This Flowchart Will Help You Determine When It’s Okay (and Not) to Leave a Wedding-Related Event Without Saying Goodbye 

We’ve all got a friend or two who are masters of the Irish Goodbye (or as the creators of this graphic call it, “Ghosting”): One minute, you’re having an uproariously good time with them over a drink at a party, and the next minute you turn around to find them vanished, as if they were never there at all.

I had a roommate in college who did this basically every single night we ever went out (which was too many out of seven), and, as the peak of her fleeing occurred before texting was really a thing (yes, I am Old), the rest of us were always left to wonder whether or not she was in a ditch somewhere, had relocated to another party, or had simply decided she needed no more drinks and took herself home. Checking Anna’s bed whenever we stumbled in the door just became something we automatically did, like ordering a 3am pizza.

I have known both many a guest—and many a bride and groom—to do the Irish Goodbye at a wedding, which is why I found this flowchart so hilarious:

Illo by Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton at Tech Page One

Illo by Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton at Tech Page One

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Philadelphia Declared Third Cheapest City for Out-of-Towners to Hold a Destination Wedding 

PW-fusco center city

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Not too long ago, numbers from a study done by the Knot showed that Philadelphia was the tenth most expensive city to get married in the country. Well, apparently, that’s only if you live here—because another recent breakdown also declares us the third cheapest city in the country to hold a destination wedding.

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Why Wasn’t I At This Wedding Where the Guests Broke Into a Surprise Performance of “Seasons of Love”? (VIDEO) 

I wasn’t sure I could love a (musical) wedding guest-delivered surprise more than I loved when a bunch of wedding guests at a celebration a few years ago broke into “One Day More” from Les Misérables—but this one is absolutely competing. Possibly even winning.

Conor and Claire Flynn were surprised on their recent wedding day when some of their guests stood at their seats and broke into “Seasons of Love,” officially one of the Best Songs Ever, from Rent. And much like the Les Mis one, it is glorious. Behold.

Now that’s a wedding gift right there.

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Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: It Is Not Necessary to List the Reasons Why Some People Won’t Be Getting an Invitation to Your Wedding On Your Facebook Page 

Once upon a time, a bride fastidiously fastened stamps to all of her beautiful wedding invitations, and lined them up, preparing to drop them in the mail.

As she gazed upon them, she smiled thinking of all the excited Yes! RSVP cards she’d get back in a few weeks … And then her thoughts turned to the people who wouldn’t be receiving one, and decided to post this to her Facebook page:



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Mistakenly Sent Text Results In Amazing Wedding Photo & Best New Hashtag Ever 

We have been laughing at this all day.

A bride named Kristen in London sent a group text out to a bunch of friends concerning her wedding BBQ and photo op—except she got a wrong number in there.

She tried to rescind the invitation, once she realized what she had done—but as you can see, the mistaken invitee declared, “We still coming.”

They seriously did still come, the whole group snapped the above photo together, and a frigging fantastic new hashtag (#WeStillComing) was born.

Now that looks like a group we’d like to a party at a wedding with.

{Update: There is some talk on the web that this is fake or a hoax or not what it seems or what have you—but we’re just going to go on pretending that this is the most fun wedding crashing to ever happen, so feel free to do the same.}

{Update: Ah, so here is what happened. Happily, still an awesome story!}

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New Website Better Ever After Lets You Register for Experience Gifts Instead of Blenders and Towels 



As we all know, in this day and age, between couples getting married a little later than they used to and because so many people live together before tying the knot, not everyone needs to head to their nearest Bed Bath & Beyond and zap everything in sight when they’re preparing for marriage, anymore. Some couples, by the time they say their vows, already have all of the flatware and roasting pans they want, and would much rather their generous guests contribute something to their new life that won’t get stored in a cabinet somewhere.

Often, when a couple is in this situation, word will travel by mouth, they’ll end up getting more checks than packages, and soon, they have a great little nest egg perfect for a down payment on a house or a once-in-a-lifetime (read: pre-baby) trip. Well now, there’s a cool new website that offers a different option.

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