Players Answer: Which Eagle Is Ready To Break Out?

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

We recently took the pulse of the Eagles’ locker room, asking a simple question: Which of your teammates has impressed you this summer and is primed for a big/breakout season?

Some players couldn’t name just one or two. Others identified half the roster. We removed those responses and were left with 19 answers. They are listed below.

Todd Herremans: “I would pick either [Jason] Kelce or [Zach] Ertz. I think Kelce’s really got a great grasp of the offense and knowing what the defense is showing and what they’re gonna be doing and stuff. He had a great year last year and flew under the radar with it. This year more people are gonna notice and he’s only gonna get better being in the system another year.

“Ertz, I think he’s just gonna make that jump from Year 1 to Year 2. He’s a little more confident in what he’s doing. Also, I think last year he missed all of the summer and stuff because he was graduating. He’s got a good handle on what he needs to do and he’s gonna have a really big year.”

Cary Williams:Mychal Kendricks might be one… his work ethic, and he just flies around the ball. Always plays with a high level of energy and always plays at a high level, period – whether it’s practice or a game-time scenario. …And Zach Ertz. Works hard, competes at the ball every time when he gets the opportunity. Catches the ball at its highest point.”

Zach Ertz: “I think Darren [Sproles]. He’s the consummate professional. Everything he does, he goes full speed. Even during walk-through, he’s out there running. He’s had a heck of a summer. Just his work ethic I think has rubbed off on a lot of people, and I think he’s gonna have a great year.”

What have you learned about him that you didn’t know before?

“He’s just such a good teammate. Looking from the outside in, you don’t know how somebody carries himself each and every day. He comes to work every day with the ‘get better’ attitude that we all love to have around here. And I think that’s rubbed off on a lot of people.”

Cedric Thornton: “I would say Vinny Curry. Everybody’s trying to label him as a pass-rusher. But he’s definitely attacked the running game as hard as he’s attacked the passing game. I feel like he’s gonna be a guy that’s gonna have a lot of sacks and a lot of tackles. …I’ve seen a mentality that he knows what people are saying are his negatives and he’s attacked it to make it one of his positives.”

Jeremy Maclin: “I’m gonna go with Brent Celek. He’s never really had a bad year or anything like that, but I think he does everything that we ask him to do. I think he’s probably the best blocking tight end we have in this league. And he’s a guy that gets his job done. He’s accepted the kind of new role he has, and I think by him doing that, he’s gonna get his fair share of opportunities to make plays for us, but at the same time help us up front too.”

Jason Kelce: “I think he had a breakout year last year, but he’s been working hard this whole offseason… Cedric Thornton. Day in, day out you can rely on him, count on him to be one of the hardest-working people on the field. Just one of the most accountable guys we have and hardest-working guys we have.”

Lane Johnson: “I think [Matt] Tobin. He’s a guy that’s really developed well. I don’t know how much he’ll be playing, but just a guy that’s really come along.”

Does he look like a potential starter at some point?

“Yeah. He’s just gonna continue to get stronger as far as knowing the offense. He knows it like the back of his hand. He’s very good technically, so he’s always in the right place at the right time.”

Najee Goode: “A guy that’s really impressed me this year, between the two [rookie] receivers, Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff. Those guys… Josh’s first game of the preseason had that explosive kickoff return. And every time Jordan Matthews catches the ball, he runs hard. He’s a very forceful runner and receiver. So I look for those two to do good things, especially when we’ve got [No.] 9 at quarterback.”

Vinny Curry: “I would have to go with Earl Wolff. When he’s on, he’s on. He’s really active.”

Evan Mathis:Matt Tobin. He’s had a great offseason. He’s probably had the best camp of any O-Lineman. He’s been very consistent, especially for someone who’s moving to a position… he was a tackle last year. He comes in there at guard this year, and he’s doing really well. So I have confidence that if his name’s called, coming off the bench as a sixth man, we can trust him.”

Beau Allen: “The first person that came to mind was [Jason] Kelce, just because I go against him so much. I honestly don’t think he gets the credit that he deserves. …He’s a really smart football player. He’s really quick. He’s got great feet. And I think he has a really good understanding of what he’s trying to do to nose guards especially, and to all of our defensive tackles. He’s also really, really strong in the weight room. So I think he’s gonna have a good year.”

