With Sam Bradford, Chip Kelly Believes Odds Are In His Favor

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

A risk, maybe, but the way Chip Kelly looks at it, the odds are in his favor.

Before breaking for the summer, the Eagles head coach sat down with reporters for an hour-long roundtable session. As you would imagine, Sam Bradford was a pretty popular topic of conversation.

“We looked at everything, and we knew we weren’t going to pick No. 1 or No. 2. So, and I’ve said it before, if you’re not going to pick one or two, how do you go get a quarterback?” said Kelly, explaining the thought process heading into this offseason. “Peyton Manning switched teams because of an injury. Drew Brees switched teams because of an injury. So we went down that path.”

When it came to Bradford, the Eagles doctors consulted with the St. Louis trainers and the those that performed the surgery. The word they received was that the 27-year-old, coming off the second tear of his left ACL in less than a year’s time, “was fine” and “was progressing.” Further, there was no cartilage issues in the knee. On both occasions, it was just the ACL that was damaged.

The Eagles did their own independent research as well and reached the conclusion that when it comes to ACLs, there is a 10-to-12 percent chance of re-injury.

“So that’s an 88-to-90 percent chance that they’re going to be successful,” said Kelly.

Back in May we spoke with Dr. James L. Carey, Director of the Penn Center for Advanced Cartilage Repair and Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He cited studies that show the probability of re-tearing a reconstructed ACL is about three to six percent. (Those studies were on the general population, not just football players.)
Meanwhile, the chances of tearing the other knee — or the “native ACL” — is higher, around nine to 12 percent — closer to the figures that Kelly used.

Either way, the stats show that there is a pretty good chance that history won’t repeat. The idea was to take a shot on a QB with upside who probably wouldn’t be available if not for the injury history, and hope he ascends to the level of the elite. The Brees example is one that Kelly referred to on multiple occasions, like when he was asked about the possibility of Bradford being skittish in the pocket given what he’s gone through over the past two seasons.

“That’s happened, but I’ve also seen quarterbacks like Drew Brees come back with 25 staples in his shoulder and everybody said he would never play again. Ask the Miami Dolphins what the history of their franchise would be like if their doctors didn’t fail him on the medical. You don’t know. Maybe Nick Saban is still coaching in the NFL. You don’t know. But that’s a risk we were willing to take. You know it’s a risk, but it was a risk we were willing to take.”

Brees ended up in New Orleans instead, of course. He’s missed just one game in nine seasons with the Saints, and that was in the regular season finale of their 2009 Super Bowl season when the team decided to rest all the starters. He has appeared in at least 15 games in 12 of his 13 seasons since his rookie season.

Bradford, on the other hand, has played just seven games over the past two seasons because of the knee injuries, and was hampered by a high ankle sprain for much of the 2011 season and missed six games. Couple those ailments with the shoulder injury at Oklahoma, and the evidence seems to suggest that Bradford is injury-prone. But to Kelly, that doesn’t make him unique.

“I’ve said it before – everybody gets hurt in this game. I don’t know any quarterback who hasn’t missed time, right now. Tom Brady missed a year, Peyton Manning missed a year, Drew Brees has missed time, Nick Foles missed half a season, I mean, Aaron Rogers has been hurt. I don’t know if there’s any quarterback in this league that hasn’t been hurt. And if you haven’t, you’re probably young. That’s the deal. You’re going to get hurt in this game, and it’s part of coming back from it.

“I think everybody in the NFL is 100 percent injury prone. Jeremy Maclin, two ACLs. Jason Kelce had an ACL and sports hernia surgery. Our left tackle [Jason Peters] had two Achilles. Our middle linebacker [DeMeco Ryans, two Achilles]… you can go on and on and on. I don’t know if there’s anybody in this league who isn’t injured. That’s just part of the deal.”

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  • Kleptolia

    Somehow, when people start throwing out percentages, it calms me.

  • Well… this is just madness.

    “Peyton Manning switched teams because of an injury. Drew Brees switched teams because of an injury. So we went down that path.”

