Jaws: Mariota’s Stock Is Rising

Eagles Draft 2015
Mariota and Winston. Courtesy of USA Today

Mariota and Winston. Courtesy of USA Today

The widely-held belief around the league for weeks now has been that Jameis Winston will go first overall to the Bucs. But a little doubt has crept in of late.

A report surfaced this week that one of the Bucs’ owners has raised some internal questions about the the community relations impact should they choose Winston. On Friday, Ron Jaworski was a guest on CSN’s Philly Sports Talk and said he is picking up buzz that Marcus Mariota is going to be Tampa’s selection.

“The latest I’m hearing now from my sources around the league, who are pretty wired in, is that he’s going to go number one now to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” said Jaworski.

“Mariota’s stock, remember it was quiet for a while? And there’s a reason for that. There’s a lull every year until about 30 days before the draft. Now the coaches get involved. Prior to that, it’s the scouts, it’s the roadies that are filling out the paper work. Now the coaches get involved. Now team owners get involved. Now general managers get involved. So you’re starting to see, in my opinion, Winston’s stock starting to slide a little bit and Mariota’s stock starting to go up a little bit.”

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Chip Kelly, apparently, is only helping his former quarterback’s stock, telling other personnel men around the league that Mariota will hoist more than one Lombardi Trophy on this level.

“I’ll give you a little bit of information on how much Chip Kelly loves Marcus Mariota,” said Jaworski. “This is the time of year when everyone talks, and I talk to general managers, I’ve talked to player personnel directors, and I’ve heard it from a couple or three people that have had conversations with Chip Kelly, and Chip Kelly said, ‘Marcus Mariota will win multiple Super Bowls in the National Football League.’

“Now, he didn’t say it was going to be in Philadelphia (laughs), but that’s how much he loves this guy, and a lot of people feel the same way, that Marcus Mariota is that good that you can win multiple Super Bowls with him as your quarterback.”

So if you’re Kelly, do you give up what it takes to move up and land him?

“If this is the guy that you absolutely believe in? If that’s your guy,” said Jaws, “yes.”

Kelly was very complimentary of Winston as well when asked about the quarterbacks in this draft class.

“I think there’s two really good ones. Two really good ones,” he said. “Jameis is really good. Do I like Jameis more? I don’t know Jameis as well. Jameis is a really good quarterback, a really good quarterback. His name will go very quickly, I imagine.”

Will it be called before Mariota’s? That seems like a little bit less of a slam dunk — for this week, anyway.

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  • alwaysbleedgreen

    No reason for Kelly to hype Mariota personally if he wants to draft him. It seems like he is doing his former student a favor by endorsing him around the league.The more he talks publicly abt Mariota, the more I suspect Bradford is our guy cos Kelly never unfolds anything up his sleeve ever

    • Bullwinkle

      I agree. It would be foolish for Kelly to tell other teams how great he thinks Mariota will be if Kelly intends to trade for him. That defies common sense. One would think Kelly would not say anything or give Mariota a lukewarm endorsement.

      • Kev_H

        Or he could take the Buddy Ryan approach and just slam him, like “medical reject” Keith Byars. Could have said, “loved him in college, but I have doubts about him transitioning to the NFL”…reinforce the nonsense that’s out there.

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Byars…I loved that guy. Took at least 4 guys to bring him down.

          • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, #4Sigma

            I never liked Byars that much. Became a me-first stat hunter later in career. That was the era we booed the offense b/c we wanted to watch the D play.

          • dnabrice

            I remember feeling that way about the 2004 team.

          • Jerry Serwalt

            That’s why he averaged only 3.6 yds per carry and less than 3 TD’s per season.

      • The Doctor

        Although we don’t know exactly when which comments were made and what else was said. If Chip was talking about MM winning multiple Superbowls…provided he’s in the correct system, that could plant doubt in the minds of other franchises. They might start to see him as a project to shoe horn into their system and look elsewhere for plug and play talent. Jaws wouldn’t mention that because it contradicts his desired spin.

  • Beta20

    Silly season. If I were the Bucs, I’d select Williams. Winston and MM are good, but they’re not going to make as much of an impact in the short term unless they have an incredible coaching staff and a decent OL.

    • OldDocZOMGamazeballs

      Does the short term really matter when your QBs are Glennon and McCown?

      • usmcnole

        McCown is gone…glennon is a back up talent

    • #IHSH*SB50AllDay

      Koetter is a pretty well respected coach. He’s a candidate for HC positions the past few years. He also employed Mark Helfrich in the past, so there’s a tenuous link to Mariota there. If they’re not gonna take a qb they should cash in and get as much as they can for the pick, I wouldn’t settle for Williams when they could end up with 3 good picks in a trade, or more

  • Andy Six Score and Four

    I hope he goes #1.

