What Pisses Kelly Off? McCoy Answers

NFL: Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

LeSean McCoy says he can now tell when Chip Kelly is pissed off at him and when his head coach is pleased with him.

The Eagles’ running back talked to NFL Network’s Rich Eisen about what he’s learned about Kelly in the last year and a half. Asked specifically what pisses Kelly off the most, McCoy had an answer ready.

“Well, I can speak for myself, not running in the correct hole gets him very angry,” McCoy said.

“The cool thing about Chip is he has such a great personality where he actually wants the best for the player, and there’s times where we have these talks, and everything is to help the player out. And sometimes during the games we get into it because I might see something my way and the play should be going a certain way. And that’s just kind of teaching me to play within the system and then after that, letting your natural instincts go. And that’s something that he helps me out with to be a better player.”

The relationship between Kelly and McCoy has been a fascinating one to observe. When it comes to running the football, Kelly is a perfectionist. That was never more clear than on Dec. 9. A day earlier, McCoy had carried 29 times for 217 yards and a pair of touchdowns against the Lions. While everyone else was slipping and sliding on the snow, McCoy played like he was cutting and running on a dry turf.

Kelly praised McCoy during his press conference the next day, but also offered this.

“There were plays that LeSean made… LeSean made one big run. He could have had a 70‑yard run,” Kelly said. “He cut back to it and got tackled by [Ndamukong] Suh and the defensive linemen. If he had broken to his left, he might have had another one. Those are things we’re continuing to work on.”

Earlier in the season, with the Eagles trying to run the clock out against the Bucs, McCoy and Kelly exchanged words on the sideline. According to an Inquirer report, Kelly thought McCoy could have hit the hole and picked up additional yards on a play late in the game. After watching the film and realizing there was no hole, the head coach reportedly apologized to the running back in front of the team.

Clearly, Kelly sees McCoy’s talent and is determined to maximize it. By all accounts, McCoy appreciates being pushed. While everyone else is patting him on the back, Kelly is trying to get him to do more. That’s the way the relationship seems to work. And based on how things turned out in 2013, there’s no reason to change the setup going forward.

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  • Damn, I thought the answer would be “Mayonnaise”. or “Nazis”.
    Hitting the wrong hole pisses EVERYONE off. Way to be original, chipper.

    • Andy Six Score and Four

      I thought it as going to be, “not handing the ball to the ref quick enough”. That, or spoilers. You know Chip hates him some spoilers.

    • Eagle in VT

      “Wrong hole, fool!”

    • eaglespur

      I wrote a comment …and then I deleted it myself. It’s just too easy to get in too deep in this hole controversy.

      • John E. Zang

        You can’t hit the hole if there’s too much penetration. There ya go. I said it.

  • myeaglescantwin

    when i first read this, i thought “McCoy’s answers” were what pissed Chip Kelley off.

    if we were seeing some sort of DeSean situation with LeSean, i would go to where ever chip was and bonk his noggin.

  • Eagle in VT

    On another note, what is up with the love fest Shady has been having, first with Foles, then with Sproles. Maybe he’s just got a thing for last names ending in oles, but his enthusiasm for his team is making me even more excited for the season.

  • 370HSSV 0773H

    It drives me crazy when Shady starts dancing too much right at the first down marker! He usually makes it though.

    • JofreyRice

      the way he holds the ball out when he runs used to drive me crazy, too. I thought for sure he was going to have fumbling issues. Some guys are just so special they can get away with things other guys can’t.

      • Wiztopher

        Yea I always find myself telling the TV to hold the damn ball closer to your body. Somehow defenses can’t key in on that loaf of bread he’s holding.

      • Ha shady has been doing it since high school lol

        • MediaMike

          What an ugly high school jersey with a squad full of mercenaries on it.

          • @MediaMike Safe to say your not a fan of Notre Dame’s unis, no?

        • Chris

          Love the shout out to Bishop McDevitt. Small Central PA school, but played the powerhouses in the area. Almost as good as Steel High!

      • Clamdigger

        Yeah. It’s just a part of his running style, but he seems to usually be aware of where he’s swinging it.

