And Here Is a Photo of Jenny McCarthy’s Gigantic Engagement Ring



If you are a child of the ’90s, today you watched as two beacons of your teeny-bopper pop culture life, the funny blonde girl from Singled Out and one of the less hot members of New Kids on the Block (I mean, he was no Jordan, just sayin’), declared their engagement.

Jenny McCarthy announced this morning on the View that boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg had just proposed last weekend, and now, we can see that it was with an extremely large yellow-sapphire engagement ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Neha & Jack!

Neha's "moi y toi" ring!

Neha’s “moi y toi” ring!

The couple: Neha Sachdev and Jack Herrmann from Philadelphia.

The ring: It’s a sterling silver band with a round-cut diamond and a round-cut ruby, with smaller diamonds inset in the band. I love it because it’s totally unique and exactly what I wanted.

He designed it himself, with input from my best friend. I always knew I wanted a “moi y toi” ring, which is a two-stone ring that stands for “me and you.” I love the meaning of the ring, and since red is the color of marriage in Indian culture (my parents are from India but I’m US born), I wanted a diamond and a ruby. My best friend helped pick some design ideas, but he did most of it on his own and worked with a jeweler in New York to have it custom made. It’s perfect!

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PW Reader Ring: Colleen & Joe!

Colleen's ring!

Colleen’s ring!

The couple: Colleen Kirk and Joe Yurkanin, Philadelphia.

The ring: The center stone of my ring is my grandmother’s. My mom had shown it to me years ago, and I actually hated it in my grandmother’s setting, but then last year she had it cleaned up and taken out of the setting, and I loved it! It has a very pale yellow color to it, which gives it this vintage look that I love.

I had told Joe, and he asked my mom if he could have it, and she said yes. Joe then went shopping all around Jewelers’ Row, but settled on Safian & Rudolph, because they understood his vision and were willing to work with him on the customized one-of-a-kind look he wanted. I emailed him cool rings when I saw them, and they were always emerald cut (even though I didn’t know he had asked my mom for the diamond), so he had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. In the end, the stone is set in 14-karat white gold with 16 round diamonds in the halo.

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Here’s How Much It Costs to Propose at Citizens Bank Park (and Every Other MLB Stadium)

A few people have sent this to me today—including a former coworker who introduced the link by saying, “Honest to God, it never, ever occurred to me that it cost money to propose at a baseball game.”—and because I highly believe that she is not the only one to whom this thought has not occurred, let us present this really fun graphic over on Swimmingly depicting the price of proposal at each and every MLB stadium in the country that allows it. (The nerve of the ones that don’t, huh?)

Graphic by Swimmingly.

Graphic by Swimmingly.

As you can see, the Phils fancy themselves the high-end tier of proposal enabling, with a popped question at Citizens Bank Park coming in at $450 (which, though, is the low end of the high end), a price that gets you a proposal on the live video board, four tickets, a champagne toast, and a commemorative DVD.

Any of you get proposed to for all the stadium to see at CBP? Do tell!

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PW Reader Ring: Lizzie & Jonny!

Lizzie's ring!

Lizzie’s ring!

The couple: Lizzie Johnston and Jonny Friedman from Marlton.

The ring: My ring is a Hearts on Fire white-gold ring with a round center diamond with a squared halo around it, and diamonds going down the sides. My fiance was deployed in Afghanistan last year, and we talked endlessly about all of the things we were looking forward to when he got home. One of those things being getting engaged and moving in together!

While Jonny was away, my sister and I went to Bernie Robbins Jewelers in Marlton to have some fun and try on rings. I fell in love with this ring immediately! My sister even created a PDF file for Jonny to make it easy for him to pick out the ring when he got home, noting what I was looking for in a ring, and which rings I liked and didn’t like. The file has since become very popular, especially with the salesman at Bernie Robbins who helped Jonny when he brought it into the store to pick out my ring!

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PW Reader Ring: Kate & Jon!

Kate's ring!

Kate’s ring!

The couple: Kate Toy & Jon Bettner from Mount Laurel.

The ring: My fiance and I designed my ring with Sal from Canzi Creations on Jewelers’ Row. I knew that I wanted a two-toned ring, and, with so many friends engaged or nearly engaged, something different. After a few design sessions it wound up being a yellow-gold intertwined band set with pave diamonds, with a cushion-cut center stone and a white-gold pave-diamond halo.

My mom took one look at it and said, “It’s you,” but to me, it’s us. I get to look down at my ring and have great memories of Jon and I designing it together, and him saying—probably for the first and last time—”Get anything you want.” (And who doesn’t want to hear that when you’re picking out diamonds?” Even though designing the ring took a little but of the surprise away, Jon knew that when he officially asked I would still love it.

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Survey: Most Brides Not Totally Thrilled With Their Proposals



Well here’s a stat that took us by surprise: 53 percent of brides wish – eek – that they were proposed to differently, that is according to David’s Bridal’s 8th annual “What’s on Brides’ Minds” survey of newly engaged and married women.

Then again, maybe it isn’t all that surprising considering the bar we’ve set for those actually doing the proposing. (See: flash mobs, ambush weddings and the like.) And at least that 53 percent still said yes!

Take note, knee-takers – the top areas for improvement, according to respondents:

    • 22 percent would change the location
    • 20 percent wished the proposal speech were different
    • 14 percent would change something about their engagement ring
    • 14 percent would have preferred that different people were present for their proposal
    • 10 percent wanted to alter the date of the engagement
    • 3 percent would change something other than the above

So what do we think about all this, Philly brides? Spill the dirt: Did you love love your proposal? Have a friend who had a not-so-perfect one? Tell us in the comments. 

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Put a Ring On It: Today is National Proposal Day


Now here’s a made-up holiday we can get behind.

Apparently, today is not only the first day of spring, it’s also National Proposal Day. And while the day may elicit actual proposals, the point is more to inspire the putting-a-ring-on-it conversation by encouraging couples to “raise the subject of marriage proposals in a light-hearted and non-threatening manner” and “get a glimpse of how the person you love might feel about a marriage proposal,” says

Proposal Day creator John Michael O’Loughlin came up with the holiday because he was frustrated by his cousin’s boyfriend who hadn’t yet popped the question after years of dating. O’Loughlin also names his most eligible bachelor and bachelorette each Proposal Day. This year’s picks? Prince Harry and Taylor Swift, with runners up Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone. Good choices, indeed.

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PW Reader Ring: Jessica & Greg!

Jessica's ring!

Jessica’s ring!

The couple: Jessica Abel and Greg Phillips from Bella Vista.

The ring:  My custom-made cushion-cut diamond set in platinum was designed by NYC-based Leon Megé (with input from Greg). Greg never went to NYC and completed the entire purchase remotely. He’s the co-founder of Kwelia, a start-up that quantifies the rental value of apartments, and was traveling to client sites in the fall. When not on the road, Greg was trying to spend more time with me in Ithaca, where I’m completing the final year of my MBA at Cornell. He created a secret email address and had Leon (and other jewelers he initially corresponded with) email photos, videos and other details. After reading a lot of reviews and fielding phone calls with a cadre of jewelers, Greg was ready to make the purchase! He picked out the design himself and received the ring via FedEx in Philadelphia. Here’s my ring on YouTube!

The proposal: The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I drove back from Ithaca for the holiday. Greg was with me in Ithaca two weeks prior, but told me he was going to leave for Philly on Friday (a few days earlier than we planned) to hang out with some fellow Cornell Delta Upsilon fraternity alums who would be in town. Little did I know, he was also picking up the ring from FedEx, asking my parents for their blessing and planning an epic engagement dinner.

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