Eagles Open Thread: NFL Draft Edition

Carson Wentz. (USA Today Sports)

Carson Wentz. (USA Today Sports)

After months of speculation, we can put the mock drafts and conjecture — at least for the first round — to rest. The draft kicks off at 8 p.m. tonight on ESPN and NFL Network, and we’ll post random tidbits as they roll in into this thread. Read more »

Déjà Vu: Carson Wentz And the Community Bowl

Kameron Wingenbach (left) and Carson Wentz playing for Century High School in the MDU Resources Community Bowl. (Photo courtesy of Wingenbach)

Kameron Wingenbach (left) and Carson Wentz playing for Century High School in the MDU Resources Community Bowl. (Photo courtesy of Wingenbach)

BISMARCK, ND — The summer before his senior year at Century High School in Bismarck, North Dakota, Kameron Wingenbach occasionally woke up a bit frustrated. One of his best friends, who doubled as his quarterback on the varsity football team, called him way too often to get extra practice in.

“Sometimes he would have to beg people to come out,” Wingenbach now says.

After rolling out of bed, Wingenbach would come out of the garage and see Carson Wentz sitting in his driveway in his 2004 gold Nissan Frontier. They often drove to the MDU Resources Community Bowl, while Wentz would try to cajole three or four other guys into joining them. Read more »

Mock Draft Roundup: Later-Round Options

Roger Goodell and the 2014 NFL Draft Prospects (USA TODAY SPORTS)

Roger Goodell and the 2014 NFL Draft Prospects. (USA Today Sports)

The day has finally come. At 8 p.m. tonight the 2016 NFL Draft will get underway. We know already that the Eagles will take a quarterback with the second overall pick in the draft, and the expectation is that it will be Carson Wentz.

The Eagles have seven overall picks in the draft: 2nd overall (the quarterback), 79th, 153rd, 164th (from Pittsburgh), 188th, 233rd, and 251st (from Arizona). Let’s check in with the NFL experts from around the net to see who they have the Eagles taking. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Live From Bismarck

Carson Wentz. (USA Today Sports Images)

Carson Wentz. (USA Today Sports)

BISMARCK, ND — Even before the plane touches down in North Dakota, the differences between Bismarck and Philadelphia are crystal clear. You expect the open plains to give way to those familiar skyscrapers at some point, but they never do.

Once you land, you open up your Uber app to discover the ride-sharing service doesn’t operate in North Dakota’s capital. Then you look around for taxis, don’t see any and wonder: Where am I? It’s the small things you notice first.

While Carson Wentz will be in Chicago for the draft today (or “Carson Wentz Day” as the mayor declared it in Bismarck), T-Mac will hold things down for us at the NovaCare Complex. I’m in Wentz’s hometown to learn more about the place, people and philosophies that shaped the Eagles’ presumptive No. 2 overall pick. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Business Side With Bradford

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Eleven million sunk, or eleven million saved? How the Eagles choose to view that quandary will go a long way in deciding the path forward when it comes to Sam Bradford.

There are several factors at play here. To gain some further clarity on the business side of things, we called on former agent and salary-cap expert Joel Corry.

“It’s a hard trade to make because no matter what the Eagles are responsible for $11 million to Sam Bradford. Granted, only $5.5 million of the signing bonus has already been paid — the other $5.5 is due on September 1 — but you’re not going to be relieved of the obligation of paying it in a trade [based on precedent],” he said.

“It’s really how they view the cash: we’re committed to 22 [million guaranteed] and it’s only 11 [that we’re left with]? Or, I don’t want to pay $11 million to this guy for nothing. It depends on their orientation. That will really determine how serious they are about trading him.” Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Condon Explains Bradford Holdout

Sam Bradford. (USA Today Sports)

Sam Bradford. (USA Today Sports)

Despite reports about Sam Bradford’s frustration over the Eagles’ trade for the No. 2 pick in the draft, Adam Schefter’s story about the quarterback demanding a trade yesterday and skipping the offseason program came as somewhat of a surprise.

Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, spoke to SiriusXM NFL Radio last night about Bradford’s unhappiness. Condon emphasized that the Eagles starting quarterback wants to go somewhere he feels he can win the job long-term if he plays well.

“None of this is personal, it’s just business. And so from our perspective it is that Sam wants the opportunity to try to go some place and not only be the starter, but be the starter there long-term,” Condon said. “There’s a couple of things that go along with this. If you’re on a two-year contract and the second pick in the draft is behind you, then you better really play well because you’re going to hear it from the fans if you don’t. You better play well or your teammates are going to be looking at you sideways and wondering about when the next guy is going to step in. Read more »

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