Mac’s Back: Foles’ New No. 1 A ‘Full-Go’

Jeremy Maclin
Less than a year after tearing his ACL, Jeremy Maclin was a “full-go” and participated in every drill in the first OTA open to the media at the NovaCare Complex Thursday.

“Mac’s doing fantastic,” said Chip Kelly. “[Last year] I was really excited about how he would fit into what we do because of what he can do. But having him out there full speed running around right now, he’s doing a really good job.”

After releasing both DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant, the Eagles lost more than 40 percent of last year’s receiving yards and more than 34 percent of their receiving touchdowns. Maclin will play a big role in filling the void those two left behind after watching the offense break a plethora of franchise records.

“He’s going to be a huge part of this offense,” Nick Foles said.

But after sitting out the entire season, Maclin faces a bit of a learning curve having never played a game in Kelly’s offense. Although he has the playbook down pat, he needs to be comfortable with more than just the terminology and mechanics of the offense.

“It’s different,” Maclin said. “Obviously you don’t know what you’re getting into until you actually get on the football field. Once you get the thinking part down, then you can just react and that’s when you get comfortable in the offense.”

Part of that comfort level hinges on his chemistry with Foles. Although the two only connected 37 times in the 2012 season, Foles is content with their chemistry at this point. And with another contract season on the brink, Maclin seems more interested in topping last year’s first-round playoff exit than reaching his first 1,000-yard season.

“To consider it the best year of my career is to help this team win,” he said. “I want to get farther than what we got last year and I plan on being a big part of this offense. If we have the success I think we can have and get to where I think we can get to, the stats will come.”

Josh is a student at American University. He is interning at Philly Mag for the summer. Please welcome him to the Birds 24/7 family.

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  • Andy124

    Going to have to revise my Maclin projections:
    Yards: Lots
    TDs: Lots
    Catches: Lots

    • JoeyJoeJoeJuniorShabadoo

      And we have todays score, Dallas: nil, Eagles: LOADS

      • Andy124

        Q: How many points do you think the Eagles will score this year?
        A: All of them.

        • theycallmerob

          has to be done. happy 1st thread josh

          • southy

            maybe the best mic’d up sideline snippet of all time

      • dnabrice

        Can’t wait to destroy Dallas on Thanksgiving in front of the ENTIRE country. Our mascot’s more patriotic.

  • sprawl

    I was disappointed that the very first question Maclin was asked about at the presser after practice was about Desean Jackson. And then I was disappointed again when the very last question he was asked also involved Desean Jackson.

    Guy has been working hard all year to come back from that ACL tear, hopefully he can put a stop to these questions once he gets back in a real game

    • Andy124

      Totally agree. But Mac’s a pro, he can handle it.

      At some point I hope somebody asks him who’s the best quarterback he ever caught passes from so we can hear him say, “Nick Foles. Hands down.”

    • anon

      Why? He’s got a lot on his shoulders this season. If he’s not a stud ppl gonna be like wtf.

  • Brian

    Welcome to the family, Josh.

    • Andy124

      Nice, I didn’t notice that. Maybe the intern finally earned a name.

      • cliff henny

        only in death, Andy. His name is Josh Paunil

        • Andy124

          His name is Josh Paunil
          His name is Josh Paunil
          His name is Josh Paunil…

          • Chris

            Was typing this as you posted…beat me to it.

            What happens in chip Kelly’s offense, stays in chip Kelly’s offense.

          • Andy124

            If I had a tumor, I’d name it Tony Romo.

          • Chris

            This is Tony’s back, and it’s breaking one minute at a time.

          • G_WallyHunter

            would it be in your back and need surgery?

          • Andy124

            No, it’d be in my throat and cause me to choke.

          • George

            But then romo would win… we all know that can’t happen

          • Nicodemus_09

            Tony “Need a Heimlich PLZ!” Romo” Romo? : )

          • Rambler

            Why would you insult a tumor like that?

          • Andy124

            Um, because it’s a Fight Club quote?

          • Maggie

            Better call it Ryan Leaf. Romo sometimes wins!

          • G_WallyHunter

            I didn’t notice, he did a great job of writing just as this site does

          • Maggie

            Like the original Joshua, getting his feet wet.

  • JAMIN67

    Welcome aboard, Josh. Good first article…hope to see many more.

  • Chris

    Welcome Josh, looking forward to your contributions to a great site.

    Maclin will be big this year. Needs that first big hit and that first big cut on that leg and he’ll be good to go. Loving the idea of Mac cooper ertz and his holiness Jordan Matthews. Size+speed+McCoy threat. Should be a good year for the O with an improved D. No reason to think this D won’t be markedly improved from last season.

    • cliff henny

      JM’s nickname, the Holiness? maybe Pope JM?

      • Chris

        The pope! I can get behind that

        • Brian

          Paul Owens is (was) the Pope.

      • Rambler

        Pope Jordan the First (Down). I like it.

  • PaoliBulldog

    Congratulations Josh!

  • NickS1

    Wonder if “Return of the Mac” was the first song played when he returned.

    • Maggie

      Mac The Knife?

