Reminder: This Sweet Free Fitness “Scavenger Hunt” Around Philly Is This Week

A Unite Philly Run Strength Station | Photo via Unite Fitness Philly’s Facebook

In case the Unite Philly Run hasn’t been on your calendar all month long, or if you haven’t seen the lovely banners strewn along the SRT, consider this your reminder: Unite Fitness‘ giant free cross-training run — or a fitness scavenger hunt, as they’re calling it — is going down this Thursday, September 21st at 6 p.m. And since it’s free to run, you have no excuses for skipping your workout.

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Philadelphia School of Circus Arts Opens in Former Church in Mount Airy

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Big news, guys: The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts has moved into a HUGE new three-acre circus campus in a beautiful former West Mount Airy church. And the grand opening is this weekend, which means — drumroll, please — free classes! So, if you’ve always wanted to give circus-y activities a try (intro to aerials, anyone?), your time to shine is now.

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Weekend Plans: There’s a Giant Fitness Fest Coming to the Mann Center

Tone It Up Tour | Photo Courtesy of Tone It Up

Being the health and fitness-minded Philadelphian that you are, you’re likely one of Tone It Up‘s 1.2 million Instagram followers. In case you aren’t, though, Tone It Up is a fitness brand created by two BFFs, Karena and Katrina, infamous for their workout tutorials, rosé drinking and healthy-eating tips (not to mention perfect beach-wave tresses). And this month, they’re hitting the road with Jillian Michaels for the first Tone It Up Tour, a traveling ladies-only fitness festival full of workouts, fun and education. The best part? Philly is one of the first stops of the tour, landing at the Mann Center this Sunday, September 10th.

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7 Philly Fitness Classes Raising Funds for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Photo courtesy Freehouse Fitness

Philly fitness community, unite! Let’s do what we do best and sweat it out to help our friends in Texas that have been affected by the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. Below, are a slew of local fitness classes going down this week where you can run, spin and punch to help Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts.

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Where to Take Free Outdoor Spin Classes (With Post-Workout Beer!) All Month

Outdoor Spinning at Sweat Fitness | Photo courtesy of Punch Media

The days of ALL the free summer workouts series are coming to a sad end, but fortunately, SWEAT Fitness is filling the void — at least for the month of September — by expanding on their Sweat + Sip series. This time, they’re focusing on cycling with a month-long free workout series called Cycle + Sip, open to anyone and everyone.

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The Checkup: How to Turn Your Morning Dog Walk Into an Actual Workout

• Your most overlooked workout buddy might just be sitting at home on the couch: yup, your dog. Think about it: there’s no competition and no one to impress — just a lot of love. Plus, you already have to walk them. So, here are six exercises to turn your morning dog walk into a full-body workout for you. Multitasking for the win! [Greatist]

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8 Rules We Wish All Fitness Trainers Would Follow

I should preface this post by saying that I think fitness trainers are wonderful. I’m a big fan, really. You guys are super motivating, very knowledgable and help us reach goals we might not otherwise be able to tackle, whether that’s being able to run to work or being able to confidently rock a Kardashian-esque glitter one-piece. (Hey, do you.)

With that being said, my dear fitness trainers, there are a few rules we wish you would follow in group fitness classes, some to keep us from cringing, and some to simply make sure that we are, in fact, getting closer to those bodysuit goals when we shell out $35 for a fitness class. Below, the eight rules we wish all fitness trainers would follow.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Workout to Do When You Have No Time

If this week is a downright crazy week for you, and finding time to fit a workout into your day feels nearly impossible, try this quick full-body circuit workout on for size. It’s made up of three mini 10-minute workouts that are perfect for breaking up throughout the day (or spreading throughout multiple days for that matter, if you’re in that much of a crunch). As long as you have a set of dumbbells (or two water bottles of some cans of beans, really!), you can do these mini workouts whenever and wherever you can squeeze ’em in.

The goal with these is simply to push yourself to make it through each circuit as many times as you can in 10 minutes. And of course, the goal is to try to get through all three of these circuits in one workout session, but let’s be real: life happens. So when you do find the time, set your alarm for 10 minutes, get going and see what you can accomplish. You got this!

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How to Find Your Best Running Stride, According to Science

Finding your running stride can be kind of an awkward process — especially if it doesn’t feel natural. But it turns out you might not actually need to go through a bunch of trouble and awkward workouts find your best running stride after all. A recent study found that messing with your natural running form probably won’t improve your performance and will likely make running harder. Pass.

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