    And apparently the same holds true in every other position on the field.
    I’m sooooo channeling a certain someone’s negativity. I’ma clear my cache and history and whatnot.
    See ya tomorrow.

    • Kit

      Good to see you back AZ. I’m guessing you recovery is on schedule?

      • Thanks! Neck is all fixed. Next surgery was delayed 18 weeks. Getting cut on Aug 24th. Two plates, two rods, 12 screws, 3 spacers, and some sorta hinge thingy. Plus all kind of bone cutting. It’ll be a real festival. :)

  • Stewie2tall

    Loving this uncharacteristic late post Tim. Especially since I have moved to the West Coast. Not sure I am ready to watch games at 10AM… Wait! Who am I kidding, I don’t have to wait till 1PM anymore.

    • Mountain Stranded Time folks enjoy it too.

    • Matt Broad

      You’ll love it. Nothing like hitting the bar at 9:45 for the 10 am start. Plus you don’t have to watch all that horrible pregame stuff!

    • Beta20

      Maybe Tim’s in Hawaii?

    • cliff-All negative all July

      NFL is great, but college Saturday is bananas. i’m by default PSU fan, had buddies in LA that were Texas, Texas A&M, Mizzou, Michigan and Oregon. while NFL Sundays were about watching the Eagles and hopefully games that mattered to Eagles, Saturday was all about the opposite sex, they are way more into college than pro. we’d hit the bar at 9am, often a 12 hr party and shuffle/collect hotties thru-out the day and house party the winners. i’d strongly suggest finding friends from Texas, my gawd that state puts out crazy talent.

      • Beta20

        Talent? Texas produces its share within the U.S. But I would say the real talent bases are Brazil/Argentina, Spain, Norway, Korea/Japan, Eritrea and Israel/Syria.

        • Kelce’s Beard

          you nailed it with the last one. Mediterranean air, water, sand = forms like voltron to make beauty. Those lebanese…

          • Beta20

            Yeah. I thought I had seen beauty until I spent a summer in Spain and the Near East. I then realize why men from there are so cocky when it comes to women in the States. They come over here and see a bunch of “overweight” “5”s that most of us see as 11s.

        • cliff-All negative all July

          talent compared to US and average guy have/might have access too. might be confirmation bias, cause my best friend was good looking Texas dude that turned down 9’s, and i just collected his trash. dumb as a box of rocks, good guy, free blow and was 6’6 and 1 punch knockout over my shoulder if any one ever got in my face.

    • Janeallen

      ……………rocking the phillymag > < Make It Easy

    • FMWarner

      When I moved to LA, that was one of the pleasant surprises. I LOVED the 10am starts. I learned to eat breakfast at bars!

  • MagsBirdieBaby

    Tim’s working late for a Saturday night! As much as we demand a constant stream of newish material to stew over, you must get either some rest or recreation, Tim.

    • MagsBirdieBaby

      I know we shouldn’t reply to ourselves, but. Here’s a suggestion for Saturday night recreation. My granddaughter is learning cake decorating.

      • Beta20

        That’s impressive. How old is she?

        • John Barker

          Dont be creepy..

  • SuM

    Everyone always says: “Oh, poor Nick Saban they failed Drew Brees’ physical… He would still be coaching”

    What if the genius hadn’t passed over Aaron Rodgers for Ronnie Brown? Would he still be in the NFL??? Saban and Rodgers vs. Belichick and Brady twice a year? Eagles avoid the inexplicable option play vs SF? No Dream Team?

    This is why you don’t blog past midnight Tim. It gets crazy around here!

    • Kleptolia

      Are you kidding?! They had Culpepper!


      • stephenstempo

        small hands.

    • stephenstempo

      Does it ever occur to someone that if a player goes to a place he might not actually do the exact same thing he did in the place he actually went to? We need to break out of this linear thought process. If A +B =C. A=Drew brees B= saints and C= success. You can’t just replace B and still = C… You might but you can’t assume it,

  • dnabrice

    Love the Saban comment. Means Chip firmly believes the NFL is the pinnacle of coaching.

