McCoy Sheds Weight, Feels Quicker

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Pat Shurmur was asked a question about Matt Barkley, but his answer included a nugget on LeSean McCoy.

“The two guys that looked the most different when they got here [for training camp] were LeSean and Matt,” Shurmur said. “They got themselves ready to go.”

McCoy, 26, is coming off a career year in which he totaled 1,607 yards on the ground and averaged 5.1 YPC. He led the NFL in touches, rushing yards and yards from scrimmage.

But entering his second year in Chip Kelly’s offense, McCoy has made some changes.

“I felt last year, even the year I did have, it was based on just the guys up front really blocking well, going off of just God-given talent,” he said. “I feel like at a lighter [weight] I’m just so much more effective. I look at all my old film and see how much quicker I was. I was 210, 209. I mean, there’s a big difference. And I’m feeling like that again. I’ve always made plays, even last year I made a lot of plays, but just you know your body. You know yourself. I wanted to be a little bit more bulkier last year. Sometimes it’s like a mental thing, which it doesn’t matter.”

McCoy said he played last year at around 215. Now he’s down to 209 or 210.

“Eating a lot in small portions, get my metabolism rolling a little bit,” he added. “Nothing too crazy. Everything’s about portions. I’m not eating Doritos with the sauce at 12 o’clock at night.”

The change, in part, goes back to a couple years ago. McCoy had a monster 2011 season, scoring 20 touchdowns and averaging 4.8 YPC.

He came back the next year and played behind a decimated offensive line, totaling 840 yards while missing four games due to injury.

“I just feel like I’m 23 right now, 23 years old,” he said. “That’s all. I’ve just been working, working hard, putting a lot into this game and preparation. The thing is I’ve had a really, really good year, and then the next year not have such a great year. I got hurt. So I’m trying to capitalize off that – have a real dominant year, come back with another one. I have the teammates and most importantly the linemen to do it. So just trying to stay in shape, stay lean and stay aggressive.”

McCoy expects big things now that he’s in his second year with Kelly, and he mentioned new wrinkles being put in with the addition of Darren Sproles.

The coaches didn’t suggest to McCoy that he drop weight, but he decided it was the right move.

“That was me,” he said. “You’re always trying to perfect yourself and really try to do the best you can. Nowadays, obviously you’ve gotta be stronger, but the quicker you are, the faster you are, the better you are. Big guys can’t get on you.”

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  • Uncle Wonder: grindin, Jack!

    Sounds like somebody doesn’t wanna end up like DeSean.

  • JosephR2225

    What kind of sauce do you put on Doritos?

  • Mr. Wu

    Sauce? So does he put hot sauce on his doritos or does he wash it down with bourbon? Hopefully this will be adressed in his next press conferance.

  • NickS FFLC/GM/DPP/Scout/HC/OC

    Excited to see what these 5lbs means for his quickness. 51 broken tackles last year. I hope to see that number increase.

    • TNA

      Shady mentioned the OL as one of the reasons he’s in a position to dominate. I think this also applies to broken tackles. When receivers and OL are putting hat on hat and occupying defenders, I imagine there’s less of a chance defenders can gang tackle McCoy. As Vick said, CK is a genius at putting the ball into guys’ hands in space. If everybody does their job (and clearly, the OL is very good at it’s job in the run game), Shady’s always going to be in a one-on-one matchup and his skill set makes that a very very good matchup for the Eagles.

      • dnabrice

        Great thought, and it means if guys can hold their blocks for a second or two longer, he’ll be past them. No one has talked about how Maclin’s blocking skills replacing DeSean’s could result in more McCoy TDs!

  • cliff h-MOAR white goons

    i’d be thoroughly disappointed if this isnt how Shady’s eating his midnight D’s…

    • NickS FFLC/GM/DPP/Scout/HC/OC

      Does he follow it up with a swift push off of his party bus?

    • Anonymous

      There’s Doritos in that picture? Wow I didn’t even notice! They must be hidden really well!

  • juaniflaco

    I saw a video somewhere of a drill that the RBs were doing in camp….he looks noticeably quicker than all of the other RBs….kind of like the video is sped up. it’s kind of scary, really.

    • TNA

      I think Sproles gives him a run for his money — especially accelerating out of cuts. But Shady has the strength to power through arm tackles or partial tackles — Sproles is a little easier to corral once you get two hands on him.

      • dnabrice

        Not so sure about that….Have you seen Sproles legs??? Not to mention that he’ll be running underneath those hands, especially after the red bar drills…

  • DirtyWaters

    This article raises so many more questions than it answers.

  • Addicted2MAmula

    Come on guys you know it’s JMatt Sauce

    • dnabrice

      Well then we don’t want him to drop the sauce habit……

  • Bullwinkle

    At age 60, I don’t recall any difference between age 23 and age 26. Of course, I didn’t have NFL mileage on my body. I can honestly say I feel like I’m 57 again. I have lost a few pounds and I’m just as slow as I was 3 years ago.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Lol! I’m 39 & can honestly say that I noticed a difference at 31 & again this year. But my body’s got some hard mileage on it. Particularly my shoulders (torn labrum), back (scoliosis, i’m crooked as heck) & knees (military road marches, lots of running & 3yrs working primarily on my knees). So instead of pushing myself harder through pain, I’ve learned to back off a bit. I also have noticed within the past few recent years that if I get a little lazy with exercise & diet, my mid section can swell a few inches rather easily.

      • NickS FFLC/GM/DPP/Scout/HC/OC

        Thanks for your service! ….. I gotta ask, though: 3 years working on your knees? What’d you do to end up in jail? I kid. I kid….. But seriously

        • Jerry Pomroy

          Thanks man. Guess I didn’t think that one through huh?…lol. Actually I was laid off from my job in telecom after 9/11 and took what I could find as my first son was born just a few months before. That was building knock down furniture on-site in customer’s homes and retail stores. You do that on the floor, on your knees, on whatever surface the customer had for flooring. Knee pads helped, but my knees ached every single day. There isn’t much cartilage left. But my forearms got pretty jacked handling those large panels myself.

          • NickS FFLC/GM/DPP/Scout/HC/OC

            Damn, that sounds awful man, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Respect.

    • poetx99

      lol. you need to get on those smoothies.

  • southy

    Really sounds like that statement he made about being the best RB in the NFL has infected his mindset. I like it. A lot.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    I’ve said this before, that I felt like Shady was hitting holes and getting through the line quicker a few years ago. He was doing more juking on LBs & Safeties in the 2nd stage of the defense after getting through the line than in the backfield. Whether that has to do with him adding some weight, decimated OL or scheme, I felt he was a better/smarter runner. Now I think he’s been relying too much on his talent.