Brandon Bair: “Travis Long. He’s just always showing up on tape. You watch the games, and I know he’s a guy that was on the practice squad last year, but every time we watch, you’re just seeing… he always sticks out to you. And I know that was mainly at outside linebacker. Now he’s trying to learn inside linebacker. But special teams, all the way around, the guy is just really showing up.”

Note: This question was posed before the final preseason game when Long tore his ACL.

Allen Barbre: “Amongst the rookies, I think Jordan Matthews has done pretty good. He works hard. He’s always trying to learn.”

Earl Wolff:Cary Williams. He’s been locked-down since OTAs, breaking on everything, picking off everything. He’s gonna have a really big year.”

Jordan Matthews: “I’m gonna be honest… I think Shady’s [LeSean McCoy] gonna go off. He’s probably the clear-cut favorite, but lots of times, when you really watch people and you know, ‘OK, this is the best guy on the team…’ you’ve got Jason Peters, you’ve got Nick Foles, you’ve got guys like that. But he’s probably the face of the Eagles right now. But then you see him go out there and work the way he does. He never wants to miss practice, and he plays full speed even in preseason games. Then you know, OK, he’s ready to go off. So I think people got a glimpse of it in our tuneup game against the Steelers. He’s about to go off, without a doubt in my mind.”

Brandon Graham:Malcolm Jenkins… that boy came in, he’s focused all the time. I can see nothing but big things for him. Just the way he works, the way he studies film, it’s just not talk. I see him in meetings looking at film. Especially when he’s talking to the little guys, he’s definitely a great example.”

Matt Barkley: “Clearly, I think Shady [LeSean McCoy] is gonna have a crazy year. I haven’t known him that long, but just his work ethic even from last year to this year seems to be on another level. He just seems to take it more seriously and handle business. It’s been cool to see. Jordan Matthews I think is a guy that has stood out to a lot of us, just from his work ethic too and consistency with route-running and catching the ball. And J-Mac [Jeremy Maclin] looks healthy. He looks smooth and fast. It’ll be fun to really watch him for the first time for a full year and to see how he works. So those three guys.”

Fletcher Cox: “I think Beau Allen took a big step. I think he’s catching up. He’s still a little behind on the speed of the game, but you can tell he’s stepping his game up to being where he needs to be, to get ready. …I think he’s like 340 pounds, big guy, but he can move.”

Bennie Logan: “I would say [Darren] Sproles. We knew what kind of player he was, how dynamic he was when we picked him up from the Saints. But just to practice against him, see how explosive and quick and fast he is, I’m just looking for him to really have a breakout year – on special teams and on the offensive side of the ball.”

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  • jon

    not 1 person said marcus smith…

    …or nick foles

    • DetmerWonAHeisman

      exactly. was about to post the same thing…..

      EDIT: (about smith that is). He ended up being a first round project player. Hopefully by year 2 we’ll see him develop into earning more playing time and contributing to the pass rush.

      • Blaqjaq

        Hated the Smith pick, and didn’t see anything in the preseason to make me change my mind. I hope I’m wrong, just can’t understand why a team in such need of an improved pass rush would draft such a project in the first round.

    • how does one “breakout” after 27/2, pro bowl mvp, 7TD performance jersey-in -Canton, etc…?

      Is there a 2nd level breakout? Or do you think maybe the players just understood the question?

      • cloisterwater

        A couple of them said Shady.

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          scary, but they might see 2k/20tds in Shady, like breakout historical. if Shady can repeat Det game, where he waits till after getting thru DL to do shady’esque breaking ankles things, with WRs blocking downfield, it could be crazy year.

          • so what would a Foles’ breakout look like? 54/1?

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            all depends on how many yards he run for. if not over 500, still get marioti and hundley rumors

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            Those are my minimum expectations for him.

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            wait till Foles has 5 ints this year…espn will go bonkers. they’ll have mind-blowing twisted/leading storylines, we’ll be pulling out our hair.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            Imagine the reaction if a bunch of players had listed Sanchez…
            I think I’d cry.

          • cloisterwater

            Maybe something like this:

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            You expect him to win TWO of those this year?! Cool. Me too.

    • Breathe 21

      Lol, are you serious? Clearly, everyone knows he’s a developmental player. This comment holds no weight.

