Kicker Options For the Eagles

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
It’s possible that the Eagles’ kicker for the 2014 season is not currently on their roster. They are obviously not totally sold on Alex Henery, who has missed from 47 and 31 yards this preseason. Cody Parkey was acquired from the Colts for running back David Fluellen on Wednesday and will get a brief tryout for the job. If the team isn’t satisfied with either option, they’ll look to the outside for help.

Where could they turn?

With a little help from ESPN’s Adam Caplan, we put together a list of possible options:


Rob Bironas
Age: 36
Last year: 25-of-29, long of 55 for Tennessee
The scoop: He was cut from the Titans for salary reasons last year. Caplan views the nine-year vet as the top option currently on the market. “He’s not a great kickoff guy but he has a good history. It was a little surprising that they cut him, even more surprising that no one has signed him to at least come into camp and compete,” said Caplan.

Rian Lindell
Last year: 23-of-29, long of 54 with Tampa Bay.
The scoop: Lindell got the job last season after Lawrence Tynes was diagnosed with having a staph infection. (It sounds like Tynes will be sidelined this year as well.) Lindell was 4-of-6 from 50-plus yards for the Bucs in 2013. “He’s a guy that should get a look,” said Caplan.

David Akers
Age: 39
Last year: 16-of-19, long of 53 with Detroit
The scoop: Akers is working out with Bironas down in Nashville. He is said to be healthy and connecting from long distance. The sense here is that he would be open to returning to Philadelphia should the opportunity present itself, but the odds seem to be against a reunion at this point.

Garrett Hartley
Age: 28
Last year: 22-of-30, long of 55 for New Orleans
The scoop: Hartley was released by the Saints after missing a pair of field goals in mid-December against the Rams.

One thing to keep in mind: If a player is signed after Week 1, their salary is not guaranteed for that season. So if a team decides to bring in one of these veterans, it might make financial sense to wait a couple weeks.


Buffalo Bills — Dustin Hopkins vs. Dan Carpenter

Hopkins, a sixth-round pick by the Bills in 2013, beat out Lindell last season but sustained a groin injury that put him on injured reserve. Carpenter was brought in as his replacement and was re-signed by Buffalo this offseason. Jimmy Kempski did a piece on Hopkins recently.

In terms of leg strength, Hopkins is everything Henery is not. In his final season at Florida State, Hopkins hit five of six field goal attempts from outside 50 yards. For his college career, he was nine of 15.

Hopkins is also considered a weapon on kickoffs. In the Bills’ first preseason game against the Giants, Hopkins produced touchbacks on all four of his kickoffs.

The thought is that Hopkins will only be kept on the Bills roster if they decide to use him as a kickoff specialist.

New York Giants: Josh Brown vs. Brandon McManus

McManus, besides having a sensational last name, is also a Temple product with a big leg. He made 14 of 17 field goals for the Owls last year and had 40 touchbacks on 56 kickoff attempts. He handled punting duties for Temple as well. Brown, 35, made 23 of 26 field goal attempts for New York last season, including a pair from 50-plus yards.


 The Redskins drafted Zach Hocker from Arkansas in the seventh round and have him going up against Kai Forbath, who made 82 percent of his kicks for Washington last year… Shayne Graham and Derek Dimke are competing for a spot in New Orleans…Rookie Cairo Santos and veteran Ryan Succop are fighting for a spot on Kansas City’s roster…Sounds like rookie Chandler Catanzaro is holding his own against  Jay Feely in Arizona. He hit three field goals in the preseason opener and had a touchback…The Texans have Randy Bullock and undrafted rookie Chris Boswell in camp.

 There are no slam-dunk solutions on the street but at least a couple are worth a look. A handful of kickers will shake loose in the coming days as rosters are trimmed to 53. Chances are, the Eagles will work a few kickers out as they continue to evaluate the position.

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  • JosephR2225


  • evanphilly

    I don’t think Chip would waste a roster spot on an extra kicker, but who knows at this point.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Almost makes me pine for Happy Feller. Not quite enough, but almost.

  • PaoliBulldog

    A McManus who can punt, kick off and place kick? Sounds like my kind of guy.

    • borntosuffer

      Versatility. I’ve heard that word before somewhere.

  • SoCalEaglesFan

    Green Akers!!!!!!!

