Notes: Henery Misses the Mark

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Alex Henery got one opportunity on Friday night, and missed badly. His 47-yard attempt in the second quarter never had a chance, sailing wide right.

“You’ve got to make 47-yarders in this league,” said Chip Kelly afterwards.

Henery made seven of 10 kicks between 40 and 49 yards last season. He had only one miss from that range over the previous two seasons.

Is Kelly confident that Henery is the answer at the kicker position?

“Yeah, I’m confident in Alex,” he replied. “But again, we’ve got to convert in games, too. I’ve been real excited with him in practice and I think he’s worked on some things with Coach [Dave] Fipp in terms of placing the ball on kickoffs better and hitting things as we’ve gone through training camp, but we also have to do it in the game.”

What Cary Williams told Bill Belichick

With the week of competition against New England over, Cary Williams reached out to Bill Belichick after the game to apologize for calling the head coach and the Patriots organization “cheaters.”

“It was just mutual respect between two guys. Coach Belichick respected me and I respected him. I respect the organization and I told him I was sorry for the words I had said. That was just pure emotion and sometimes you say things that you don’t really think about. That was a  situation where, playing these guys in the playoffs, you kind of develop a hate for them and you try to use anything to get your mind going and get going. In that situation I could have chosen my words a little bit wiser,” he said.

“But it is mutual respect and we were able to come together and tell him I was sorry. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the organization and him as a GM and head coach. He just said there were no hard feelings and he appreciated the comments I made this week. It was just two guys  respecting each other and understanding there is some history there. It is not necessarily bad blood but the spirit of competition. I said some things that I wish I could take back.”

Checking in on special teams

We know that Kelly is looking for impact special teams players to fill out the bottom of the roster. Makes sense, then, to look at how many snaps guys competing for a roster spot are seeing on specials. Some to consider from Friday night:

Casey Matthews 22
Jason Phillips 20
Roc Carmichael 18
Brandon Graham 14
Ed Reynolds 11
Curtis Marsh 11
Arrelious Benn 10
Damaris Johnson 9
Travis Long 7
Emil Igwenagu 6
Emmanuel Acho 4
Ifeanyi Momah 4

— If Matthews is to make the roster over Acho, it will be because of special teams. Could Phillips make it over both of them?

— Carmichael hasn’t distinguished himself at cornerback. Would they consider holding onto him just for special teams?

— Benn came up with a blocked punt and added a touchdown catch (courtesy of Momah) Friday night. That will help his case.

— Momah didn’t make it onto the kickoff coverage unit until the latter stages of the game. He did, though, play a game-high 42 snaps on offense.

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  • JosephR2225

    Let’s please not keep Roc Carmichael around just for special teams plays like this:

    • Addicted2MAmula

      This hurst

      • Andy Six Score and Four

        You spell ‘hurts’ like Roc downs punts.

    • Chuck Dougherty

      thanks..I can taste my breakfast again…

    • damrvrhunter

      It is really fun watching it with a public wifi where the action is slowed to 1/10th speed. At that rate you are never sure until the very end if it is going to turn out to be a great play or not. Awesome find. I LOLed so hard at the end.

      • Jack Waggoner

        Heh I’m on a public Wi-Fi as well.

      • dnabrice

        And his game just got better and better that night. I think Brees noticed this play and realized where he should go with the ball the rest of the game.

    • airgreen7

      Brandon was really hot with Roc…lol!

    • Eaglehaslanded

      LOL…that is just a classic epic Roc Carmichael screw up!

  • Eagles4Life

    Please say no to Casey Matthews. I also have no idea as to why we continue to trifle with Alex Henery as our kicker.

    • D-Von Funk

      If Casey wasn’t a former Duck, does anyone truly believe he’d still be on our roster? Being one of “Chip’s Guys” clearly has its benefits (see also: Maehl, Jeff).

      • CSpangler

        Why are so many Eagles fans retarded? Matthews is an above avg special tms player. Yes, he’s not a starting LB however as a 4th rd pick he has turned into a fine ST player. Why we have to continue to harp on certain guys who play limited minutes is beyond me.

        • D-Von Funk

          Funny, for a guy who’s supposedly this special teams ace (that’s the party line, right?) I rarely see him make any impact plays in that department. Also, it’s not like our coverage units have been stellar these past few years, and he’s our biggest contributor. I’d rather keep guys on this roster that can play if pressed into action. Casey has shown he cannot, to this point.

          But no, retarded is an apt descriptor of anyone who disagrees with your sentiments. Good job. I suppose you have a defense of Maehl, too? Another one of our key special teamers…

    • Matt

      Because he is a decent kicker. Enough said.

  • Token

    Henery still being here is a failure on Howies part.

    • was never a serious competition. “murderleg” was a wasted roster spot. should have used it on an extra camp RB or CB.

      • Andy Six Score and Four

        Was worth the roster spot just for the 2 days or weeks of murderleg posts. Good times.


