Foles Back To Old Form Against Pats

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Concerns with this team, there are a few. But at least the quarterback looked more like his 2013 self on Friday night.

After a shaky outing in Chicago in the preseason opener Nick Foles rebounded against the Patriots, going 8-of-10 for 81 yards including a six-yard touchdown pass to Zach Ertz to cap his night.

Foles didn’t see much action early. Cary Williams returned a Tom Brady pass for a touchdown on the Patriots’ opening drive. When the Eagles offense finally did get on the field with just over five minutes remaining in the first quarter, Ifeanyi Momah fumbled a Foles pass on the first play of the drive, handing possession back over to New England. Foles had only two pass attempts in the entire first quarter.

He got things going in the second, hitting Brent Celek in stride over the middle for a 23-yard gain. Foles couldn’t connect deep down the left sideline on a third-down pass to Momah later in that drive, and Alex Henery booted a 47-yard field goal attempt wide right. Foles found Celek again along the right side for a 22-yard gain on the next possession (Celek absorbed a pair of hits that jarred his helmet loose) before connecting with Ertz, who muscled his way into the end zone.

Foles threw a pair of interceptions against the Bears and has had some down days in camp as well. Part of the issue is that he has been working with a depleted receiving corps. It was no different on Friday. Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin both sat out, so Momah and Arrelious Benn got the start. The third-year QB leaned on his tight ends and was able to move the ball.

The kicker missed badly on a field goal try, right tackle Allen Barbre got beaten soundly for a sack and the defense had its share of shaky moments. Those will likely be the concerns discussed this week. The quarterback conversation, meanwhile, will probably quiet down for the time being.

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  • Foles looked good, especially considering he had nothing to work with at the X & Y receiver spots. Benn, Maehl, Mohmah – not NFL receivers.

  • James Hathaway

    Well, that didn’t work.

    “I feel like Curtis Marsh is secretly behind Mufasa’s death.”

    And now it worked. Whatever. I’m the Curtis marsh of posting twit pics.

  • JosephR2225

    I think the Eagles are really going to regret not bringing in any serious competition for Henery.

    • Johnny Domino

      My my my i yi whoa!

      R-r-r-rob Bironas!

      • Philly0312

        All for it. Did seem like Henry was driving the ball well on kickoffs….but…well…There is the rest

  • Dsjunior

    Who is worse? Roc Carmicheal or Curtis Marsh? Either way they both need to be gone and never play in the NFL again…on the other hand Foles (with WRs that probably won’t make the team) and JMatt bounced back today which is good…defense looks shaky but it’s bland formations with few blitz packages so I’m not too worried…depth after injuries scare me on both ends of field

    • Glenn

      Lets hope that Carroll gets healthy real quick. And Carmichael and Marsh are among the final cuts.

      • Johnny Domino

        They will make great Cowboys.

  • Yes_General

    Another season watching the Eagles unable to stop the run. I think Beau Allen is our only hope unless we can find a last minute NT veteran somewhere

    • Philly0312

      Eagles had one of the best run defenses in the NFL last season…and that’s going by per attempt, not by total yards. Our run d does such in nickel though. ..having saints flashbacks. Mostly deep reserves being smoked on the run

  • Brennan Hildebrandt

    Henry josey baby! Looking pretty good.

    • usmcnole

      Agreed…prefer him over tucker as a 4th

      • Brennan Hildebrandt

        That touchdown along the sideline was sweet! Also following his blockers, running in between the tackles, and running outside, and catching out of the backfield pretty solid.

    • Johnny Domino

      We’ll shake ’em all down tonight
      We’re gonna mix in the street

      When Josey comes home.

  • Brennan Hildebrandt

    Is this a flag football game or what? It’s all offense, and all I see is yellow flags left and right!!!!

  • Brennan Hildebrandt

    I think they just broke a record with the most flags in a game which is a meaningless stat in a meaningless game I really think all the refs are trying to out do each other by seeing who can throw the most flags!

  • anon

    is this how foles looked last year?? it looked uninspiring to me…

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Consider the circumstances though…

    • TheLastQuarterTurn

      Agreed. His footwork was still off, although it was better than it looked vs. the bears. The pass to Celek that got his head taken off was poorly planned too.

    • Yeah. I’m not sure why everyone is all “He looked good, ” and “He’s back to form.” That wasn’t a very good performance. People regularly confuse outcome with process. The outcome (stat line) was good, but the process was bad and it’s the latter that’s going to truly determine how you succeed.

      • Andy Six Score and Four


        Also, BBaaS

  • Anebriated

    Have we calmed down about Jordan Matthews and the dropped passes from the Bears game?

    • anon

      lots of screens today but def improved.

      • Anebriated

        The screens definitely helped but he also had a few very nice catches on routes past the LOS.

  • Bird of Prey

    The officials were missing holding calls on both sides of the lines while ruining a preseason game(If that’s possible). It was almost un-watchable. The thing I took the most from that game was Allen at safety looked pretty good compared to last year, but Marsh was literally getting murdered.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    So realized that the game was on NFL Network while I was out with the wife (live in Balt area now). So I grabbed my phone to pull up my Xfinity app to have my DVR record the game because it was really hard to see the TVs at the sports bar we were having dinner. Can I just say that Comcast sucks donkey cojones. I honestly don’t understand how in the world they even compete with the likes of DirecTV or VZN. Their technology is putrid & you can’t get the X1 if you’re an existing customer unless you have a triple play. I had DTV for years and never had an issue trying to set my DVR to record remotely. This is just another instance where I have been completely disgusted with Comcast in just the few months I’ve had them.