    Vinatieri is still going and he’s two years older than David. These are legendary kickers. They don’t lose their mojo completely. Come home.

    • Septhinox

      No. He’s been garbage for the past couple years. Memories are great, but we can pass on this.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Akers was sent packing after he completely forgot how to kick in his own stadium. No need to relive the past as we’re in the same stadium. Rather see a young kid with a strong leg that can improve his accuracy and be or kicker for the next 10yrs.

    • Kaedwon

      How quickly we forget. Akers was run out of town when his missed FG cost us a playoff game. He’s just no good anymore.

      • Andrew Bruno

        Indeed how quickly we forget. The season we released Akers, he went to San Fran and had the best numbers of every kicker in the league that year…. He can still compete at least.

  • Reef215

    What about that guy who keeps calling all the radio stations about how his son is the best kicker without a job and he’s an Eagles fan from NJ

    The guy name is MICHAEL BARNARD

    • Jerry Pomroy

      The problem with these videos is that it’s really hard to see how much distance they’re getting and whether they’re actually getting enough.

      • Reef215

        I doubt they would put out a fraud video especially since it can be validated live but I do think you need to have a better angel or several cameras shooting simultaneously.

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Not saying it’s a fraud. Just saying it’s really tough to see the ball from these angles 50, 60, 70yds downfield.

      • leftwinger

        what would it hurt to take a look at him? Vermeil looked at guys who were working in construction for crying out loud.

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Wouldn’t hurt. I’m all for bringing anyone in to take a look. Just saying these videos are hard to actually see if they’re making it or not.

  • Clearly, the best option is Henery

    • Johnny Domino

      Only slightly better than a sharp stick in the eye right now, but you are probably right.

      • I thought Rich was being sarcastic? ‘Specially since he upvoted his own post. :-) At this point, I want anyone else. Really. Anyone. I’ve had it with this guy.

        • was hoping I could lure Matt back into the conversation. Thanks for blowing up my spot. Henery needs to go. I wouldn’t mind Akers, for sentimental reasons. McManus would work too – especially if they sign a camp-leg Kapadia the next year.

          Seriously, how hard is it to find a bleeping kicker?

          • Jerry Pomroy

            Supposedly Akers is hitting from 60 practicing down in Nashville. There’s a video of him doing it on YouTube. Jeff McLane posted the video on Twitter yesterday.

          • Johnny Domino

            If he can kick one through the sunroof of a moving car, call me.

        • Kaedwon

          Really. Anyone? Really? You can’t get rid of a guy without having a viable alternative. Brought in “Murderleg” and he was so bad he couldn’t get a parking ticket. Brought in the kid from Auburn who missed a crucial FG in the national c’ship game. Good luck with that.

          • Well, obviously I wasn’t being literal, but how about if we bring in someone that hasn’t already lost a game for us. That would be a good start for me. There are other names out there. We’re hearing a bit about them. And more names will pop up this week. That whole “the devil you know” thing works two ways. We know this devil, and for me, that’s enough to warrant bringing in someone else.

  • thefadd

    I hate instability at the kicker position! But it’s also kinda fun! Reminds me of Buddy…

  • Kev_H

    I hope this is just column fodder, because it doesn’t speak well of the organization if they aren’t happy with their kicking options at this point if there hasn’t been injuries. If they were happy with Henery in May, they should be happy with him today, unless someone they identified as more desirable (back in May) is available. Making front line personnel decisions based on brief, pre-season appearances is foolish (and it cost the Eagles a playoff bye last year).

  • Token

    I dont feel like the first group is really a option. Id rather take my chances with the Parkey guy then sign a 40 year old with no future.

    But THE option to me is McManus. Id be just fine with the Buffalo kid too. But McManus just seems like exactly what we want. Huge leg. Good accuracy.

    Now do all cuts during cutdowns go through waivers? I dont remember. If so, theres other teams that really need a kicker.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      “Now do all cuts during cutdowns go through waivers?”… I’ve been wondering the same thing and I’ve got my eyes on the same pair of guys. McManus is a local kid too from Hatfield, PA, not just a Temple alum. But I would also be ok with Hopkins. Long term…I’ll take a kid that has a strong leg and needs to work on his accuracy over an accurate guy that can’t hit beyond 40yds or be a liability on kickoffs.

