Wake-Up Call: Why A Mathis Holdout Is Realistic


With Lane Johnson likely facing a suspension, the Eagles could do without another issue along the offensive line. But one could be coming.

Evan Mathis is still in search of a new deal and there is reason to think that he may not be in attendance to start training camp. Paul Domowitch mentioned this possibility in a recent article:

Something else to keep an eye on: Evan Mathis, the team’s 32-year-old All-Pro left guard, hasn’t made it a secret he’s not happy with the contract he signed 2 years ago. He attended all of the team’s voluntary spring OTAs and the mandatory June minicamp, but it wouldn’t be a shock if the Drew Rosenhaus client was a no-show at NovaCare on July 25.

Word first surfaced at the owners meetings in March that  Rosenhaus had approached management about re-doing the guard’s contract. The Eagles declined and suggested that Rosenhaus look for trade partners for his client. There were some exploratory talks with other teams but nothing ever got serious.

“I think that’s just the nature of what our league is like. In professional sports there is a short amount of time that guys have to play this game and they’re trying to get what they can, and I certainly understand where they’re coming from,” said Chip Kelly. “And part of being the general manager, cap people, is fitting that all together.

“Do I worry about Evan? No. Evan, you talk about go-to-work lunch pail mentality, that’s Evan Mathis. I don’t worry about Evan from that standpoint.”

Mathis showed up for the offseason conditioning program and did not allow the business end  to affect his performance this spring. But that doesn’t mean that the financial matter has been resolved.

The 32-year-old signed a five-year, $25 million contract in March of 2012 that included $6 million in guarantees. Three years remain on the deal and all of the guaranteed cash is gone.

Mathis has started 47 of a possible 48 games since joining the Eagles in 2011. He has played at a high level during his time in Philly and this past season was named First-Team All-Pro and was selected to the Pro Bowl.

His 2014 salary of $5.15 million is seventh among guards according to spotrac. Mathis’ guaranteed money, though, pales in comparison to some of his peers. Tampa’s Carl Nicks, for instance, has $25 million in guarantees; Logan Mankins $21.5 million; Andy Levitre of the Titans has $13 million; Jahri Evans of the Saints gets $12 million; and so on. Meanwhile, line mates Jason Peters ($15.75 million guaranteed)  and Jason Kelce ($13 million guaranteed) were just taken care of.

The Eagles are probably hesitant to rip up a contract that was signed just two years ago. Mathis wants to be paid fair-market value. And so here we stand.

The 10-year vet isn’t one to make waves. Then again, holding out is one of the few tools a player has to try and apply pressure on the employer. As it so happens, his leverage is arguably increased in this scenario given the Johnson situation. They can’t afford to have further disturbances at the offensive line position, which was viewed as one of the primary strengths of this team. But that could be what they’re facing.


Sheil projects the Eagles’ defensive depth chart, position by position.

“Absurd that guys who make that money take stupid chances.” What they’re saying.

Sheil examines the state of the offensive line if the Lane Johnson suspension holds up.


Jimmy Kempski of Philly.com disproves the theory that Nick Foles‘ numbers were inflated because he never took any shots down the field:

OK, so Prisco’s argument here seems to be that Foles is Kevin Kolb 2.0, AKA “Checkdown Charlie.” Didinger was then quick to note a pair of stats that completely obliterate that argument.

Didinger responded, “He was not by any means dinking and dunking the ball here, Pete. I mean, he averaged nine yards per attempt, so the idea that it was a very conservative kind of passing game… not really. I mean, they led the league in 20+ yard plays.”

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com takes a look at the Eagles’ different options for kick returners:

For the first time in years, the Eagles have no clue who will return punts and kicks for them during the regular season.

“We’ve got a bunch of options, so I’m excited about it,” special teams coach Dave Fipp said. “I think it’s great. It’s better than having none.”

Jackson and Johnson split the Eagles’ punt return duties last year, with neither having much success. Johnson was OK on kickoffs at 25.9, but he’s not expected to make the roster this year.

