Wake-Up Call: The Maclin Scare


It was virtually the same sequence.

Jeremy Maclin accelerated down the right sideline, planted, and got his foot caught in the turf. He crumpled to the ground and immediately grabbed for his right knee.

“It was an awkward fall. Very similar to kind of what I did last year with the knee going straight into the ground like that,” said Maclin. “I really didn’t feel anything. My momentum had stopped because I couldn’t run anymore because my leg was stuck in the ground.

“It brought back flashbacks of how it happened.”

Similar thoughts shot through his teammates’ minds.

“I was on the other side of the field. I was super nervous,” said Riley Cooper. “All the bad stuff was going through my head. I was just, ‘No, not again.’ I just felt so sorry for him. I go, ‘No, this can’t be happening.’

“I was freaking out kind of,” added Jason Kelce. “Well, you’re not freaking out. You’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ The first thing you think of obviously, or at least the first thing I thought of was, ‘Oh no, not again. Hopefully this isn’t another torn ACL.’

After a minute or two on the ground, Maclin got up and shot a smile to his teammates as he walked off the field on his own. (“My boy’s alright,” thought Cooper.) In one moment it looked like the receiver was lost for the season. The next he was back in the game, having missed just one play.

He went back in for the next offensive series and finished with a game-high six catches for 43 yards. Cooper theorized that what Maclin felt was scar tissue breaking up, saying that he had a similar experience following his shoulder surgery. Whatever it was, it rattled the receiver. But it also seemed to serve a purpose.

“You need that type of stuff,” said Maclin. “I remember the story about Jamaal Jackson when he was coming back from his ACL. He had something that happened to him when he got rolled up the back and he was shook a little bit but after that they said everything just kind of took off from him.”

All eyes have been on Maclin — and more specifically, his twice reconstructed right knee — this offseason. And there have been a few scares along the way. Like when he stayed on the ground for an extended period of time after catching a touchdown pass in OTAs; or when he pulled himself out of practice on multiple occasions in training camp, limping to the sidelines. Friday’s incident was another reminder that the Eagles have a lot riding on a wideout coming off a significant surgery. Despite some tense moments, it looks like he will exit the preseason healthy.

“I think all that was,” said Maclin, “was reassurance that everything is in tact and everything is fine.”


“I don’t know what he’s battling, but obviously you’ve gotta make a field goal like that.” On Alex Henery and the kicker situation. 

Sheil’s instant observations from Friday’s 31-21 win over the Steelers.

LeSean McCoy exited with a thumb injury but x-rays were negative.

Ohio State apparently wants to be the Philadelphia Eagles of college football.”

Brandon Boykin missed the game with a hamstring injury.

Kapadia’s latest 53-man roster projection. 


Reuben Frank believes big things could be in store this year for Brandon Graham.

OK, crazy prediction — Graham gets 10½ sacks this year. I know, I know … he’s a 4-3 defensive end playing out of position in a scheme he isn’t suited for. All I know is every time he’s on the field he gets to the quarterback. The Eagles have five sacks this preseason, and he has two of them. Trent Cole is the only player the Eagles have drafted in the last 20 years to record 10 sacks in a season for the Eagles. I’ve got Graham doing it this year. I don’t care if he only plays 20 snaps a game. Seriously.

 Jeff McLane on an improved effort by the defense.

Getting off the field on third down was a struggle in the first two preseason games. Opposing offenses converted 20 of 32 opportunities against all three units. It was a problem last season, when the Eagles finished 24th in the league in opposing third-down success rate.

But the first-team defense forced Pittsburgh to punt on 3 of 5 third downs and was given the night off late in the first half without surrendering a point in an eventual 31-21 victory. The results were mixed when the Eagles were in their dime defense, which was mostly fielded to counter the Steelers’ five-receiver sets.


More reaction from the game.