        • OldDuckMcDoc

          YES. Very disappointed in the good Mr Colton for not recognising the glory of the Murderleg moniker. Can only assume he’s still pining for Kickalicious*.

          *Full disclosure – I’m pining for Kickalicious :(

          • Hey, I was as excited about murderleg as the next guy. he had it all except leg strength and accuracy.

            ***and Doc, how’d you like that Mohmah last night?

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            Hate ‘im! I’m right there with you on the Momah sucks train.

            The man can’t play football. I have no idea how “Height + Alleged 40 time = Upside!” became acceptable.

            Hang on, are you asking because I said something positive about the man? If I did, it was definitely drink-related.

          • no. just cause youre the only one I can crow to today. all the Mohmah supporters have gone into hiding.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            He’s terrible. I hate that height and 40 time have suddenly become the lone determinants of “upside”. I always thought an ability to play the game should count for something.

          • Wilbert31

            Who’s mohmah?

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            Pretty sure the real reason we let Jaccson go is because we know that Momah is a safe bet to replace his production and then some.

          • JofreyRice

            Our Momessiah gifted a touchdown to Arrelious “Ganesh” Benn.

          • Eaglehaslanded

            Not in hiding, he just have to finish the play by securing the catch. He showed the ability to repeatedly get open. Chip stated today that it’s important to get Momah more reps because the more reps he has gotten, the better he has become. Hey, Mathews dropped 3 passes last week and came back with a strong game Friday. I expect the same from Momah this upcoming week. We will see if he can bounce back. I’m still on the Mo-mentum train. All aboard…lol.

          • dnabrice

            Colton, I’ve been with you on the anti Momah train for a year, however, After watching him in practice, he is vastly better than he was last year. Nothing wrong with a guy being trash and working and, applying himself to get better. Yeah, he’s still not there, but I think he’s raised himself to PS in my mind.

          • Johnny Domino

            I hear Horst Muhlmann is looking for work.
            Check that, it turns out Horst is no longer signing.

  • Glenn

    Henery has to go. I am not basing my judgment on one bad kick in preseason. He is arguably the least reliable kicker in the entire league with kicks beyond 46-47 yards. And that is a glaring weakness, evidenced prominently in the Saints playoff game. He simply had little chance of kicking a 47 yard FG in the cold that night. His kickoff was horrible, and allowed Sproles to have a great return. He has attempted, as well as converted, the fewest 50 yard field goals of anyone in the league. That is not an accident or a fluke. The coaching staff knows he has a weak leg. Football outsiders has him consistently ranked in the bottom five with regards to field goal proficiency (not accuracy) and kickoffs the past three years. He has not made a truly clutch kick in his career, and has missed several. (Watch the SF game) You cannot simply look at his inflated career accuracy rate and say he is solid, any more than you can look at Ben Revere’s batting average and say he is a good hitter. I am not satisfied with the kicker position being a weakness on a playoff caliber team. The fact that there is nobody better is simply incorrect, as there are always opportunities to improve when you can.

    • kenkap


    • Jason

      Can you be unreliable if you know he is going to miss? My three biggest issues with the Eagles the last three years have been; Turnovers on Offense, can’t get off the field on third down and Henery missing kicks.

      • dnabrice

        Well last year solved the turnovers. (Vick isn’t here any more…) Hopefully 3rd down is resolved this year cause I don’t think Henery is going anywhere.

    • airgreen7

      If they were going to just bring someone off the street to compete with Henery then shouldn’t they have just picked up Harvard Rugland aka Kickalicious?

      • Glenn

        Rugland would have been better competition for Henery. Much better than Murderleg. Another situation that should be monitored is the Giants kicking competition. The “loser” would be an upgrade from Henery.

    • Matt

      Well you basing on one bad kick. He is not “arguable the least reliable kicker in the entire league with kicks beyond 46-47 yards”. He actually is pretty reliable from that range. The stats back it up.

      ANY kicker had a 50% change of making it on that cold night against the Saints. You can’t put that on him. Sproles’ return was the fault of the return team not Henery.

      He does not have a weak leg. That’s a myth not borne out by facts. If the coaching staff know that, why did they let him attempt a 60 yard FG last year?

      FO doesn’t know what they are talking about. Henery is average, not bottom 5. The SF game is not on him, but the defense. Akers missed two that game as well.

      You base you ideas on emotions, not facts. Because the facts say you are wrong.

  • Anebriated

    Said it during OTA’s. We need to bring in a guy like Rod Bironas. I would even take the return of David Akers over Henery right now.

    • OldDuckMcDoc

      Like all right thinking humans I’m a fully signed up member of the Henery Sucks Society but Bironas is not the answer. He’s 36, been unreliable beyond 40 the last two years and has somehow managed to out-suck Henery in touchback percentage last year. No thanks.

      • Anebriated

        Im sure the touchback difference(Henery’s 37 to Bironas’ 31) had nothing to do with the number of touchdowns the Eagles scored vs the Titans(leading to more kickoff attempts) and other factors that were out of his control. He still hit a higher % of his field goals and on a better team his numbers would probably look even better. Not saying he is THE answer but there arent many kickers available right now and Im not familiar with many of the young guys who are under the radar. All I know is he appears to be the best option available to bring in last minute.