      • MediaMike

        Ideally you’d like a first round draft pick to contribute in his first year. He deserves to be in his 3rd season before final judgment can be passed, but we’re in desperate need of getting to the QB more often.

        • Breathe 21

          I get that, but that comment was ridiculous. Nobody looks at rookies as breakout candidates, especially ones that need development. People need to understand the thought process the Eagles had when they drafted him. They said this was more of a longterm process. That alone should make people hold off those comments until next season. If we drafted Matthews first and Smith second, people wouldn’t make such a big deal.

          • Blaqjaq

            Your comment about reversing the first two picks is valid, but of course, that’s not what happened and the fact that the matthews pick looks great as a second doesn’t make me feel better about drafting such a project in the first round. Whiffing on a first rounder is something we’ve seen far too often from this team.

          • southy

            Maybe so. But you need to take into account how the team was planning the draft this year – the order of the pics doesn’t necessarily correlate with the caliber of player. They saw a lot of 1st rd talent at the WR position and not nearly as much at LB. Maybe they liked Smith as the best guy on their board that can do what they want an LB to do, but knew that because of the thinness of the LB position he wasn’t going to be around to get in the 2nd. On the other hand, Matthews, a guy you might typically take in the 1st, was likely to be around in the 2nd.

            All that aside, developmental or not, I think Smith has a lot of upside and will eventually show up in a big way when the game has slowed down for him some. He has the tools.

          • Blaqjaq

            You’re probably right. But making picks that “don’t necessarily correlate with the caliber of the player”, i.e., drafting for need, is exactly how draft picks turn into giant busts.

          • southy

            Quite the contrary. Drafting that way ensures you have the highest average caliber of player among all the players you draft, which seems to imply a lower bust rate. Maybe you don’t get the one mercurial guy, but it’s hard enough to pick that guy out late in the 1st round as it is.

          • Blaqjaq

            I understand your point, but it seems to me that to get the highest average caliber of player you draft the best player on your board at the time, regardless of position. It’s doubtful that Smith was their highest rated player at the time. As a result, they reached for him because they needed a pass rusher and he was the best one left on their board. But NOT the best player. All this, of course, assumes that your board is accurate, but if you don’t trust it then what’s the point of ranking players?

          • DetmerWonAHeisman

            In my opinion, this team still had too many holes to draft a project player in the first round. I think they expected him to contribute in year 1 but he’s behind where they thought he would be right now based on Billy Davis’ and Chip’s comments.

          • FluxCapacitor

            I think it is the perfect time to draft a guy that needs a year to develop at OLB. Cole was going to start this year – there was no impact player that would have put him on the bench in this draft. And nobody was going to unseat Barwin. Smith can hit the ground running next year while adding some valuable snaps this year.

          • DetmerWonAHeisman

            I could live with that as long as he is ready to go next season and Barwin stays healthy this year. To quote Billy Davis: “… And he’s not playing great. We try to live in the truth…….If this time next year I’m having the same conversation, then I’m alarmed. But it won’t happen. We’ll make sure we get him right. He’ll be OK.”

    • MagatBrackendale

      But just a few weeks ago Shady stated the vets don’t pay much attention to the rookies unless 1 really stands out. This seems to be true in many training camps, so the veterans aren’t going to puff up many rookies.

  • MediaMike

    Great set of quotes:
    If I had to rank:
    1) Ertz
    2) Lane Johnson – post suspension
    3) Kendricks (if they keep him off of TE coverage)

  • MediaMike

    I don’t see how Shady is a breakout candidate. He’s already the best RB in the NFL. Just ask him.
    And he’ll also tell you Knoshon sucks!

  • Dan

    I love all the comments about work ethic and attitude. Kelly and howie have really assembled a group who go about it the right way.

  • MediaMike

    I hope the guys picking Kelce turn out to be correct. He’s a very good player, but I get very tired of seeing him roller skated by marginal talents. The inability to block lazy slacker underachiever team flight missing chicken purchaser FSU piece of trash Bunkley at times in the playoff game that got some of Shady’s runs blown up was very disappointing. His difficulty, although that may have more been due to scheme, opening holes vs. the trash Giants d-lineman was also frustrating at times last year.

    Kelce does a great job most weeks and in most situations, I just hope he gets muscled less often this year.

