This New Website Makes Dressing for Wedding Season Easier (and Cheaper!) Than Ever

Le Tote

As we all know by now, wedding wardrobeswhether you’re hosting one, participating in one or simply attending one—often do not come cheap. Try as we might, sometimes it seems like there’s just no way around it, so it’s always helpful when a company makes the whole process a tad bit easier for both you and your wallet.

Meet Le Tote, a new fashion subscription service that lets you borrow clothing and accessories for just $59 per month. Each shipment contains three garments (think dresses, skirts and tops) and two accessories (jewelry, scarves and handbags), and unlike similar sites, you can keep the loot as long as you’d like. Once you send one batch of clothes back, they’ll immediately send you another one—or you can choose to purchase any or all of the pieces at discounted prices.

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And Here Is Another Non-Traditional RSVP Card for Your Wedding Invitation Inspiration

You know we love a good RSVP card.

We first delighted in this one, which was hilariously clever and yet succinct in the respond options it offered the guests receiving it. (A friend of mine actually ended up copying exactly that for her destination wedding a few months later.) We then chuckled at this one, which was a bit too long and maybe rambling, but offered a lot of pretty funny inspiration if you were looking to work up your own off-kilter RSVP card. And then we came up with our own Philly-ized response card for the back page of Philadelphia Wedding—and we’ll share that with you here soon.

But now, friends, we see this:


Yesssss. | Photo via Twitter

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Ask the Expert: When Should I Send Out Thank-You Notes to Guests Who Didn’t Give a Wedding Gift?



Question: How long after our wedding should we just go ahead and send out thank-you notes to guests who attended our wedding but didn’t (at least, yet) give a gift? We are concerned that if we wait a year (since they supposedly have that long to send), it will just look like we are looking for a gift.

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5 Ways to Be a Terrible Wedding Guest


No one wants to be the drunk guest. Shutterstock

The fact that lists like this even exist always makes me laugh—what is it about weddings that brings out the most inappropriate, embarrassing and downright annoying sides of people? You would think that by now most guests are well aware of how to behave at such an event, and yet at almost every wedding you attend, you’re likely to find at least a few of the usual suspects: the drunk, the unannounced speech giver—the unannounced attendee!—the crazy relative, the girl trying to upstage the bride.

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Watch This Fun Mashup of Wedding Scenes From a Bunch of Different Movies

Is it me or does every movie (and TV) wedding involve some dramatic turn of events? As I’m writing this post, I’m wracking my brain for a wedding scene that actually goes off without a hitch—and I can’t think of one. And this video mashup only confirms my suspicions: Hollywood loves a crazy wedding, and therefore every Big Day we see on screen must have at least a little bit of drama.

You’ll see what I mean as you watch the below video, which showcases snippets from all of your favorite wedding-related movies (like Wedding Crashers, My Best Friend’s WeddingPrincess Bride and The Graduate) plus any films that feature an exchanging of vows.

With all of those I Do’s comes a whole lot of punching, wrestling and leaving people at the alter. Behold:

Do you have a favorite movie or TV wedding?

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Ask the Expert: For Gifts That Arrive Before the Wedding, When Should I Send a Thank-You Note?



Question: My wedding is not for a couple of weeks but I’ve already received a handful of early wedding gifts. Should I sent thank-you notes to these people as their gifts arrive, before the wedding—or is it proper etiquette to wait until after the wedding, so I can thank them for attending the celebration, as well?

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