        • OldDuckMcDoc

          Im sure the touchback difference(Henery’s 37 to Bironas’ 31) had nothing to do with the number of touchdowns the Eagles scored vs the Titans(leading to more kickoff attempts)

          Well, what I said does have absolutely nothing to do with that as I referenced touchback percentage, not the absolute number of touchbacks achieved. Being snarky when you have failed to read correctly is never wise.

          He still hit a higher % of his field goals and on a better team his numbers would probably look even better.

          1. Look at his stats over the last two years. 13 of 22 from beyond 40. That’s awful.

          2. No idea how being on a better team would make his numbers look better.

          All I know is he appears to be the best option available to bring in last minute.

          Which is why we still have Henery. Because the other options suck worse.

          • Anebriated

            If the only thing you want to look at is touchback % then I will concede the point. The numbers really werent all that different with Henery kicking off 88 times with 37 TBs and Bironas at 85 and 31. However Bironas had an average opponent starting field position of 23.7 to Henery’s 25.2.

            It could have something to do with more teams trying to run out of the endzone against the Titans than they did against the Eagles. Our STs was bad last year but the Titans were severely lacking talent to play on their ST units.

            I wouldnt mind bringing in McManus if he does get cut. Watched plenty of him kicking in the linc when he was at Temple. Not sure hes a long term answer though.

        • Puddle Pirate

          I think whoever loses out in the Giants kicking battle between Brown and McManus would be worth bringing in for a look. McManus could be a long term solution if he can show consistent accuracy. There’s no doubt about his leg strength. Keep an eye on him, if he doesn’t unseat Brown, I think he’s worth a look.

          I was on the Bironas band wagon until I saw his touch back numbers from last year. At this point, he’s probably not much of an upgrade over Henerey.

    • dnabrice

      Was Bironas on your fantasy team at some point?

      • Anebriated

        Probably. I play in 3 leagues and the guy has been in the league for a long time and used to have a cannon for a leg so chances are he was. Everyone is taking my comment here as me saying it has to be Bironas instead of “a guy LIKE Rob Bironas”. Bottom line is we need another kicker to push Henery. Don’t really care who it is.

    • Matt

      Well they we would be worse off.

  • Johnny Domino

    Kickalicious, for comic relief if nothing else.

  • Heemy224

    42 snaps for momah…I think the snaps are apart of Kelly trying hard to develop this guy. Experience is the best development tool. The organization really wants Momah to turn into a quality player. He’s Kelly’s prototype wideout. I think he makes the team….because if he’s on practice squad someone will snatch him up

  • Jerry Pomroy

    As far as Henery is concerned, I’m not going to give one of my three paragraph eulogies. Howie & his staff need to start doing some serious homework, like yesterday. I’m just not convinced & have zero faith in him at this point. ZERO!

  • RJ

    What is there to say about Henery that hasn’t been said already? He might make the short kicks, but if we’re in a situation where we need him to make a game winning kick from, say, 45 out, he hasn’t shown me (nor apparently many other Eagles fans) that he is capable of winning it. And against some of the stellar defenses this year we will face (pretty much the entire NFC West), that might be the difference between winning and losing.

    What are the options though? Bironas would be a nice add, but his age must concern Roseman and the gang. Akers? Same thing, and he’s older than Rob. It’s too bad they didn’t make a play for someone like Stephan Hauschka before Seattle kept him under wraps.

    • Matt

      That he hasn’t shown it is because you haven’t been watching, and the media have bought into the Myth.

      • RJ

        Yeah you’re right, I haven’t been watching. Because if I was I could clearly tell you the time he won us a game with a 45+ yard field goal. But guess what? It doesn’t exist. At least, not on the pro level and, not to this year anyway.

        But there is the chance for it in 2014…right?

        • Matt

          Then you need to look at Week 17 in 2013, when he won the game for them.

  • TNA

    Do kickers have different shoes like golf clubs?

    • Johnny Domino

      I think Tom Dempsey might have had a couple of different lofts.

  • Glenn

    Anyone else notice Brandon McManus, former Temple kicker, who is in the midst of a kicker battle with Josh Brown with the Giants? He kicked a 75 yarder in practice! His kickoffs routinely go beyond the endzone! The New York Times wrote about him in an article on August 2nd. He has already made 50, 47, and 46 yard FGs. No misses yet. McManus will be an NFL kicker, and a good one. The loser of that battle would be an upgrade over Henery. Hope Howie is paying attention!

    • Johnny Domino

      It would also help Tim justify sporting a “McManus #1” Eagle jersey.

    • DoctorRick

      I haven’t been following that battle but what you said makes sense.

      • Johnny Domino

        Choosing McManus might be an upgrade, I think Brown is a push.

        ETA: And I think the Giants may not choose wisely.