Eye On the Enemy: NFC East Roundup

The Cowboys made Tyron Smith the highest paid left tackle in the NFL.

The Cowboys made Tyron Smith the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

Once a week, we’ll take a spin around the NFC East to check in on what’s going on with the Eagles’ division rivals.


The Cowboys made Tyron Smith the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL, reports Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News:

The total value of the deal, which carries through 10 seasons, is worth $109 million with $40 million guaranteed and a $10 million signing bonus, sources said Wednesday. Smith will make $32 million in the first three years of the new contract and $97.6 million over the course of the extension, an average of $12.2 million per year.

“We have been working with Tyron for quite some time,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “Tyron fully deserves it. He’s 23 years old and it may be the first 10-year deal I have ever done in football where I think the guy will be playing in the last year of his contract.”

Tony Romo talks about his back rehab and season outlook, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Where are you most limited?

“I don’t think there’s anything I’m limited by. I mean I can do everything. The difference is just how many times or how long and I think that for me that’s one thing you have to kind of get to know. It’ would be like if someone comes off an ACL or something, they have a progression that takes shape and they’ll push it and work real hard in the morning. It’s like Well can you do something in the afternoon? Well I feel like I can. Ah. You’re not quite there with that part of it yet. And you got to continue to develop until that strengthens and get sot that point. I think it’s just … there’s consistent progress that takes shape and you have to adjust to what your body tells you.”

Do feel like your old self?

“Well you’re never going to…I mean after back surgery or like after any surgery you’re always going to have to work hard at that. I’ll have to, Not everyone knows but once you have back surgery you kind of have to change the way you do things. You have to constantly work on your glutes, your hamstrings, your abs and strengthen everything around that area and so life will be different after that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do the things that it takes to be successful on the field or whatever you want to do. There’s been plenty of people who’ve done it. You just got to go do it. It just takes work.”

Tight ends coach Mike Pope has many unusual drills, writes Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com:

Like throwing ice water at shirtless tight ends, wearing a helmet? Like having the tight ends wearing swim goggles to cut down on their peripheral vision? Like having tight ends attempt to catch passes with a bag over their helmets? Like having tight ends catch a pass, draped over another tight end while a third tight end is holding down his feet? Like having the tight ends do a duck walk with a medicine ball? Like having the tight ends toss a ball in the air, turn and catch a pass from Pope and then catch the ball they tossed in the air?

Who thinks of this stuff? Pope does. He said he has no interests outside of football.

“No, I don’t take credit for them,” said Pope, who joined the Cowboys’ staff in the offseason. “You see something in the game and say, ‘How can I make a drill out of that?’ A lot of them are things like end zone drills and you just see something happen and a player has to do something out of the extraordinary to make a catch, make a play. How does he do it? He’s off balance, he’s on one foot somebody has got him by the shirt. He’s trying to run and he can’t run. You just see those in the game and then you just come out here and put them together. It’s not that hard.”


The Giants are worried David Wilson may be out for the season, says Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News:

Giants running back David Wilson has insisted on Twitter that he’s fine and that his surgically repaired neck is not a concern, even after a Tuesday injury led to a series of medical tests. But at the moment, the Giants aren’t feeling as good about the situation.

According to a source, the franchise is worried that Wilson’s season might be in jeopardy after the “burner” he suffered in Tuesday’s non-contact practice. The team has already shut him down for the week, ruling him out of Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game in Canton against the Buffalo Bills. But it’s increasingly possible that Wilson will be held out even longer as the Giants approach his return from January neck surgery with even greater caution.

“We handle it with extreme caution,” general manager Jerry Reese said on ESPN New York Radio on Thursday. “That’s how anybody should handle it with a neck injury.

The biggest questions for the Giants isn’t their scheme, it’s their talent, according to Dan Graziano of ESPN.com:

Where does the Giants’ running back group rank in the NFC East? Even if you assume David Wilson can stay healthy (and everyone’s holding their breath on that after Tuesday), you can’t rank them any better than third. Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy/Darren Sproles group is a clear No. 1, followed by Alfred Morris/Roy Helu in Washington. You can argue Rashad Jennings vs. DeMarco Murray, but you could argue it either way. The Giants’ running back corps is either third- or fourth-best in the NFC East.