Overall, the Eagles ranked 25th in the NFL in kick return average last year (21.4) and 27th in punt return average (6.6). They didn’t have a kick return of 50 yards, and they didn’t have a punt return longer than 32 yards.

They have to get better.


Twenty-three days until camp.

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  • NickS1

    Would guaranteeing this year and most of next year’s salary work for Mathis? Can’t see him getting more money at age 32 and clearly the trade option isn’t happening based on nothing materializing thus far through the offseason. This really is just bad timing for him.

    Of the 6 guards making more than him with more guarantees, only Mankins is the same age, but Mankins signed his deal a year earlier and didn’t wait until his 30s to play All-Pro ball. The other 5 have an average age of 29, with Levitre being 28, two are 29 and two are 30. Levitre’s deal was signed last offseason. Nicks had to hit free agency to get top dollar in 2012. Evans’ got his monster deal in 2010, Yanda in 2011, and Grubbs got his in 2012. And the key here is that they all got paid very well right at their primes, around the age of 27, except Mankins, who was about 29. Don’t see Mathis getting much more than some additional guarantees, which shouldn’t be too hard for Howie to concede.

    • EagleDuck

      Thank you for pointing out the age thing. That’s pretty much all I could think of as they were comparing him to these younger players. When you’ve got probably 3 years of football left, do you really want to miss out on football and be fined for that privilege?
      I’m sure there’s other sides to the argument, but I don’t see it happening for Mathis. He got good at the wrong time and is paying for it… sort of (Homey still makes 5 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!!!!).

      • anon

        Most of these guys don’t have “real” careers after. This $$ has to last him the rest of his life basically — he’s never going to make anything like this again, unless he’s been great at investing his $$. I completely understand why people ask for more $$ — teams won’t hesitate to cut you if you underperform, they should pay if you’re outperforming. But I understand that’s not the way the world works.

        • NickS1

          You’re absolutely right that he has to do everything in his power to maximize his income while he can, especially in the latter part of his career. And while you make an excellent point that he can be cut for underperforming, that’s why I think Howie should at least re-visit his guarantees for next year. This year will be guaranteed after the first game, so no worries for him there.

          • anon

            I don’t think they want to do anything before signing up those 2012 guys – it’s gonna be tough for him.

          • NickS1

            Guaranteeing some salary isn’t going to effect cap, though. Very good point, though. Especially if he, for some reason, is not part of the plan beyond this year.

        • travis papa

          He makes in 1yr 2-5 times the amount 1 person makes in their normal working life. Theres no rule that he can’t get a real job after football either. Let’s not weep for a multi millionaire he will be just fine. He doesn’t deserve an extra dime at his age. I’m all for a player making all the money can but obviously every other team in the nfl felt he was overpaid same as djax. They cut him and I bet he won’t make $3mil/yr elsewhere.I also have issues when a player signs a long-term deal and wants a new contract 2-3yrs in then they should have only signed for 3yrs not 5 or 7. His own mistake. He should grow up and get over it.

          • anon

            Be a better argument if NFL had guaranteed contracts that way both guys were playing by same rules. Un-guaranteed $$ is basically a team option, but it’s a fact of life.

            While players appear to make a lot of money it’s not that crazy. Taxes are crazy, bonuses are taxed at 50%, gotta pay agents, personal trainers, publicists, and just the price of being around rich people (you just do more expensive stuff), etc. Most people hit their earning primes in late 30s, 40s, etc. Lots of these guys are done by 32, most aren’t rocket scientists and have spent their whole lives only knowing football. I made a bunch of money in my mid 20s but I was young and since so I wasted it having fun.

            Yes they tried to trade mathis but they *ucked him by wanted a 3rd, which no one will give – so i don’t have much sympathy for teams.

          • travis papa

            Even if you figure he comes home with 40% that’s still 2mil. He could easily have a coaching job off the field or a football related job after he’s done. Just because everyone else spends like a moron doesn’t mean he has to. He could live in a $500k house and drive $50k cars not a million dollar home and 5 $100k cars. He doesn’t have to drop $1k going to dinner nobody is holding a gun to his head. It’s called living below yours means and not enough people do it in this world not just athletes. He was in the nfl for 8yrs before having a big moneydeal so i think he understands the concept of not having millions guaranteed.