    • cliff-All negative all July

      #1 or least top #5, all the same to me, still havent seen a trade scenario that makes me believe Eags can get that high. i wont be on edge of my seat till MM gets to #6.

    • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, #4Sigma

      Me too. The farther he falls, the more 2nd guessing we’ll have. Can you imagine a 500 comment Mariota thread next January if we don’t take him? Painful.

      • SuM

        It won’t end there.

        If he goes 2 to the Titans, they struggle out of the gate, continue to have protection problems, problems on Defense, and no WR to speak of… He’s cooked. They’re going to change coaches, the shine will be off him and every time Bradford throws a pick we will get comments about Mariota.

        If Bradford wins a super bowl and throws 50 TD and 4 ints? When he wants a big contract…. We will get comments about Mariota.

      • MagsBirdieBaby

        I think you missed a 0.

  • cliff-All negative all July

    believe Chip was misquoted. only single “really’s”, multiple times. that’s really really hard for me to imagine.

  • jmkrav

    When was the last time Jaws was right about anything? I think his NFL sources use him to spread smokescreen and mis information.

  • Addicted2MAmula


  • SuM

    Honestly, what you have is teams trying to use this draft’s wild card to drive up the price for their pick in a possible trade.

    It started with the Jets, then with the Redskins, and finally the Titans. If those teams were successful in creating a market for him, then he will go that high.

    Regardless, I think this period is your annual smoke season. Chip hasn’t been very forthcoming with us overall, and here we are hearing about him speaking to other teams in candor about MM winning MULTIPLE Super Bowls. So much silliness. Peyton , Rodgers, and Brees each have one a piece… So if guys are going to go for that line God bless them.

    • Bullwinkle

      Maybe Chip has been forthcoming when he said that he would not “mortgage the future” to get Mariota. The sportswriters and analysts may be just keeping rumors about Kelly’s intentions alive to create interest. Those guys don’t know anymore about Kelly than we do.

      • Jerry Serwalt

        Absolutely correct. All they know, most of them at least, is that we will read any article about the draft if it mentions Kelly or Mariota.

  • Kev_H

    This is how I’ve seen it from the start. I would be shocked if the Bucs picked anyone other than Mariota– we’ll see, but it’s funny how some of the knuckleheads commenting here chastised me for having the belief (knowledge really) that ownership would have significant- and in most cases final- say on a first overall QB pick. In addition to the two players, I saw a local Tampa FL non-scientific poll that showed sentiment in favor of Mariota 62-38. The guy has no immediate flaws. The O-coordinator is well versed in the spread offense.

    A part of me thinks the whole “stock up, stock down” process is just to give writers an easier time of it and to attract clicks. What would they have done that last month or two in at least 6-8 cities if it was a foregone conclusion that Mariota would be picked by the Bucs?

    • MagsBirdieBaby

      I have to agree this time. Once in my checkered past, I worked in the Display Advertising department of a large daily newspaper. The writers/editors on the Editorial floor wouldn’t even talk to us, the folks bringing in the money for their over-inflated salaries. The smartest and most valuable people in the whole place were the advertising bunch ;~), some photographers, the printing/production/circulation group and the staff in the cafeteria, who knew everything that was happening and made good coffee.

      • jesse

        Again nags you bring nothing of value to this site

  • 370HSSV 0773H

    I think this Mariota-to-the-Bucs rumor started when the Winston camp wanted the Bucs to assure them that Jameis would be their pick. When they declined, Winston said he wouldn’t attend the draft, and then the Mariota rumors started.

  • Nicky Puffy CoatS

    I like Jaws, he has entertainment value. Sometimes he spits a little bit of knowledge, too, so it can be a bonus. That’s not often, though, and this is not one of those times.

    • SuM

      His value is as an analyst. I’ll listen to what he has to say about a QB… But as far as analysis of how offseason personnel stuff will unfold, he throwing darts like the rest of us.

  • DetmerWonAHeismanTooSam

    ‘….and Chip Kelly said, ‘Marcus Mariota will win multiple Super Bowls in the National Football League.’
    I would feel a little better about the whole thing if Chip added the phrase “…and so will Sam Bradford.”……

    • Pumba

      We did not use a first round pick to get bradford so your expectations are a bit high lol

  • Neanderthal

    Jaws sits thinking” I haven’t seen my name in headlined lately. Let me make some kind of prediction.” I am so sick of predictions.
    I think Eagles will trade Kendrick for late 1st or early second and pick Fisher, Rowe, Strong and Petty with 1st 4 picks.

    • Jack

      Makes a post whining about hating predictions; proceeds to make a prediction.