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  • Kleptolia

    If the Eagles play both sides of the ball in the regular season like they did last night, they will be a juggernaut.
    It was interesting to see some run stunts and a few blitzes. I think they ran more blitzes vs. Pittsburgh than in the previous 2 games combined.
    It was also cool to see that there were a few rush/zone schemes on the D-line. Brandon Bair’s deflection happened on one of those. I also saw Bair sliding over to pick up a tight end on another play. Ben was holding on to the ball longer than usual as a result of these defensive ploys.
    As expected, the linebackers were making plays, but it was the D-line holding their points that made those plays possible. The depth on the D-line is impressive. The starters are great and the backups are solid. I hope Curry can be found some playing time somewhere. I think Azz will find something for him to do.
    The starting secondary is good, but Fletcher needs to watch his hands. Carrol can cover. Jenkins is fun to watch. He knows what he’s doing back there. The unit as a whole could tighten up just a little, but that will probably happen with a little more game experience. Curtis Marsh will not get that game experience. Poor guy. I feel bad for him; he just can’t get his head around to look for the ball. Roc Carmichael will be gone soon, as well.

    On offense, all the QBs were good. The worst pass of the night was Barkley’s pick, which was nullified anyway.
    Sanchez looked ok.
    Foles is so good. I like his play at QB more and more all the time, and I wasn’t down on it to begin with. His timing with the receivers is getting closer to what it was last year.
    Thank goodness Maclin is ok. The receiving corps is a bit thin after you get past the starters. Cooper showed why he’s important. He was a bit rusty, but warmed up after a bit. Matthews is going to be a good rookie. I especially liked seeing his blocks on the outside runs and screens.
    How many running backs will be kept? I didn’t see anybody who looked unworthy back there. I love Josey for the zone read scheme. (PS: that holding call on Will Murphy which negated Josey’s touchdown was a joke.) T(r)ucker is a much-needed power player at the goal line. Barner looked like he was back at Oregon, except for his first touch, which was bad. His fumble on the kickoff was a bad decision. He was looking downfield early.
    I love Sproles.
    Shady is Shady and that’s all there is.

    The TEs are just ridiculous. I still say Celek’s helmet is afraid of Celek’s head, because his head is large and made of heavy material. Ertz’s hands apparently secrete some sort of sap because the ball sticks to them. His adjustment on that ball thrown behind him was a great catch. Trey Burton’s catch of a MARK SANCHEZ pass was pretty!

    Finally, the O-line is the most important part of the offense and the Eagles are STACKED. They were moving as one man on every play last night. The starters are probably one of the top 3 units in the league. At that point, who is 1,2, or3 becomes a moot point. What’s really crazy is how good the second team looked. They get on blocks and stay on them. I only saw a couple of missed blocks and they were near the end of the game.

    As good as this game looked, it was still only a preseason game. I don’t know that the Eagles will play like this in the regular season. Nonetheless, it is obvious that they have an abundance of young talent up and down the roster and schemes on both sides of the ball to utilize it.
    Should be an entertaining season.
    ….as long as they never need to kick a field goal.

    • DuckHunterSThompson

      Geagle? Is that you? I thought they banned you and memorialized it by adding that comment disclaimer :)

      • cliff h-MOAR white goons

        nawh, it not a cut and paste from 5 other half page posts. Johnny can write some novels.

      • Token

        Thats what I was thinking last night. Certainly related to Geagle at least.

      • southy

        too good a command of English and the common keyboard for that

        • Kleptolia

          Why, thank you!

    • jay ray

      Foles was so good, and Sanchez was just “OK”. Look, I know Foles is the future and we all have high hopes. But Sanchez played a little bit more than OK. He’s done his job and then some thus far. Let’s give him some love.

      • Kleptolia

        I think you just haven’t seen some of my other posts.
        It’s sort of a running joke for me.

  • UKEagle99 à l’orange

    A wake up call up in time for my first coffee at work, you guys are just spoiling me now! Made my day :)

  • DuckHunterSThompson

    Oh no, not again.

  • NickS, Combine Warrior

    “How did you mean ‘boy,’ Cooper?”

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      should’ve read, oh well…great minds think alike

  • NickS, Combine Warrior

    Where’s Token? Wanna know how bad the game looked.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      only negative was Logan.

      • MediaMike

        Luckily we have Beau Allen in the mix at NT so he can hold down the fort until Logan is more healthy and comfortable.

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          yup. Eagles are deep. rather see an elite guy, or 2, pop, but for now i’ll be happy seeing depth. injuries will happen.

    • Token

      Posted my thoughts last night. Think on the gameday thread

      • NickS, Combine Warrior

        There’s 500+ comments I’m not digging through. Recap?