    • G_WallyHunter

      A classic subtle Chip jab… But not so subtle lol

      • Dominik

        Chip and Saban are friends.That wasn’t a jab (imo), it’s the reality. Saban is the perfect example why even a great coach needs a QB somewhere down the road in the NFL, or you’re there not for long.

        You can hate Saban, but you can’t say he’s not an elite coach. Because of what Urban did last season, I wouldn’t put him at #1 in College, but he damn sure is the #2 in my book.

        • G_WallyHunter

          Good point lol

  • Timlrobert

    Read this phillymag Check Out Now </b

  • Beta20

    Transition tag coming for Bradford next year. He should have two years to recover and show what he can do in this system and #culture. If he’s wildly successful or shows he can be a stud, he can make bank and the Eagles will have their franchise QB. If not, the white whale hunt continues….

    • MediaMike

      Transition tag shouldn’t be a bad deal. The 2015 QB transition tag number is $16(ish) mil, so add appx 5% to that and we’re looking at $17 mil tops to have the right of first refusal on a contact offer to Bradford. There is some risk involved if he gets a psycho offer from another team, but the Eagles are so cap healthy that it should be a big deal.

      Bradford is on this year’s cap for $13 million.

      Bradford plus cutting Riley Cooper going into 2016 is worth a total of $16 million.

      Bradford plus cutting Riley Cooper going into 2016 plus cutting Brent Celek going into 2016 is worth a total of $21 million.

      Easy to fit.

    • Token

      They have backed themselves into a corner here. But giving Bradford that kind of money is just god awful.

      Maybe next offseason we can start over again. So Chips 4th year is really his first year.

      My guess is Billy Davis will be the scapegoat of 2015. I mean, im not sure who else is left. He will be fired and then a lot of these goofy fans can look at it as the first true year of the Chip Kelly vision in 2016.

      • Beta20

        God awful? I’d rather see what he can do than see Foles flounder indefinitely. I guess they could’ve reset after Foles’ deal was up, but JP isn’t going to be around forever. If they’re going to make a push, it might as well be with a once-a-generation talent manning LT. There aren’t a lot of alternatives floating out there in terms of QBs and it’s not a pre-fab puzzle that the Eagles need to put together. But if Bradford can show more than what Foles did over the past two seasons over the next one-two seasons, it’ll be as good an outcome as any other alternative. But right now, I’m bunkered in my wait and see man cave – QB, secondary, Agholor, and Ertz.

        • Token

          Foles sucks. Dont know why everyone wants to make this a either or argument everytime. Just because Foles sucks doesnt make Bradford a good deal.

          If you are expecting Bradford to be a much better QB then Foles I think you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

          The last thing we need is them to sign a junk QB for big money long term when Chip wont even be here that long.

          Bradford refusing to sign was a blessing. The Eagles badly wanted to make that mistake and Bradford wouldnt let them.

          • Beta20

            I am in wait and see mode with Bradford. Until his supposed talent translates into efficiently moving the offense or at least see him play over a good number of games, I’m reserving any kind of judgement. Maybe I’ll be waiting until the cows come home, but at this point, who knows. But I’m not really expecting anything one way or the other quite yet. In my book, it’s way too early to call him a junk QB unless you define junk as anything but a Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Rivers, Luck, etc.

          • Eazywider

            Deep breaths buddy.

          • RealDeal

            You have no idea what you’re talking about. :-l

          • RealDeal

            “Maybe next offseason we can start over again. So Chips 4th year is really his first year.”
            I am a little confused. So are you for Chip or against him? Do you know who Chip actually is or did you have to google him before you got on this page? When Bradford has a pro bowl year this season, please don’t show yourself on this page anymore. Loser!

          • All In Eagles

            Who says they badly wanted to sign
            him? Where is the evidence?

          • stephenstempo

            They’re both way better than Mike “hack” Vick. I mean we agree on that.