Wide receivers? Again, can’t give them anything better than a No. 3 ranking in the division. I think Victor Cruz is fantastic, but he doesn’t have enough help for anyone to consider ranking him with Washington’s terrifying Pierre Garcon/DeSean Jackson/Andre Roberts trio. Cruz isn’t as good as Dallas’ Dez Bryant, and Terrance Williams has shown more as a No. 2 receiver than anyone else on the Giants has. So it’s down to the Giants and Eagles for the No. 3 spot, and if you want to pick the Giants because Cruz is better than Jeremy Maclin or Riley Cooper, you’re welcome to do so. Maclin’s coming off injury, and Cooper is no sure thing to repeat 2013. But you’d like to see something out of Rueben Randle or Odell Beckham Jr. to help your argument.

Paul Schwartz and Steve Serby of the New York Post rank the 10 greatest Giants:

7. Michael Strahan – Holder of Giants sack record (141.5) was one of the finest two-way defensive ends of his generation.

8. Andy Robustelli – Defensive stalwart who knew his way around winning. Played in eight NFL championship games, missed one game in 14-year career.

9. Eli Manning – Only quarterback in Giants history to win two Super Bowls, and he was named MVP in both.


The Redskins think Jordan Reed is a “special talent,” John Keim of ESPN.com notes:

“He’s always been a natural route runner,” Redskins offensive coordinator Sean McVay said. “He just gets it. You don’t have to overcoach him. He just naturally separates.”

Fellow tight end Logan Paulsen said Reed can sense what the defender is anticipating and adjust accordingly. Reed is athletic; he’s one of the Redskins’ top basketball players with a killer crossover move that he has adapted to football.

“The way he can move his body and be in total control all the time is really special,” Paulsen said. “He does a lot of things that receivers can’t do and that will make him so special for a long time. I have never seen anyone run routes the way he runs them. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that. He’s a special talent. He’s just wired in an explosive athletic way. You see a guy cross somebody up in basketball; he has that move. Even though you know it’s coming he still gets guys to bite. It’s incredible.”

Jason Hatcher is the key to the Redskins’ defense so he shouldn’t play in the preseason, says Jason Reid of the Washington Post:

Hatcher is the linchpin of President and General Manager Bruce Allen’s plan to improve a defense that has been among the NFL’s worst the past two seasons. After luring Hatcher from the NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins are banking heavily on him to bolster the pass rush and, in turn, benefit their porous secondary. Why risk their investment — a guaranteed $10.5 million this season — by playing him in meaningless games?

The preseason provides a chunk of the NFL’s massive profits and is vital in helping decision-makers evaluate young players hoping to gain a foothold in the league and established ones trying maintain their standing. Ideally, Hatcher would have lined up with the first-team defense from the outset of camp. Familiarity often helps build cohesiveness.

However, you don’t have to be a sports-medicine professional to tell Hatcher still is not running smoothly. For the Redskins, having Hatcher take it slow in practice is a good start. Eliminating the preseason from his schedule is the next logical step.

Liz Clarke of the Washington Post on what Ryan Clark and Santana Moss have to do to survive in the NFL in their mid-30s:

Ryan Clark’s one essential is the blue cooler he brings to practice each morning and sets on the sideline, never far from view, so he can trot over at scheduled intervals for a sip from one of four bottles inside.

He drinks Amino Matrix, rich in essential acids that boost energy and hasten recovery, throughout the two-hour workouts. Another bottle contains Red 54, packed with antioxidants from beets, carrots, cabbage, blueberries, pomegranate and other superfoods. There’s potassium-rich coconut water for the halftime break and an extra bottle for any teammate who wants one. And he drinks a protein potion afterward.

The cooler, which Clark packs himself, is just one of the extra measures the safety takes, at age 34, to keep his starting spot in the NFL.

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  • DirtyWaters

    Their fans should wear bags on their heads, not the TE.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      yeah, plastic bags with them duct-taped around their necks, so they cant fly off. wouldnt want to litter.

      • DirtyWaters

        That’s like a morning after a loss MediaMike reply. Nice. Was that you that started doing the fake Dutch posts also?

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          no way…i’d never sully his good name.

        • MagatBrackendale

          Hmm. MediaMike calls everybody he doesn’t like “garbage” but i see no sign of him picking it up or recycling.