    • Avery Greene

      Go to Magerk’s if you struggle getting the game. That’s where I used to go before I moved further south. It’s an Eagles bar in Fed Hill.

      • Philly0312

        Love that place. My bro used to live right above it.

        • Avery Greene

          Me too. Went on my 2nd date with my wife there when the Eagles played the Vikings in the playoffs in ’04.

          • Jerry Pomroy

            I loved the MacGerk’s over in Montgomery Co in PA off 73. That was my favorite MacGerk’s. The one in Bel Air is ok, but seems really small.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        I’m further north in Bel Air. So I’d have to go to that MacGerk’s. I was at Loony’s though. Wasn’t there for game but that is where I noticed game was on NFL Network.

      • NickS, Combine Warrior

        Good spot, too.

      • Ugh Fed Hill is the worst.. I’d rather stream low-def from Estonia

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Yeah I’m not driving all the way down to Fed Hill to watch the game. I’ve got two sports bars down the street within walking distance in Loony’s & MacGerk’s if I get desperate.

    • Johnny Domino

      Meanwhile out west, Comcast Lancaster has only one CBS affiliate (WHP Harrisburg) and they have opted to show the Stillers opening weekend. Both Eagle and Raven fans (a sizable contingent in central PA) are out of luck. That being the case, I need a home for the Jax game and make a mean potato salad.

      Just putting it out there.

  • Andy Six Score and Four

    Really, really want to see Saint Nick and Pope Matthews on the field together more. I hope the pope’s performance tonight leads to a very holy preseason-week-3.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      I’ll have to 2nd that thought. We all know that Matthews will be the slot receiver come regular season. So with Mac & Coop out, today would’ve been a perfect opportunity to have the Saint & Pope get some cohesion and build some rapport in an actual game scenario.

      • Philly0312

        Correct me if I am wrong…but I was pretty sure Matthews played the entire 1st 2nd and 3rd quarter. I know I saw him every time I looked for him with the 1s….If he didn’t start with the 1s….it’s time.

        • Jerry Pomroy

          No you’re not. Just saying that with the way the game went early on, there just didn’t seem like there was much opportunity. Plus I could barely see the TVs that had the game on at the sports bar I was at.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            I know Smith was listed with the 1s and I know Matthews played more than zero with the 1s, but I have no idea what the percentages were.

  • Philly0312

    So does this mean we get to start the Jordan Matthews hype train again? Full steam ahead!

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      I vote yes.

  • Rick H

    I finally found a guy who tracks a ball worse then Ben Revere (Curtis Marsh!)

    • 1977

      Omg he really is terrible. 4 years and the guy is still an eagle

    • ohitsdom

      I don’t get how every practice report says Marsh does so good on one-on-one’s, and then he looks like this in a game.

  • Glenn

    Kudos to Josey! That man deserves to be our number 3 RB!!! Great job running the ball. Showed he can catch the ball. Incredible skill and effort on the TD. Had a good block in pass protection. What more does he have to do?

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Much better than Damaris Johnson…

    • BleedGreenJames

      I agree. I’m very biased because I was a fan of his prior to us acquiring him, but I also like Polk a lot as well. But with Polk it seems like with every mention he gets, the injury reports lurks not far behind.

    • anon

      4th rb after polk.

  • Toooooooooken, where are youuuu?

    • Token

      lol all my posts from last night are in the game thread. Maybe ill write a quick summary. My fans are clamoring for it. ;)

  • Glenn

    Feeling really good about Sanchez being our backup QB. He looks great so far! Is it just me, or is anyone else pissed that Henery was given the kicker’s job again, after a weak season, capped by a weak playoff game. Wasn’t the Saints game enough to convince Howie? They best be scouting the other teams for the best available kicker.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Cary & Billy B had a post game chat. Wonder what that was all about?…hmm.

  • MagatBrackendale

    Well, so far nobody has committed hari-kiri? although Token and Media Mike seem to be missing!

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Would really like to see the starting offense intact & get some game reps in before the season starts. The defense really needs to head their heads outta their a$$es. I can’t deal with more of what we saw much of last year.

  • calm weather

    I don’t know if it’s memory loss or intentional lapse by reporters and talk shows killing Foles for the two interceptions against Chicago as if he may have lost his edge. He threw two poor passes under pressure in the first preseason game after we have read ALL training camp about the emphasis that has been placed on him to not take sacks. It was his first time under fire in a game and he didn’t do well, made a couple bad decisions. He was trying out ideas and skills.

    What is disappointing in the articles written other places and on this site jumping to suggest the job may go to Sanchez or they need to draft another QB is that in writing about the two picks, there was never a reference to the guy being specifically told to do something other than take sacks and he was trying out the options in a game for the first time – but not so well yet. Do people want him to be perfect first time out, sure. Should it be expected, not if he’s human.