          • EAGLES

            Cool story bro

      • Kelce’s Beard

        cliff is better than you at this

      • tbwhite

        What is so awful about the money ? According to OverTheCap Bradford has the 16th highest cap hit among QB’s for 2015, and there is no further obligation to the guy. It’s not like he has a Jay Cutler contract that is going to hamstring the franchise for years to come. The only non-rookie deal QB’s who are likely to start but make less than Bradford are Dalton and Palmer.

        Sanchize has a career year last year, and Foles before that. Why is it so hard to imagine Bradford a overall #1 pick(and he was a no doubt about it #1 pick) might actually work out ?

      • Ben

        Booooooo Hisssssss, talk about a party pooper.
        This is how you comment when this team is on the verge of greatness?
        Sounds like your still butthurt from Andy Reid.
        What a negative nancy, shame on you token.
        You look the fool today, and you will be considered a complete bozo by seasons end…..What a maroon.

        • Charlie

          What a Maroon? Who are you Ben? Fueking bugs bunny!?….God Damn man…lol Maroon!!

          • Charlie

            By the way….it’s The Cowboys on the Verge of Greatness….Ya Maroon

      • Talkischeap

        You’re an idiot. Why even waste words on toxic moral. What next? are you going to root for the cowgirls? Go ahead, jump ship. We don’t need Debbie Downers like you and some of these other depressed ridden non believers.

        • Token

          the typical forever adolescent fan. Your type is my fav.

      • dnabrice

        I will assume that if we’re getting ready to pay him 21 mill, he has played like he’s worth 21 mill, which means the Eagles will have done well in the Playoffs.
        No way they’re giving him a crazy contract if he does nothing this year, so you should be hopeful they have reason to be giving him that contract. Cap is also set to go up over the next couple of years.

  • MediaMike

    The only QB playing right now who hasn’t missed time is the world’s luckiest man, Eli Manning. That dim-witted factory of undeserved good fortune has avoided injury is some type of mysterious manner.

    Hopefully that ends this year when both of our OLBs high/low Eli after blowing past the “starting tackles” on the Giants line while giving him the triple shot of a concussion, torn shoulder, and broken leg.

    • OddBall

      Say what you will about Eli; he has those 2 rings.

      • MediaMike

        Helmet catch / Slow reaction by Chung. F him. F NY.

        • OddBall

          He made big throws when he had to. I’m no fan of the Gmen but Eli made plays when his team needed them. We can only imagine having a QB who will do that on a playoff run. Let’s hope Sam B can be the guy.

          • MediaMike

            Both “completeions” were failures by the Pats D.

          • John Barker

            True, but you cant discredit the rest of the games/drives just because a couple plays were lucky.

            …why the hell am i defending the giants?

    • Kelce’s Beard

      Flacco’s done 7 full seasons straight since entering the league. 112 games + playoffs

      • MediaMike

        Good call. And I like Flacco / Ravens fans…………..especially because when they win it is suicide inducing for the vile black and gold scum that occupies western PA.

    • TakeOne

      It’s not very nice to wish injury on someone. What if becomes paralyzed because of those shots you just mentioned. Could you sleep at night? If that’s the case I hope you step on a nail and fall into the street, then get hit by a bus and the impact smashes your body and severs your head. Then I hope the driver of the bus is a drunk and keeps going out of fear of losing his job and your head is left on the side of the road for vultures to feast on. I hope the vultures hide your remains so the cops can’t identify who you are from your dentures. Oh…….then maybe you could go through it all over again in hell. True Eagles’ fans want to play the best teams with all of their best players so there can be no excuses. Wishing for someone’s injury is just heinous.

  • cliff-All negative all July

    setting injury issue aside, why is Kelly acting like he just traded for Brees or Manning, Bradford Completion percentage is a whopping 58.6%, while only averaging 6.29 yards per completion. Hello Charlie Checkdown, and he sux at that. He’s played in 49 out of a possible 80 games, with 38 Ints and 18 fumbles, averaging over a TO per game. add Murray and Mathews love of fumbling, Eagles will set NFL record for turnovers this year.
    Foles has comp % 61.6%, 7.56 y/c, and 27 TO’s in 28 games. 700k vs 13m, too.

