Eye On the Enemy: NFC East Roundup

Can you start making these helmets after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled Washington's trademark?

Can you make these helmets now that the Redskins’ trademark was cancelled?

For the next several Sundays, we’ll take a spin around the NFC East to check in on what’s going on with some of the Eagles’ division rivals.


An improved offense, not defense, could be key in a potential Cowboys playoff run this season, Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com writes:

The Cowboys averaged 27.4 points per game last year, which was fifth-most in the league, but they averaged only 341.1 yards per game, which was 16th. They struggled on third down, converting just 35 percent, and they could not finish games by running the ball or chose not to attempt to run the ball.

Jones believes the offense has a chance to be great in 2014.

Linebacker Bruce Carter has the potential to help Dallas’ defense improve, Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News reports:

Carter isn’t satisfied with how he played in his first year as an outside linebacker. After showing so much promise playing on the inside in Rob Ryan’s 3-4 scheme, Carter never seemed confident in the Tampa-2. Despite starting 13 games, he was benched on multiple occasions.

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News explains why he thinks the Giants will win the NFC East and the Cowboys will finish third:

Dallas fielded the NFL’s worst defense a year ago and now its three best players are gone — DeMarcus Ware as a cap casualty, Jason Hatcher in free agency and Sean Lee to an injury. The Cowboys will continue to be high-scoring on offense, but the defense is an even bigger question mark than a year ago with so much inexperience in the front seven.


Jordan Raanan of NJ.com on the “studs and duds” in the offseason so far for the Giants:

DUD: OL Chris Snee — The final three full offseason workouts the media was allowed to attend, Snee didn’t participate in team drills. They conceded at the minicamp that his surgically-repaired elbow was still a problem. That’s could prove troublesome moving forward that he couldn’t stay healthy during the “non-contact” portion of the season.

Jameel McClain is ready to fill the void Jon Beason‘s absence leaves behind, Paul Schwartz of the New York Post writes:

Beason is dealing with a ligament tear and a small fracture to the sesamoid in his right foot. He was examined Monday in Charlotte, N.C., by foot and ankle specialist Dr. Robert Anderson. After the exam and a review of Beason’s MRI exam, X-rays and CT scan, it was determined he does not need surgery. Instead, his foot will be immobilized for six weeks — three weeks in a cast and three weeks in a walking boot. Players report to training camp July 21 and, based on Beason’s revised rehab schedule, he should be ready to begin the next phase of his rehab about two weeks into camp.

Dan Graziano of ESPNNewYork.com answers who he thinks the opening day starters will be at linebacker and offense line:

The first-team offensive line in minicamp was, left to right: Charles Brown, Geoff Schwartz, J.D. Walton, Brandon Mosley, Justin Pugh. Which, no, is not good. They believe Chris Snee could play right guard if he had to right now, but he’s working his way back from elbow and hip surgeries and they’re taking it slowly with him. And they’re also hoping Will Beatty is healthy enough to play left tackle in training camp ahead of Brown, who was signed as a backup. Rookie Weston Richburg is in a straight-up competition with Walton for the starting center spot. So it’s possible that by Week 1 it’s Beatty/Schwartz/Richburg/Snee/Pugh, which would look a lot better than what they ran out there this week. But as of now, that’s your starting five.


Theresa Vargas of the Washington Post explains what it means when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the Redskins’ trademark Wednesday:

But its effect is largely symbolic. The ruling cannot stop the team from selling T-shirts, beer glasses and license-plate holders with the moniker or keep the team from trying to defend itself against others who try to profit from the logo. And the trademark registrations will remain effective during any appeal process.

A federal appeals court reinstated the NFLPA’s collusion claim against the NFL, which reduced Washington’s salary cap by $36 million over two years, writes Mark Maske of the Washington Post:

In its ruling released Friday, the appeals court wrote that its “holding should not be read as in any way expressing a view on the merits of the Association’s… motion.” The appeals court’s ruling said that “the Association bears a heavy burden in attempting to convince the district court that the Dismissal was fraudulently procured. We hold only that the Association should be given the opportunity to meet this burden.”