  • birdsfanindc

    To summarize: Mathis showed up for OTAs and there’s no indication he will hold up. But you still thought you should speculate.

    Please, PLEASE don’t be the blog that has to make stuff up and count how many times players go pee. There are already several out there.

    • sprawl

      Maybe if a mom has Drew Rosenhaus as her agent

      • myeaglescantwin

        badum Tissssss!!

    • TMcManus247

      Where’s the trust?

      • myeaglescantwin

        exactly, I dig this site because there is very little speculation.
        I like to deal in what is and what aint.

        & there IS a very good chance he holds out. Even better chance it will be successful because of Lane’s snafu. Going into a season down 2/5 OL starters is no good. Especially if you can make it 1/5 by opening up that bloated checkbook. There is absolutely no reason to not give Mathis a ‘restructured’ deal if his pay doesn’t equal his value.

      • JosephR2225

        Do you know something beyond what was reported in March? There’s obviously a difference between a Mathis holdout “might make some sense” and Mathis indicating he is willing or likely to hold out.

      • Andy124

        You got your mod-hood! Congrats!

        • The real TMac has stood up. I love it.
          Josh, do you have your tag yet?

      • Bird of Prey

        Sorry but I have to disagree, it’s not speculation, its good reporting. First, he has leverage this year, and in the NFL that means the contract is only binding in one direction. That’s why guaranteed money is sooo important.
        Second, Rosenhaus may have this organization to the point where they do not renegotiate with his clients(speculation on my part). ie; Jackson wanting a renegotiation for more guaranteed money after last season as well, and the fact that they immediately told Rosenhaus to shop his client around when the renegotiation was requested(basis for speculation).
        And lastly Rosenhaus has a history of talking his clients into behaving in a negative manner to try to force management into action, which Mathis so far has shown enough brains not follow Drew’s lead.

        So respect the blog, it’s a good one.

    • CrackSammich

      You mean the blog that “made stuff up” based on inside sources that he never revealed and turned out to be right?

      Are you aware that a reporter can write about things that were told to them without prefacing it with “sources close to the team have told this reporter….”?

      • Adam G

        People are certainly quick to discredit him because he adds humor to his blog posts, but he is very knowledgeable and still has not gotten the credit he deserves for being the first one to call the Desean situation.

        • SoCalEaglesFan

          Kempski had no problem discrediting DeSean Jackson, though. Look. Kempksi’s coverage of the Jackson debacle hinted that he’s okay with being a sock puppet for the Eagles organization. Every blog post he made sighted “unnamed team sources”! Who was that unnamed team source? He went on to accuse Jackson of everything from being a bad teammate that nobody in the locker room liked, to being insubordinate to the coaches all the time. All from an “unnamed” source. Every Eagles player who put their name on the line said just the opposite about Jackson. That he was well liked and respected by teammates and had no blowups with any coaches that any of them saw.

          So either Kempski’s source is one lone coward of a player (maybe a competitor at Jackson’s position?) or a high up front office person wanting to soften the blow of Jackson’s departure on the fan base. Kempski allowed himself to be used that way. He will forever be Dave Spadaro to me.

          After Jackson was released, the team officially said none of that garbage Kempski reported was the reason for the release and the team had no personal problem with Jackson. So is the team lying now or were they lying then to Kempski? The team was lying one of the times. And Kempski was fool enough to print the “unnamed team source” quotes. He’s a tool to me and will remain so.

          Sheil and Tim are very good in comparison.

    • Maggie

      Urinating and other bathroom functions have been the subject of thousands of jokes. I’ll bet you’ve even told a few yourself and laughed at even more. ;~)

  • JosephR2225

    Domo is still not over Mathis pranking him with that whole “Not going to voluntary workouts” thing.

