Eagles Practice Squad Complete

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

The Eagles finalized their practice squad Monday by signing wide receiver/cornerback Teddy Williams and quarterback G.J. Kinne.

Williams (6-3, 202) did not play football while at Texas-San Antonio but was a standout sprinter and  apparently has clocked a 4.26-40 time. (h/t Bleeding Green Nation). He was signed by the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2010 and has since had brief stints with the Colts, Cardinals and the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL.

His only NFL action came at receiver but the Eagles, according to Geoff Mosher, plan on trying Williams at both receiver and cornerback.

Kinne spent part of last season on the Eagles practice squad and was later signed to a futures contract. He was waived this week as the Eagles trimmed their roster to 53.

So, the Eagles’ 2014 practice squad looks like this:

WR Teddy Williams
QB G.J. Kinne
OL Josh Andrews
Kevin Graf
DL Wade Keliikipi
S Ed Reynolds
LB Emmanuel Acho
WR Will Murphy
Quron Pratt
Matthew Tucker

Williams is the only player that wasn’t with the Eagles this summer.


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  • MediaMike

    Wow, y’all ran right up on the heels of the Foles article. I guess commenting there is done.

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      Well duh. Teddy Williams ran a 4.26 40. We finally have our QB!

      • Dominik

        4.26 will be the new 6-7 240.

        With an athlete coached up to a new position, you have to think about Curtis Ma…. what’s his name again, I forgot already?

        On the other hand, I like prospects like that. At least you can dream that they COULD pan out. Williams was an UDFA pickup, no 3rd round pick (ugh). Momah >>>>>>> Will Murphy all day, also.

      • MagatBrackendale

        Who IS Teddy Williams, really?

  • PaoliBulldog

    Pretty good continuity here. Williams and Parkey better memorize everybody else’s names in a hurry; they’re the only two late additions.

  • Fly High

    I was a little surprised that the Eagles didn’t keep Josey, but it is possible that he is too one dimensional for them, or that the Eagles offered, and he chose Jacksonville cause he saw an easier path to playing time.
    Chip gets crap for keeping Murphy, but one practice squad guy who is just an inspirational practice squad player, maybe that’s not a bad thing.
    Williams is a long shot, but an exciting one, with that size and speed he could potentially be a great WR or CB.

    • DuckHunterSThompson

      …with that size and speed he could potentially be a great WR or CB.

      Just… no. I mean maybe, but just don’t…

  • Tom w

    Could do without murphy and wade and kinne …. Rather have frank mays over wade, bout dozen other wrs corners and safeties than murphy, and someone w a plus arm or very athletic at qb to simulate the various running qbs we will play this yr.

    Christian jones made the bears 53 as an undrafted free agent. Shoulda made him a priority by adding an extra 7th to take him or pay him more after the draft.

    • every year there’s that guy who the fans go crazy for pre draft. This year it was C. Jones (me and RIP Illa penned a few love letters to him). Honey Badger. Mark Herzlich. Vontaze Burfict.

      You mean to tell me we wouldn’t be a better team if we had spent that 5th rounder on Jones? Then Kennan Johnson would be on our practice squad, Ed Reynolds would be in grad school, and caseymatthews would be collecting unemployment. All Jones does is make plays.

      • Dan

        problem is there are also a lot of guys people go nuts about that turn into nothing. see Josey, Henry and Momah, If

        • Penfold

          How do you know Josey will turn into nothing?

        • gbs213

          I think he is referring to guys who get skipped on for no reason, WHO ACTUALLY HAVE TALENT.

      • TOm W.

        he shouldn’t of got busted smoking weed a week before the draft. just silly. hence why he went undrafted. poor decisions.

        everyone was on the christian jones train before he got busted. I had him as high as a late third / early 4th grab for the birds.

        red flags scared everyone away. hence why we coulda spent a seventh on him by adding an extra seventh.