    • OddBall

      The numbers are not pretty. He still lives off of his pro-day and a series of throws over the course of his pro career. He gets a pass because it was St. Louis. It is a gamble like Alonso. Chip is in the driver’s seat. I just hope Jeffie responds quickly if this thing goes sideways.

      • cliff-All negative all July

        traded Napoleon for Uncle Rico.

      • Jeff BulldozeTollsnTrolls

        Kiko is a much lower risk. I can’t see anyone describing that as a gamble in the vein of a QB who never played his position at the level Alonso played his.

    • Neanderthal

      6 more days

    • Letitrip

      You’re an idiot. Go tell your girl you can’t sleep with her because she slept with .02% of the population only 30.5 days apart when the axle of the earth was 10.2% in its rotation while the sun only shined 25.2% of the day when she was sleeping with that .02% of the population. And while you’re at it tell her you can only get an erection 10.4% of the time when there is a full moon and even then it only lasts more than 2 minutes only 1.2% of the time. We’ll set the NFL record for turnovers? Well if that’s the case we’ll set the NFL record for points scored right into the playoffs biiyyaattcch!!!!

    • kingforaday

      A “Whopping”. You may as well say Skidaddle! The only thing worse than a hater is a loser! Loser!

  • Rockedupeaglesfan

    First I love the late post, it was a nice surprise waiting for me when I woke up.

    On to the article. Honestly, I don’t really buy most of what they are selling. If Chip wants to say, we felt we needed to upgrade the QB position to be a Super Bowl caliber team and were willing to take on some injury risk in the process, I’d be fine with that. The rest is just bending statistics toward your side of a hypothesis, which is easy. I said it after the Penn Dr’s original article, those stats mean nothing. He is quoting a study where people didn’t return to playing sports. id bet there were plenty of subjects in that study didn’t recover enough to return to play, so they weren’t at nearly the risk of defeat just walking around at their desk job. Give me a study on players retesting after return to play, better yet make that returning to play after 2 prior reconstructed ACLs. That would be relevant data. And I’m not sure if Chip is trying to sound al ball-coachey, but the Drew Brees stuff isn’t quite right. First off they are anchors, not staples and no one has ever gotten 25 of them in a shoulder. I’d bet Tim and Sheil have heard that term being around players this long. I think Drew was quoted as saying he has 13 anchors, which is a lot. But when Chip doesn’t use proper terms it makes me wonder if he understands the sports medicine aspect of sports science or if he is just contorting stats to fit his beliefs.

    • OldDocZOMGamazeballs

      I’m not sure we need the coach to know the difference between suture anchors and absorbable stapless and I’m pretty sure he’s just using hyperbole with the Brees injury. It was “a lot”.

      From the original article, the doctor talking about ACL injuries said:
      “In my opinion, I don’t think that he’s at an increased risk for a third injury any more so than his other knee or the knees of any other NFL quarterback.”

      Which is pretty clear cut and, I’m guessing, a more informed opinion anyone on this board could offer.

      And as far as the study quoted not being applicable:
      Those studies were on the general population, not just football players. But they line up with other findings that suggest the chance of a recurrent injury to the same knee amongst NFL players within two years is about five to six percent

      The way fans react to players coming back from injury is a great example of confirmation bias. We quickly forget about players who have a surgery and come back healthy, but if a player re-injures the same body part? Then we *knew* that was going to happen, and what was the team thinking?!

      There’s a risk there, and they’ve acknowledged that but the risk (at least as far as injury goes) isn’t as big as you’d think.

      • Kelce’s Beard

        today is officially Confirmation Bias Sunday.

        catch you later, off to wawa. just hope I don’t run into any asian female drivers, they’re the worst!

        • Rockedupeaglesfan

          Only if they are from NJ

        • cliff-All negative all July

          they run into you

      • Rockedupeaglesfan

        Well, there is no application for absorbable staples in labral repair either;) I only point out the terminology for the people who want to believe Chip is at the leading edge of sports science, it sounds funny to hear him throw an odd quote like that, but I know he likes hyperbole(1000 season starter?)

