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Repeat After Me: Donald Trump Is Racist.

Surprise: Donald Trump is racist, and probably has been for most of his life. On Thursday evening, when news broke that Trump called El Salvador, […]


Larry Krasner’s Social Justice Warrior Pass Is Hereby Revoked

One of most annoying things about the post-election/pre-inauguration cycle is the endless rounds of public celebration. Next to the fans of Super Bowl champions, I […]


Allan Domb’s New Year’s Resolutions to Recover Millions for Philly

Since taking office two years ago, my core mission in City Council has been to help Philadelphia collect delinquent taxes, improve our schools, broaden our […]


Isn’t It Time to Permanently Change the Date of the Mummers Parade?

If you haven’t seen the Mummers Parade, you’re truly missing a special experience. This is an event where normal, everyday people with seemingly no talent […]


The Personal Habits You Can Break to Begin Curing Racism This Year

As 2018 takes off, I’ve made it a point to stop assuming that people understand how to be humane. As a black queer millennial, I will […]


White Gay Male Business Owners Aren’t a Vulnerable Minority in Philly

Here’s a blunt fact: When it comes to business ownership, white gay men in Philadelphia are not vulnerable minorities. They are not collectively marginalized by […]


Without Net Neutrality, We Can’t Trust Comcast to Do What’s Right

While I and my organization have fought for an open and accountable media for years, I was delighted last week to show up at a […]


Parking Ticket Amnesty Is a Really Bad Idea

This weekend, I’m going to head out to the King of Prussia Mall to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. I’ll buy my kids the latest […]


Mayor Kenney Should Embrace the Republican Tax Plan

I’m a fan of Jim Kenney’s and voted for him. But on taxes, we are not on the same page. That’s because I believe, unlike […]


The Unending Exhaustion of “Uncomfortable” Conversations About Race

I think my New Year’s resolution for 2018 will be to avoid putting myself in predictable predicaments. I arrived at this conclusion after I left […]


Of Course Malcolm Jenkins Is a Sellout for Exploiting Kaepernick

When it comes to social justice activism, money is hardly ever the answer. Money is usually a band-aid, a diversion from combatting wrongs that require […]


Prince Harry’s Interracial Marriage to Meghan Markle Will Intensify Racism, Not Fix It

Oh, America, the home of the brave and the land of the free. We love celebrating our independence from the British and touting the decline […]


The Death of Old City’s Horse-Drawn Carriage Business

The familiar sound of hooves on cobblestones may no longer stand as an enduring hallmark of Old City in tomorrow’s Philadelphia, and while I’m feeling like […]


This Is The Real Reason the Paradise Papers “Scandal” Upsets You

By now you’ve heard of the “Paradise Papers” scandal, right? In case you haven’t, the story, which came out last week, revolves around a trove […]


Crankcase: Happily Never After

There was something oddly familiar about David Sills’s story. Oh, in many ways, his life is one-of-a-kind. Maybe you remember how he soared to fame […]