    • Philliam Penn

      I think it’s because he’s a bit undersized for a lineman but he still ranks as one of the best centers in the league

      • MediaMike

        Yeah, he does a lot of things (line calls, sliding to the correct double team in pass blocking, run blocking in space) at an elite level, I just want to see him develop some better functional strength. There were some mentions of him doing some more in the weight room this off-season, so I’m optimistic he’ll nail down that part of his game.

        • Philliam Penn

          No doubt he took on more responsibilities due to the fact that Vick couldn’t read a defense. Kelce is still in his prime and has proven to be a smart player

          • MediaMike

            Trial by fire w/ Vick.

        • eagle12

          Yes, good point. He has Bernardo in the weightroom all offseason

    • Ray Didi just called him the “best center in the league.” High praise from a guy who knows his stuff.

      • MediaMike

        I don’t disagree with putting Kelce in that group, but I think he needs to tighten up that 1 on 1 trench blocking aspect of his game. The Bunkley and Giants non-blocking is an area in which he needs to improve. I’m not saying it makes him a bad player.

        • Mike, we love you man, but you were saying this exact quote almost verbatim last september. And the NYG game is one of the few examples. That was clearly the exception, not the rule. Dude is strong, stout, and smart. Absolutely dominated some big NTs and DTs, plus the body count of LBs and DBs.
          Heck, big ol’ Wilfork admired his work. I’d say he’s absolutely in our top 5 best players, and can hold down key position for years.

      • eagle12

        Ver y true

    • Blaqjaq

      Kelce’s strength is his mobility. He does his best work on the move, and because he’s a bit light he can get steamrolled at times. Still, he is generally regarded as one of the best centers in the league. I can’t understand those posters who claim he’s overrated.

    • eagle12

      Great description of Bunkley, lol

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    Curry! love it. C-Wills thinks there’s something special in Wolff, too. hope at some point he can put it together, when he reads it correctly, there’s one heck of a collision happening. by mid-season, think he’s putting Allen on bench, just way to much athletic potential for what seems like a really good coaching staff.

  • Kev_H

    Two things that stand out to me. First, I’d say Nick Foles ,but it seems like his teammates’ attitude is that they expect greatness from him. Secondly, that there are so many legitimate cases that can be made for breakout players and how teammates really notice and appreciate the hard work of others.

    This is a great idea for a column the Monday before opening game. Well done!

  • I’ve been preaching doom and gloom with this O line, specifically the age of the O line, for a while now. Now that Lane Johnson has proven worthy of his draft selection, Kelce has come back from the injury, and Tobin has firmly taken the G or RT of the future label (became what we hoped Bamiro would be), I feel better.

    The play of the second team offensive line was one of the best stories of the preseason. Great to see Kelce and Tobin mentioned here.

    • MediaMike

      And Jason Peters is about to put up another all-pro season on his march to the HOF

    • cloisterwater

      Why were you preaching doom and gloom because of the age (outside of maybe Herremans)? I could see this argument in a year or two, but I don’t think the FO would sign Peters to his extension if they had any indications he had lost a step.

      • MediaMike

        No worries on Herremans. He’ll be cut this off-season and Tobin/ Barbre / Kelly will be in a full on battle to become the 2015 starting RG.

        • I have seen nothing from Kelly that makes me think he can play there.

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            thought he was fine. had him playing guard, which was never meant to be his position. seems like a RT to me. guess he’s probably not worth discussing, 4 games deactivated, then 86’d once lj gets back.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            I do recall him in 2012 starting at guard and being a real liability, then moving to tackle and holding his own for the most part. The thing I noticed is that he showed improvement for a couple games then plateau’d pretty quickly.

          • MagatBrackendale

            The Eagles almost seem to have a history of trying to change tackles into guards.

      • This goes back to last offseason when we spent a lot of time debating QB vs OT vs D with the #4 pick. Herremans, Mathis, Peters all on the wrong side of 30. 2 of them have significant injury history. That, and beyond the starting 5 – we had nobody. Feel a little better now.

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          hate to to say ‘i told you so’, so i wont say ‘i told you so’. ahhh, who we kidding, I Told You So! ;)

          • yes you did. If, two years from now the offensive line has turned over and looks as good with Tobin at RT, and LJ at LT, AND we find some quality guards to play next to Kelce, I’ll give you your due.

            Also predicated on Marcus Smith II becoming a player, because I wanted Su’a Filo at 26. (Dee Ford at #22).