      • Neanderthal

        Wow. You are observant.
        you reply was predictible

      • Neanderthal

        You missed the sarcasm

    • SuM

      It’s funny, I was all over Kendricks being traded before it caught steam… But I honestly never considered the possibility they move him outside of a deal for Mariota.

      Truth be told, I think we could get up to the early-mid teens if we package MK and 20… But I dont think we get more than a late second for him straight up. There is no chance we get a first for him, absolutely none. If that was the case we would have been at #1 already! #19, #20, and number #30? Done datta.

      • fred

        Since the browns offered 19 for Bradford, Bradford and Boykin should get 12. Kendricks and 20 should go from 12 to 6. Then package 12, 6 and a first next year for 1. That’s not that much

        • SuM

          Boykin might get us a 4th or a 5th.

          Do I agree that’s what he’s worth.. No. But teams are crazy about draft picks.

          Edit: you know, a 4th for Boykin would be a good deal. I tend to doubt we get that much.

        • SuM

          Also… The Browns have Joe Haden and Justin Gilbert. Why are they concerned with a Nickel again?

          12 instead of 19 for SB would require Kendricks. To go from 12 to 6 would require Cox.

          From 6 to 2? You’re on you’re own.

          Self votedown for dragging clouds into a beautiful Saturday.

  • #IHSH*SB50AllDay

    Off topic, but…Do you guys realize that if the Eagles don’t make the playoffs this year they WILL be on hard knocks next? To be exempt you have to A.) Have a 1st year coach. Or B.) Have made the playoffs in the last 2 years. Without either of those 2 things you have no ‘right of refusal’. I wonder how much Chip hates that idea?

    • John E. Zang

      Never knew that. I thought teams volunteered. No wonder it’s always crappy teams.

      • #IHSH*SB50AllDay

        I see no way the NFL desn’t put them up there. Especially if there’s a hint of turmoil from all Kelly’s moves this year not resulting in a better team

      • DetmerWonAHeismanTooSam

        That’s why the Browns are praying they don’t get picked this year. They can’t say no. With Manziel coming out of rehab it has trainwreck written all over it. Would make for good TV I guess, but really would not be a good move by the NFL if they truly “care” about the players. Rumors are it is down to the Browns or the Texans.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        Those stipulations were part of a new agreement between the NFL & HBO, I believe from just a few years ago. Outside of those exemptions, the team has no choice if selected as part of the agreement.

  • Jask singh


    • UKEagle99, buying in

      You think the Linc is hosting multiple Superbowls?

      • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, #4Sigma

        With this commissioner, Wembley will host one before the Linc.

        • UKEagle99, buying in

          That’s a shame, the Linc is easier to get to.

  • bumpassesdogs

    I’m nervous that Kelly will mortgage the franchise for Mariota. My faith in Chip might be tested in this draft

  • The Doctor

    One of the top two QBs will slide in the draft, and it will be Winston. Mariota is going #1 overall. Count it!

    • Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA

      That’s how I see it.

  • Explorer51

    That quote from Jaws about Chip saying Mariota will win multiple Super Bowls is so misleading. Here is an excerpt from a March 5th CBS Sports article that mentions when, and in what context, CK supposedly said that:

    “People in contact with Kelly through his initial NFL coaching interviews say he gushed about Mariota even way back then, calling him the most talented player he had ever worked with, a tremendous kid and glowing quarterback whom Kelly believed ‘would win multiple Super Bowls.'”

    So Kelly was bragging about Mariota when, technically, he was still his coach at Oregon…not exactly Chip talking up a talent to his NFL competition.

  • Weapon Y

    IMO Mariota is better. So why did everyone assume Tampa was picking Winston?

    • OregonDucker

      Winston is proficient within a Pro-style offense and has a stronger arm.

      Aaron Rogers, er Mariota, is more athletic and has a higher QB IQ. But since he comes from a spread offense, he will never be successful in the NFL. 😉

      • Weapon Y

        Winston is clearly talented but I see no reason to believe that Mariota wouldn’t look better if they switched college schemes.

        • Einstein

          The only way Mariota ends up in Tampa will be if TB owners can’t stand the Winston PR/fan backlash heat.

  • Jask singh


    • Neanderthal

      Singh Jask Singh

    • paul from nc

      Oh, if only CAPS made it so.

      • Andy Six Score and Four

        You mean it doesn’t? YES IT DOES!!!

    • SuM

      Haha.. Sorry man. The Jets don’t really need Boykin… He would be their dime cb.

      Bradford, 20… A 1st and a 3rd next year and we might be talking.

      One thing about the Jets- I think they become players in the Philip Rivers dance if it’s a real thing (which I doubt it is, SD isn’t going to LA anyway) and the sides are playing poker. I bet a deal gets done days before the draft.