      • OldDocRoss

        Both of these would be more creative than my suggestion of Jeremy.

      • NickS1

        Depends the version. I’m a huge fan of the Bobby Darin version, myself.

  • NickS1

    Welcome aboard, Josh.

  • Sconces

    Welcome to the squad Josh

  • G_WallyHunter

    Welcome Josh

  • short bus

    Welcome Josh. So why doesn’t American University have a football team?

    • Josh Paunil

      In no particular order… (1) Money, (2) Space, (3) Title IX implications, and (4) Terrible student support for athletics.

      • short bus

        I always thought it was a Dan Snyder conspiracy to keep college football out of D.C.

        • Josh Paunil

          I like your answer better.

          • dnabrice

            You’re going to do great here.

  • Rambler

    Welcome aboard, Josh. Would love to see a Running Diary of a typical day interning for Kapadia and McManus…
    6:15AM – Sheil calls and yells at me for lack of Dunkin Donuts in Birds 24/7 HQ.
    6:30AM – Tim texts me asking where his Chad Lewis Eagles jersey dry cleaning is.
    6:35AM – Submit resume to Jimmy Kempski Red Zone blog.

    • theycallmerob

      issue with 1st point. correction below

      6:15 Sheil sends intern back to WaWa for a new coffee after initially handing him a white-lidded cup.

  • knighn

    So weird to see someone other than Kapadia or McManus writing here. Has that ever happened before? I mean: officially. We know that Sheil and Tim would have a lot of writing to do to catch up with all of Geagle’s “articles”.

    • Maggie

      You noticed that Josh employed correct English and hasn’t once used a crude name for a body part to refer to another person.

      • jesse

        Go away

  • shady25

    Welcome Josh

  • Chip Kelly


    Pro-bowl QB Foles under center behind the best OL in the league
    All-Pro RB Shady Mccoy behind him along with Darren sproles
    Receivers are Maclin (6 ft & 4.45 speed) and Mathews ( 6’3 & 4.46 speed) with Huff and Cooper in the slots
    Tight-ends are Ertz and Celek

    Wow! This offense is going to be so much fun to watch. I can’t wait to see Kelly and the boys prove all the haters (omg we lost jackson and his 1300 yards) wrong!

    • NickS1

      If we can have all 13 of those guys lined up on the field at the same time we might as well book our tickets to the SB.

      • dollamakeuholla

        best reply i have seen in a long time! HUH – larious i had to go back and count!

    • southy

      It would be interesting to see what Maclin runs nowadays in the 40. No one thinks of him as a burner coming out of college but he was way faster than 4.45…

  • TripSquadMonopoly

    I don’t think desean and maclin ever fully meshed personalities they didn’t really like each other.

  • Keith

    Josh, did you get initiated like the pledges in Old School? Do you see yourself as a Monica Lewinsky type of intern? Just don’t wear a blue dress at the office, ok? Welcome to Philly…

    • dnabrice

      I’m guessing you never had an internship…

  • Honest_T

    Speaking of coming back from surgery, did anyone notice that Jairus Byrd needed back surgery and will be out at least until TC!?!

    I know many were upset about signing Jenkins over him, but when a 28 year old who just signed a $54 million contract needs back surgery (and it was his ankle that slowed him down last year), I have to applaud the organization that passed on him to allocate resources elsewhere.

  • Brazilnut

    Its interesting to think back to the end of the 2012 season when everyone was talking about what great chemistry Foles and Maclin had. Should be fun to see if they can pick up where they left off.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Welcome Josh!!

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Welcome Josh.

  • Joe from Easton

    Welcome Josh. Now get back to work intern! I want to read Eagles’ articles.

  • theycallmerob

    oh, man. does this mean we have to stop scapegoating The Intern for all the slight negatives? I feel bad, now that it’s personal.

    welcome josh.

    And please, if you plan on taking part in these comments, make sure your name has that little grey mod next to it, unlike that fake Tim McManus.

    (p.s. geagle is that you?!?!)

    • DoctorRick


  • EaglefaninAZ

    Welcome, Josh! Must be a great opportunity as the bar on this blog is plenty high. Good on ya.

  • Daniel Spector

    I have a feeling this is Macs last year as an Eagle

  • William Marchionni

    Very happy Mac is back to attack, he and Nick should make many big plays together. I was always under the fact Mac has better hands then CryBaby team, fans last me first Jackson. Can’t wait for football

  • Max Lightfoot

    Nice post, Josh. The first of many, we hope! Thanks to Sheil and Tim for giving you a shot!

  • Doctor Rick

    Welcome, Josh!

  • Dave Alcock

    Welcome aboard josh. I’ve been following the eagles for close to 25 years from australian, and considered myself a typical ‘eagles’ supporter, very passionate, slightly mad and irrational at times. I consider the guys at eagles 24/7 the best in the business. They breakdown the game of football like no one else, including other sports. Just wish they covered my afl team in australia the hawks too. You’re in a great place. Looking forward to the extra eagles info!

  • Nicodemus_09

    I’m predicting our beloved Iggles collectively contract AIDS this season. Acquired Immune (to the) Division Syndrome. SIX & OH YA!!!!!!