This Is The Real Reason the Paradise Papers “Scandal” Upsets You

By now you’ve heard of the “Paradise Papers” scandal, right? In case you haven’t, the story, which came out last week, revolves around a trove […]


Crankcase: Happily Never After

There was something oddly familiar about David Sills’s story. Oh, in many ways, his life is one-of-a-kind. Maybe you remember how he soared to fame […]


The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The Reading “Cheetah”

You have to wonder what the police in Reading thought when the call came in that a cheetah — a cheetah! — was running loose through […]


The Unpatriotic Cynicism of the NFL’s Salute to Service

If you’re among the Philadelphians who view watching an Eagles game the same way some folks view breathing, you know that this is Salute To […]


I’m Proud that My South Philly Neighborhood Voted for Beth Grossman

Yesterday, I couldn’t have been prouder when I read the Philly Mag article about the voters of the 26th ward in South Philadelphia, who chose […]


White Progressives: Now That You’ve Won, Stop Using Us and Do Something

In some parts of the country, what just happened on Election Day was pretty damn epic. And it was no less revolutionary here, with the […]


Meek Mill Got Exactly What He Deserved

In case you somehow missed the big news from yesterday … no, not Donald Trump in Asia. And not the possibility of war between Saudi […]


The Two Big Reasons the Police Union Wants Larry Krasner to Lose

Philadelphia will elect its next district attorney on Tuesday, and John McNesby seems extremely nervous. McNesby is the president of Lodge 5 of the Fraternal […]

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Racism in the Gayborhood: A Progress Report — and an Invitation

In a political climate where racism and hate incidents are on the rise, we at the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (PCHR) and the Office […]


OPINION: Four Better Takeaways From John McCain’s Liberty Medal Speech

Newest Liberty Medal recipient Sen. John McCain set the country ablaze Monday night with his not-so-thinly veiled criticism of President Donald Trump and his supporters […]


OPINION: Why John McCain, an Imperfect Hero, Deserves the Liberty Medal

On Monday evening, the National Constitution Center will award U.S. Sen. John McCain the 2017 Liberty Medal. The award ceremony committee probably sensed it had […]


OPINION: Philly NAACP President Should Resign Over Paid Soda-Tax Lobbying

When the Inquirer reported last week that Philadelphia NAACP chapter president Rodney Muhammad had been paid by a PR firm working for a “dark money” […]


OPINION: Did a Left Progressive Bias Kill a Local Philly Newspaper?

In the fall of 2014, two young Temple journalism grads took over a weekly community newspaper in Fishtown and relaunched it as the Spirit of […]


OPINION: It’s Time for Responsible Gun Owners to Come Over From the Dark Side

Stephen Paddock must have been insane. What else could explain the horror of Las Vegas? What else could explain 59 people killed and more than […]


How a Willow Grove Business Made Trump Look Very Smart About Immigration

“We accept responsibility for the charges as outlined, and we apologize to our customers, associates and all other stakeholders for what has occurred.” Those words […]