        • Token

          Yippie! Basically.

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    Cooper cant stop, did he just call Mac ‘boy’

  • TNA

    RB: at this point, why not put Polk and Huff on the IR list and have them come back after the bye week?

    Having the option to play dime on passing downs is a good thing. Should be better with CW and BB. To me, BB is still a wild card. He’s a playmaker, but if you watch last year’s games, he takes some bad angles and gets a little lost in space. Of course Jenkins will hopefully make sure the assignments are more clear.

    When the OL plays well, the Eagles have a great chance at winning. There are just too many good skill players on offense to stop. But Foles needs time to get the ball in the hands of those skill players. I like what Sanchez has done, but he has always had the reputation of being a great preseason player…I’m curious if he will be as efficient under pressure moments. But with the temperature and expectations low, he looks awesome right now.

    I think opposing defenses will have no option but to focus on Shady and the TEs in the seams/intermediate areas. That should hopefully give Mac and Cooper more time to get downfield outside the hash marks with single man coverage. The high safety is going to have to pick his poison but I bet will focus on stopping the TEs more. It all really comes back to the OL and giving Foles more time than most QBs get. Which is why I think the Eagles are going to see a lot of blitzes this year. And also why I think the big plays for this season are going to come more from YAC than deep bombs like last year. Double triple stack?!?

    • JosephR2225

      For what it’s worth, if you place a player on IR he is done for the year and can’t come back. There is an IR-Designation to Return, but it’s only available for one player per team per season, and requires the player to remain on IR for eight weeks.

  • Soybot

    My favorite part of last night was watching our 2’s and 3’s hold up very well against the Steeler’s starters. I am afraid, however, that this is more a reflection on the Steelers than the Eagles.

    • Eagles1018…Please no more du

      I thought the same thing. It’s our usually pessimistic eagles fan mind set. Or is it?…….

      • Ahhh…. Eagles fans. “Agonizing over every win since 19…”

    • MediaMike

      The Steelers, due to their poor cap management, essentially have a roster devoid of talent after their front line players.

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    good to see MSmith2 look much better. no doubt he had a rough game against NE, but that man can move, improved on setting edge and had couple nice rushes. rookies struggle, will be inconsistant. sure Pitt is crushing Shazier, he was steamrolled in 3 straight runs.

    • Eagles4Life

      If he had gotten a halfway decent jam on Antonio Brown off the line on that one play, he would’ve had him strapped. Guy is athletic.

    • Kleptolia

      Shazier got stiff armed to the ground by Maehl. Maehl gives up about 40 pounds to him.

      • cliff h-MOAR white goons

        one run, not sure if there’s a term worse than pancake, but he got pushed to ground and stepped on. he’ll be fine out in coverage, but is a joke against the run. that on top of drafting Jarvis Jones, who might be worse against the run.

        • Kleptolia

          Maybe call that “applesauced”? I dunno…

  • Token

    My 53. I know you have been waiting for it.

    QB (3)- Foles, Sanchez, GJ Kinne…. Trade Barkley for a 6th.
    RB (3)- Shady, Sproles, Tucker, Josey

    WR (6)- Maclin, Cooper, Matthews, Smith, Huff, FA after cuts… Huff prolly goes on PUP so Maehl would stay til hes back

    TE (3) – Celek, Ertz, Casey(horrible contract)

    OL (8) – Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, LJ, Barbre, Tobin, Molk

    DL (7) – Cox, Allen(Starting NT), Thornton, Logan, Curry, Hart, Bair (Dont like hes 30 but its not like you keep Kruger or Square instead)

    OLB (6) – Cole, Barwin, Graham, Smith, Braman, Long

    ILB (3) – Kendricks, Ryans, Goode

    CB (5) – Williams, Fletch, Boykin, Watkins, Carroll

    S (5)- Jenkins, Allen, Wolff, Maragos, Reynolds

    ST (3) – Dorenbos, Jones, Not Henery. Go with a young replacement like the Buff kid.

    Only 2 ST aces I think.

    • JosephR2225

      Huff isn’t eligible for the PUP list.