  • himbison

    Momah deserved PS he ran routes and blocked better than Murphy who did nothing this preseason

    • damrvrhunter

      They left him off the PS last season too. I wish I knew how they decide who to put on PS. Maybe it is a reward for hustling on ST.

    • Breathe 21

      Momah is worse than D Jax when it comes to blocking, stop it…

      • himbison

        Rewatch the Jets game, he did great blocking

        • blocking my view of the cheerleaders. Damn, he’s tall.

        • Breathe 21

          Lol, I’ve closely watched him block all summer. He’s terrible at blocking and is nowhere near physical. He’s not even a good ST player. There’s a reason why he goes unsigned, he simply does not have it. Murphy put up the same WR stats and is a better ST player. If he did nothing, what did Momah do?

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            I think it was chipwagon, did a breakdown of the Eagles use of the pistol against the Jets and he pointed out Momah’s blocking for praise on a couple of those plays. Not sure how closely you’re watching him block when he’s off screen most of the time, unless you’re attending practice every day.

            I’m not saying we should have kept Momah, we shouldn’t. Just that when it comes to the blocking argument, you haven’t presented much evidence beyond, “nonononono he is teh sux”

          • Breathe 21

            You both know the Jets were playing 4th/5th stringers and players (like Momah) who will NOT be on an NFL roster. He did not block well against the 1s and 2s. I would prefer to drop both of them and get another player with real NFL potential.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            The evidence is lacking, but his conclusions at least appear to be on point!

          • himbison

            Chipwagon agrees, they have an article about IZR where they detail Momah’s blocking – has Murphy made a catch or tackle or had his name mentioned ?

          • Breathe 21

            Momah 6 rec 55 yds . Murphy 6 rec 49 yds 1 tkl. Almost identical recieving stats in the preseason. The difference is Murphy play ST. He had one ST tackle to Momah’s ZERO. Neither of them are good. Neither would touch the field on offense. Stop dreaming and look at what is really going on. Momah might have made a “good block” against some Jets DB who will not be on an NFL roster, but where is the blocking against the starters? There is a reason why he isn’t even on the PS.

          • himbison

            Momah started 3 of the 4 preseason games (or was it just the 1st two?) And his production came with 1s and 2s on field

          • himbison

            Ijs Momah is worth developing more than Murphy

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            Neither of them is worth developing. Practise squad isn’t just about picking the guys with the most potential, it’s about finding people who can help the team practise and prepare each week. In this, Momah’s “unique” attributes (being tall and lacking any talent or football nous) make him less useful than someone like Murphy who can at least impersonate an NFL receiver even though he’ll never be one himself.

          • himbison

            I can agree with that

          • JackofallTraits

            Momah completed those receiptions against the ones and twos in games that he STARTED. Murphy completed the receptions against nobodies! Momah deserves a shot over Murphy any day!!

    • it’s excruciating sitting here knowing that Momah was ours, and now he’s a free agent and literally any team can sign him. any team.

      • Dominik

        All the hate aside, you can’t possibly think Murphy is better than Momah, can you? Even Oregon fans think he sucks badly.

        • I don’t think either of them are any good, so it’s not a fair question. If you put a gun to my head and said I had to pick one to be on the 53 in an emergency, I’d pick Murphy.

          • Dominik

            Well, that’s your opinion, but I don’t like the thinking because it’s pure Anti-Momah (you see that fat guy over there? He sucks too, but I’d take him over Momah). I get that you hate the fan hype around him, all that 6-7 talk etc. But at least he is 6-7. At least there is a chance, even a very little chance, that he could develop. Even Murphy thinks he’s not NFL material.

          • Declan

            I’ll take the guy who is familiar with Chip’s system, knows the playbook/practice habits and is liked by the rest of the team (Murphy is Riley Cooper’s roomate). Those are things that are important of a PS player. I also trust Kelly to keep the guys that he knows will help him more than some folks on a message board.

          • Dominik

            “Those are things that are important of a PS player.”