  • cliff henny

    didn’t think Mathis had much leverage for new contract, but maybe he slipped something into Lane’s smoothie. LJ p’g hot changes everything, certainly short term at least. say Johnson positive test doesn’t happen, can live with eagles playing little hardball with Evan, have Barbre step in being blanketed by JP and Kelce and hope Herremanns regains form with Lane stepping up. now, those 1st 4 games without Mathis is out of the question, assuming Tobin is stepping in at LG, and right side of Barbre and fingers crossed ToddieH.
    I almost always side with players on money, but on this one, probably lean towards FO. wouldn’t rip up contract, maybe reshuffle some money, he has 3 unguaranteed yrs, maybe give him 1.5 or 2 yrs of guarantees and add a club option 4th yr onto back end. can draft all the high character football loving guys you want Howie and Chip, it’s not ever going to stop the issues of how the money pie is sliced up

    • NickS1

      If Peters ends up with a hot stream, then I’ll definitely being looking right at Mathis.

  • Andy

    Mathis will be there.

    • NickS1

      Thanks for solving all of our worries :)

  • Kevin

    Has anyone heard more on the Lane Johnson suspension front? Last I heard there was no announcement by the NFL or by the team and the NFL had no information on him or the suspension. Just curious where it stands because I don’t remember the NFL every leaking that type of info previously before they issued a suspension. The timing and reporting just seem a little off to me.

  • myeaglescantwin

    The leverage for Mathis would never be stronger.

    I doubt that a holdout is in Mathis’s character, but i wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.
    & truthfully i support it.
    Teams will expect you to restructure when you under perform. They back-load contract and cut you when you age. A player’s earning window is short. They need to maximize their returns.

    There’s no loyalty in the NFL.
    You go get yours Mathis.

    • NickS1

      No F’n Loyalty

      • myeaglescantwin

        except to $$$ and greed.

        they butcher an American past time in the name of profit.
        One thing i did love about this world cup, no commercials. No TV timeouts.

        • NickS1

          That’s one of the best things about soccer. Play doesn’t “stop”. Sure, a few seconds for flopping but it’s basically non-stop. I don’t get the people who call it boring, yet, they go and watch football and baseball. Even basketball has forced TV timeouts. I love football, but I also love being able to watch a whole game in 2hrs.

          • cliff henny

            having the banners around side of field helps. plus, jerseys are littered too. futball probably runs 100 xs the ads, just really smart about it. wait till nfl starts putting Pepsi/coke logos on the field. see white lines, yardage numbers, ads and 7 or 8 blades of green grass.
            agree 2hrs, and day is yours. last night game was perfect, happy hour party and made burgers on grill.

          • NickS1

            Won’t see numbers on the front or sides of jerseys anymore, just a big Bud Light ad.

          • cliff henny

            Ha, yup…like when were kids playing the streets, firehydrant and stop signs are endzones and the buick is midfield/1st down…NFL will have 10 different ads, no numbers. be like pop flies at Tampa, who knows what’s a hit/in-out of play, that stupid A,B,C,D rings.

          • peteike

            someone would always take out a side mirror on a car running a fly pattern

          • Amar

            Not sure how you guys will react to this….my friend works for a startup in Bangalore who are working on material that can display animation and can be treated as apparel.
            Now imagine Eagles players wearing jerseys that display animated commercials during gamebreaks.
            It is the future though…

          • myeaglescantwin

            i gave up season tickets to the Birds. I love the games, but at the same time i can’t stand players standing around for no other reason but the owners raking in some more money. I’d rather be at home with 20 good friends taking shots during commercials than paying $200 a game to watch players stand around. Completely kills momentum.

            The GAME should be the priority, not the sponsors. Commercials used to revolve around open spots in the game. Now games revolve around open spots in commercials.

            “we now interrupt these commercials for some football”

          • Maggie

            Owners raking in money is the Great American Dream, isn’t it? Capitalism at it’s finest. Why, if the owners couldn’t make some profit, why would they even bother to buy a team? Except for scale, it’s no different than owning a car dealership or a dry-cleaning business (movin’ on up!) I agree it can be aggravating to be one of the underlings who never make a profit though.

