Ask the Expert: How Soon After My Wedding Should I Preserve My Bouquet?

An example of one of Hana Willow's shadow box bouquet preservations.

An example of one of Hana Willow’s shadow box bouquet preservations.

Question: I want to preserve my bouquet, but do I need to get it to the preserver before we leave on our honeymoon? Or can I hang it upside down until afterward?

Answer: “The best plan is to get the bouquet to whoever is preserving it as soon as possible after the wedding—we recommend within about four days,” says Stefanie Kitcher, floral preserver and artist at Old City’s Hana Willow Design. (She also suggests appointing a loved one to keep and deliver the bouquet after the wedding.)

Until then, “Keep the bouquet in water, even the fridge if possible.” If life happens, though, don’t sweat: Miracles can still occur. “The flowers will likely need to be painted, because hang-drying often turns them brown—but it’s still doable, and they usually come out looking great.”

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Ask the Expert: How Soon is Too Soon to Start Dress Shopping?

Question: I just got engaged and can’t wait to start shopping for my wedding dress. Brides are always being told that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to order a gown (because of alterations and such), but is there such a thing as shopping for a dress too soon before the wedding? We haven’t set a date or picked a venue yet so I’m not sure if I’m jumping the gun by looking for a gown right away.

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8 Sweat-Proof Makeup Products for Your Summer Wedding

Summer Bride Beauty Makeup


In case the weather the past two weeks—and your gross-feeling, refusing-to-stay-put makeup—has got you worrying about your upcoming wedding (and pre-wedding parties) still on this summer’s calendar, we don’t blame you. Humidity like this is unkind to hair and faces alike, and no one wants their wedding photos to scream I am drowning in my own sweat when they look back on their day.

Now, if you’ve hired a reputable professional makeup artist, you can rest assured that he or she has an armory of gross weather-specific products that should keep you covered on your high-temp wedding day. But if you’re doing your own makeup—and for all those events leading up to it (the mid-day outdoor bridal shower, shore bachelorette party, etc.), you’re going to want to have a few products on hand to combat the elements in which you are celebrating.

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You Know Someone Can’t Come to Your Wedding. Should You Send Them An Invitation Anyway? Newman Newman

I have a comfy blue chair in my office that colleagues sit in for all sorts of reasons and for all lengths of time—and it is also frequently the setting where people pose all manner of wedding etiquette questions to me.

Most recently, a member of PW’s marketing team popped over to ask me this: Her friend (a bride) knew of someone who could definitely not come to her wedding, and wasn’t sure if she should send them an invitation anyway—or if, since they had already basically covered her RSVP, mailing one out would be redundant and unnecessary. Weirdly enough, that’s the very question a friend had asked me at dinner the other week, and this week, a scan of HuffPo turned up this post. So apparently, this dilemma is a common one!

Now, I had offered up a vehement yes; that it’s still always the right idea to send an invite anyway, because it’s nice to give them the courtesy of being formally invited, and for them to have the courtesy of officially replying, and anyway, plans change! You might not necessarily know if their conflict goes away after they tell you about it. But the Huffington Post response was not as vehement, and anyway, with this coming up so frequently, I thought it time to check in with a few of our local wedding-planning experts. Here’s what they had to say:

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Ask the Expert: Should We Provide Hotel Transportation for Our Destination Wedding Guests?

Question: We’re having a destination wedding and our guests are arriving on about three different days, at different times. Are we responsible for providing transportation from the airport to the hotel any time a guest comes in? Or can we just do it for the day that most people will be arriving and have the others handle their own transportation?

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