  • Dominik

    That Pope, TE coach could be someone who Chip Kelly would like. If he can answer the why questions, Chip loves those out of the box things.

    Re: Hatcher not playing Preseason

    If you want a good laugh, just read this:

    Washington went out and paid Hatcher $6.875 million a year, which ranks in the top 10 among veterans at the position. They guaranteed Hatcher over $10 million including a $9 million signing bonus that would leave the Redskins with nearly $5 million in dead money in 2016 when Hatcher will be 34. There is also no protection in the contract in regards to tying salary to injury which is something that the Redskins have used with other players. Why it would not be negotiated with a player in his 30′s is a mystery.For a 32 year old lineman this is a pretty ridiculous contract. This is the age where teams begin to sign such players to one and two year contracts with minimal salaries and guarantees. Hatcher is a solid pro for $3-$4 million a year with annual outs out of the contract. 31 other teams would never be fooled bya one season explosion at this age to dive in this deep, but some things never change and the Redskins contractual decisions will always rank up there among the worst in the NFL.


    If I ever need a laugh, I read this.

    • Rick H

      Agreed! Doesn’t it sound like Hatcher is just ready to collect? He was good last year in a contract year. Now he is paid you have to wonder??? Maybe he shows up or maybe he doesn’t? I am betting he shows up half the time.

  • EaglesFanInPhx

    Cliff how does that Tyron Smith contract affect Dallas’ cap?

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      everyone knew it was coming, and it’s pretty team freindly. they are just rolling the dice that he’ll be healthy for about 6 yrs. Smith is 23, so, shouldnt be huge concern. now they have to take care of Bryant, and probably Murray. it’ll eat up most of ’15s cap, though they have couple guys they can get rid of and try and bring in fresh talent (but, it’s never a guarantee that it will be upgrade, Melton, Free, Witten). so, if JJ is feeling the pressure to make 1 last Romo-push, again he’ll have to get deep into free agency, and that’s where exploding contracts live. he’ll have to push it into ’16 and ’17, which look good today, but i can see them going back into well of restructures and bad FA contracts. it’s such a huge HUGE advantage to be signing draft picks to extension. know some think Boykin wont, but i’d be shocked if he didnt atleast take a 4yr 16m w/ it really being 2yrs 8m deal to rip up playing ’15 at 700k. not every rookie extension has to be for 5 or 6 yrs.
      back to ‘Allas, i see an incredible thin roster, overpaying handfull of vets, and by the time JJ gets all that sorted out, and they are on their way out of cap-heck by eating 33m in dead this year, Romo will be toast. it’s a bad roster. they went all-in with ’12 and ’13 teams, and didnt get there, sort of like Eags did in ’11, but JJ was writing the checks not Howie. plus, it was dumb luck stumbling into Romo, remember the trash they were rolling out, Carter, Laufenburg, just junk. it;s going to get really ugly down there i think

      • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, brings duck to cockfigh

        your talent is wasted in corporate America Cliff. Great stuff as always.

        Count me as one of those guys who thinks Boykin doesn’t have a long term future here.

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          ha, start Dallassux.com. take links from every site and destroy them. would be kind of fun.
          think Boykin will sign something though. it’s such an advantage to sign own draft picks. might only get 1 additional yr, and things change quickly, so that 1 yr could lead to alot more. until Howie isnt able to extend current players, i’m not worried. Eagles arent buffalo or Cleveland.

          • WEUer

            I think Boykin will get (at or near) starting wide-out money even just to play slot.

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            sure, my numbers might be off, cause salcap is going up so quickly(been doing number at 120m for so long, crazy to think by ’16 cap will be 150m). he might get 5yrs 35m, but only really 2yrs 12m guaranteed, and then it goes up last 3 yrs. in reality, he’s only giving up 1 yr of free market, to not play for 700k. it doesnt change the absolute fact that the first contract signing own drafted guys teams get huge discount. only issue is if they show it too late like Cooper.

          • MagatBrackendale

            Boykin, the slot corner/corner/returner will get WIDEOUT money?

          • WEUer

            Apologies. Brain-fart. Starting outside *corner money.

      • Max Lightfoot

        With his touchy back condition, Romo is one or two hip pointers away from Hobble Street. Not that I wish that on him – it’s just the reality of a big man with a bad back.

