Shark Tank to Feature Philly-Made SmartPlate

Martin Dell'Arciprete pitches SmartPlate on Shark Tank. (ABC/Michael Desmond)

Martin Dell’Arciprete pitches SmartPlate on Shark Tank. (ABC/Michael Desmond)

Every startup company is looking for one thing: traction. Maybe they get some momentum after a speaking engagement, news article or crowdfunding campaign, but there’s one thing that’s sure to bring serious attention every time: ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank.

The folks at Philly-based Fitly certainly hope so. The company’s signature product, SmartPlate will be featured on February 12.

SmartPlate analyzes your food and offers calorie counts and other nutritional information. It uses three digital cameras and advanced image recognition and weight sensors to identify the food. Then it calculates how much protein, fat, carbs and sugar you’re about to consume. Plus it’s microwavable and dishwasher safe, its founder says. Read more »

Try This: The 20-Minute Full-Body (At-Home!) Workout That’ll Get You in Shape For Your Wedding



There are plenty of days where I find myself wondering how I’m going to fit a workout into my already-packed schedule—and that’s without the added burden of planning a wedding, so I can imagine you’ve have similar thoughts over the past few weeks and months. There’s only so much that can be accomplished in 24 hours, after all, and with the vendor meetings, endless phone calls and other Big Day to-dos that need to be done, sometimes getting to the gym falls to the bottom of the list.

That’s where a quick and effective at-home routine comes in real handy—there’s no need to leave the house or change clothes, and you’ve worked your whole body in less time than it takes to watch a rerun of Sex and the City. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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Add This 15-Minute Bridal Workout to Your Pre-Wedding Fitness Routine

If you’ve never heard of Tone It Up—the female-driven fitness empire helmed by trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, which now has a cult following thanks to a brief one-season stint on Bravo—prepare to be enlightened.

I first discovered the duo a few years back, and since then I’ve bookmarked their Youtube channel, bought one of their DVDs, sweat my way through tons of their workouts and ordered a case of their popular protein powder. The girls have built quite a business, and while I haven’t gone as far as to buy into their meal plan and nutrition guide, I have to admit that their workouts alone are pretty on point.

More recently, Karena and Katrina have started to hone in on their bridal audience, and the workout below was designed to tone all of those stubborn areas that brides often want to target before the Big Day. It’s only 15 minutes long and can be done at home—so there’s no excuse for not getting it done!—and it’s a great addition to the pre-wedding fitness routine you already have going.

For more on bridal health, fitness and nutrition, go here.

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Gather Your ‘Maids for the Unite Fitness Bridal Brunch & Workout Happening Next Weekend



If you’ve been feeling like you need a little boost to help you get in dress-ready shape for the Big Day, Unite Fitness has got a little something planned that just might give you that jumpstart: They’re hosting a bridal brunch and workout on Sunday, April 26, that will definitely help you kick off your pre-wedding fitness routine.

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Inspiration: “What I Learned from My First Triathlon”

When Be Well reader Keli Engleson—better known to some of you, perhaps, as Yoga Peach—emailed me to ask if she could share her story of how she conquered her first triathlon, the Nation’s Triathlon in D.C., I was eager to hear it. For one, I think more and more of us are becoming interested in triathlons, as marathon running continues to swell in popularity and many people with a “been there, done that” mentality are starting to seek out new challenges. But I also thought it was interesting because what I knew of Keli, mainly through our messages on Be Well Philly’s Facebook page, is that she’s not a runner. Like, at all. Yoga is her thing, so I wanted to hear how she not only turned herself into a running maven, but also tackled swimming and biking to boot.

Here’s Keli’s story, in her own words.

You haven’t always been a runner, right? What made you want to lace up?

I’ve been active and interested in fitness since my teen years but I never ran until February of this year. I thought I hated it. After making a decision to pursue training for my first triathlon, I had no choice but to overcome my running challenges. I remember when at first I could barely run a mile or two without stopping. I was determined to push through the struggle and within a couple weeks I noticed progress. I ran my first half marathon six weeks later. Positive mindset was key and reminding myself that if I could run a half marathon then I was capable of pushing through the run in the triathlon.