    • MediaMike

      I just looked at who you had to cut and realize that I want to keep about 58 guys this year.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      dont like Barkley either, but that isnt happening. Kinne cant play at NFL level. not worth the risk and doubt mb is even getting 6th
      WR that doesnt suck, Cunningham. He should have been getting looks over Momah. that experiment has to end. Maehl too. he isnt athletic enough
      due to suspension, can actually carry 55, long and LJ need 4 week replacements. but all and all, say it’s going to be as close as anyone’s 53. Reynolds might get phantom injury.

      • Token

        My thought was how many 3rd QBs are NFL worthy? If they could get anything at all for Bark Id trade him and just put Kinne in that spot. If they cant get anything then im fine with him at 3. Forgot about the suspensions.

        WR I didnt know what to make of it. They seem to REALLY want Momah to make it. Hes just not good. Cunningham makes a play here and there but seemingly doesnt get much of a real chance. Momah was with the starters last game for god sake. Maehl isnt a NFL player, but he is from Oregon so I gave him the nod. I suspect there will be guys cut that are better then what we have here at the #5 or 6 slot.

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          yeah, i wouldnt go nutz if they traded him, or held onto him. 2 guys i’m not trading, Graham and Curry. Curry may not work in base, and that’s fine if it gets teams in 3rd and long…then bring in Curry, move Cole or Graham down, and send Kendricks on some twists. it’s not like Davis wants to 2-gap on 3rd and longs.

        • Aussie Eagle

          We’ll need Barkley next year once Sanchez signs somewhere to be a starter. He only has a one year deal right?

    • Ty

      gotta keep bark. I think polk is better than tucker. huff will be ir or on 53 man. “LJ” will not be on the roaster till his suspension is up.

      • Token

        I really hope they dont IR Huff. They may need him at some point. Even if hes not ready hes gotta be better then a guy like Maehl. And hes my KR. So just put him out the first 6 weeks and go from there.

        • Ty

          I don’t think they will NEED him but I think it will help us out in the long run if he is on the final 53 and get to practice and at the very least return kicks. does he return punts too?

    • Man… we are way too light at ILB, Gotta agree with most of your roster. Particularly the Kruger/Square bit.

      • Token

        Well its been written here that they really love Long and hes been playing ILB also. So theres your #4 ILB. Im comfortable with Goode as the first backup ILB until proven otherwise.

    • I almost agree 100%. Remember, they get to carry 1 more guy while LJ is out; I think it is Acho. Also good to see Long play pretty well, at least a much better option that lessermatthews at the swing LB position.
      I don’t think a FA WR makes 53 in 2 weeks, especially a guy another team cuts in first or 2nd wave. That’s a difficult position to learn in this offense. Worst-case, if none of the Benn/Maehl/Momah trio stick, I’d assume Cunningham and Pratt are in fight for spot. I think a FA comes in and makes PS at best

      [edit]: I also had Reynolds on the PS in my 53, but could not see who to keep that you left off. then remembered: the backup LT Gardner.

      • Token

        Benn is injured again. Gotta cut ties with that guy. Hes a Polk. Just never can trust him to be on the field. Cunningham seems to be a better option then Maehl or Momah. But I dont know that he actually has a chance.

        • Benn’s hurt? did not know. agree, in that case.
          I’m not big on Cunningham. Been around for years, never really showed much. I’d take Pratt over him. But think they keep Huff active 53, and Smith, just go with the 5.

          • Token

            Yea I think they said Benn got a head injury.

          • MagatBrackendale

            Yes, but not whether he had a headache or micro brain surgery.

      • Warhound KnowsHstryWarts&All

        Acho may be worthy but will they really start the season with only seven on the OL? Yeah, Gardner to start and only 9DBs……

  • boy, I sure hope all the doom and gloom preseason fans show up this week.

    • MediaMike

      I’m sure they can hyper focus on Cooper and Henery this week.

      • and Reynolds/Maragos. Although I think Maragos had more hits on the WR than Chung did all last year. They’re ok in my book, as long as they’re not going up against Heath Miller and Antonio Brown regularly.

    • Kleptolia

      Here I am! I take back everything!

  • MediaMike

    Reuben Frank is a thin-skinned femimine hygene product of a human being who cannot stand any disagreement with his POV. Terrible reporter / host / twitter character.

    • William Rhodes

      But he has such great taste in music as he likes to remind people constantly.