            Well, name one former Oregon player who wouldn’t fit that describtion. Sorry, but the PS isn’t only for that, the PS is to develop players, too.

            Kelly makes the calls and I’m very, very happy that he’s our coach. He’s far more competent than me or any fan for that matter. But blind obidience isn’t the answer, either. Will Murphy sucks, everyone knows that. We don’t know the reason why he’s on the PS. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s no good thing, either.

    • gbs213

      They both suck. To be blunt.

  • Max Lightfoot

    I like the Kinne move if they are even remotely thinking of trading Barkley.

  • Eneagled <3

    Williams, just WOW. Megatron size, Djax speed, hands like rice. Measurables are off the chart. Forget about batting averages, with guys like this its like batting 1.000. First ballot momaHall of Fame for sure.

    • DirtyWaters

      They may have to move to Hall of Fame to the MoMall of America.

    • Bob A

      They’re treating it like classified info over on Eagles.com.Not one statement about it, and they won’t post your comment if you mention his name.

  • Andy Six Score and Four

    Kinne, Trucker, Reynolds, 7 other guys, and an oxford comma. Works for me.

    • DirtyWaters

      In retaliation to people telling me I don’t have to double space after periods, I’m going to always Oxford comma now.

    • Dominik

      Who gives a f*ck about an oxford comma?


      • Jerry Pomroy

        Have no clue what an oxford comma is. But I really dug that ’89 Monte Carlo in the beginning of the video. Brought back memories. Had ever other car you can think being cool back then except a Monte SS.

        • MagatBrackendale

          A 1976 Monte Carlo. Can’t remember all the specs, just remember cruising at 40 or 45 miles per hour, then looking at the speedometer. It read 90. MPH.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    For those down on Marcus Smith…

    In my eyes, Smith is getting the cerebral crash course from the coaching staff in hopes that the “full” return will pay off quicker. They love Barwin and didn’t select Smith in the 1st to play his backup. He’s being groomed at the more difficult position (LOLB) on the nuances of the position so that when they flip him to the right side he’ll have down a much more stable base with which to work and couple with his physical talent. Remember this kid is just starting his 4th year playing defense, et al at the NFL level. He’s been getting by on his smarts (QB field vision) and talent to get to where he was coming out of college. He’s now getting the “education” to go along with that field vision and talent.

    In 2005 we drafted a speedy LB/DE named Trent Cole. He played in 15 games at RDE as a pass rush specialist. In 2006 the staff made Cole play LDE to get that “education” beyond just using his talent. He started 14 games that year at LDE & they would flip him here and there on 3rd down, but the premise was for him to become more rounded at his position. He notched 8 sacks. In 2007 he was flipped back to his natural position at RDE and made the pro-bowl with 12.5 sacks. I’m guessing that Smith follows a similar path.

    • southy

      Interesting perspective. I think he’s a guy that has flashed the athleticism and occasionally the technique to become a really solid OLB. I don’t know if he’ll be a premiere pass rusher at this level, but he wasn’t drafted to be that. He needs to speed up his read/react and decision making and he will be fine. I see him as a Kendricks type. Consistency issues early, but will have moments where he is everywhere, and just improves continuously.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        Yeah I’ve said previously that I don’t see him as a 15 sack guy, but rather a 10 sack, 12 TFL, 5 FF, 3 INT guy . It seems we view him in the same light though as I see Kendricks as that all around defender as well.

  • Mr. Magee

    Not impressed with the 3 WRs on this list… Hope Josh Huff makes it make back and is productive

  • MediaMike

    Speaking of practice, it seems like this idiot at CBS has picked Dallas to win the NFC East. Here is the link.


    What a dope.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      No need to even read that. It’s obvious the guy is clueless or drinking from JJ’s koolaid pitcher (laced w/ LSD).

      • MediaMike

        I found more enemies on the ESPN predictions page! I’m not sure what is worse; picking the Eagles to lose the NFC East or picking the imploding Niners to win the title. A joke in either case.