Mike Jones of the Washington Post notes that improving the pass rush has been a big focus for the Redskins this offseason:

Baker said both players don’t always know how to play to their strengths, and so, his job is to figure out ways to help them maximize their talents – for Orakpo to better take advantage of his speed, and for Kerrigan to more consistently use his power – and to position them for success.

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  • Philip Soloninka

    It’s fitting that I read this on the crapper, seeing as these 3 other teams are just big ole steaming piles of dookie.

    • judging from many of these links, so are their reporters.

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  • JosephR2225

    Kind of makes you wonder… do Eagles articles sound this delusional to fans of these other teams?

    • Andy124

      Yes they do… because the fans of these other teams are delusional.

    • cliff henny

      yes and no, it’s who the writers are trying to reach.
      ‘Allas fans are a special kind of delusional. they have so many badwagoners, goto bloggingtheboys, you see some guys who really know football and they are battling some of the biggest homers you’d ever want to read. it’s 90/10 idiots,but that 10% really knows some football. think it mustbe tough to be lumped in with that fanbase at times.
      i dont have much of an issue with NYG or WASH fans, in general. hate their teams, but i dont find them moronic like ‘Allas, who thinks everyone increases 3 fold talent level just because they put a the star on side of head. Wash has a lot of poitical/international fans, learning game, just like routing for them, it’s fine to me. NYG’s are New Yorkers, they just want to bash balls, actually respect them, think they have knowledge level equal to a Eagles fans. long as your arguement is based in logic, i’ll listen, think NYG’s do. there’s a difference between circling wagons (like they bash the bejesus out of Eli, but when we do, they defend him, that’s natural) and the nonsense you have to put up with talking to most cowboys’ fans.

      • Reasonableeaglefan

        In my limited experiences, Cowboy fans from Texas are a lot better to deal with than your local bandwagon jumper cowboys fan. Most of the locals are pure dopes or born contrarians.

      • Tikkit

        90/10? Overestimation of the year. It’s more like 99.9/.01. Watching smart fans get mauled by idiots who can barely compose a complete sentence is a damn shame.

      • Eagles1018

        I’m a native New Yorker. I hate Giants fans. Ask me how many times I’ve been asked when I’ll wake up and realize the Giants are better and the Eagles will never win a Super Bowl.

        • kstagg

          As a die-hard Eagles fan, I gotta admit, they’ve definitely been right on the second front.

      • Marilyn Monbroe

        The biggest homers I know are steelers or giants fans

    • ICDogg

      I guess we could look for eye-on-the-enemy type articles in other NFCE teams’ blogs to try and find out…

    • dislikedisqus

      Yes, because fans of other teams are delusional to begin with.

      • Andy124

        Where have I heard that before?

  • dislikedisqus

    Gosselin is pretty respected so I eead his column. He has some interesting things to say about NYG, but basically, the column amounts to saying their coach, qb and fa’s have playoff experience. There isn’t a lot of depth of thought, as in, how good can DRC be if his last 2 teams let him walk, or how useful will he be against a rushing attack like PHI and WAS have? No discussion of Beason injury or can Eli adapt to new offense. Or where rushing attack comes from, or whether either line is playoff- caliber.

    • Dunno how he normally is, but that article linked here is trash. So they have 3 nfl starters at rb, huh? I’d say they have none.

      • Reasonableeaglefan

        *If* they have 3 starting caliber RBs that’s more than the amount of starting caliber O-lineman on that roster.

        • right? he can’t be a serious writer, basing his “educated” decision on the fact that Eli and Coughlin are experienced winners? and that the NYG win the division every 3 years (and are, thus, due in ’14)?

          hell, I could take a Hunter S. Thompson suitcase-of-drugs and present a better case. We’re so blessed to have the quality of Sheil, Tim and The Intern.