      • MediaMike

        Yes, but quoting artists nobody ever goes to see and/or tracks that nobody likes from famous artists.

  • MediaMike

    Did anybody else get upset at Foles after Celek toasted Troy P on that route near the end zone, but Foles missed him? Palamalu is very weak in 1 on 1 coverage and I get VERY tired of Steelers fans trying to claim he’s as good as, and sometimes even better than, Dawkins and Ed Reed.

    • he was great for a few years, but got hurt. I hate the steelers, but real recognize real.

      • MediaMike

        he was great, I agree. Just not at the Dawk / Reed level.

        • no doubt. Living in Bmore, it was fighting words to hear people put Polamalu on Reed’s level. Reed and Lewis were probably the best LB/S duo I’ll see in my life

          • MediaMike

            I still remember screaming and cursing at the TV when the Ravens took Reed two picks ahead of us………..and we got Lito instead.

          • macadood

            I liked lito. My favorite lito moment, sorry for the piss poor quality:


            Certainly no Ed Reed though…

        • NickS, Combine Warrior

          I’m as big of a Dawk fan as any, but I’d never put him OVER Troy.

    • jay ray

      yeah, throw was just a tick off. had a couple of those. They’ll get it right. and it’ll be glorious.

      • MediaMike

        I’m looking forward to Foles dropping a few TDs over DRC that way this year.

        • JosephR2225

          Not as much as I’m looking forward to them sending a pulling Jason Peters in DRC’s direction.

          • This. Man… it would be a beautiful thing.

          • MediaMike

            Why would a pulling Jason Peters chase DRC away from the designed play of the run and out of bounds where DRC would be hiding to avoid contact?

          • JosephR2225

            Just for comedic value.

      • Mike

        There were four or five throws last night where Foles led the receiver by about six inches too much, but the ball placement on most of them was good (not a pickable pass). I just hope he doesn’t throw too many of those over-the-middle ones like Celek’s, where he had to stretch and expose his body to make the catch. A few more of those, and he’ll have to deal with broken ribs.

    • bsn

      At this point, Polamalu is over rated. His legend is better than he is. I once read an article where they compared Dawkins to him, as if Dawkins hadn’t been doing it way before Polamalu came in the league. Everybody watches the perfectly timed sack where he jumps over the offensive line but they forget him getting beat one on one and whiffing on open field tackles.

      • peteike

        no way, dude was a beast for many years just think its slowed down a tad now. Different kind of player, great ball hawk by all accounts. He still has some speed side to side for sure but not quite like he used to.

        • NickS, Combine Warrior

          Yeah, it’s kind of silly when people take the Troy from the last 2-3 years and use that as the way to describe his career, forgetting that he was arguably the best safety in the league for the rest of his career along with Ed Reed.

  • — Good to see Foles get extended time with NFL WRs. Said it a lot last night, but overall his decision making looked GREAT. The missed throws early on were timing issues, but they were all in “safe” spots (no ducks over middle, no bad throwaways like Big Ben to NCthe2). Maclin, Matthews, and Coop are a perfectly good, respectable 1-3 group, considering the TEs and RBs we have on this team

    — the screen game may be even more devastating this year. I mean, Chip was just having fun out there. Misdirection/double screens? unbalanced lines and 2 TEs? WRs blocking downfield? I was giddy watching the McCoy TD play unravel, as Todd and Kelce barreled downfield towards those DBs. Almost felt bad for them.

    — Burton, Pratt, Kruger, and Reynolds are all PS material IMO. Maragos looked better at present, as does Bair.

    — Sanchez looks great. Barkley better than last year. Would have been terrifying going into year with just Foles, I’d feel at least ok if Sanchez had to play. Easily one of the best backup QB situations in football.

    — OL and DL depth look better to me than at start of TC. Really hope Lane can step in after suspension and dominate, Barbre needs to play as little as possible at T. But Gardner and Tobin reassure me a little. And DK looks pretty good at G. Molk was a very underrated signing

    — NCthe2 was a great pickup. Watkins should improve as the year goes on, I think he was a great mid-round pick. Wolff is far and away most athletic safety, makes a few plays every game that make me sit up straight to watch the replay

    — think Davis will have much better luck scheming pressure this year vs. last. Better DBs, more comfortable ILBs within scheme to bring pressure in A gap and around edge. We pulled off a few good stunts to get guys in unblocked. Kendricks may just be reaching potential.

