Do This: Run This Liberty Bell-Inspired Route This Weekend

Add this to your to-do list of things to get done before you head to the Shore this weekend (you know, before the heavy drinking and eating commence): The Philly Distance Runners have organized a 10.5-mile run through Philly in which your steps will “paint” the shape of one of Philly’s foremost landmarks, the Liberty Bell. Hellooooo, Instagram-worthy Strava screenshot! Read more »

10 Summer Gym-Bag Essentials Philly Fitness Pros Can’t Live Without

All of a sudden, summer just kind of … happened. And perhaps — juuust perhaps — you’ve found yourself slightly unprepared: deodorant-less when it is MUCH needed, rocking a sweaty bun all-too frequently or  just generally at a loss for what you need in your gym bag to make it through your post-workout day — in one fully functioning piece.

In an effort to tackle this issue, we chatted with 10 Philly fitness pros and asked them to dish on the one gym bag essential they simply can’t live without in the summertime. From hair and skin products to on-the-go workout equipment, below you will be able to take a peek into how Philly’s top trainers stay on top of their game during summer. If you’re anything like us, you’ll copy them. Read more »

7 Philly Stores With Community Fitness Calendars Worth Bookmarking

Here in Philly, we’re pretty lucky — there’s almost always a great fitness event going on somewhere. And turns out, some of our very favorite stores and eateries host A LOT of ’em. Below, seven Philly stores that have sweet community fitness calendars filled with everything from runs to pop-up yoga to boot camps and more.

Read more »

The Weird Science-Backed Trick to Kill It During Hot Summer Workouts

Last Sunday, I ventured out for a run. Now, bear in mind that this was one of the first super-hot days we had, so I was all high on summer and excited to delve into a workout while enjoying the warm weather. (Another important note: I am, by no means, a running savant.) I got moving and the thoughts started to flow: Okay, this isn’t so bad — it’s nice, even; And then I kept going, Wow, sure is a hot one, eh?; Finally, OMG. My mouth is sooo dry. I’m not properly hydrated. I can’t do another hill! Naturally, I headed home to hydrate, completely drenched and oh-so hot. A similar experience ensued on my efforts the next day.

This made curious about how I will be able to make this work for three more months. Welp, good ol’ science and the New York Times have come along with a tactic that might help us all tolerate hot, hot, hot workouts a bit more easily this summer. Read more »

Love Exploring Philly’s Parks? Meet Your New Favorite Workout Group

If you’ve been looking for more ways to celebrate the walkability of Philly, off the beaten path of your normal errand routes, look no further: The Fairmount Park Conservancy has teamed up with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Philly Powered, and the Health Promotion Council to launch a free walking-group initiative dubbed We Walk PHL. And it kicks off next week, Tuesday, June 13th! Read more »

Dear Fitness Studios: You’re Doing Too Much

For some folks, the 60 or so minutes spent in a workout is the sole hour of the day that is completely theirs — free of technology and the distractions that seem to fill all the other hours of the day. But is it really? It seems to be a growing trend for studios to fit in as much technology as possible: Screens allllll up in your face, tracking and quantifying your every move, while huge speakers blast crazy-loud (and slightly aggressive) music meant to get you pumped up. Suddenly workout studios, maybe the one place where you could escape the tech-filled world, have become tech-filled themselves.

When did working out become so … much? Read more »

Yessss: Barre3 Is Hosting Free Outdoor Pop-Up Classes

Barre3 on the Plaza | Photo via of Barre3 Rittenhouse Facebook

GUYS, how awesome is it that we have sooooo many outdoor workout options coming up? Well, here’s another one to add to your calendar: Barre3 Rittenhouse will be hosting two outdoor pop-up barre classes in the next two weeks. And they’re totally free. Meaning: You better sign up ASAP before all the spots are taken. Read more »

The Super-Effective Abs Workout You Can Do in Bed

Some days, it’s just impossible to get out of bed. Even though you had every intention of going to the gym before work, let’s face it: the comfort of your nest of blankets and pillows is MUCH more alluring. So you snooze the alarm. And then again. And after five or six snoozes, you submit to the reality that there’s no way you’re making it to the gym. And with this realization, you’re suddenly wide awake and stricken with guilt. Thoughts akin to “I suck” float around in your head while you try to peel your sorry caboose out of bed.

But what if you could still get a workout in before work without even leaving your bed? You might be thinking,”Ah shucks, that’s too good to be true.” Well, folks, I — along with a real expert, Dana Auriemma, owner of Freehouse Fitness Studio and local ab guru — am here to tell you that it’s not too good to be true. Below, Dana demonstrates six abs exercises you can do in bed that are both effective and, in some cases, more challenging to do in your plushy bed than on your not-so plushy yoga mat. In other words, we have proof that you can, in fact, have it all.
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