Get Spooked: 10 Philly-Area Halloween Runs to Have on Your Radar

It’s that time, friends: Halloween time! This year, instead of vegging out on the couch with mounds of Halloween candy and Hocus Pocus, strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement with these 10 Halloween-themed runs going down around Philly. Some have spooky locations, others have fun after parties and costume contests and, surely, all of them have a ton of Halloween spirit.

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Weekend Plans: Do SoulCycle to Support Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

Photo courtesy SoulCycle

Alright, everyone, it’s time, once again, to sweat it out for hurricane relief: SoulCycle Ardmore is hosting a Hurricane Maria relief ride this Saturday, the 14th. All proceeds from the ride will be going directly to the Puerto Rico Real-Times Relief Fund, which helps folks in Puerto Rico in need of immediate and long-term care due to Hurricane Maria’s devastation. Read: You can feel perfectly good about shelling out $30 for your workout.

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The Free Workout Series to Guarantee You Squeeze a Workout in Before Brunch

KG Strong | Photo via Facebook

You can say goodbye to the Sunday scaries (at least for the next month or so). Lululemon is teaming up with the recently opened KG Strong fitness studio to offer free hourlong community classes at South Philly’s Bok Building every Sunday for the next six weeks. And trust us: You’ll be too beat afterward to feel anything aside from sweaty and exhausted.

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Do This: $10 Workouts With CHARGE (for a Good Cause!)

Charge Performance and Wellness | Photo courtesy Charles Scogna

Let’s take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather while we can, people! To help us get moving, Bella Vista’s CHARGE Performance and Wellness is hosting a series of $10 (!!) workouts this month, dubbed Charge Your Community, benefitting Back on My Feet Philadelphia, a local non-profit that uses running as a tool to bring people out of homelessness. So, you’ll be getting fit for a good cause — doesn’t get much better than that, right?

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Hey, Runners: This Philly Pizza Mile Run Is What You’ve Been Training For

Photo credit: Kyle Cassidy

May I have your attention, please: A very important running event is on the books for next month in West Philly. Remember last year, we told you guys about a (maybe crazy) group of runners who were putting on a pizza mile  — like a beer mile, but with pizza — to benefit one of the West Philly Runners’ main hangout spots, Pasqually’s Pasta and Pizza, after a burglary? Well, they’re making the run an annual affair, and you won’t want to miss the (potentially puke-filled) fun.

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The Ultimate Guide to Philly Fitness Studios with Student Discounts

Being health-conscious can be difficult. See: Crowded college gyms that can make you give up on the idea of working out completely and never-ending pizza in the cafeteria. The glitz and glamor of Philly’s top-notch boutique fitness studios come with a price – and usually one that us college students can’t afford – but some of them are generous enough to offer student discounts. Check

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Confessions of a New Runner (And How I Finally Learned to Stick With It)

Running: It’s an activity people are either obsessed with it (like, to the point of eye rolls) or vehemently dislike. I’m here to say that I’m a proud recent convert to the former group. Now, like any good runner, I’m going to talk your ear off about it.

I’ll admit it: In the past I have always chosen a fitness class over running. In fact, I did the fitness classes so I didn’t have to run. I played basketball and dabbled in a few other sports through middle and high school where running was a thing, and that was okay, because I had to do it. But “recreational” running was never a pastime that interested me. But for a little over a month now, I’ve hit a good stride (ya see what I did there?) with running. And, shockingly, I don’t dread it — I actually look forward to my jaunts and try to squeeze it in whenever I can.

Now, I can’t say that I haven’t tried to get into running before, because I have — unsuccessfully. But this time around I’m doing things a little differently. Below you’ll find the six running tips and tricks that I’ve picked up in my short but impactful time as a runner.

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The Checkup: Exactly How Many Seconds to Hold a Plank to See Results

• The plank — tough as it may be — is a godsend for toning out abdominals. But the length of time to hold a plank to see results can be a little difficult to pinpoint. NYC-based trainer Albert Matheny says that a good plank hold can range from 10 seconds (!!) to one minute, and trainers agree that a good 60 seconds seems to be the sweet spot. What matters more than the length of your plank is form. Moral of the story? Next time anyone tells you to plank for three minutes straight, refer them to this post. [Women’s Health]

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Cycle Brewerytown Hosting Classes to Aid Hurricane Irma Relief

Philly fitness community, we’re calling on you again to sweat it out for hurricane relief efforts, this time for the victims of Hurricane Irma. Cycle Brewerytown is holding two morning spin sessions on Sunday, October 1st to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Irma. So, gather your friends — cyclists or not — and put the pedal to the metal for a good cause.

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