What made you want to do a triathlon? Did you have a goal in mind at the outset?

Fourteen months ago while talking with a triathlete, I remember saying to him, “I could never do that.” I went home that evening saying to myself, “Wait a minute, can I?”  The idea of a new physical challenge intrigued me. Pushing my mind and physical limits teaches me to be comfortable being temporarily uncomfortable. In some ways I find my athletic experiences reflect my life experiences. Physical challenges strengthen me more than just physically. They encourage focus, goal setting, mental growth and confidence. I began to imagine that the energy that comes with a huge race like a triathlon would be extraordinary. My goal was simply to stay dedicated to training and cross that finish line before before the course cut off.  Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself, and while doing my best is important to me I really wanted to make sure I enjoyed my first triathlon experience.

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Your Ticket to Six-Pack Abs: 41 Ab-Strengthening Exercises

It’s easy to forget about your waistline once sweater season hits. You’re all, “Why should I do crunches when all of my hard work will just be hidden underneath a thick layer of wool for four months?” And, “Really, what difference will this basket of beignets make?” Then May hits and suddenly you find yourself faced with the prospect of putting on a bikini (eek) and frolicking on the beach for a week. This is when you come to the unsettling realization that the bulge around your mid-section is not just “some weird thing that this sweater does.”

To help you avoid a rude awakening come spring, we’ve found plenty of ab exercises to keep you busy from Halloween thru Cinco de Mayo. Most of these exercises can be done at home without any equipment so, no excuses. Enjoy!

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10 Philly Instagrammers You Should Be Following

A picture can say a thousand words. “Put down the Krispy Kreme box,” and “Pick up the yoga mat, you lazy bum”—these are just a few of the choice words Instagram has directed my way. I know, I know, pretty rude. But also, totally motivational, right? So we’ve rounded up some Philly Instagrammers for you to scroll through to find some amazing fitness inspiration, along with the occasional virtual wake-up call.

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The Checkup: 12 Alternatives to Energy Gels for a Mid-Race Energy-Boost

energy gels


• Hey, Philly Marathoners in training. If you’re not too keen on energy gels like GU and Clif Shot (I don’t blame you), now’s the time to test out other alternatives, to see what might be a good choice on race day. Here are 12 energy-boosting alternatives to those gels. [Shape]

• You probably already know that you can DIY your own almond milk. But what about coconut milk? And soy milk? Here’s a great guide to making five kinds of nondairy milks at home. [Prevention]

• Absolutely hilarious: an encyclopedia of all the diseases Miley Cyrus could contract if she continues to lick everything in sight. [Jezebel]

• Working from home today is not as easy as it sounds, what with all the laundry you could be doing and the TV you could be watching. Here’s how to stay focused and get everything done when working from home. [Greatist]

• Hehe! This one’s just to make you smile. Check out this baby’s priceless reaction when she eats ice cream for the first time. Classic. [Gawker]

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To Do: Yoga for Runners at Maha Yoga



If you’re a runner, chances are you’re familiar with the aches and pains that accompany pulled muscles and strained joints. Luckily, Maha Yoga and Healing Arts has created a workshop designed specifically for you!

On October 13th, instructors Lisa and Teagan will lead Yoga for Runners, demonstrating poses that increase range of motion and flexibility in the areas that runners use most (hamstrings, quads, hips, and core). The idea is, by incorporating these poses into your training, you will improve your performance while preventing those all-too-common and totally unwelcome runners’ injuries. (I’m looking at you, torn ACLs.) That means you can spend less time lounging on the couch and icing that hamstring, and more time exploring the trails along Kelly Drive or in the Wissahickon. If you’re interested, learn more about the workshop here.

$25 before October 6th, $35 after, October 13th from 1 to 3:30 p.m., Maha Yoga and Healing Arts, 1700 Sansom Street, sixth floor, Philadelphia.

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