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          yup. and he’s the qb thru ’16. think ‘allas fans are kidding themselves when comparing Romo to P Manning too. Romo is so deadly avoiding rush, throwing off balance, making something of nothing. PM stands like a statue. Romo loses mobility, he goes from top 10 (i actually think Romo is really good, issue is they put too much on his plate) to mid teir and quickly.

          • Max Lightfoot

            Through 2016? Sheesh. Don’t think he’ll make it there. Well, ‘allas is stocking up on O-lineman to protect Romo, but the way he gets out of the pocket, he’s gonna get nailed – like RGIII. And a bad back means an inevitable downhill slide.

            Keep up the fine work, Jerrah!

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            http://overthecap.com/cap.php?Name=Tony Romo&Position=QB&Team=Cowboys
            check out these exploding numbers! they have no choice. if JJ was willing to basically restructure Romo while on the gurney going in for back surgery, i’m assuming ’15 with 27.8m caphit with 37.8m dead (LOL WTF?!?!!?) is getting restructured.

          • Dominik

            i’m assuming ’15 with 27.8m caphit with 37.8m dead (LOL WTF?!?!!?) is getting restructured.

            I posted it here a day ago or so. Really, this is incredible. All JJ could hope for is that Romo gives him a discount. Problem is, they never paid him as horrific as he stands in the books. He stands with this incredible cap hit and dead money because of restructuring again and again. They never paid the bills while they had no success at not caring about the SC. I really don’t know how you can be such a horrible GM.

            The Saints are in win now at the moment, they have Graham and Byrd in the books for 7.5m – combined!! But they have the 4th best QB in the league with great weapons around him and an improved D. I get this shot. They actually could win it this year. I don’t really think they will, but if they climb the #1 seed and play in their freaking dome, they are tough to stop.

            Btw: @cliff_henny:disqus : if Romo would retire today, what would happen to his dead money? Would it be split for all the years he’s under contract?

          • cliff h-MOAR white goons

            no, they take the hit just like a cutting. sure they’d ask him to annouce retirement after June 1st so it could be chopped up (assuming that allowed) into 2 yrs. but Romo is not retiring. i think he’ll go out there until ’18 or ’19, as crazy as that sounds.

          • Andy Six Score and Four

            I still say Amaro is worse.

          • Dominik

            Had to google it. I know literally nothing about Baseball, mate.

            But if Amaro is worse than Jerry then god help the Phillies.

          • Max Lightfoot

            $37.8m in dead money? He can afford that, but that made my day! Thanks, cliff – you are the man!!!

            It’s not polite to laugh but … wohohohohahahahahahahahahahh … schnorrk pfaffle!!!!!!

          • Dominik

            “He can afford that”

            You know that counts against the cap, do you? Otherwise we could just ignore the salary cap and sign 30 years contracts which are backloaded and with the vet min throughout the career, only to be, let’s say, 30m at the end of his career.

          • Max Lightfoot

            Sorry .. not a capologist like you guys, but now I know. Thanks!

            That’s still funny as heck!

          • Dominik

            Oh, I’m no Cliff Henny, not even a step son. I just try to work on it. 😉

            And of course it’s funny as heck, it’s even funnier, imho. Jerry just paying it would be more boring for me. 😉

          • Max Lightfoot

            cliff henny’s stepson – that’s kinda funny in itself! =•)

            Can’t wait to see who Jerry has to cut next for his cap woes! Probably another good defensive player (if there are any left!!!)


          • Dominik

            Jerry said it himself: The Defense can’t get any worse, can it? Well, Jerry, cutting Sean Lee would be a nice experiment to prove it. :)

          • MagatBrackendale

            …schnorrk pfaffle!!!! I have a sister who laughs just like that!!!

  • Anonymous

    Chip’s smoothies combine all 4 of Ryan Clark’s drinks into one, so players can survive in the NFL in their mid-40s. The recipe is courtesy of our Lord and Savior, Pope Matthews the 81st.

  • http://www.corcommunity.com/ Kelce’s Beard

    Good to hear Romo sounding so confident.
    As much fun as there season will be, it would be a huge shame if they get a top 3 (or #1) pick. Then again, fair chance they would take the RomoLOL cap hit + trade their 1st for Manziel.
    This can’t be said enough– I hope Jerrah lives to 150

    • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, brings duck to cockfigh

      agreed, but let’s talk about that matchup for a minute. I hate to say this about a Cowboy, but Tyron Smith is great right now. Zach Martin has the potential to be great this year. The Dallas O-line IMO is better this year. Meanwhile, we did very little to address the single biggest issue on defense, the lack of a consistent pass rush.