        In this world of lies, damn lies, and statistics, quoting a study with a subject population close to what you are looking at, is close to worthless. And if you don’t think a surgeon who is offering quotes on a patient he hasn’t examined, but is getting free advertising for it isn’t biased, then we see things different. Is he going to say, hey I do a lot of these surgeries, and they fail all the time.

        Edit: I’m not saying I “know” he will be retearing this year, but I think there are flaws with these methods and I don’t buy Chip as a medical expert.

        • OldDocZOMGamazeballs

          Chip is not a medical expert. That’s why you employ medical experts to give you expert opinions.

          Again, the original article clearly refers to other studies specifically looking at NFL players.

          A surgeon doesn’t (or shouldn’t) need to actually examine a patient to give a general prognosis based on available evidence. Does the surgeon have an incentive to lie? I guess, maybe, but does anyone even remember his name? I’m not sure there’s a “free advertising” benefit there.

          Never mind. You’ve convinced me. Let’s just forego the opinions of medical professionals and past medical studies and instead engage in frivolous speculation based on absolutely nothing.

          • Rockedupeaglesfan

            “Chip is not a medical expert. That’s why you employ medical experts to give you expert opinions”

            Yes, but people talk like is an expert and he actually sounds silly.

            Well if it was my knee, I’d want the guy to actually examine me and the studies not just the evidence. Every patient is different and we are talking about a guy trying to return to the NFL after 2 ACLs, back to back, not with years of solid play in between like Maclin. How many guys have done that and been successful, it’s probably less than 10. So no, I don’t think this is the typical case.

            Lie? No. Come up with a hypothesis, then work backwards and find a study to support what he already believed, sure.

            And I’m sure I saw his name somewhere, hmmmm….

            “Dr. James L. Carey, Director of the Penn Center for Advanced Cartilage Repair and Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.” Oh yeah, it’s plastered in this and the previous article. If you don’t think he gave these quotes for the free advertising, then you’ve been in the land of socialized medicine too long.

            But hey, you sound like an expert in everything, so go right ahead and believe one guys opinion, which is hardly a consensus. In fact, I bet if you polled 10 surgeons you’d get very different opinions, but this guy gave you the info you wanted to hear, so look no further.

          • OldDocZOMGamazeballs

            1. People act like Chip knows about sports science. This does not require him to know the finer points of a particular form of shoulder surgery.

            2. The team will have reports from surgeons who actually examined his knee. In the absence of those, an opinion from an expert backed up by relevant studies is the best evidence that we, the general public, have.

            3. Getting a namecheck does not equate to ones name being “plastered” anywhere. And the overwhelming majority of readers will have forgotten it before they reach the end of the article.

            4. I am not claiming to be an expert in anything. This is why I am suggesting we should listen to the opinions and research from those who are.

            5. So you could get 10 different opinions from other surgeons, yet none of them, seeking oh so valuable column inches, have bothered to come forward and present a competing opinion, or cite contradictory evidence?

            6. Long story short, I’m left with a choice of believing medical professionals and the studies they have produced, or you and what you would “bet”. That’s not a difficult choice.

          • Rockedupeaglesfan

            1 when I said I was sure Tim and Sheil have heard the it before, my point was that it’s not the finer points, it’s common knowledge. But maybe he was just joking, and I missed it.

            2 fair

            3 call it what you want, but it is advertising. And I’m sure there are people who needed a procedure, and looked back at this article for the name even if they forgot it later.

            4/5 you haven’t heard the other Dr voice their opinions? WIP has at least two different surgeons on weekly spots, with varying, yet somewhat less optimistic prognosis. If bet 97.5 ha others. And every time they include the hospital in the practice they are affiliated with, so you bet it’s to get their name out.

            6 my point is there are other informed opinions than this one.

          • Neanderthal

            3/2 odds you don’t go with “I bet” analysis

    • Kev_H

      Yeah, more evidence that Chip is the Chauncey Gardner of football.

