Close-Up: Sofia Vergara’s Engagement Ring Was Large and In Charge at Last Night’s SAG Awards

Ok, so, confession: I somehow missed that Sofia Vergara and Alcide I mean Joe Manganiello did officially get engaged just before New Years. (Probably because my holiday hibernation was deep.) So I certainly sat at attention last night during the SAG Awards red carpet, when she was flashing her giganton ring all over the place!

Behold her bling inside the E! Mani Cam (there are many diamonds before she appears, so skip to 2:24 if you want to skip ahead):

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PW Reader Ring: Heather & John!

Heather's ring!

Heather’s ring!

The couple: Heather Cicala and John Powell, from Marlton.

The ring: My setting belonged to my great-grandmothers, and dates back to 1914. The ring had been given to my mom when my great-grandmother passed away, and she took the diamond out and made it into a pendant. One night when we were discussing rings, my mom brought out the setting for me to see, and I knew from that moment it would mean the world to me to have such meaning attached to such an important event in my life.

The setting itself is platinum, but since it’s almost 100 years old, it was very tarnished. So John took it to Sydney Rosen in Philadelphia and worked with David there to choose the right diamond for the setting. They also polished it, and it looks brand new! You would never know how old it actually is.

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PW Reader Ring: Jodie & Albert!

Jodie's ring!

Jodie’s ring!

The couple: Jodie Saueraker and Albert Riccelli, III, Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a family heirloom on Ccelli’s mother’s side. The original white-gold ring had a blue stone in it, which he had removed and replaced with a round diamond, and he also added small diamonds on the sides. (His mother then had the original blue stone set into a necklace for my “something blue” to wear at the wedding!) He took the original ring to DeBear’s & Co. Jewelers in Sewell to rework it into my engagement ring.

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Follow These 5 Tricks for Buying an Engagement Ring That Looks Bigger Than It Really Is



You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman in this day and age who doesn’t have multiple images of her dream engagement ring stashed away on her phone or Pinterest page. It’s no secret that lots of us do it—it must be ingrained in our DNA. (Plus we’d all like to do our part to avoid the awkwardness that comes with not liking your engagement ring.)

But while the early years of our engagement ring research (read: when you’re single and not getting proposed to anytime soon) is all in good fun, it does have a way of setting unrealistic expectations: Have you ever seen someone go on a pinning spree of modest engagement rings? We didn’t think so. It’s always the multi-carat stunners whose price tags would likely give your fiance-to-be a heart attack.

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PW Reader Ring: Lisa & Jon!

Lisa's ring!

Lisa’s ring!

The couple: Lisa Visco and Jon Getz from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is white gold with a round, brilliant-cut center stone surrounded by a square halo of diamonds with an antique Fleur De Lis-inspired design on each side that contains one larger diamond several smaller diamonds.

I originally wanted an antique ring and had been obsessing over a few online. But Jon, the smart, always realistic man that he is, suggested I go try them on before we purchased one. I’m so glad we did. We went to Koser Jewelers in Lancaster, and they showed me some antique rings. They just didn’t sparkle like the new ones, and I realized I wanted a ring that no one else had worn before.

Knowing I wanted something unique and that I loved the romantic feel of antique rings, the jeweler showed me this one, and I instantly fell in love. I tried on a few others and we left the store with a few ideas. After visiting some other jewelers that day, Jon and I both realized this was my ring. We raced back to the store before closing with Jon’s mom (I needed another woman with good taste to confirm my decision) and Jon took it from there.

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Watch It and Weep: Sara Bareilles Helping Two Couples Get Engaged

Listen, we’re not going to lie, we have no idea how on this earth we didn’t see this when it happened back in May—or how, apparently, nobody we work with or otherwise know did either; this is weird—but because this makes us concerned that you also missed it, and because it made us all weep, we are going to go ahead and share it with you right now.

It’s Sara Bareilles’ music video for “I Choose You,” in which she helped two real-life couples get engaged! It features Matt and Chelsea, and Aly and Andrea, and will make you cry. (Like, a few in this office reached for a tissue.) Backstory here, video below. Enjoy.

To read about—and watch!—more proposals, go here

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Rapper/Actor Ludacris is the Latest Groom to Pull Off a Same-Day Wedding



When we caught word last week that rapper/actor Ludacris had gotten engaged and married to longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Mbouguiengue all in one day, we weren’t all too surprised: After all, we’ve already written about two sneaky guys—Ryan and Adam—who both surprised their lady loves with same-day weddings, and, in case you missed it, ambush weddings are a thing these days.

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PW Reader Ring: Paige & Chris!

Pagie's ring!

Pagie’s ring!

The couple: Paige Layng and Chris Stein, Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a center diamond surrounded by a diamond halo and set in white gold. The center diamond is from my grandmother’s 1953 engagement ring, and Chris had the ring made by personal jeweler Ian Bralow in Marlton.

Since August, Chris had been secretly meeting with Ian at my parent’s house to look at setting options. After seeing a few different styles, Chris described to Ian what he was looking for (we had never looked at rings but when he asked me casually what I liked a few months before, I had half-jokingly told him I just wanted something sparkly and blinged-out!), and a week or so later, Ian called to say he had found the perfect setting. They met up again, and designed the perfect ring. He nailed it with this one … it’s the ring of my dreams!

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Are Exotic Animals the Next Big Wedding Trend?

I never imagined I’d see the words “exotic animals,” “must-have” and “weddings” in the same sentence, which is why I immediately rolled my eyes when this headline popped up on my screen this weekend. Hasn’t it been made blatantly clear that animals, brides and big white dresses don’t mix?

Well, according to CBS, there are a few couples who haven’t quite gotten the memo. Check this out:

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This “Amazing Race”-Inspired Proposal May Be The Most Elaborate One We’ve Seen Yet

Now I’m not one for extravagant, public proposals, but I have to say, every time I see a video of a guy popping the question in some extremely elaborate way, I’m thoroughly impressed by the effort and planning that goes in to it. And this proposal that I stumbled upon today may be the most impressive one yet.

Phoenix radio show producer Justin Scheman concocted a very detailed Amazing Race-inspired scheme to propose to his girlfriend Diana Bishop (who happens to be living here in Philly!). The duo ventured 5,000 miles across six states and two countries, ultimately ending with Justin on one knee under the northern lights in Iceland. Check out the video below.

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