    • Token

      Kendricks was the star last night. What a performance.

      Foles could have had even a better night if Cooper catches some balls. Then he overthrew a wide open Celek. Id like to hear what Foles is like on the field. Just watching on TV he looks like a deer in the headlights at the line but then makes a play. Guess he just has a goofy neutral face. He was getting it out pretty well last night.

      Barbre is a worry

      • Adam G

        Wow. YOU are praising Kendricks. Somebody hijack this account?

        • Token

          Im telling ya, I was really happy with him last night. Ive said before, I really wanted him coming out of Cal. But then he got here and IMO has been not very good. He just looks lost too often and misses tackles, bad angles. It would be awesome if he could finally have it click mentally. He could be the LB weapon they need if he could play near that level with consistency. But it is preseason so we will just have to see how this goes.

          • Amar, CB who bought in

            You been hangin out with Colinsworth lately ?

      • Barbre is a worry. I wonder if Tobin gets in there before week 4.

        • Token

          Not that I watch him every play, but Herremans seems to be off to a much better start this year. Thats good news. Barbre is a solid guard fill in. But I dont like what I see with him at tackle. Teams see this film. Hes gonna probably get abused early in the year.

      • I think that was the ceiling we’ve always heard about with Kenricks. He was our unicorn, sasquatch, dragon…the talent we only imagined we’d luck into drafting. Tales emerged year after year in practice and camp. Crazy feats of strength and grit.

        Boy, if he plays like that this year…..

        Also, how about Meco setting the tone? That may have been my favorite penalty flag ever.

        • Kleptolia

          I, too, loved Kendricks’ play.
          But I’m never a fan of helmet hits on defenseless guys. Just can’t get to that point, even if I understand it’s a message being sent.

          • B-West

            Meco definitely led with his shoulder into Bell’s chest. One of the replays showed that pretty well. The helmet contact was more incidental from Bell’s chest caving in, throwing his helmet forward.

          • The helmet contact was more incidental from Bell’s chest caving in


          • Kleptolia

            Well, there’s the explanation of why I thought it was a helmet to helmet. I didn’t pick that up.
            My fault.

          • B-West

            All good, I mainly wanted to write a post breaking down Meco caving in a guy’s chest. Haha.

          • macadood

            Wasn’t really helmet to helmet imo, was a nice clean hit. Hit him in the shoulderpads.

          • Kleptolia

            Ah, I saw the replay and I still thought it was a helmet hit. I might not have been paying close enough attention to the replay.

        • Token

          The physical talent has never been a question. But it is if he would even click mentally and be able to just let it flow. If hes at that point then hes dangerous.
          Yea I think you take that flag especially early in a game. Clean hit from what I saw. But you just cant do that anymore. I still dont get what you are supposed to do. Make sure the guy catches it, tucks it and then hit him?

          I laughed out loud and Jenkins shoulder tackle on the RB. Bounced right off him. Wrap up Mike. But then he made that nice break up later on to save face.

        • Jason

          Kendricks is still 23, that is what I can’t believe. Feels like he should be 27.

        • MagatBrackendale

          It wasn’t really a penalty, either. Hit a fraction of a second after the ball arrived (well, almost arrived) and his hands were closed and “inside”.

        • Warhound KnowsHstryWarts&All

          My favorite penalty flag ever was on the ‘Skins first play from scrimmage in the body-bag game. Andre Waters set the tone when he hit John Riggins (?) way out of bounds for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

      • also, re: Foles– he’s like a technocrat in politics. Everyone always hates them. Never understand them. Want them replaced as soon as possible. and never appreciate the job they do

        • Token

          He just makes me feel uneasy. It shows his face at the line and its worrisome lol. But then he a lot of the time makes a good throw so like I said thats just how the guy looks. Kinda goofy out there. Id like to see a bit more energy out of the guy. But thats not his style.

          • and yet, every player and coach go out of their way to describe him as the “lead-by-example” type of leader and a fiery competitor. weird. guess he’s a nut in the locker room?

          • Token

            I just want to hear him on the field. For all I know he was calling Cooper an Ahole for his drops last night. There are different types of leaders. I think your QB has to be willing to take charge on the field. Im not saying thats not Foles, I dont know that.