      • Rockedupeaglesfan

        Who is Chauncey Gardner?

        • DoctorRick

          You had to be there.

          • Warhound on overwatch

            Now I have to watch that movie again!

      • Kelce’s Beard
    • Excellence

      Dude, you really need to chill. The man is simply saying that they needed a quarterback with superbowl potential upside. We did not have that in Nick Foles. It’s funny to me how people keep refering to Nick Foles’ 2013 season and not his 2014 season, in which he was abysmal. Nick Foles’ is not a Super Bowl caliber quarterback and he never will be. I think alot of you are so upset because you fear the unknown. Chip is a brilliant coach and he has surrounded himself with brilliant people. They didn’t just jump into this situation head first with out deliberating over it for weeks probably months, breaking down every scenario, every possibility, all the pros and cons. At the end of the day they knew what risk they were taking and the also knew the reward should that risk work in their favor. Whether you people on here want to admit it or not, Sam Bradford has all of the potential in the world. Leave the name off and consider the measurables, 6’4 224lbs, ahtletic, laser arm, quick decision maker, extremely accurate thrower, spirals the bowl into tight window, Offensive Rookie of The Year. Who cares about studies and statistics. This man has a clean slate in a system that made a slightly less than mediocre quarterback not just a pro browler but a pro bowl MVP. You think Nick Foles will make the pro bowl this year? Be honest with yourselves about that questions. Sam chose to play out the season without signing. You better believe he is going to bring it! And you better believe we are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

      • Rockedupeaglesfan

        I need to chill? The first part of my post stated that I was OK with them saying they felt they needed to move on from Foles. I just think there is more of an injury risk than they are letting on.

      • MagsBirdieBaby

        You make some excellent points. Of course the brain trust have a plan. Fear of the unknown. Fear of taking a risk. I will wait and see on ‘the force to be reckoned with’ however. ;~)

  • Token

    What an insult to Bradford to compare Brees and Manning to him.

    • WhattheCHIPjusthappened

      There’s the Token we all know and love(?)!

    • MagsBirdieBaby

      Who knows? In 10 years you may be right!

  • Kev_H

    The logic makes sense. Brees and Manning were Pro Bowlers who were injured and thus available. A big fail on the execution though. Chip didn’t get a Pro Bowler. When looking for commonalities, I’d have started with the Pro Bowl part.

    • disqus57

      And the Pro Bowlers were let go partly because of injury concerns, and partly because their teams had stud replacements lined up. The Rams let Sam go so they could roll with Foles.

    • cloisterwater

      Well he’s only played 2.5 healthy seasons. In one, he was OROY. And he played very well in his only other full season.

      • soundbonz

        I think he was OROY by default in 2010.

      • Kev_H

        He’s always been ranked among the bottom third of QBs statistically. He’s started 49 games and has one of the lowest completion percentages (58.6%), I think THE lowest yards per attempt (6.3), and a career passer rating of 79.3 (higher than Sanchez, but lower than Cassel and generally in the Jake Locker, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kevin Kolb neighborhood). His career rate numbers are equivalent or below 2012 rookie, Andy Reid, Nick Foles for whom he was traded.

        He might have played “very well” in a quarter or a game, but I don’t see how anyone outside of his immediate family can say that for any of the seasons he’s been playing.

    • soundbonz

      Exactly. Those other players already had a history of being very good in the NFL. Bradford has yet to do anything of merit since entering the league – healthy or not. The list of quarterbacks establishing themselves among the greats after such a slow start to their career is a very short one. Not unprecedented – Kurt Warner comes to mind, although his is a very different story. Still, late blooming QB’s are not very common in NFL history, injury or not.

      Wouldn’t surprise me to see Sanchez playing meaningful late season games even if Bradford stays healthy.

      • MagsBirdieBaby

        You’re rewriting history. Brees played in 1 game in his rookie year. He played all games in his second year at San Diego but he did not play a lot. In his third year, he only played in 11 games. Notice the “injury history”. He did not really break out until after he was traded, with his injury history, to New Orleans.