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Probably the same guy that would call Kaep an elite QB.

          • Tyler Perry’s Madea Mike

            ZOMBG!!! Kaep is such a bumb!!

          • MediaMike

            Again with the troll-ish screen name? Lame.

          • Will, Always Shady in CA

            There are worse QBs to have than Kaep. He’s flawed but far from a bum.

          • MagatBrackendale

            Bumb? Bumble?

      • MagatBrackendale

        Or he’s from Waco and insists that both Texas teams must win. Met a couple of people from Waco once. They had to have other Texans translate what they were saying because no one could understand them. ;~D

    • Wow. Guy has to lay off the pipe.

  • Token

    Since there wasnt interest in a full out Birds 24/7 fantasy league. There is the ESPN Gridiron challenge game. You pick a new lineup each week with a floating salary cap. Takes like 5 minutes. If anyone is interested.

    • just got back from my draft. how does your squad look this year?

      • Dominik

        You have to think: 0 Eagles, because he knows they suck.

      • NickS, Combine Warrior

        How’d you do? Take Gronk?

        • Nope couldn’t pull the trigger. the injuries scared me off. In fact, I took a late round flyer on T. Wright, just in case Gronk goes down.

          Here’s my first few rounds in order (12 teams, standard scoring, I had the 3rd pick)

          RB A. Peterson
          WR B. Marshall
          WR K. Allen
          RB B Tate
          QB A. Luck

          • NickS, Combine Warrior

            Pretty solid.

          • ehh. I’m OK with it. I took my backup RB (C Johnson) before my 3rd WR, so I’m really thin there after my first two. I did get Dennis Pitta though, so I’m happy with TE.

            How did you do?

          • NickS, Combine Warrior

            Smart move, I think. Not a lot of quality backs that aren’t in a platoon, and I think CJ might be one of the better platoon guys to have (I’m assuming he and Ivory are sharing the work).

            I’m happy with most of my drafts. Doing 4 again this year, so I’ll just mention my important league. It’s a 2 keeper league, each keeper moves up 2 rounds each year kept. Have Lacy in the 3rd and K. Allen in the 16th. Got AP 3rd overall, then V-Jax in 2nd, Garcon in the 4th, Floyd in 5th, M. Wallace in 6th only because of Lazor. Managed to nab Brady in the 8th who I think is going to be a serious value pick, especially should Gronk stay healthy. Managed Ertz in the 11th, too. Have a couple other pickups, too. Got Tim Wright and Roethlisberger in free agency. Overall, pretty satisfied, despite being a little thin at RB after the studs. ESPN draft grades destroyed me, though, haha.

    • CHRIS – CB with dreads

      Missed the discussion about b247 fantasy league previously. I’d be in if there’s still any interest

      • Dan

        same here.

  • UKEagle99 à l’orange

    Hey guys! I’m just back from a fortnight’s holiday in France where despite sourcing most of their power from nuclear reactors they cant get me internet access. That said, I’m all chilled, great 2 weeks with the fam but I have a few catch up questions…

    1) What date did they cut Alex Henery, I need it for my diary.
    2) What date did they cut Casey Matthews, I need it for my sanity.
    3) Who is starting opposite Momah?
    4) Complete the following. Mccoy, Josey,…., …..
    5) Any Desean Jackson stories? He can stretch the field you know.

    Cheers! Peace & love, UKEagle, bring on the Jags!!!

    • gbs213

      1. They cut Alex Henery 2 days ago.
      2. They didn’t cut Casey. (Who know’s why, I personally like Acho more)
      3. No one is starting opposite Momah, now that he is gone.
      4. McCoy, Sproles, Polk. Josey went to Jacksonville PS, and Matthew Tucker was signed to our PS.
      5. No DeSean news, RG3 is struggling down in D.C. and a lot of fans want Kirk Cousins at QB1.