching TV and a commercial for Kay Jewelers’ chocolate diamonds came on, and jokingly, Zach asked if I would ever want one of those for an engagement ring. I freaked out and yelled, “Chocolate diamonds are the worst idea ever!” Then he asked what I would like in a ring to, which I replied that I would want something classic and timeless, something dainty and maybe even a little bit antique looking. That’s all the advice he ever got from me.

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How Did Someone Not Invent This Genius, Completely Flat Engagement Ring Box Before Now? 

The Clifton ring box/

The Clifton ring box/

Obviously, when my friends get engaged, the first thing I want is to hear the story from the very beginning. (Well, and to see the ring. Obv.)

But at some point after that—maybe later that night, maybe the next time I see them—I always want to hear the same story from the guy. First, it’s fun to hear it from his beginning—which usually includes fantastic details like talking to her dad and sweating and stammering at the jeweler’s—and it is especially amazing to hear the proposal story peppered with all of the little hiccups that inevitably occurred along the way, unbeknownst to their lovely soon-to-be brides.

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PW Reader Ring: Tricia & Jon!

Tricia's ring!

Tricia’s ring!

The couple: Tricia Brophy and Jon, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a white-gold band set with turquoise stones and a sparkly diamond solitaire. Because I’m a wedding photography, I have seen many beautiful rings, and always felt that I wanted something different than a diamond. Colors were always just more appealing to me for my own personal ring.

A few months before we were engaged, I told Jon I thought I would like turquoise. I have always loved turquoise, and when I looked into the meaning I kept seeing that it represents luck, happiness and trust. Without me knowing, Jon ended up contacting a jeweler in New Mexico and worked with him directly to design my ring. When I saw it, I definitely felt like it was made for me and made me change my mind about not wanting a diamond!

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Well It’s About Time: Here Is An Ice Bucket Challenge Proposal! (VIDEO)

Well, as is so often the case when a certain, I don’t know—fad? Meme? Pop-culture phenomenon?—takes over the world, it’s only a matter of time before it somehow seeps into the wedding world, too.

And I feel like really, just last week, I was thinking to myself that it was about time we saw the ALS ice bucket challenge engage in some way with the wedding world. Maybe a couple who held the cause close to their hearts would do the challenge after saying their vows? Or maybe, there’d be a proposal.

Ding ding ding! At long last, people, we have an ice bucket challenge proposal, and it’s pretty cute. I enjoy both that he sneakily and successfully gets on his knee just two inches behind her (and seems pretty pleased with having gotten away with it)—and that he goes ahead and pours the bucket over her head, anyway. Fun!

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PW Reader Ring: Lindsay & Andy!

Lindsay's ring!

Lindsay’s ring!

The couple: Lindsay Docherty and Andy Rachlin, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a sparkling round diamond in a low-profile halo setting on a thin band of white gold with diamonds running down the sides.

Because I’m a wedding photographer, I have seen hundreds of rings, so Andy knew that I had definite preferences and that the best way to find them out was by going with me to look.

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PW Reader Ring: Tamara & Thaddeus!

Tamara's ring!

Tamara’s ring!

The couple: Tamara Bashenko Thaddeus (TC) Felsberg.

The ring: My ring is white gold with a twist band and a cushion-cut diamond with a diamond halo.

About a year and a half ago, we went to Sydney Rosen along Jewelers’ Row in Philly, and TC ended up picking out this gorgeous ring for me to look at. He kicked me out of the store so he could talk to the owner, but in the end, he said that he wasn’t purchasing the first ring we found, and that we should keep looking.

A year and a few months later, when he proposed to me, I opened the box to the same beautiful, breathtaking ring that we found all that time ago. He secretly bought it that day we were in there. I was speechless.

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