        • tbwhite

          Actually, you are rewriting history, Brees became a starter after his first season. He STARTED all 16 games in his 2nd year. In his 3rd year he started 11 games before being benched for sucking(team was 2-9 in his 11 starts). After that he started 31 of 32 games, the only game he didn’t start was a meaningless Week 17 game during his Pro Bowl year. In summary, outside of his rookie year he started 58 of 64 games, 5 of the missed games were due to ineffectiveness. He was never injured until his very last game with the Chargers. And I think it is a stretch to say that a guy who started for 4 years and made a Pro Bowl hadn’t broken out.

    • Adam G

      Just a little talent difference between the Chargers and Rams though. Just like a standard fan, looking at one factor. I know you are still so hurt your boy Foles got traded. Those sad feelings will fade, trust me. Can’t wait to see your boy get benched in St Louis.

      • Kev_H

        Here’s the thing. Good QBs make their teams better. Peyton Manning joined a poor team and made it good. Tom Brady has succeeded no matter who is surrounded by. Donovan McNabb was a one man show while the Eagles were winning consistently for a few years there. Of course, those guys aren’t NFL busts.

        During Brees’ Pro Bowl season with San Diego, he didn’t have even one quality wide out, but he made things work and helped his team win a lot of games.

        • Adam G

          Here’s the thing, Peyton Manning is arguably the best QB of all time so maybe using him is a poor example. But lets go ahead and examine the rest. Tom Brady got hurt and Matt Cassell did pretty well that year, was 10-5, and he stinks. Mcnabb, until he got talent, was basically just riding the coattails of the defense and the offense was slightly better than average. And btw, Brees had a hall of fame running back and tight end in their primes, so that’s a little misleading don’t you think? Bradford not only had zero talent around him but an awful coaching staff.

          • Kev_H

            When the best that can be said about a guy is a list of excuses, he’s pretty bad. Are there any other excuses to explain Bradford’s general lack of success?

            I mean he had that awful Pat Shurmur and Steven Jackson wasn’t chopped liver from 2010-2012. Brandon Lloyd gained 1448 yards receiving and 18.8 yards per catch the year before running routes for Bradford.

            Can we infer anything about Bradford from his former coach and teammates’ excitement about having a new QB they say can “get the ball downfield” and “is an encouraging leader”?

            Jeff Fisher’s quotes from March 26th press conference on “what he likes about Foles”-

            “he’s got mobility”

            “makes good decisions”

            “likes to put the ball downfield”

            “great teammate”

            “He loves the building. Comes early, stays late.”

          • Adam G

            YOUR BOY FOLES!!!!! Can’t wait for him to be awful. What are you going to do when that happens?

    • tomw

      Chip gave up a Pro Bowler. The other two also didn’t have two knee operations . The only thing they really have in common is all three are QB’s

  • Jask singh

    It’s such a violent sport, injuries will happen.

    • MediaMike

      Hopefully to Eli.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Speaking of late night posts, who saw Junior Galette’s Twitter implosion? Beats the hell out of Hard Knocks.

  • Jackson Furst

    I think the Eagles are in great shape with their QB lineup — Bradford, Sanchez and, most likely, Tim Tebow. There are solid possibilities with each as they all bring a different skill-set to the field. Tim is probably the most dangerous with his legs and the most athletic of the 3 overall, but Bradford has a solid arm.

    • 2 of the 3 are terrible. Sanchez is the definition of mediocre. Tebow isn’t an NFL QB. You may as well have said Barkley or Kinne.

      Eagles may be fine at the QB position if Bradford stays healthy.

    • solid arm? elite arm.

  • Pragmatic Liberal

    Too funny. I am actively considering moving to the West Coast and was just thinking about how weird it will be to watch the Birds at 10am.

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    • Brent E. Sulecki

      great move Case, dont give them any bad tape. well played

      • PaoliBulldog

        Pretty brutal way to lose a season. Plus It’s a major hip injury.

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  • DB01

    Bradford is a broken down bust and Sanchez is another. Chip will see he can’t get a good QB and leave for a high-paying college job.