      So yeah. Romo might be a statue back there in ’14. But can Dallas beat us that way?

      • http://www.corcommunity.com/ Kelce’s Beard

        Maybe. What you said is re: the OL is true (although their right side is a mess IMO). A few other points to consider:

        – we don’t play them until Thanksgiving. Who knows what the heck will happen by then re: health, but I’d say the odds are in our favor that Romo may not be 100% his old self.
        – they have BAL, DEN, and SF in their first 5 games; I’m sure Martin is good, but that’s asking a lot of a rookie. LJ struggled last year, as do most OL from the start. He, nor Romo, have much time to sit back there and grow/settle down.
        – Also, a brutal midseason stretch before playing us: STL, NO, HOU, SEA, NYG, WASH, ARI. That’s 3 monster DLs from the NFCW, JJ Watt, Rex Ryan defense, and 2 division games. Yikes
        – Witten may be blocking more, but even if not it’s still asking a lot and rolling some dice to rely on him being other-worldly. All respects to the man, but he has to slow down some time. And many of those aforementioned defenses can do a good job covering TEs.
        – Murray and run game may do well, but also relying on the OL to be strong and not having to play from 20 pts down. Plus Murray staying healthy.
        – I think schematically, our own defense will be much better versed in bringing “exotic” pressure by wk 13. I also think our offense (by then) + their ‘efense will result in everything above having to go right for them just to make it a contest.

        Their defense is so bad

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          great post. Romo is going to be in full body caste by week 13. just hope they leave right hand free so he can sign ’15 restructure

          • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, brings duck to cockfigh

            NFL accepts digital signatures. We should be OK either way. LONG LIVE JERRUH!!!!!

      • cliff h-MOAR white goons

        please go to BTB and see a defensive depth chart. they are hoping so many guys take 3 level jumps. we really only talk about 2 guys, cox and kendricks, but at least they’ve shown NFL ability. they talk about bass, crawford, darant, carter, 4 terrible safeties making triple jumps. it’s going to be a very bad defense. and the other thing is mediocre players get manhandled and hurt so much easier. that OL is already beating the bejesus out of the DL, and it’s 1st week of camp. imagine what Mathis and Peters will do to them?
        doubt any team will let Romo be a statue either. why not send extra rushers, so what if he makes a play or Murray pops a draw, not like ‘allas ‘efense will make it stand.

        • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, brings duck to cockfigh

          Dallas fans are generally delusional. I remember being surrounded by them living in Oklahoma. An entire fanbase can convince themselves that Joey Galloway is the #1 WR in the NFL, or that a bunch of no-names can form a decent D-line because…”we coming at you in waves”

          • RIP illa

            Hey RC, you’re favorite 6’7″ WR got reps with the 1s today. Looked good to while beating Boykin on a deep one (Boykin got him on the 2nd deep attempt tho).

            I, for one, hope he makes the squad (if we keep 6, which is most likely) or at least the practice squad. Let’s face it…Mahel equals Chad Hall 2.0, Benn is an injury waiting to happen coupled with inconsistent hands, Cunningham is nothing special except how slow he is and midget hands, although I like Murphy’s speed, I’d be real surprised if he made it, and Chip hates DJ2!

            The rest of the WR corp is just so meh. Are you just being anti Momah cuz everyone wants him to do well? It’s not like he’s Casey Matthews or my second least personal fav…Igwenau (did I spell it right?). Hoping we keep at least 2 PS WRs. Momah and one of the younger guys Boone/Pratt, if we don’t keep 6.

            Also, got this from BGN, and couldn’t help but laugh and think of you.

          • https://twitter.com/richcolton RichC, brings duck to cockfigh

            hahaha. everything about that is awesome.

            I don’t hate Mohmah because he sucks. He can’t help that. I hate the way people overlook his obvious suck because of his size/speed. He’s Megatron, minus route running, instincts, and the ability to catch.