  • Pennguino

    Chip spends a lot of time watching special teams and you see him signing players that only have ST value. Henery was the most accurate kicker in College history. He had a good first season and his second was not bad. Then Fipp shows up and he jacks with all of Henery’s mechanics trying to get more strength for kickoffs. Now Henery is just all f*cked up. Maybe Fipp sucks as a kicking coach.

    • Eagles4Life


  • Pennguino

    Detroit has a good kicking comp going on too. The Italian Kicker was a yard short on a 67 yarder in camp. His Kickoffs are 5-9 yards deep. We can call him Mafia Leg

  • All Things Bad@ss

    Why does it seem like kickers are as scarce as California’s water supply?? This is ridiculous. Not to mitigate the skillset of a kicker, but many talented athletes are cut from pro football teams despite being all around more talented, and kickers can’t seem to be found anywhere. I mean, how frickin’ hard is it to find someone that can kick far and accurate? Seems like a lot of people the world over would have that ability and gladly accept an NFL salary. I really think we need an open casting call.

  • Wiztopher

    I’ve said this before on this site about Henery, but the boy has no confidence. Just look at his facial expressions, it drips with shakiness n you can just feel he feels he doesn’t belong/is overwhelmed; reminds me of Eli after throwing his third INT of the game. Henery n his pencil neck will cost this team games just like the playoff match up vs the Saints.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    My hopeful favorite would be McManus. If he doesn’t become available, I’d look at Hopkins or Brown. But it seems like the NYG are enamored over McManus’ strong leg. So it’s a crap shoot over who the Gints keep.

    Don’t we have the luxury of keeping an extra roster spot the first 4wks with LJ’s suspension? I’d carry two kickers to battle out those first 4wks & then make my decision if necessary. We’d end up releasing one anyway when LJ’s suspension is up to make room for him.

    • Warhound KnowsHstryWarts&All

      Maybe, but I think they’ll use that spot for another Off-lineman.

    • EAGLES

      Hopkins was released today.

    • Mister Bill

      Giants just released McManus. I am a Giants fan. I wanted them to keep him. Now the Birds will sign him and he’ll come back to haunt us. Josh Brown is still good, but I really liked McManus. I hope he gets a job out of the NFC East, but if you get him, you got a good one.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        So both McManus & Hopkins released. Hopefully they bring them in.

  • Eagles1018…Please no more du

    Please get rid of Henery…once and for all

  • Wictor Hood

    Is Lou Groza still alive?

    • Johnny Domino

      Lou’s gone, but his toe is in the freezer on the shelf next to Ted Williams’ head.

  • Explorer51

    My favorite UDFA kicker signing…ever…was Justin Tucker to the Ravens; kid came out of Texas as a very good, but not great statistically, kicker…he is only the 17th ranked career kicker in the Big 12. But someone saw something in him and gave him a shot after Billy Cundiff blew a big FG the season before. Now he’s making almost 92% of his FGs and is a kickoff demon.

    Point is, there are guys out there and, for some reason, finding (even looking for) them seems to be a blind spot for our FO. After the NO playoff loss, I was anticipating a chorus line of kickers auditioning this offseason, both NFL vets and UDFAs; but the message was, from both Howie and Chip, that Alex was just fine. Any of you folks have a theory? I can’t believe that they are reluctant to cut a draft choice, they have already dumped # 1 & 2 and hopefully # 3 soon from that draft.

  • Brett77

    Dustin Hopkins please…



  • PaoliBulldog

    Jay Feely just hit the market.

  • Joseph Haas

    Pretty sure McManus’ Temple stats are from two years ago, as I think he graduated after the 2012 season. But hell yeah, I’d love to have a guy who can kick off deep, make field goals and be a solid punter if Donnie Jones gets hurt in a game.

  • dave in san mateo

    With how far away from being a playoff team the Raiders are and with how much more talent they need, I don’t understand why Sebastian Janikowski’s name doesn’t come up more often. He’s old, but he’d be able to give the Eagles three or four good years at a time that the Eagles are good enough to go somewhere. Am I missing something?

  • I was looking on espn at their fantasy kicker rankings before making a pick in my draft, saw Henery ranked 6th, and immediately went to another site

  • Bryan Clayton

    The Giants let McManus go bring him in for a try out