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NFL: Buffalo Bills-Training Camp

On Opening Day of 2010, Kevin Kolb got the start for the Eagles against the Green Bay Packers.

It was supposed to be the start of a new era. With Donovan McNabb traded to Washington, Kolb, who had waited his turn, finally got a chance to take over. But he never even got to finish the game.

Kolb was hit by Clay Matthews and suffered a concussion. During his absence, Michael Vick took over and kept the starting job. Kolb was eventually traded to the Arizona Cardinals and finished out his career with the Buffalo Bills.

In a piece for The MMQB published today, Kolb wrote about recently being stuck in Cabo San Lucas during a hurricane. But he also described the concussion symptoms he lives with on a daily basis: Read more »

All-22: McCoy On Run-Game Changes

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA Today

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA Today

In the Eagles’ last game against the Giants, LeSean McCoy had by far his best performance of the season, rushing 22 times for 149 yards (6.8 YPC).

In the previous three games combined, he had totaled 120 yards on 53 attempts (2.3 YPC). But on Wednesday, the Eagles’ running back insisted that the Week 6 performance did not affect his confidence one way or another.

“It was obviously a good game and we ran the ball well,” McCoy said. “But I still feel the same way I did before this year or after this year. I feel like we have a good team here. I think we can run the ball well. We have the guys up front to do it and guys in the backfield to also do it. It was a great game, we gashed ‘em. But I always felt the same way before the game, from the 20-yard games to the 150 or 149. It doesn’t make a difference.”

What did make a difference were the wrinkles added by Chip Kelly and the coaching staff. Read more »

Mathis Returns; Sproles, Kendricks Limited

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

Evan Mathis showed off the large brace caging his left knee at his locker stall Wednesday afternoon. He gave the black contraption a smack and lifted his leg this way and that to demonstrate that he had good range of motion. The All-Pro guard had just wrapped up his first practice since suffering an MCL injury in the opener against Jacksonville, and was clearly pleased with how it went.

“It felt great. I was really looking forward to getting back out there and was trying to go into it with the mindset like I wasn’t hurt and not try to favor anything, and it held up as good as it could hold up,” he said. “I didn’t feel any instability, I didn’t feel any weakness. Counting this week I have three full weeks of practice before I have to play so I think that’s going to be ample time to get back to right where I need to be.” Read more »

Kendricks Runs With Ones; Sproles Practices

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

The Eagles are getting closer to full strength.

The pads were on as the team gathered inside the bubble at the NovaCare Complex Wednesday. Mychal Kendricks, Darren Sproles, Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis were all suited up and took part in individual drills during the portion of training open to the media.

Kendricks was paired with DeMeco Ryans during linebacker drills, a positive sign as he preps to play for the first time since suffering a calf strain Week 2 against the Colts.

Sproles was moving pretty well. He did some running and cutting at about half-speed and ran routes. Other than a little flexing of his left leg in-between plays, he seemed OK.

Mathis practiced for the first time since injuring his MCL against the Jaguars in the opener. He is not eligible to play until November 10 against Carolina. This week, Mathis suggested  Kelce could be ready for the Houston game next Sunday. While Kelce is not ready to commit to that, he got some work in for the second straight day.

The only player who sat out Wednesday was Brad Smith (abdomen).

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Three Leftovers From Kelly

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Below are three leftovers from Chip Kelly’s press conference on Tuesday.

1. You’ll often hear coaches use the term self-scouting when describing their bye-week activities.

What does that mean exactly?

“We just analyze what we did in certain situations,” Kelly said. “We went through goal line, we went through coming out, we went through third-down situations, we went through openers, kind of looked at everything. What we were successful at — kind of looked at it on film — what we weren’t successful at [and] why we weren’t successful at it. Was it personnel? Was it scheme? Was it we weren’t prepared for this? So, you’re kind of looking at everything that you’re doing.” Read more »

Kelce: We’re Trying To Avoid a Setback

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

Photo by Jeff Fusco.

Evan Mathis went on TV Tuesday and said his teammate Jason Kelce was ahead of schedule in his recovery from sports hernia surgery.

Mathis suggested that Kelce had a chance to get back on the field in Week 9 against the Houston Texans. So naturally, the Eagles’ center was asked about that possibility today.

“I really wish he wouldn’t have said that because now it pushes me a little bit harder,” said Kelce. “This is the first day I’ve even been out of practice, and obviously I wasn’t a full participant. I was kind of just out there moving around. I’m still hesitant to put a date on it even if Mathis isn’t. Read more »

Williams: Chip Has Shortened Practice

Photo| Jeff Fusco.

Photo| Jeff Fusco.

The morning after he popped off about how the intense training regimen was negatively affecting this team, Cary Williams came to the NovaCare Complex to have a sitdown with Chip Kelly. Both coach and player spoke their minds, and Williams walked away with a better understanding of Kelly’s methods.

Could be that Kelly took something from that conversation as well.

“Changes were made,” said Williams at his locker stall Tuesday. “I don’t know if they were made necessarily [as a result of] the conversation. Chip may have already had those things in mind anyway.” Read more »

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