    • SoCalEaglesFan

      I’m not sure how you would know Mathis’s character. Do you know him personally? As far as I’m concerned, I never have a problem with players holding out if they feel they need to in order to reach their financial goals before hanging them up. The team doesn’t have to honor the rest of Mathis’s contract so I see no conflict if Mathis doesn’t want to honor it either. What’s to honor? The guaranteed money is already used up.

      Mike Quick held out for about half of the seasons he was a pro. It was almost funny after a while. He didn’t like camp so he held out and paid the fine. It was worth it to him. Didn’t seem to hurt him either.

      • myeaglescantwin

        oh all the players on this team, i’d see it easiest to get a read on Mathis and Kelce.
        that blue collar mentality we have seen the past few seasons is what i’m looking at. lunch pale type fellas.

  • daggolden

    Would be a brilliant move by Mathis. Do you really think Mathis gives a damn about the Eagles saving 20 million under the cap for the Kendricks and Coxs of the world? Mathis is a underpaid All-Pro guard who is considered the best guard in the NFL. He looks at the Eagles cap situation and says WTF your 20 million under the cap and I cant get a raise? If I was him I would sit out and cal Howie and Barney bluff. Go into the season without me and LJ. You don’t need me you guys have reinvented football anyway. Its the system you will be fine. lol

    • daggolden

      Or they could give the best guard in the NFL a new contract front-loaded vs the cap this year and keep the oline intact. I know I know, the Eagles will then compromise there record setting “under the cap” championship run this year but hey all dynasties have to come to a end.

      • Birds4Life

        You do realize that the Eagles are over the cap already for next year, right? And that is before the Eagles want to resign all those guys drafted in 2012. Which could possibly include a franchise QB that may ask for $18mil a year. So lets give a 32 who has only been playing great the last couple of years a front loaded contract to chew up that $20mil they want to rollover. Genius! Think further down the road then this season.

        • cliff henny

          if they keep all the bloated dead weight contracts. Eagles will have a ton of money, don’t worry about that

          • Birds4Life

            Yeah, I know that includes a bunch of contracts that will be dropped after this year. And I know Howie is always thinking towards the future. I just get tired of hearing all the “Eagles win the cap bowl again” talk. If you want to root for a team that spends all their cap, go root for Dallas. We did the spending in 2011 and look how that turned out.

          • cliff henny

            also, eagles are under projected cap right now, close to 5m. Foles contract wont be 18m hit, it doesn’t work like that, probably closer to 8m-10min ’15. his salary will stay low, shove a bunch of bonus into ’15, give him guaranteed salary for the 2 or 3 following yrs add more prorated bonus, then have some dead money at back end.

          • peteike

            It is kind of funny though per the cap, Im sure their feelings arent hurt. The dynasty line was great

          • daggolden

            Ahhh and the way the Eagles have managed the cap over the last 20 years has done exactly what? How many SB? hmmmm so obviously there revolutionary model isn’t working either. The signing of average players to long term low value deals to only find out they remain average. Brilliant.

          • Age

            Right….and the reason they didn’t get over the hump all those times they got very close during that span was because of their cap management? Okay.

          • Birds4Life

            Once again I will point out that the Eagles spent a ton of money on free agents in 2011 and how did that turn out? Let’s see,we got great a declining player like everyones favorite CB (the guy that ate lunch in his car) and in the process pissed off one of our drafted guys that wanted more money and he ended up dogging it that season #10.
            So you want to go out and sign Byrd (which I really wanted the Eagles to do) for that kinda money? The guy that sat out 5 games last year because of bad feet and then just had back surgery a month ago? The Eagles are building a team the right way! Drafting high character guys and then signing them long term when they are eligible. What is wrong with that?

    • Tom

      Only 20 million under cap because Foles is on rookie contract. Most of that money goes away when he gets payed market rate next year.