        • JofreyRice

          hell, maybe the saucer-sized eyes they get when they see that ball swinging around out there helps him set them up for his cuts.

      • PhillySean

        Here’s one of those guys….


    • Wiztopher

      It drives me crazy when he dances behind the line of scrimmage. Sometimes he ends up turning it into a 20 yd run but boy do I get nervous when he changes direction so far behind his own line.

    • Ark87

      Shady has always been that cardiac arrest player (the Cardiac Back even?), the classic “no no nYES YES YES!” player. Between what you described and the dancing with the ball way out there (he greatly improved his security last year), and he almost always get his yards, and hardly ever fumbled. He is like the Brett Favre of running backs, kids don’t try to play like this….just marvel.

      • All Things Bad@ss

        On the money.

    • DetmerWonAHeisman

      I hear you, but, if you lead the league in rushing……keep dancing!

  • I mean… McCoy is the center piece of this offense, so I’m glad how much attention to detail Kelly is focusing on Shady. Chip Kelly + attention to detail + Shady being a monster + our offensive line = Leading rusher in the NFL, leader in attempts, 5.1 YPC, Averaging 100 yards a game, tied for 2nd in runs of 20 + yards with 9. More attention to detail in 2014? Yes please.

    • anon

      makes me think he wants a straight line power back dragging bodies through the second level rather than shady doing the macarina all over the field.

      • PhillySean

        I don’t know about that in an offense designed to put players in space. I think it has more to do with Kelly doing everything with intention and designing plays with exacting precision.

        • JohnA

          But the more contingencies an opposing team has to sort through means more seconds of thought but no *effective* action. That opens holes. There’s your space.

      • Hopefully a healthy Chris Polk gives us that option this season. It will be nice to have 3 different running styles with Shady,Polk, and Sproles in 2014. Each brings a different element to the table.

      • MagatBrackendale

        How about a little of both?

      • PD93

        Thats why Polk will have a bigger role this year….to do exactly that when we need it!

  • DEaglesWay

    “After watching the film and realizing there was no hole, the head coach reportedly apologized to the running back in front of the team.”


    • All Things Bad@ss

      CK is a leader in every sense of the word. He seems to hold himself accountable for every mistake he makes. That’s a great precedent to set in front of the young’uns and vets he’s leading. Frickin’ love this guy. Would love to have a beer with him and pick his brain.

      • B

        He holds his players to high standards and has made it know that character is towards, if not at the top of the attributes that he looks for in players. He shows that he has integrity by holding himself to those same standards, you gotta love that in a coach.

  • JosephR2225

    Is it the regular season yet? I can’t remember the last time the offseason felt so damn long.

    • JofreyRice

      always hate to wish away my summer, but I am very excited to see what year 2 looks like.

    • Cmeane66

      Right? Last time it felt like this we lost to New England Spies in the Super Bowl.

  • PhillySean

    Thank god we have a coach that is not just dedicated, but a perfectionist about the running game. The last previous 10 years or so of watching Eagles O lineman pass block all day long was very frustrating. All those up-the-gut for no yards on 3rd and 10 were painful.

    • We finally got a run game @phillysean:disqus It took a while but I’m enjoying the ride. It took a toll on our lineman for sure, when your oline is taking the punishment versus delivering the blows often early it makes a difference.

  • John J. King

    Gonna be a fun season

  • myeaglescantwin

    have any of you watched the marcus smith video on the right?

    • Javi Echie

      His athleticism is on full display in that video. He has the skills to rush the passer but what got my attention is the one play where he was 20 yards down the field in coverage.

      • DetmerWonAHeisman

        Agreed…that was the most impressive play to me. Seems like a good fit for what Billy wants to do….

  • MediaMike

    I though he was going to say Patrick Chung.

    • QueefTheHerp

      I literally lol’d when I read your post.

  • Bill Eaton

    Chip Kelly will win multiple Superbowls with the Eagles. The guy is amazing and he is just getting started.

  • Steve

    I love my eagles but chip is a hypocrite. If he holds players accountable, whi is Riley cooper still on the team. All the black players have to eat it that a racist punk. Got his way. Boooo CK.