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            JP was smith guy.

          • you know i was all with you for su’a filo, RC. but to uninitiated, would have been hard to explain taking back-to-back OL picks in 1st under Kelly; also, taking a G after Watkins Fiasco. and of course, not paying attention to the defense would be a rallying call for anti-chippers.
            I also think the FO was in agreement with the fans. pass rush was biggest issue. Cole not getting younger. Orakpo and Worilds tagged, other options did not pan out.

            which brings us to the MS2 pick — if FO was on this line of thinking, he was the last realistic pass-rusher prospect they valued. Like QB, it’s often hardest to find great talent beyond top 10-15 picks. After Smith at 26, the next pass rusher went to DAL early 2nd and then Tuitt — the latter being after the Matthews pick. Cupboards were thin. Highest ceiling left, and most likely the greatest OLB physical talent.

            i know this somehow makes me a Howie Lover. but just trying to understand Howie & The Chippers to prognosticate for ’15.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      we have to start listening and believing this staff. they really dont seem to blow hot air up fans’ wazzoos. had no issue being critical of msmith2 either.

      • looking back on pre-draft and pre-FA quotes and general information passed on to media (aside from all the hype around byrd/ward), the FO has been pretty straightforward with us. I agree with you. pretty much earned my trust at least in their ability to rationalize decision-making. aside from Huls, they’re very transparent.

        * — big exception to this being the Davis “fitting defense to personnel” comment last year. I mean, they explained it as learning the 34 sooner than later, even if losing some strengths in process. but still pretty convoluted, especially re: timing

  • JosephR2225

    Salt in the wound from Brandon Bair.

    • cloisterwater

      Yeah, I was very happy to see how well Long rushed the passer from the ILB position. Can’t remember how his coverage skills were, but I was high on him. Plus, his injury keeps Casey Matthews on the team.

  • MediaMike

    Nobody said Casey Matthews? Shocking.

    • Eagles4Life

      Special teams breakout! Stamp it!

      • MediaMike

        I wish somebody would stamp his passport with an official seal of the Canadian government as he heads off to the CFL.

        • MagatBrackendale

          No thanks. The teams in the CFL like linebackers who can tackle.

    • I’d be in favor of a caseymatthews “break” and also using the term “out” more generally regarding his career and disposition within the city. Together? no.

    • John J. King

      I wish you guys would stop picking on poor Casey. He has great flexibility, can underperform at both inside & outside lineBacker and has the speed and daring to be the least effective guy on special teams. Stop with the criticisms.

  • Rockedupeaglesfan

    Kendricks on D
    Ertz on O

  • Rick H

    Sheil, really good article. That kind of incite is very informative both in the short term & long term. Also I really like it when you write articles that include direct quotes from opposing players/coaches that speak specifically about the Eagles players,offense,defense or coaching staff.

  • TNA

    My dark horse break out players are Cox and Carroll. Need the increased production from guys like Ertz, Kendricks, JMatt to be relevant.
    I’d like to see Carroll break out by starting and shutting down one quarter of the field. Also would like to see Cox command automatic double teams.

  • Rob Fink

    So. Freaking. Excited.

  • Andy Six Score and Four

    This kind of thing is so fun to read. It’s like a Spadaro article on steroids, and I mean that in a good way.

  • Brian

    Teddy Williams and G.J. Kinne on PS

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      Seriously? We kept Kinne?!

      • Brian

        I wouldn’t want him on another squad. He knows this offense good enough to be our number 3.

    • MagatBrackendale

      Teddy Williams? Any relation to the TEs coach? Or the frozen baseball player in Arizona?

  • Andy Six Score and Four
    • Andy Six Score and Four

      Chip doesn’t hate me after all! WooHoo!

    • MediaMike

      Shame this was reported by a thinned-skinned hack like Reuben Frank.

  • Kleptolia

    G.J. Kinney is my breakout player, because HE’S BACK ON THE PRACTICE SQUAD!

  • Chipadelphia22

    So I posed this question on another “trolling” blog but would actually like a real answer.

    Where did the idea that come from that Travis Long’s injury mean that Smith needs to develop faster? Smith was always the back up to Barwin, and I don’t recall Long ever being ahead of him on any depth charts, particularly in preseason. As far as I can tell the only real effect it had was that Casey Matthews retained his job. I watched most of the preseason games, and I honestly don’t even remember seeing Long on the field.