          • Say No to Marc Mo From Easton

            I’m with you on this. I just want to hear him lead. Get him mic’d up in the hud… wait, we don’t huddle :-) … Seriously though, I want to hear him on the sidelines talking to his lineman or receivers when the D is on the field. I believe he has some moxy that we just haven’t been made privy to yet. The dude is, by all accounts, tough as nails. I doubt he’s a softie around his peers.

          • peteike

            I was liking him getting on Cooper for missing that one route when he went inside instead of outside. He looked kind of intense for once. I dont care about at the line, I dont even notice, hes loud enough to make the calls is all that matters there.

      • Wilbert31

        Every year you need a couple guys to step up from the previous year. Kendricks fills that slot! Love it!

      • Amar, CB who bought in

        I agree with Token on Kendricks. (There’s a first)
        He played like a man possessed. Great awareness. Foles still does not look as sharp as he was last season.
        And finally we saw a pass rush. Billy, please think about playing Vinny, Graham on every down.

        • Token

          That missed pass to Celek was bad. But there were some nice throws by Foles that were dropped last night too.

      • Adam

        The only thing that comforts me about Barbre is that Lane was pretty bad for the first 4 games last year and the offense still did pretty well. At least we’re not losing LJ for the whole season, and we got lucky with a few injuries/suspensions for the first few games until he comes back.

    • B-West

      Good stuff here. I really took notice of the downfield blocking from WRs last night, too. That, plus they repped the WR screen where half the line pulls out and it’s just a melee of traffic for the WR to choose an alley. Not to rehash old stuff, but those two things were not anywhere near D-Jax’ wheelhouse.

      I liked what I saw from Burton last night, hopefully he sticks around on the PS.

      Our second team o-line was slaughtering the Pitt starters in the 3rd quarter. And Bair and Allen are all over the place. Definitely agree with the line depth.

      As for the defense, I think last night Billy Davis did a little bit of the scheming this defense is going to depend on. And if versatile OLBs means setting Kendricks loose to go after the QB, sign me up for more. I think Big Ben had an off night which helped the defense, but there was definitely an uptick in QB pressure. This team will be built around the offense, but as long as the D can generate a little bit of pressure, they’ll be just fine on that side of the ball.

      • on passing downs, we’ve said enough about Graham and Curry. I like them both, Curry seems a lock and I’m still torn on Graham.
        But Jenkins can actually play the role envisioned for Chung; he’s had success as a rusher in the past, and had some really solid coverage plays last night when tasked.
        the thing is, even if Barwin and Cole don’t get home, they’re commanding blockers. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a huge problem if an unblitzed rush doesn’t succeed. But having Kendricks fly through the hole or around the edge sure does help.
        And if it frees Cox, Curry, or Allen/Logan for a 1v1 rush situation, they all seem more than capable to win their share of battles. Cox is still not at full man strength, and commanded plenty of attention last night

        • Kleptolia

          That’s exactly how this scheme should work. Each man controls his space and allows the guys around him to get to the ball.
          I always liked the 4/3 until I figures out the concept of the 2gap 3/4.

        • B-West

          I might rewatch some of the game to get a better feel for Fletcher. I’ve been dissapointed in his preseason thus far. Maybe he is getting doubled and I’m not noticing it. I think they’ve been rotating in the depth to evaluate those guys a lot, too.

        • peteike

          sweet reach by Jenkins getting to that one pass, didnt look like he could possibly get there

      • Amar, CB who bought in

        Did you see how Maclin chickened out of a block on a run play ?
        At this point I’m not complaining though. I think the article on BGN about Maclin’s toughness might not be too far off.

        • B-West

          I must’ve missed both the block and the article on BGN. That was Maclin with his corner locked up like 20 yards down the field on the screen pass TD, tho. Maclin has seriously annoyed me in the past when he pulls up on a route over the middle, but I typically see him being a willing blocker.

          By the way, given the state of the NFL today, I’d call Polamalu’s hit on Maclin at the goaline of that screen pass TD a bit unnecessary, maybe even a hair dirty.

    • Amar, CB who bought in

      Your blog could be in line with Chipwagon and Igglesblitz.
      I would put you against Tim and Sheil as this is their day job and I don’t believe you have the level of access they have.