          • Reasonableeaglefan

            We are lucky. Tim and Sheil would pull Josh’s intern card if he tried to write a story based on that crap. Sure, every 3 years they win a Super Bowl, that’s plausible. Pure laziness.

          • A Roy

            I’ve read some of your posts and thought you already had…..but I kid, I kid…

        • dnabrice

          Top Olineman make top RBs. Bryce Brown was a stud for a couple games.

      • Guest

        “The other reason I like the Giants is that since winning their first division title under Coughlin in 2005, they have won the East every third year since then. They won in 2008 and 2011, putting them on track to win again in 2014”
        That’s some brilliant analysis

        • Andy124

          Yeah well, last time we won the NFL championship was 1960. Add the last two digits, 6+0=6.
          This year’s SuperBowl is in 2015; 1+5=6


        • John E. Zang

          I love when people just look at numbers like there’s a bunch of robots playing and managing the games. His analysis was like analyzing gramma Betty’s trip to the slot machines.

      • pjcostello

        David Wilson may not be able to play at all, and… Peyton Hillis!??! LOL.

  • Reasonableeaglefan

    Bruce Carter is soft like bread. I read a story suggesting he may have to fill in at Mike for Sean Lee. Good luck with that, that D is going to be a dumpster fire once again.

    • dnabrice

      It’s worrying that we didn’t blow them up last game of the season though. That game was a little too close for comfort…

  • furiousxgeorge

    You should keep this feature up year round. Following the division is a pretty essential part of being an Eagles fan.

  • A Roy

    Good stuff. This is what Blogging The Beast used to do. Jimmy Klempski. Although this is better. (Don’t tell Jimmy I said that or he’ll be calling me out on twitter.)

  • Want an ACTUAL breakdown of the NFC EAST?


  • Fly High

    I like checking in about teams in the NFC East, but like some other posters, I want more. Specifically, I’d like a series on who each team added this year, and how that is likely to make them a different challenge for the eagles, also one on what new coaches and coordinators each team added, and how that is likely to affect them as opponents for the Eagles.
    I’d like to see some all-22 of the other teams bread and butter plays.
    Even more fun would be to do interview trades with bloggers from each of the other teams in our division. You ask them questions and post it here. They can ask you questions and post it on their blogs.

  • A_T_G

    I am pretty sure that that is DeSean’s helmet in the picture. The punk just can’t stay in line and stop distracting from the team.

    • Andy124

      DeSean put out of line, Garcon kicked it over.

  • anon

    Awesome. This segment could only be better if the other teams in the division were actually worth following!

    Additionally, i’m not going to take credit for the idea of having this feature…but I’m glad you listen to commentors’ suggestions.

  • UKEagle99

    All those discarded Redskins helmets in the picture… You can just make out a couple of prototype new helmets in the fore & background.

  • myeaglescantwin

    i’ve said this a few times.

    probably our best bout of luck is that Chipper wants to run 35+ times a game.

    every team in our division is weak up the middle and has lost their starting MLB from 2013 either to injury or retirement.
    This is a key aspect of the division no one is talking about.

    • Joe from Easton

      said this to a couple of guys in the office that are cowboys and giants fans. They laughed me off and said that it’s a gimmick offense and the eagles had their moment in the sun last season; sort of like when they laughed me off after the 2012 preseason when I was high on Foles and made the comparison to Brady being a late rounder (not Foles to Brady, just that good QB’s don’t ALWAYS get drafted in the top 10).

      • myeaglescantwin

        why would you even care what those vaGiant or cowGirl fans think?
        just watch, then around october, laugh in their faces.

        • Joe from Easton

          Amen. I don’t care what they say. I laugh at them already.

  • paul from nc

    Eagles 9-7
    Giants 8-8
    Skins 6-10
    Boys 5-11