      • cliff henny

        20m under, and if FO makes basic moves, like Herremanns, Graham, Williams and Cole, be over 40m under. then have Celek and Ryans, that’s another 12m or can restructure. i’m missing someone, Eagles can easily get 50-60m under. there’s plenty of money to toss/restructure Mathis, sign ’12 draft class and let Howie go to the batting cage for free agents, see if he can get above the Mendoza line

        • anon

          You’ll give mathis $$ at 33 and not pay the other old guys (who are also every down guys). I think it sort of plays out how you say — but there will be a lot of tough decisions next year — most of which will be based on performance of guys like Kendricks this year. Personally, I would have tested waters for a Cox trade (along with Curry, Graham, etc.)

          • cliff henny

            sure, you rework it. look a Peters, he got big money and it reduced his cap hit. Mathis is 6m-7m against for 3 more years, what changes if they make in 7m-8m against for 4, w/ 4th being club option and more guaranteed? not a thing. like jax, he’s not looking for more money, it’s guaranteed money. Jax is taking less of a caphit for more guaranteed money. like shady, he’s almost 12m hit next yr, i’ll bet they rework him, reduce cap hit and toss him cash.

          • daggolden

            Theres not another older player on the team that has leverage besides Mathis the best guard in the NFL. Who could possibly hold out other than Mathis? Cole? Herrimans? Williams? Theres nobody. If Mathis holds out pay him. They can mess around with the oline to save money this year if they want to. Imj sure Seattle, Rams, Arizona and SF wouldn’t mind one bit.

      • daggolden

        Giving Mathis a raise with guaranteed money this year has no bearing on the cap next year. Its either give a raise to Mathis or Lurie pockets the whole 20 million. How the hell does that help the team? Well our oline sucks now but atleast Lurie made a extra 8 million.

        • Adam G

          That’s not how it works. Every dollar not spent gets rolled over. The eagles will need the extra cap room when they have to sign Foles, Cox, Kendricks, etc

          • Maggie

            Unfortunately, Adam G, there are people who think that if there are a couple of dollars left over at year-end from a corporation’s operating budget that they magically becomes liquid cash and goes into some owner’s pocket. Those people won’t listen to any logical explanation.

    • Adam

      Scheme has a lot to do with Mathis being one of the best guards in the NFL. I think he knows it, and the Eagles FO know it too.

  • jpate

    I would believe it if Jimmy reported it :p

  • Dpick

    If he were to hold out, his primary backup would’ve been Barbre. But with Lane’s suspension and Barbre playing RT….uh oh.

  • So under the CBA, the penalty for training camp holdouts is $30,000 per day, plus one week of salary for each preseason game missed. The penalty for missing OTAs is $0.

    Seems like something that is at least worth mentioning in this article, no?

    • mtn_green

      Those penalties have prevented most players from holding out since the new CBA.

  • Ian Farley
    • Birds4Life

      Yup! I thought Dallas said they were going to replace Lee with someone already on the team. It turns out they thought someone who hasn’t played since Nov 2012 was better than anyone they currently had. LMFAO

    • cliff henny

      goto bloggingtheboys.com and read about the signing. countless clueless fans think putting star on side of his helmet will transform him. probably what I hate most about Cowboy fans. actually hate a a lot about them…how they oggle their cheerleaders (newsflash, all cheerleaders are hot), ones that never been within 500 miles of Dallas (probably heat fans too, were lakers) and those GD 5 SB trophies (to think I was a cowboy fan as a kid in the 70’s, makes me sick-dad was in navy with Roger) . what’s really funny though is Garrett has coined term RKG-right kid of guy, he only signs high character guys (and Dez). well, sure, until all-pro middle LB goes down and have zero behind him, then RKG is very loosely adhered too.

      • myeaglescantwin

        kansas city and st. louis have some serious dogs on their cheer squads.

        • Maggie

          I wonder how many foolish names we could come up with for ugly males? Why don’t you peek in the mirror and have a go?

          • Ian Farley


          • myeaglescantwin

            stop supporting Canadians.

          • myeaglescantwin

            ugly duckling?