      But if it turns out to be real.. The Jets with Rivers, are a real contender if Bowles can do his job. It’s their M.O. They would trade MM to SD in a millisecond for Rivers.

      If Rivers gets re-signed, look for us to swoop in and deal for #2, with Cleveland giving up #12 for Bradford and either picks or Kendricks. #12 + #20 + 1 in 2016 and more picks or another player.

      I just thought I’d let you know how it will play out, so it can ease your mind a bit. Mariota is in play, just beware the dark horse- maybe the Chiefs, possibly the Browns, or the Saints.

      • Jask singh

        I said that Bradford and Boykin would go to the Browns. Your response was well thought out and informative, all scenarios are in play until the first day of the draft is over hahaha. I love the speculation!

        • SuM

          Sorry, I misread that… Browns also have Gilbert and Joe Haden at CB though… Boykin would be a good Nickel though!

  • abomb

    Jaws isn’t very smart everything that I hear him say I think “dumb” the see jaworski and “OHHHH” I mean cmon man a little quick option qb on a team with 2 all pro capable receivers instead of big famous jameis??? How did he get these opportunitiesto do what he does

  • Ben

    My favorite NFL.COM Ron Jaworski Headline:

    “Ron Jaworski: Chip Kelly’s Eagles offense won’t work”

  • Jason Del Rio

    So it’s official. Jameis number 1. Mr “kaepernick all time great” always good for a complete opposite answer.

  • Tyler

    Jaws said it and so did Herm. When you see a guy that can be your franchise qb and be set at that position for the next 10 plus years (barring injury of course) then you GET THAT GUY. Mariota is Chips guy and everyone knows it. I think chip won’t have any issue giving up 2 firsts and a player like cox or kendricks for HIS QB. Chip has put up 10-6 records with Foles and Sanchez. Imagine what he can do with a guy whom he loves and knows the system better than any other player.

  • PhiladOregonDeagles

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Mariota isn’t walking into the pros with a pro skill set. Winston is ready for the pros, but needs maturation emotionally. Mariota needs maturation from a pro-game perspective, and Tampa is not built to be the type of team that would work with Mariota’s current skills. If they are willing to groom him for 2-3 years, then yes, he’ll be a good long-term solution. But, as we know, the NFL is the “not for long” league. Not sure those teams picking at #1 or #2 should have that amount of patience.
    Then again, how many championships has Andrew Luck won…?

  • xartman

    Marcus Mariota not attending NFL Draft is another sign he will go the NUCLEAR
    OPTION like Elway & Manning had years past!

    Simply put, there is no better scheme that Marcus Mariota would fit in other than that of the one designed to let him thrive with coach Chip Kelly & the Philadelphia Eagles!

    Kelly has a close relationship with Mariota & knows exactly how to tailor to his skill set. Kelly knows exactly what his limits are too!

    In 1983, Stanford quarterback John Elway warned the Baltimore Colts not to draft him… Elway, who had played baseball in the New York Yankees’ farm system, told the Colts not to draft him with the first pick in 1983 or he would sit out the season & play baseball. The Colts drafted Elway anyway & traded him to Denver; where he went on to win two Super Bowls in a Hall of Fame career.

    In late APRIL 2004, Mississippi quarterback Eli Manning had informed San Diego that he was not interested in playing for the Chargers.

    The Chargers probably did not draft Manning against his wishes because it would be
    the ultimate embarrassment for a franchise on draft day to have a player stand
    up & say he doesn’t want to be a part of the organization. Manning and the Giants went on to win TWO SUPER BOWLS also!

    For Marcus Mariota there’s no place like home…like in Philadelphia with his coach Chip Kelly!

  • Chris Buresch

    I live in Tampa, they jut reported that Mariota will be their selection. And the reporter who broke this is really wired in to Bucs

    • Einstein

      Total and complete BS. as above, don’t bet your salary on it…

  • Bapster

    NOWAY that Mariota is taken above Winston..i would ask Jaws to go to Vegas with his own money and place that bet. Mariota could start for the Eagles..every other team he has to learn the pro system…Jaws and Kelly are running this crap because they both are in hopes of the Eagles getting him.

  • Karate Kid

    Chip is gonna make it so that he trades foles, this years 12th and 20th plus next years 2nd to get Mariota. All he needs is for Bradford to sign the extension. If that doesn’t happen then we will see Sam Bradford as the Eagles QB next year

  • Tampa Bay Fan

    I say, Tampa calls Philly and says “You want him so bad, what PLAYERS currently on your roster plus YOUR #1 and #2 picks will you TRADE for the #1 pick?” (TB winds up getting QB Bryce Petty with the #20 pick and he goes on to have a better career than BOTH of the aforementioned QB’s.