  • Waffles


    1) Offense looked good. Foles needs to get his touch back. A few of his screen passes were off target. Shady saved him with a great catch on the TD screen.
    2) Really like Josey and hope he tears it up in game 4.

    3) The NFL is absolutely blowing it with these illegal contact/defensive holding penalties. If a WR gets mugged, that’s one thing, but a DB unintentionally grazing a WR should not be a penalty. They are taking it too far and it is ruining the game.

    4) I have been calling for Henery to get cut for years now. Dude is a clown and has no business being an NFL kicker. As much as we rip on kickers, it is a crucial position and would make the team so much better if we had a guy that was automatic from every distance on the field.
    5) Eagles still need to be better on third down defense and still need to develop a pass rush.

    • aub32

      If you have been calling for Henery to be cut for years now, then you should not be speaking on the matter. He had a down 2013. However, his rookie season was good and he was one of the few if not the only player having a really good season in 2012. Kickers are often up and down. Suisham missed 2 FGs all of last year and had a terrible shank last night. Best to let Henery play through it.

      • OldDuckMcDoc

        Agreed with most of this up until the last line. I’m not convinced Henerey’s good enough to justify letting him play through it.

        We shouldn’t just cut him out of spite or anything but we should certainly be doing everything we can to find a viable upgrade.

      • RIP illa

        His rookie season was good due mostly to Reid coddling him and trying to do his best to keep him out of high pressure, long range, and/or difficult situations. With the exception of one play where he rushed him out to attempt a 60 harder with seconds to go, right before the 1/2 ended. Even last year, Chip did not show the upmost faith in him. 2 coaches in a row, seems like the book has been written and read about this guy. If a coach has to hold his hand, so to speak, then that guy’s probably not ready or that good…despite his favorably deceiving stat line!

  • new government ad campaign, retro 90’s:

    This Is Your Brain On Drugs

    • B-West

      He might be able to use this in his appeal for his inevitable suspension… Look Mr. Goodell, I’ve already suffered some punishment, just take a look at this vine here.

  • Kleptolia

    It’s humorous that McLane mentions the forced hurry of Rothkisberger’s pass which ended in an interception and then says: “other than that, the Eagles pass rush was absent.”
    I’m pretty sure I saw some other QB hurries in that game…

  • aub32

    Did anyone else notice how awful the game coverage on NFLN was last night? There were times where Warner was just talking about things that had nothing to do with the game. I couldn’t even catch the penalties because he wouldn’t shut up. I hope he’s not doing their regular season Thursday Night commentary.

    • peteike

      I though Kurt was better than the other guy though who sounds like Scott van pelt. Maybe just because I respect Warner and like some of the angles hes coming with. Im guessing this is where some of these guys work on their chops. Then again I was fast forwarding on DVR so didnt sit through it like a normal telecast. I didnt have time to get annoyed.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      awful listening to a color guy refusing to give his opinion too. the one on Ike Taylor in endzone was insane. WR had back to play, stopped route and Ike put his hand on his hip. if that was reg season and against Eags, I’d probably have to take a walk around the block

    • UncleCarm

      All these pre-season announcers do that. They rarely say who made the tackle, who got burnt, who the penalty was on (sometimes they don’t even say there was a penalty). In pre-season there are a lot of players numbers we don’t know yet and they should realize that and help out the viewer. It doesn’t matter who wins these games, but it does matter how individuals play.

      • MagatBrackendale

        Some of the people used on preseason broadcasts don’t do live action TV regularly and they also don’t have every training camp player’s number memorized on every team.

  • ION Eagles

    First thing that came to my mind when I saw Maclin’s knee hyper-extended was that he should have taken the long-term deal. Glad he was okay in the end, but that was unsettling, at best.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      yup. not to bring up a sore subject, but that’s why I think we’ll get Curry and Boykin thru ’16. they take a buyout of ’15s rookie sals, cash in and push FA back 1 yr. these guys know all to well you are 1 blown knee from losing huge payday.
      on Mac, doubt the long term contract was anything more than an Eagles friendly series of 1 yr contracts.

  • peteike

    That step was napolean dynamite awkward esp for a pro athlete, cmon Mac hold it together