Eagles Promote Mueller, Rosenberg

The Eagles handed out a number of promotions within their scouting and football operations departments Wednesday, and also made two hires. Here’s the breakdown:


Rick Mueller was named director of pro player personnel after spending the last two seasons as the team’s player personnel executive. He coordinates all aspects of the pro scouting department, including preparation for the free agency signing period, advance scouting of upcoming opponents and evaluation of all players in the NFL and other professional football leagues. 

Jake Rosenberg was promoted from manager of football administration to director of football administration. Rosenberg is known as one of the top cap/finance guys in the organization.

Mike Bradway was named assistant director of college scouting. He served as a  regional scout the last three years.

Brad Obee was promoted to southwest regional scout after working in the northeast region in 2013.

Ryan Myers was named northeast regional scout after serving  as a pro scout in 2013. 

Dom DiSandro was promoted to vice president of team security after spending the last three years in the role of director of team security

New additions: 

Joe Hastings was hired as a pro personnel assistant. Hastings is a former wide receiver who spend a little time with San Francisco and last offseason with the Dolphins. 

Matt Lindsey was named college scouting coordinator. He was a scouting intern for the Eagles last season.

“We are excited to be able to bolster our football operations with these recent moves,” said Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. “We have talked so much about the process of scouting, drafting and signing players that are the right fit for the Philadelphia Eagles and all of these guys have played and will continue to play a vital role in that process.”


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  • Frank

    Two words: Super. Bowl.

    • Addicted2MAmula

      i see it coming to. CK has done so much for this organization already to say we are going in the right direction. My friends better hope we don’t make it to the playoffs again this year. Just to throw it out there i believe if the Eagles would’ve beat Saints in the first round we would have made it to the NFC Championship game. Because i didn’t see us losing to the Panthers

    • GMaddox

      Two words: not soon.

  • cliff henny

    who are 8 people I’ve never of, Alex. congrats on getting more money, next article will be concessions or ticket prices rising

    • Kevin

      I thought it was, “Who are 8 people who have never been in my kitchen”, lol

      • cliff henny

        haha…remember the categories? stamps, florida, zip codes and celibacy. such a classic

        • Richard Colton

          mothers and sons…

          an all time great episode

        • Kevin

          It was definitely a classic, the only problem is when I use that quote and all the young guys in the room give me blank stares… Just glad you guys got the reference. Lol

          • cliff henny

            look at my first name, was in frat during height of Cheers…man, did I hate the nickname ‘Clavin’…and not a thing I could do to shake it

  • southy

    Love the versatility I’m starting to see in the front office. These guys can do a bit of everything.

    • cloisterwater

      SKA southy?

      • southy

        the same

    • GMaddox

      Coffee, donuts, tea … anything

  • mtn_green

    No Ducks? We want Ducks!!!

  • So it’s a promotion just to move to the Southwest from the Northeast? Is this because of better weather and better-looking female fans?

    • anon

      Better quality football players, better food, better females.

  • Fly High

    I would love to know the strengths and weaknesses of these guys, just like we do for the players. What makes them great scouts? I want a scouting report on the scouts. Can someone ask Roseman about this?

    • Kevin

      I think we need spider graphs on the whole front office… rankings in negotiation, cap management, player relations, etc…. I want to know if these are versatile guys with high ceilings and good motors.

      • ben

        I’m sure hand size is somehow relevant here as well

        • Kevin

          I think Chip is looking for large palm size but small finger diameter so that you can maximize communication with a smart phone

      • DirtyWaters

        On it.

  • anon

    Who scouts place kickers? can he get fired?

    • Richard Colton

      dude, I really want that guy Matt to come back and defend Henery. He’s out there.

      • cliff henny
        • anon

          I read this but it didn’t really have a conclusion. It’s clear than henery had a down year this year, which took him from average to below average. Maybe if the article discussed available FAs / draft picks and found there weren’t any then I’d feel better.

          While henery isn’t the worst I think most people feel that ck tries to address issues of weakness on the team (I’m thinking specifically of secondary depth and st). It sort of miffs me that that wasn’t the case with henery.