    • cliff h-MOAR white goons

      think they are in for worst of all possibilities, Romo is slow trickle to mediocre. what do they do if Romo is semi-healthy this year, lights it up cause they do have a nice offense, defense struggles (and it will-they are raving about McClain, com’on, that’s crazy talk) only to finish with another delicious 8-8 record. JJ is sold Romo’s back can hold up, restructures it one more time, ignores future qb, plays magic money with future cap space to get overpriced aging vets and whole house of cards is ready to tumble. i’m almost (ALMOST) rooting for ‘Allas to have a good year, it could trick them into really mortgaging the future.

      • http://www.corcommunity.com/ Kelce’s Beard

        I think 8-8 is their ceiling, personally. They look like a complete dumpster fire, and that’s before all their TC/OTAs injuries

        • cliff h-MOAR white goons

          i want tears and blood, i want 1 and 2 win teams i want the jugular! there’s no doubt ‘Allas is going to go thru some rough years. i just want to see New Orleans ’80s, Tampa bay ’70, bad. want to see a complete and total laughing stock of a team.

      • Rick H

        My wife had a back operation October 2012. She has done well but I see it in the way she gets around and she is in shape/active… If Romo gets hit hard it could be over fast. I never want to see anyone get injured ever.
        However watching my wife go through that and just how fragile the long term back situation is for an everyday person it makes me wonder just how Romo will even last through one season.

        • UKEagle99 à l’orange

          I agree with you, I’ll be honest when I say I hope his back isn’t a problem, I’m not built to wish those kinds of problems on people and rumour has it, Cowboys are people too. I hope his play makes Ryan Leaf look like a first time ballot HoF’er.

          All the best with your wife’s ongoing recovery.

      • UKEagle99 à l’orange

        “JJ is sold Romo’s back can hold up, restructures it one more time”

        I’m genuinely not sure whether you mean restructure his back or his contract, I wouldn’t put anything beyond JJ.

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    Wolff back running with the 1’s. i just dont know about this guy. want impact safety so badly, maybe i’m ‘allas fanning it, seeing something that’s not there.
    Carroll with 1’s over Fletcher, too

    • RIP illa

      I think he just got the “F” added on to the “S” and “O”!!!

      • cliff h-MOAR white goons

        mostly positive reviews today. 1 guy tweeted he could see Wolff favoring knee, but then right after that a bunch of tweets came about Wolff making couple nice plays in a row. so, who knows, guess Sheil does. maybe he’ll do an article. see if he can back up today with couple more in a row.
        hopefully we’re spelling ‘overly-F’N cautious’ and not soft

        • RIP illa

          Word. I just didn’t like how he responded to one reporter when asked if he had been sitting out cause of issues with the same knee. He said ‘It’s a possibility’ or something like that. If he was trying to be “standoffish” or even coy…he went about it wrong. I just hope the team’s trainers and medical staff get this thing figured out and situated. Also hoping that this is not just in his head. Too much athletic potential for this many missed reps.

  • Mr. Wu

    I for one applaud the Dallas for having the first all gay tight end squad and coach. Spraying ice water on each other with no shirts on seems a bit strange (not that theres anything wrong with that) but hey to each they’re own. #jerrahaskids

    • RIP illa

      Coulda swore that was about the Allas TEs and coach.

      • Mr. Wu

        derp! it was hahaha

        • RIP illa


    • Ben

      HAHAH!! They could do a 2 week feature on sportscenter how all the TE’s and coach are being “brave” and coming out together ha

  • John E. Zang

    I don’t know how putting your tight ends through that has anything to do with catching a football. Since when do you have to catch a pass with a bag on your head? I swear Jerry Jones comes up with this stuff so it looks like they’re doing cutting edge things like Chip Kelly.

  • jmkrav

    Dallas’ defense is so bad. And they were so bad last year… WITH hatcher. What makes WAS think they can build a D with him as their best player that will be any good? Is hatcher+orakpo really any better than hatcher+ware? Their safeties are terrible. Like 2012 Nate Allen bad. DeAngelo Hall starts for them and wouldn’t be the eagles 4th Cb. And that’s saying something with how bad our CBs have been.

    I just can’t fathom for the life of me how the DeadSkins defense will stop anyone. Good luck scoring enough to keep up with chip and shady. 50+ points on them. I’m calling it. Dallas too.

  • Philly0312

    I also rank the Giants te and online 4th in the division