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You’ve Never Seen Diamond Rings Like These Before

You’ve Never Seen Diamond Rings Like These Before Bario Neal was already famous for its unexpected baubles, but the new fall collection takes it one […]


Want Proof That Philadelphia Housing Is Affordable? Read On

One of the aces in the hole Philadelphia officials used in their pitch to land Amazon HQ2 is the low cost of housing here relative […]


Philly Renters Still Plan to Buy in Future, Survey Finds

A nationwide survey of renters reveals that Philadelphians are a little bit more likely to want to buy a home than their counterparts nationwide. But […]


These Are the 10 Most Affordable Homes in Graduate Hospital

Our survey of affordable homes in hot neighborhoods continues this week with a stop in one of the first of the neighborhoods outside Center City […]


Survey Finds Philly Renters Value Convenience, Comfort More Than Amenities

Eurostyle kitchens, hardwood floors and bathrooms with Toto toilets and rain shower heads may lure tenants to apartment complexes in other cities, but here in […]


Hot Housing Market Means You Need $4240 More to Afford a Home in Philly

Did you get a 5.56 percent pay raise in the past year? If so, you’re in luck — your salary has kept pace with the rise […]


These Are the 10 Most Affordable Homes in Queen Village

Moderately-priced homes in Queen Village seem as hard to find as on-street parking spaces in the neighborhood. Parking’s a bear because it’s wedged in between […]


Rents Rise Modestly Again in July; Renters Give Area Good Marks

Rents for apartments in Philadelphia rose slightly for the sixth straight month in July, climbing 0.3 percent from June levels, according to the latest monthly […]


At Last, More Accurate Rent Data

You may have noticed that this section has not posted monthly data on rent trends in Philadelphia since April. We explained the reason why in […]


Philly Just Misses the Top 10 for Green Building

How green is Philadelphia? Pretty darn green, according to the researchers at CBRE and Maastricht University who produce the annual Green Building Adoption Index. But […]


Housing in Greater Philadelphia Got A Little More Affordable Last Quarter, Survey Finds

Housing in Philadelphia got a little more affordable in the first quarter of 2017, according to the figures in the latest edition of’s quarterly […]


Report: Educational and Medical Jobs Help Stabilize Rents and Retail Market

It’s no secret that Philadelphia is a powerhouse in educational and health services – just a quick glance around our thriving metropolis will make this more […]


Demand for Homes Remains Strong Across Region

Home sales in the 12-county Greater Philadelphia region continued to increase at a steady clip in the first quarter of 2017, according to the latest […]


Rent Reports: Garbage In, Garbage Out

According to one of the three monthly rent reports produced by the major apartment-search sites, rents for one-bedroom apartments continued their steady upward climb in […]


Report: Philly Ranks 5th in Percentage of Millennials Living at Home

When you reach a certain age, you move out of mom and dad’s house. That’s how it’s supposed to play out at least, right? Oddly […]