          Replaceing henery with a guy like tucker would dramatically change our options in the middle of the field. Tucker almost single handedly took bal to the playoffs. I’m not asking for the world but I do want a guy that can make anything under 50 and at least has a chance over 50 yds.

          Think Donnie Jones covers up henerys faults bc we know dj can down it around the 5.

          • OldDocRoss

            Yeah, the gist of it seemed to be “he was bad last year but kickers sometimes have bad years”. Plus altogether too much time was spent “learning” that teams that score more TDs than FGs tend to be good, and that kickers who kick the ball further have higher touchback %s.

            Anyway, case for the prosecution ICYMI:


          • cliff henny

            think Henery doesn’t have strong enough leg, and fact that he’s slightly above average in FG% isn’t enough. he should be money inside 45, I could live with that, and get better gunners on kickoffs.
            plus, some of this K comparison has issues for me cause where and when they kick counts a lot. Dome kickers/warm weather vs NE open stadium late in season needs to be looked at. things being equal, Henery cant compete against Minn kicker or Charlotte’s. I save time, just hate them all. score tds. hope Kelly goes for more 4th downs this year.

          • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

            Here’s the bottom line, 1.) You need a kicker who can put the ball in the endzone as often as possible, coverage be damned. You can’t bake a cake if you don’t know how to turn on the oven. The recipe won’t matter.

            2.) You need a kicker who can hit from 55yds out when you need it to end a half or a game. In a perfect world your offense will get the job done and lead you to the endzone, or at least a more makeable FG attempt, but god forbid you’re down 2pts with 2 seconds left in the NFC Title Game, and all that stands between you and a trip to the Bowl is a FG kicker with a maximum range of 49yds.

            Ideally this offense will blow most teams out by double digits, and the defense can play aggressively with the aid of a 2-3 possesion lead, making a missed FG here or there irrelevant. I want a kicker with the ability to strike from long range and turn a punt into a multiple possession lead or hit a prayer to win a tight game. You can find lots of guys to hit an ACCEPTABLE percentage. Let’s aim a little higher.

    • Chip Kelly

      On the bright side, you know we got a legit contending NFL team when one of our biggest gripes is the kicker…

  • Addicted2MAmula

    I wish there was a way to breakdown films like coaches (as in have the many angles and close up tapes)

    • PaoliBulldog

      3D video would rock.

  • Travis

    Is there any other website that let’s you know when the team promotes someone in the security department? lol at least its nice to know Tim and Sheil take their jobs seriously

  • Rage114

    “Brad Obee was promoted to southwest regional scout after working in the northeast region in 2013.” Just curious, why is this a promotion? Looks like just a change of region. Maybe the SW is more important than the NE?

    • Nick

      He was a scouting coordinator, now he was promoted to a primary scouting position.

  • IAteLunchToday

    Hey Josh (since I’m sure you’re tasked with reading these),
    Hastings didn’t spend time in SF, he spended time there :)

  • paul from nc

    Rosenberg — we have another cap genius on board. Maybe now we can carry over 30MM each year instead of 20MM

  • Cliff Ainley

    Bottom line: Henery cost us the game against NO

    • DirtyWaters

      I also remember an offense not capitalizing on turnovers, Colt Anderson not staying in his lane. Cary Williams horse collar ?

      Team game. Can’t ever blame one person. That being said, yes, Henery cost us that game.

      • Mike Flick

        Cooper drop, the punt that was not downed at the 1. Lots of plays that we should have but didn’t make.

        The Saints deserved to win.

        • DirtyWaters


          • Cliff Ainley

            Bullshit. You just sat here and and talked out both sides of your mouth. At the end of the day, we had Henery lined for makeable Fgs, and he blew it. Ridiculous to cover for a kicker unless you are his Dad. Are you his Dad?

          • DirtyWaters

            I did. I’m glad you caught that. It is a device used in humor where you set an argument up one way and then totally contradict yourself.

            No, I’m your dad. Go to bed.

    • Cliff Ainley

      Bottom line: we were lined up to win the game and he missed makeable kicks. Give me a break. That is why “murderleg” was brought in. Had he done his job they would not have bothered. Simple as that. Are you Henery’s Dad?