    • peteike

      ha, good luck there but they better make sure he stays on his meds. It could work out I suppose, maybe worth the gamble. Not many options just comes off as so desperate.

    • Johnny Domino

      Won’t this hold up his HOF induction at least a year?

      • myeaglescantwin

        hahahah nnnnnice!

    • Max Lightfoot

      Hmmm … trading draft picks for guys who are already retired – sounds like the Cowboys! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Explorer51

    When you sign an employment contract, in any business, the remuneration negotiated isn’t based on “average” performance; it is the expectation that you will excel and that is how and why the money is configured where it is. It is also rare, in any business where profits are projected to rise like the NFL, when individuals sign contracts in the years after you that their contracts won’t be higher than yours. This is why agents and employment attorneys project future value (or are supposed to) in your out-years.

    As a fan, I want all our players to be signed and happy but I realize that’s a naive assumption; there’s also a big part of me that says “hey, you have $20M to play with, give him a little taste, he’s a good guy.” But, realistically, that’s not a good business model (yes, the Eagles are a business) when you have 52 other good guys, and their agents, watching how this plays out. Hopefully there are ways to tweak this; as always cliff henny lays out some interesting thoughts. But when you sign a mutually negotiated agreement, I believe that you have a responsibility to stick with it.

    Let’s face it, though he and all players want and should make as much as possible in their short playing windows, he will have 30+ years as a very employable individual. He can undoubtedly make more in his second career than most of us in our lifetimes and if he invested, even conservatively, his NFL earnings he and his family should be comfortable for life.

    Lane Johnson, now this…what other bits of bad luck await before the season starts?

    • anon

      Normal employment agreements (for non-at will employees) have a term and guaranteed money during the term (or a buyout option — severance), and if you want a new job you can just go interview and take it (though you may leave a lot of $$ on the table).

      Since the NFL has no fully guaranteed contracts and no ability to put yourself on the free market during the term of the agreement, to me it’s not like normal employment agreements so i feel like he should do whatever he wants.

      I’d never fault an at-will guy for asking for a raise. They will certainly demote you if you’re underperforming.

      • Explorer51

        Actually, in many businesses that judge and “buy” talent a pretty standard clause is a non-compete which will prohibit you from seeking…let alone finding…a new job in your field. A company may choose to let you out of that contract or charge you a substantive buyback but they can also absolutely block you for the length of the term. And the NFL does have fully guaranteed portions of contracts, they just aren’t usually the length of the agreement; this is usually mitigated by an upfront bonus which, with a player of Mathis’ stature is also fully guaranteed. When Mathis was a free agent, it was reported that he had two offers, one from the Ravens and one from the Eagles; obviously he took the latter and that’s when he and his agent should have negotiated a higher guarantee.

  • Johnny Domino

    Let him take a couple weeks off to rest up, then swoop in before the 3rd PS game to reclaim his gig.

    Bamiro/Kelly can use all the reps they can get.

  • mtn_green

    I believe Mathis is also the oldest starting Guard. I disagree he is not going to face the penalties when he couldn’t get a team to offer enough for trade, is oldest starting guard, and is only two years into contract.

  • Adam

    Show up for all the optional stuff then hold out? Would be an interesting tactic to say the least. I hope that Mathis realizes that some of his success comes from the scheme. While I still think he would be good in other schemes I don’t think he would have as much success.

    I just don’t see him having as much leverage as other people seem to think, and I think the Eagles feel the same. He’s a scheme specific, ageing olineman with little to no success outside this organization. I’ll bet you see him at camp.

  • John J. King

    Change the contract to 2 years with $10 MM in Gtees. He gets the money that is competitive with his peers and we’re getting the option to let him go when he’s 34.

  • imnotsorryisaidthat

    Mathias had a chance to go to Baltimore for more cash and turned it Down to return to Philly for his current contract,so now when he elevates his play to live up to that contract he wants more cash?..sorry I feel no sorrow for him

  • dislikedisqus

    I think they should guarantee the next two years of Mathis’s contract bu not raise the amount. It’s not smart to put a key player out there unguaranteed.