    • MediaMike

      There was an emerging school of thought that Smith was going to be inactive for a good stretch of the season if Long was going to play. I think that’s what rushes Smith.

  • Dominik

    Good article, a few interesting names and not always the same ones.

    But: I would have liked to see a few guys expecting the leap from Cox. No one knows how seriously he took the Preseason, but he didn’t look like a breakout candidate there.

    Doesn’t mean he won’t break out, of course, but I’d liked to see a few of his pals thought he would.

    • MediaMike

      Veteran approach to the pre-season aside, Cox had a very good year last year. The problem in a 3-4 is that you’re not going to get good stats out of your down linemen unless you feature them in a JJ Watt type manner.
      I think Cox is fine.

      • Dominik

        I’m not saying he played bad last year. He had a ton of QB pressure. It’s just that Cox is one of the few players on Defense that could become elite – and we need that.

        It’s great to see UDFA or 7th rounders like Thornton or Allen play well – you need those kind of players. But we need playmakers, too, and I don’t think those two will ever be players OCs gameplan around on Sundays (again: they are important nonetheless). Cox, Kendricks and Boykin could become those kind of players. A leap from two of those (we could debate if Boykin even needs a leap, was very good last year in his role) would be a huge boost.

        • MediaMike

          I hear you there, but I’d rather see a perennial 15+ sack guy at OLB as an impact player on D ahead of a guy who they’re asking to sublimate his stats to 2 gap at DE.

          • Dominik

            Me, too. But there isn’t anyone capable of such a leap on the roster. At least not this season (Smith). Give me 6 sacks, more tackles and a few more hurries from Cox and it will give this D a boost. + Cox being more effective as a pass rusher would mean opposing O-Lines would need to focus more on him and that would make the job of Cole and Barwin easier.

          • Jerry Pomroy

            Speaking of Smith. Interesting enough, I was checking in on how Dee Ford was coming along in KC (as he was the consensus that many wanted – not me) & while he is believed to be the heir to take over for Hali (ROLB), he has been almost exclusively practicing at LOLB like Smith. I’m curious if there is a larger correlation to rookie 3-4 OLBs being asked to start out learning on the left side & then sliding over to the right when they’re ready. The Steelers are notorious for bringing along their OLBs slowly, so I guess I’ll need to do some research there.

          • Dominik

            Dee Ford would be Brandon Graham all over again. Don’t know why you would want him on our D.

            You can question our mirrored 34 2 gap Defense, but it is what it is. You better find people who can sack the QB and fit the scheme.

            Smith actually has potential in that area. We just have to wait and see at how good a Pass Rusher he can become.

    • damrvrhunter

      Exact name and same things i thought after having just read the entire article.

  • Bullwinkle

    I’m going with Howie Roseman. If the Eagles do well, more of the cynics will start to respect him.

    • MediaMike

      move to move. game to game. season to season. The Howie / Chip group got off to a great start, but no person who works in professional sports exists in a judge-less manner.

    • who is howie roseman? i know only of rowie hoseman .. ahahahahaha

  • bobloblawslawblog

    I’m going to go with Nate Allen. By all accounts he had a very, very good preseason. Wolff didn’t do badly but it the competition wasn’t even close. Continuity in the system, healthy….you will all be surprised.

  • wee2424

    I was hopeing more then Barkley would say Maclin.

  • eagle12

    I really Like the idea of defense mentioning offensive players vice versa. Another example of the Great atmosphere that Kelly has created. I Also Like that our Great players are projected by their teamates to become even better…. Awesome article

  • Andy

    I’m psyched to hear everyone saying Kelce because he’s already one of the better centers in football.

    • i like what barlly said of shady… because hes going into his 2nd year year and he seen how good shady was last year..

  • u can tell everyone really meant what they said… well….. one comment had a ring of sarcasm to it… Vinny Curry: “I would have to go with Earl Wolff. When he’s on, he’s on. He’s really active.”

  • 76mustang

    This has to be my favorite article premise of the off-season – love hearing the players answers and reasons. What is especially encouraging are the number of different players mentioned on both sides of the ball. Nice job SK.

  • Amar, CB who bought in

    Casey Matthews says it’s his time to shine.